Twin flame electricity: 13 signs of a special spark

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The twin flame connection has seen a recent surge in popularity, but from what you’ve learned about your twin flame, is there a serious spark? 

Picture this: you met your twin flame, the person who completes you in a way no one else ever will. But you’ve never touched each other, never even looked into each other’s eyes, and yet somehow it feels as if you have known them for eternity – this is a twin flame connection.

It is so strong that you can even feel it in your body, and even when you’re not together.

If you want to know more, here are 13 signs of the special park.

1) You feel an overwhelming wave of love and bliss that fills your entire being

This is especially true even when you’re not physically together with your twin flame. This can be so strong and intense that it completely overpowers your conscious mind.

At the early stages of a twin flame connection, you can feel an elated feeling that overtakes your entire being. Notice how you are more happy and peaceful than usual.

You feel an undeniable sense of peace even when you are in a situation where most people would struggle to find it. 

Not only that, but you might also feel a strange sense of calmness or bliss at the thought that they’re in your life and you’re in theirs. This is one of the clearest signs of a twin flame connection.

With this strong feeling comes a deep sense of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

Meeting your true twin flame is like finding a missing piece of your soul – and what a piece!

As you attain this level of bliss, you find yourself in an altered state of consciousness. This is because your mind is so overwhelmed that it cannot process all the new information coming in at the same time. 

You can experience an altered state at anytime when you’re enjoying what feels like your first true love, but this is especially intense because it is a twin flame connection

Because of this, the experience can be a bit euphoric and out-of-body.

2) The thought of them sends chills down your spine

This is especially true when you are apart from them, and the excitement is so overwhelming that it literally gives you goosebumps.

When you first begin noticing their presence, the thought of them is so strong that it sends tingles all over your body – on your scalp, on the back of your neck, and even down your legs.

This happens when you think about them, but also when you’re physically with them. 

It is so intense that it can literally make your body vibrate and tremble – this is a sure sign of a twin flame connection

This kind of spark is a rare occurrence – very few people find true love, and when you do, your body sends signals too! 

Don’t be weirded by all these strange sensations you are experiencing the first time – this is normal, and it will eventually subside. 

3) You can feel their presence 

Even if you are not together physically, you can literally feel their energy.

You might feel a sense of comfort that fills your entire being, or a strong feeling of love and security – sometimes even both at the same time. This is because your twin flame is your dragon soulmate.

This means that even though you might be physically apart, you are never really separated. 

They might be in another room of the house, or on the other side of the world, but they are still in close proximity to you. 

This type of connection is especially strong inside your heart – a true twin flame connection will feel as if there truly isn’t a separation between you and them.

Or even when you’re with someone else, their presence lingers on.

As you begin to notice their presence, you start to feel them even more intensely. So strong can this feeling be that it feels as if they are physically next to you. 

But don’t worry, your mind is just trying to get used to the idea of someone so amazing being in your life. Remember, this is a twin flame connection, and it naturally takes time for the mind to accept their presence.

4) A gifted advisor confirms it

When you feel the strong presence of your twin flame, and your intuition confirms their existence, this is a powerful sign that you have found your twin flame. 

Even though your intuition is acting off in unusual ways, this should not deter you from pursuing them. Instead, it’s important to trust yourself and follow where they lead. 

Let me tell you this, it is best to consult a gifted advisor – you can ask a friend or family member who has had similar experiences and consulted a psychic before.

That’s why I recommend getting a personalized reading to really address this new twin flame connection you’re experiencing.

The key, however, is finding someone trustworthy to speak to.

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5) You have strong intuitions about your twin flame

You have a strong intuition that they are the ONE, and they’re going to appear before you in just the right way:  in the same place, at the same time.

You know this because you have this sense of knowing that only true love can accurately predict the future; it is an instinctive knowledge that you cannot control or explain. 

After all, our intuitive brain makes up only 10% of our brain capacity, and yet we use it to make decisions almost 100% of the time. This is the true mystery of our intuition – how it makes such accurate predictions for us even though it isn’t part of our physical brain.

A twin flame connection can and will happen to anyone, which is why it’s important not to question your intuition and leap into what feels like a life-changing experience. 

The unpredictability of true love is something that you treasure – it doesn’t want to be controlled by the conscious mind, but rather it wants to flow through your being and take you by surprise.

Try not to let your mind get in the way; instead, feel it out and let your intuition guide you through the process of reconnecting with your twin flame.

6) You feel as if you’re being pulled towards them

Love is a mysterious and sometimes scary concept that makes us question how we can possibly be so strongly drawn to the one person that completes us.

It’s as if we have no other option but to follow the magnetic pull towards them, even when it means leaving behind perfectly stable situations in our lives.

Do you ever get that feeling like a magnet is pulling you in the direction of your twin flame? 

This feeling happens when you’re with someone or being pulled towards them, and you feel an overwhelming urge to be near them.

One of the most common ways that twins feel this is through their eyes. When they look at you, they feel as though they are seeing into your soul. 

Their eyes radiate with love and all the qualities that make you who you are. Love is their fuel and the one thing that ties us all together, so when our twin flame enters our life in such a powerful way, we simply cannot help but admire them and feel drawn to be near to them.

This kind of pull with as if sparks are flying is something that is felt inside you and not on the outside. It’s difficult to explain, but you can feel it drawing you to them over and over again.

Don’t be afraid of it. 

Instead, embrace it and let your twin flame pull you to them.

7) They seem to know a lot about you, even when they just met you

Have you ever felt like you’ve been with your twin flame before? This feeling is a strong indicator that your souls are connected through reincarnation or past lives.

To put it simply, you have a deep sense of familiarity with your twin flame.

You see, familiarity is a major part of the soul connection and is often referred to as twin soul recognition. 

The thing is, our soul can do so much in the physical dimension – it can act, think and learn like us, but it can also develop intuition abilities – including intuition about other souls. 

When you have a connection with your twin flame, you share this ability of recognizing that you have already been together before.

When we meet our twin flame, we usually feel like certain things about them are comforting and familiar, even after just meeting them.

And from this familiarity comes a sense of trust and acceptance that is shared with our twin flame.

True love is indeed unpredictable, and it will choose you when you least expect it – this is because destiny has planned for you and your twin flame to meet at a specific time in each other’s lives.

8) You start to notice your whole life starting to shift

When you’re connected with your twin flame, everything seems to happen around you at an accelerated rate. 

It is as if time is speeding up and slowing down at the same time, which can make it feel like everything has moved into slow motion or fast forward at random times. 

The world really does seem to be spinning faster around the two of you than usual – especially when you’re together. This is a sign that your souls are moving closer together through the physical dimension, and it is also a gravitational pull that keeps pulling both of you back in each other’s direction. 

Everything about you is being influenced by the one person that completes you – your twin flame. 

Your life is completely changing for the better, and this change is exciting and meaningful to you. 

Other people in your life will feel this energy shift and can tell a difference when you’re together versus apart. People who don’t know they’re missing out will start to wonder if something’s wrong and need to get to know you better before they’ll feel the same way about you as your twin flame does.

9) You start having flashbacks or dreams about each other that seem so real

These phenomena are so intense that they feel like a wake-up call from a twin flame who has been asleep in the same body for a long time.

One of the most beautiful things about true love is that it actually wakes up your soul and gives us a glimpse into our past lives. 

It can make us feel as though we have been together before, and this sense of familiarity seems to be confirmation that our souls are meant to be together in this lifetime – no matter what universe that is. 

We come from so many different places, cultures, traditions and backgrounds, which makes the way we together seem so different from our other life experiences. 

This is because we come from different places in our soul journey, but at the same time it’s also because we’re channeling other people for each other in this lifetime.

These kinds of flashbacks may also be presented to you through dreams – which can be overwhelming and repetitive if you’re not careful. 

The flashbacks, dreams and feelings that you have about your twin flame can seem like a trap at times, especially when it’s overwhelming to the point of interfering with your daily life.

The best thing you can do is to take your time, take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. 

This is an amazing sign that your souls are pulling you back together in this lifetime and will continue to encourage you every step of the way.

10) You feel an urge to spend as much time as possible with them

You feel this draw towards your twin flame on such a strong level that you just want to be as close to them as possible. 

You want nothing more than to be together with your twin flame, and it makes you feel sad and incomplete when you’re not around them.

This is how real a twin flame connection is – it may seem hard to believe but it is true when the electricity between twin flames is really strong. You also draw your twin flame to you, it’s a mutual force of attraction. 

When we feel this way about our twin flame, it can be difficult for us to think about them being anywhere else other than right there with us. It’s almost like we are afraid that they will disappear and will end us with nothing. 

The feeling of being incomplete without someone is not something that comes around often in any relationship, but when we are connected with our twin flame, there’s no way around it – we just want to be with them every second of the day, every day of the week if possible.

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11) You see a vision of your twin flame as a child or young adult

This type of vision is the most beautiful and amazing experience you will ever have. It will show you your current twin flame as they were once before and how they were created. 

Your twin flame’s current physical body is just a shell, and that shell is still something of your soul. Your souls are made up of light energy and this means we have an unlimited amount of time to grow, learn and change into different things in our lives. 

You can imagine that there is an endless supply of energy at our disposal to help us do this, but if we are stagnant in our lives, that supply of energy will start to stop flowing into us. This causes us to be stuck in a place of limitation and we end up staying there until we are ready to graduate from that limitation. 

When we finally move on from this point, it’s called ascension

When your soul is ready to ascend from a certain dimension, you can use this vision to help you in your journey. 

A vision of your twin flame from their younger years will help remind you about how far you have come and how far the both of you have yet to go. 

These visions are a way to prepare yourself for what is coming next and to tap into inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward. They can also be used as a way to warn us before we actually leave our current dimension.

12) Your twin flame’s touch is more magnetic than ever

It’s almost as if you feel like you melt when you’re with them, and sometimes this feels like being in an intense orgasm that is totally different from any sexual experience you’ve ever had. 

You may also feel an electric shock whenever you touch, and this shocking sensation can happen over and over again. 

The synchronicity between your souls can be felt through that electric feeling, and it happens often when you’re alone with your twin flame. 

Being so close to your twin flame forces you to be as present as possible, to the point that there’s no room for anything else in your life while they’re around. 

Your twin flame’s magnetism can also be an indicator that some life-changing opportunity is coming your way, but this opportunity is well worth it – so worth it in fact that you’ll feel as though you’ll be taken away. 

You will literally feel like you are being pulled out of your body, and most people say they have no choice but to go with their twin flame if they have even a tiny inkling of what’s to come. 

The more connected two souls are the more powerful the experience is. Our brains are literally creating scenarios from within our bodies and this experience isn’t something we would ever want to miss for any reason.

13) Your twin flame calls to you

The way they move is stunning and their energy is so beautiful that you feel compelled to get to know them as much as possible. 

Your twin flame’s every movement is calculated, and it sometimes looks as if they are gliding across the room like a movie star. They look effortless, elegant and confident in everything that they do, which can be very refreshing after knowing them for such a short amount of time.

This incredible energy that they exude can have an effect on you, and it makes you feel like you want to walk around with your head held high, even when they are not around. 

When you feel this way about your twin flame it gives them the same effect, and they become absolutely mesmerized by the connection that they are having with you. 

It’s almost as if one soul is calling to another soul unless there is a physical boundary between you and your twin flame. There will also be a magnetic pull between your souls when their physical bodies are in close proximity of each other.

Your soul will get to know your twin flame on a deeper level than ever before, and the more they know you the more their passion grows.

Final thoughts

Twin flames are a very powerful experience, and they can change your life forever. Whether or not you’re a believer of energy or energy exchanges, the process of twin flame manifestation has the power to transform your life in so many ways. 

It can help you to live the best version of your life possible and it can be an inspirational journey that will lead to growth and better things ahead.

If you are still unsure about soul mates or twin flames, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom if you are really feeling a twin flame connection with someone, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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