Do twin flames share energy cords? Can you cut them?

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One question that comes up often when discussing twin flames is whether or not they share an energy cord, which connects them and sends them powerful healing energies.

Some claim that since many people believe in the theory behind these cords it would stand to reason that they can be seen by those who believe enough.

In this article, we will explore whether or not the twin flames share energy cords and can we cut them if they do exist.

Let’s dive in.

What are twin flames energy cords?

An energy cord is a concept that many people believe in today. It’s a belief that twins share an invisible, elastic energy cord connecting them.

The cord is said to stretch from one twin to another, and it will also link its energy field to one another, without any physical contact.

In some cases, the cord can even stretch beyond death and continue for eons. This invisible link between the twins has been said to be stronger than any other relationship in the universe.

An energy cord is one of the most fascinating concepts in paranormal research. It’s mysterious, it’s incredibly deep, and you can’t argue with it.

Many claim to have encountered this cord, and it’s the one thing that connects twins in the afterlife.

This is how many people think twins are connected.

But is it true?

It used to surprise me when twin flames realized they had these cords. I didn’t agree or understand it was real at first until I had one myself.

Have you ever been doing something and your twin sent you a sign? Or maybe they’re the one who draws or paints something that means a lot to you while no one else senses it?

Often the energy of these little details is undeniable and has a clear meaning.

These energy cords – even though they can be formed by twins who aren’t on Earth – can still exist between twins on our planet.

Some signs are showing that twin flames do share energy cords.

Let’s have a closer look together.

1) They are close enough to their energy to expand into a new, larger state of being

The human body is an energetic system. It’s a series of membranes that are constantly exchanging energy with the rest of the universe.

And when we’re healthy and whole, there’s a state where these membranes can become fully expanded (like a balloon).

This is the state that can result in “astral flight,” which is the ability to travel between dimensions and worlds as well as interact with beings from other dimensions or other realms of existence.

This is why twin flames can “connect” with each other so deeply and why they can be so intimately in touch with each other.

They are both in the same energy system and one can’t help but interfere with the other’s system.

This is also why twin flame relationships are so intense — it’s because they’re located right on the edge of an energetic explosion, so to speak — where everything can seem surreal and even a little bit alien.

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3) Twin flames are soul mates

Just as the universe needed a way to expand the energy system of human beings, it needed a way to stop us from commingling with one another as well.

There are subtle energetic barriers in our body that keep us connected and separate from each other at all times — this is what makes up the energetic field that we call “the body.”

However, these energetic barriers aren’t a hard and fast rule — they’re subject to change through certain kinds of changes in spiritual awareness and consciousness.

And when we become connected with our twin Flame, these barriers naturally start to break down — we become more in tune with each other’s energy, and the barriers between us become much weaker.

When there’s a state of grace, these energetic barriers can disappear completely and allow you to freely share your energy with your twin flame.

It’s kind of like the difference between holding hands and having an intensive make-out session with someone.

4) Twin flames are sharing their most vivid dreams and visions

Consider what happens when you close your eyes and try to remember the most amazing dream you ever had.

You can almost instantly conjure up all of the images and sensations that were present in that dream — the smells, the sounds, and even the emotions that it brought up.

The same thing is true with astral projection. When two people are connected in an intimate bond, they’re able to the astral project together as well as share their vivid dreams through telepathic communication.

This is an instance where the energy cords are acting as a bridge between you and your twin flame.

When two people are having the same or very similar visions or dreams, there’s no question in our minds that they’re sharing the same energetic space — their dream worlds have become intertwined.

5) Twin flames are telepathic and empathic

When you are in a state of enlightenment, your mind is going to become much more open and receptive to the universe around you.

This means that you will be able to receive and interpret information from people, places, and things all around the universe without even having to try. It just happens spontaneously.

This is why twin flames are so incredibly in tune with each other they are sharing telepathic conversations without even trying.

Twin flames are constantly sharing their visions, their dreams, and even their most intimate wants and needs. They are sharing the same energy cords.

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Why do twin flames share energy cords?

Here are a few reasons why twin flames share energy cords.

1) For protection

Twins can feel their twin from afar and the energy cord helps guide them back together.

This could be in a dream or vision, but sometimes the call is just in the heart and they know it is their twin calling them home.

2) For stability

Twin flames are often soul mates who feel the pull to be with each other no matter what.

They want to feel that connection again so they know where they belong even if they can’t see it in their dreams or their astral form.

3) To share mind, body, and spirit

It’s easy to forget while on Earth how important it is to connect with your twin flame even if you don’t see them in your mind’s eye – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Emotionally, it’s easy to feel some of that missing love and to want it again.

4) To teach and learn from each other

This is especially true if one twin is on Earth and the other is with their guides.

It can be frustrating when twins are apart because they feel so connected, but they can still learn from and teach each other in their dreams, visions, or even through paintings or drawings.

5) Protection while on Earth

To feel this safety in numbers is especially important if twins are on Earth.

Even though you’re apart, you feel the love of your twin and so you have the reassurance you’ll be protected somehow.

This can be more powerful than twins who haven’t been together for a very long time.

6) To continue your soul path together

This can be a big one for twins. They’re both on their journey with the same soul family, but sometimes we need to do things for our journey and we can only learn from two people at once.

7) To share in the experiences of their dual life

Twin flame experiences are mystical and amazing, and they’re different on every planet so they don’t always have to be shared through contact or having a twin near you.

But since twins are connected in this way, you can often feel the energy of their twin and so you feel the experience together.

8) Experience love

In all of these cases, it’s possible that love is simply the primary goal and there’s nothing more to it than that. But this doesn’t make it less powerful.

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Can we cut the energy cords between our twin flames?

Twin Flames are highly energetic beings. They share the same soul, or they would not have been able to meet and unite with each other.

For these reasons, twin flames often form strong spiritual and energetic bonds which can be difficult to sever.

Still, there are certain ways in which these cords can be cut, here are a few ways in which twin flames can sever their cords.

1) Separate consciously

One way in which twin flames can cut off the link between each other is to separate consciously, especially when there are drastic differences between each other.

Sometimes you will feel a distance from your twin flame if you go out and party, while they like to stay at home and read.

This can sometimes cause a feeling of isolation and separation from them.

2) Intentions

If you are having a hard time separating from your Twin Flame, or if you feel that you have already separated, intentions can help speed up the process.

Intend to cut your cords and let go of the negative energies that may be holding you back.

3) Letting your twin flame go

There are also times when you feel like your twin flame holds you back from reaching a specific goal.

If you are feeling held back in some way, it can be helpful to let your Twin Flame go and let go of the relationship.

4) Distance

Distance is a great way to sever cords if you can’t seem to shake off those feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

Many men and women enter into relationships to distance themselves from their twin flame, without fully realizing how they truly feel.

5) Time

Time may not heal all wounds, but it does have a way of making people forget about some things… including their Twin Flame.

If you have been separated from your Twin Flame for a long time and have tried to move on, the cord between you may be severed.

6) Decide to Live

Sometimes you may find yourself feeling like your twin flame is draining the life out of you.

If you feel like this, take control of your own life and decide to live it without them… even if it is difficult at first!

Why can’t you feel the cord?

I am often asked if you can feel the cord between you and your twin when you are near them, or if they can feel it.

The answer is yes and no. You can indeed feel your cord, but only if it has been charged with energy. If a person is not fully connected to their twin, then the cord may not exist at all.

The cords come and go

Yes, your cord does change and weaken over time.

The reason is that you go through many incarnations to become who you are today.

So it’s not just that your twin leaves, but what happens is that the chord changes and becomes less a link between you and them, rather than more a physical representation of the energy you shared with them in past lives.

It’s not uncommon for cords to diminish over time as many people will have to move on after their relationship has ended.

Final words

The cord is an energy line that connects the twin flames, and it can be seen as a tether.

It is not physical. The cord can be cut, but it cannot simply be cut off like a physical cord because it will tangle and reconnect again.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of how twin flames share energy cords and how to cut them. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

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