What a Libra really needs to know about twin flame relationships

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As a Libra, you may be concerned about your compatibility with your twin flame.

Here, you’ll learn all about it. 

In fact, here’s what you can expect from this article:

  • Signs a Libra is your twin flame
  • The best (and worst) twin flame signs for a Libra
  • Libra twin flame separation, reunion, and sex

Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Libra twin flame

Libra, who is born under the planet Venus, is a twin flame who seeks balance. 

They frown upon disparity, which is why they’re experts in relationships – be it with their mirror soul or soulmate. 

Libra, being attuned to the highest good, is often diplomatic. They’re willing to give – and take – which is why they can keep everything harmonious. 

While their desire for harmony is good, it can end up crippling them. They will spend hours before they make a decision – which can be bad if their partner is quite impatient. 

Sometimes, Libra can come off as self-absorbed. If things don’t go their way, they may end up blaming everything on others – their twin flame included. 

5 signs a Libra is your twin flame

It’s easy to sense if a Libra is your twin flame. You’re sure to notice these signs whenever they’re around: 

1) You feel unmistakeable harmony

Libra, being represented by the scales, is all about balance. So if you have a Libra twin flame, you’ll feel a sense of harmony in your soul. 

They can easily find equilibrium with their mirror soul or soulmate, which is why they’re considered experts in twin flame relationships. 

2) They always see the best in you

Libras always see their twin flames in the best light. They have the power to make their partners feel accepted and understood. 

They’re known to throw compliments here and there, which, unbelievable as it may seem, come straight from their heart. 

3) They’re always willing to forgive

Even if their twin flame has done something terrible, Libra will forgive them and accept them with open arms. 

For them, forgiveness provides an opportunity for something else – something better – to unfold. Likewise, this ability helps them to let go of the anger they feel inside.

As social worker and educator Shakti Sutriasa explains: “Forgiveness sets us free from this jail of negative thoughts and feelings.”

4) There’s a pull towards perfection

Libra likes everything to be balanced – which is they tend to be perfectionists. Unsurprisingly, their twin flames can feel this right on the get-go. 

For one, a Libra flame won’t take ‘maybe’ for an answer. It’s either yes or no – there’s no in-between. 

Add to that, the perfectionist Libra is known to exhibit these other signs: 

  • They set too many goals, be it in the relationship or other things
  • They’re overly critical of their twin flame
  • They tend to push everything over the edge
  • They can be passive-aggressive 

5) They try to avoid conflict

All relationships – twin flames or otherwise – are bound to encounter problems along the way. 

But for the ‘balanced’ Libra, they’ll try to avoid it as much as they can. 

Also known as conflict avoidance, it stems from Libra’s desire to please others, such as their twin flame. 

Because of this, Libra often ends up stonewalling things. Even if there are problems along the horizon, they will actively ignore them. 

They will sidestep such issues, so they end up highly resentful of the fact. 

Obviously, it’s not good to suppress conflicts. They’re bound to explode – and cause twin flame relationship problems along the way. 

Twin flame signs compatible with Libra

Libra often shares an intense, divine soul connection with the following signs: 

1) Gemini

As a fellow air sign, the mutable Gemini makes for a lovely Libra twin flame.

They feel an intense sense of attraction the first time they meet. 

This connection is made possible by the fact that they’re very much alike. 

They’re both intelligent and flexible, yet notoriously impatient. 

Although they have varying approaches in life – Libra is emotional while Gemini is practical – they can make sparks fly, especially in the bedroom. 

2) Leo

Leo is another one of Libra’s compatible twin flame signs. 

In astrology, the two signs form a sextile. It means that they’re only two signs apart, allowing them to have a harmonious and symbiotic relationship.

Although they don’t appear to be a great match, their personalities complement each other. It’s a defining characteristic of a twin flame relationship, after all.

To wit: Leo is passionate, while Libra is calm and collected. 

Expectedly, they know how to bring out the best in each other – which is why their compatibility rate is off the roof. 

3) Libra

Although opposite poles attract, it’s not surprising that birds of the same feather flock together. 

Libras are similar to each other, that’s why they often end up in a divine (and sometimes tumultuous) twin flame relationship. 

For one, both signs can easily understand each other. They appreciate the fact that their twin flame will weigh all the pros and cons before they make a decision. 

Both are committed to making the relationship work, which is why their relationship can easily weather any obstacle. 

Twin flame zodiac signs Libra should avoid

These signs embody the fact that ‘oil doesn’t mix with water.’ These signs don’t go well with Libra, which is why you should readily avoid them: 

1) Cancer

Libra and Cancer are incompatible, for they are square signs. They’re 90 degrees apart from each other, which makes for some tension between the two. 

“These signs together can fire each other up in both good and bad ways,” remarks astrologer Terry O’Connor. 

The differences are apparent right at the start. 

Cancer yearns for security, which is why they often feel emotionally threatened – even if that’s not the case. 

Libra, being attractive and flirtatious, can send Cancer into an extreme case of paranoia. 

Although both are very sensitive, Cancer tends to become more self-defensive. As such, Libras find them selfish – and emotionally draining. 

2) Capricorn

The water-borne Capricorn often proves too much for the earth-sign Libra. 

The latter treats twin flame relationships like financial transactions – they want to make sure that everything is paid up on time.

Libra’s approach is the complete opposite, for they like sharing resources. They believe that generosity is a thing that will make the relationship more successful. 

It doesn’t help that Capricorn dotes on their career more. Libra – who likes everything balanced – finds this hard to understand. 

3) Pisces

Both are sensitive and romantic, which is why many think of them to be ideal twin flames. 

That said, they’re opposites when it comes to relationships. 

Libra likes to pay attention to their twin flame, while Pisces often looks at the bigger picture. 

Libra, being analytical, will find it hard to deal with the emotional and spiritual Pisces. 

Because of these clashing personalities, this relationship doesn’t last long. 

Libra during a twin flame separation

Libra, who is all about harmony, is often the chaser in the relationship. 

They often connect with someone who they deem to be ‘imbalanced,’ mainly because they want to enact their diplomatic skills on them. 

While Libra’s desire to ‘fix’ their partner is noble, their twin flame ends up disliking them in the end. 

It doesn’t help that they’re passive-aggressive as well. After all, their tendency to avoid conflict can make everything brew up – sooner or later. 

While the Libra personality makes it the chaser, they may end up being the runner as well. 

As sensitive perfectionists, they don’t like being called out for the things they do. 

If they feel that their twin flame is criticizing them – even if they’re not – they’ll try to break away from the relationship.

Once they do, Libra ends up experiencing these twin flame telepathy signs during separation:

  • A lovesick feeling
  • Telepathic communication
  • Dreams or subconscious thoughts about your mirror soul
  • Synchronicities such as the angel number 1234

Libra during a twin flame reunion

As is seen in twin flame relationships, Libra’s attempt to ‘chase’ their mirror soul will just drive them further away. 

That said, Libra should take this separation as an opportunity to focus on themselves. It’s not enough that you serve others; you need to help yourself too. 

The lack of self-love is one of the reasons why twin flame separation occurs, anyway. 

True enough, this spat is the perfect time for Libra to make use of constructive coping mechanisms. 

Although it gives them a chance to grow, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should disregard their twin flame completely. 

It’s essential to keep them in your thoughts – always. 

Likewise, it’s good to keep open communication lines with them. Doing these things can help you figure out what your twin flame wants in the relationship. 

Libra’s willingness to forgive also comes in handy for their mirror soul. For them, forgiveness is a way to move beyond the hurt – and (re)start their relationship.  

With this mindset, there’s no question that a Libra twin flame reunion will happen soon. 

Libra twin flame sex

Sex with a Libra twin flame can be unbelievably erotic. 

They’re very creative, which often leaves their partners surprised – if not dumbfounded. 

They like to give, which is why they can keep their partners thoroughly satisfied.

That said, Libra won’t be privy to receiving sexual favors too. 

They’ll tell you what you want, so make sure to listen! 

As for their favorite parts, Libra dotes on the buttock. 

In other words, their twin flame can expect some flogging. Of course, Libra is open to receiving some spanking too. 

While Aquarius is neither a compatible nor incompatible twin flame for Libra, they prove to be the best sexual partner for the latter.

As a fellow air sign, Aquarius likes all things original. They have an open mind, which is why they’re game for some flogging. 

The mild BDSM aside, Libra and Aquarius can make for a magical sexual experience – a feat that not all signs will experience.  

Which twin flame zodiac signs are most compatible?

As mentioned, Gemini is Libra’s perfect twin flame. 

They’re intelligent and friendly signs, which is why sparks fly whenever they’re together. 

Emotionally, both signs are very compatible. They’re not too sensitive, although they can feel deeply. 

As intellectual people, they’re not prone to big, emotional fights. 

Libras and Geminis communicate well, so no partner remains lost in translation. 

When it comes to bedroom matters, both signs are down to get freaky. 

Gemini is up for anything, which bodes well for Libra’s desire for some flogging (among many other things.)

Sex will be light and playful – and Libra will make sure that their Gemini twin flame is thoroughly satisfied. 

Speaking of compatible twin flame signs, here are some pairings that can easily hit things off:


Cancer is deemed to be the perfect mirror soul for Pisces. 

They’re placed 120 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel, which means they’ll have a harmonious partnership. 

Personality-wise, they mirror each other – literally. To start, both are nurturing, compassionate, and sensitive. 

They’re attuned to each other’s feelings, which is why they’re quick to patch their relationship problems. 

While issues of dissatisfaction may come up from time to time, these two signs can work out such problems quickly. 


Leo is not only a good partner for Libra, they’re compatible with Aries as well. 

They’re very similar to each other, which is why they’re great twin flames. 

As fellow fire signs, they’re lively, fun, and creative. They’re great leaders who often tend to be larger than life. 

Both are cerebral – and they pay great attention to detail. 

While they may end up competing with each other, their drive makes them great partners for each other. 

Have you met your Libra twin flame?

If you’ve found your Libra twin flame, you’ll easily recognize it.

You’ll feel a profound sense of harmony.  

As you get deeper into the relationship, you’ll realize that they often see the best in you.

In case you do something wrong, they won’t hesitate to forgive you.

That said, Libra’s perfectionism can be so overwhelming that you may end up running away. 

Libra will be more than ready to chase you, although they’ll give you time and space to sort things out. 

They’ll take this separation as an opportunity to grow (and prepare) for the upcoming reunion. 

Remember: it’s genuinely challenging to find your Libra twin flame. Once you find them, never let them go! 

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