Twin flame vs Kindred spirits: 20 powerful differences

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Many people believe that twin flames and kindred spirits are the same, but they are not.

Twin flames and kindred spirits are spiritual relationships with a purpose that can be quite different in terms of commitment and understanding of the situation.

You may find yourself asking whether you’re on the right path if you’re having difficulty distinguishing between these two relationships, which can lead to confusion.

People often confuse these two concepts, but there are a variety of differences between the twin flame and kindred spirit.

Here is a list of the 20 main differences:

1) Twin flames come from a higher level of vibration than kindred spirits

The twin flame and kindred spirit are often, although not always, on different levels of vibration. This will manifest in a variety of different ways.

For example, the twin flame is usually more focused on unconditional love and service to others, while the kindred spirit is usually more focused on material wealth and personal power.

The twin flame envisions a better future while the kindred spirit envisions a better present.

2) The level of commitment is different

The level of commitment between kindred spirits is generally very different than that of a twin flame.

If you meet your kindred spirit, you may sense a strong connection and a deep spiritual connection, but these feelings are often not enough to keep the two of you together.

Many people believe kindred spirits are the same as twin flames, but they’re not; it’s really just one factor that has the same result in both cases.

Twin flames make commitments to each other that must be kept by virtue of the spiritual contract between them.

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4) Twin flames must be a spiritual relationship

One of the main things to consider about twin flames is that it’s a spiritual relationship, meaning that one or both partners may experience an intense and satisfying sense of spirituality, passion, and desire when they are around each other.

People who have a kindred spirit do not necessarily feel this same sensation, which can make it difficult to develop an attraction toward your partner.

5) A kindred spirit will not necessarily change you

Another thing to note when distinguishing between twin flames and kindred spirits is that a kindred spirit will not necessarily change you as your twin flame will.

A twin flame will often bring out the best in you and help you to become a better person, whereas the kindred spirit will not necessarily do this; it’s not as concerned with your personal growth as it is with your own happiness.

6) Kindred spirits may be a combination of soulmates, friends and family

A kindred spirit can be a combination of soulmates, friends, family members and even people you’ve met more than once but didn’t really know in order to help you return to balance.

This is different than the twin flame who is someone with whom you’ve fallen in love and they are your soulmate.

7) Twin flames are soulmates in a very real sense

The twin flame energy is real energy between two people that manifests during a specific time frame in order to complete certain tasks and help each other evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

This is not the same as kindred spirits, who are not soulmates in the same sense and are not necessarily connected on a soul level.

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8) You can sense and feel the presence of a twin flame but not a kindred spirit

You will always have a sense of the presence of your twin flame energy within you, even if you and your partner have not been able to connect in the physical world for an extended period of time.

The light energy you felt when falling in love, the emotions that came with it, the excitement you felt on reconnecting with them or seeing them again—these are all part of that same energy.

The connection you have with a kindred spirit is not necessarily very physical in nature, and you may find it difficult to connect with this person if they are not getting your messages or if the connection isn’t there.

In fact, you may only see them once or twice over the course of years whereas you see your twin flame every day for months at a time.

9) You and your twin flame are equals

Many twin flames look for one person who is their equal and are drawn to this person because of the balance it creates.

In fact, many twin flames feel like they’ve evolved as a result of the relationship, even if it was short-lived.

This is different than a kindred spirit who may be more under your spell and doesn’t necessarily help you become a better person or evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

10) Your twin flame sees you in an entirely different light than a kindred spirit

A twin flame will see you in a different way than your family or friends because their eyes have been opened to the reality of their connection to you.

This does not mean that other people don’t know the real you or can’t see the good qualities in you, but it does mean that the sight of your twin is pure and has no limits in terms of your potential.

11) Twin flames have a stronger connection

The physical and emotional bond between twin flames is extremely powerful, and they will protect this relationship above all else.

The connection between kindred spirits is more about support, evolution, and seeing where you are in your life in order to move forward.

This does not mean that the connection isn’t there or as powerful, it just means that these two relationships are very different in terms of their purpose.

12) A core spiritual difference

While twin flames are often in some sort of spiritual relationship, even if it doesn’t feel like it at times, kindred spirits will not necessarily be in a relationship with a spiritual being.

This is a core difference that distinguishes the two.

Twin flames are often familiar with the metaphysical world and believe in higher power or life force energy that can be accessed through their connection.

Kindred spirits do not necessarily have such a belief system.

They may believe in a higher power, but they experience the energy within themselves and feel like they are their own creators.

They are their own gods and goddesses and do not feel a connection with the divine; though they may recognize a spiritual connection in others.

13) A difference in spiritual maturity

There is a clear difference in how this relationship will be handled in terms of self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Twin flames are committed to making the relationship work, while kindred spirits are more often than not willing to walk away from the relationship if they feel they’re not being treated with enough respect or understanding.

14) Spiritual growth

Twin flames are committed to making the relationship work, so their spiritual growth will naturally follow suit.

Spiritual growth is a huge part of what twin flames need, and it will have a huge impact on the relationship.

Kindred spirits, on the other hand, do not necessarily feel like they are in a relationship for spiritual growth.

They can be in it to enhance their life experiences and to help them learn more about themselves and their spiritual connection with other people.

15) Twin flames have a desire to stay together

The desire to stay together is very strong in a twin flame relationship because of the strong connection and understanding of the situation.

A kindred spirit will not have as great a desire to stay together because he or she is not necessarily attached to you on all levels like you are attached to each other.

Also, a twin flame connection is intended to be permanent, while a kindred spirit bond is only meant to be temporary.

16) Twin flames have a longer history than kindred spirits

Your history with a twin flame goes way back and involves multiple lifetimes, whereas the history between kindred spirits is shorter and more recent.

A twin flame connection will usually begin with a strong relationship in this life, which can be seen as a catalyst for past life connections.

A kindred spirit is more likely to have started with an interest, attraction, or similar goal in mind.

The history of the relationship between kindred spirits is not as significant or as lengthy as that of a twin flame couple.

17) Karmic deeds

A twin flame situation occurs because of karmic deeds that have happened in the past.

This can lead to situations where the two individuals are forced to interact with each other and try to work through their issues.

A kindred spirit is not a result of karmic deeds; instead, it can come about as a result of one person’s desire to connect with another person, or simply because it is meant to be.

18) Twin flames can bring out negative personality traits

A twin flame relationship can bring about negative personality traits in each individual, especially when the relationship ends.

You may become jealous, controlling, possessive, and manipulative because of the deep level of attachment between you.

A kindred spirit relationship does not have any negative personality traits because there is not as much attachment or alignment between your souls.

This type of relationship isn’t meant to bring about changes in you unless that’s part of the agreement; on the other hand, a twin flame connection will likely make you grow and change for the better.

19) Level of attachment

Twin flames experience an intense level of attachment because you are two separate people in one body that are meant to become one again.

You will have little control over your actions and emotions and all of the actions that take place around you will be influenced by your connection with your twin flame.

A kindred spirit does not have much attachment because it is a platonic union with little psychological influence. It means that you have a level of connection that is not as deep or complicated as the twin flame bond.

20) Twin flames have a stronger attraction

A strong attraction is an essential part of a twin flame relationship because it is what brings the two individuals together.

Your souls are going to be attracted to each other and will seek their true mate around the same time.

A kindred spirit relationship does not involve strong attraction because you may not even be aware of your connection in this life.

You both may have mere acquaintanceship or a mutual interest in each other, rather than anything more intense.

Final words

The article compares two types of love. You will be surprised to see that there are many unique differences between twin flames and kindred spirits.

As you can see twin flames and kindred spirits are not the same.

The twin flame experience is a very intense relationship that lasts a lifetime.

They are with you for the entire time that you are incarnated on earth while the kindred spirit is a relationship that can change or even end over time.

To sum up, hopefully, you should now have a good idea about twin flames and kindred spirits. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

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