14 things you need to know about twin flame runner feelings (Complete Guide)

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Twin flames have a very special bond, so when one of them is running from the relationship, there are usually some very complex feelings involved.

If you are wondering about twin flame runner feelings, keep reading, you will find out everything you need to know!

1) They are running away from themselves more than from you

The first thing you should know about twin flame runner feelings is that a twin flame runner is running away from themselves more than they are running away from you.


Because they feel they are not good enough or that they don’t deserve you.

They are afraid of rejection or abandonment and they are also afraid of being hurt.

The twin flame runner will do everything to avoid the feelings of loneliness and sadness that come with being rejected by their twin flame.

So, if you think about it, the twin flame runner is running from themselves more than from you.

2) They have intense anxiety

Twin flame runners are often very anxious and unsure why they are trying to run from a relationship.

They have no idea what to expect of this anything-but-normal relationship, and that uncertainty scares them.

Simply put, they have intense anxiety.

What does this mean for you?

Well, essentially if your twin flame has lots of anxiety it’s a sign that they have a lot of work to do on their spiritual path still.

This period of separation might be exactly what they need in order to progress on their path.

As a twin flame chaser, you should not put too much pressure on them and you should also try to stay positive.

3) They feel overwhelmed by how strong your connection is

When a cord is shared and you have opened up to your Twin Flame, it can be very overwhelming for them.

They may feel pressured to keep the connection because they don’t want the feelings of closeness to end.

This will only make them more likely to run from the relationship, as they are scared that it’s not sustainable to keep this connection with you.

It’s not easy for anyone when you share an intense connection, and it takes time for them to process what is going on.

You see, if you’ve only ever had mediocre connections, a strong connection such as this one can be incredibly overwhelming.

You can feel the intensity of their feelings, and they may feel like they are drowning in your feelings because they’ve never experienced this shared sense of feeling before.

This is why it is so important that you stay positive and support them through any feelings of overwhelm or depression.

They are afraid of losing themselves in you, and that being vulnerable with you will mean losing themselves in you.

They fear the loss of themselves because they don’t feel safe with you yet.

You see, if a twin flame runner has never felt safe before with anyone else, then it is especially difficult for them to trust that their partner will keep them safe.

Have patience with them.

The information above and below will give you a good idea about what your twin flame is feeling right now.

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4) It’s hard for them to come to terms with the idea of twin flame union

Typically, when one twin flame runner leaves the relationship, they don’t believe in the concept of twin flames yet.

It takes time for someone to come around to the idea of twin flames, and it can be hard for both of you if they leave while they still have doubts.

You see, if someone has only ever had common connections with others, then they will likely not believe in the concept of twin flame union yet.

This is normal, and it’s something that you should just accept that they will take time to come around.

Think about it: if they are having doubts and you keep pushing this concept on them, they might just end up feeling like you are a spiritual whacko trying to convert them!

It’s best to just let them come around on their own time frame.

Try not to bring it up, and give them some space.

If you do bring it up, try to keep it playful and light because they will likely feel a bit overwhelmed by this discussion.

As much as we all want our twins to be in love with us, we must remember that they are still human beings and need time to grow into their own selves before they can truly love us back.

5) They feel obligated to somebody else (they are married or with someone else)

If somebody is running from the twin flame relationship because they are already with someone else, this person will be feeling a lot of guilt, shame, and fear.

They may also feel that they are obligated to the person, which is why they can’t leave them even if they want to.

The twin will want to do what’s best for their partner and not just themselves.

This is a very common reason why people run away from the twin flame union.

They don’t want to leave their partner and are afraid that they will regret it if they leave.

This is not something that you should take personally—it’s just a fear that they have in their mind, and it’s something that they need to work through.

You see, if someone has been with someone else for a long time before coming into a twin flame relationship with you, then chances are when they finally come into the union, they will still feel obligated to their partner.

This type of situation can be very difficult for both twins because the one who has a partner may not want to leave them because of this feeling of obligation or devotion.

The thing is, it’s not up to you to decide what’s best for your twin flame. If they decide to stay with their spouse or partner, then you have to accept that.

It’s their life, and if they are happy with the person that they are with, then you have to respect their decision.

If you push them to leave the other person, it may just end up making things worse for both twins.

It will create a lot of tension in the relationship between you two, and you will be unable to live in harmony or peace.

6) They don’t feel interested in a relationship

When one of the twins decides to give up on the relationship, it will usually be a reluctant decision.

They might feel like they have tried everything possible and that nothing is working; this can make them feel very exhausted.

This feeling could lead to a lack of motivation as they lose hope in the relationship.

Disinterest in being with you is something you don’t really have control over, as frustrating as that is.

If you are unable to get through to your twin, then you will have to accept that they don’t feel interested in being with you.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t love or care about you. They simply don’t feel like getting together with you right now.

They might be worried about the relationship or feel like it’s not right for them.

This can be a very difficult situation for both of you because it’s difficult for them to give up on the relationship, but it’s also difficult for them to continue holding on.

Give them space and time to figure out their own feelings.

If you are a woman and the twin flame runner is a man, there is a way to get him to be more interested in a relationship with you again.

There’s a concept called the “hero instinct” which, if used correctly, can make your twin flame want nobody but you.

This concept is generating a lot of buzz at the moment as a way to explain what really drives men in relationships.

I know it might all seem kind of silly. In this day and age, women don’t need someone to rescue them. They don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

But this misses the point about what the hero instinct is all about.

The hero instinct is an instinctive need that men have to step up to the plate for the woman in their lives. This is deeply rooted in male biology.

When a man genuinely feels like your everyday hero, he’ll become more loving, attentive, and committed to being in a long-term relationship with you.

But how do you trigger this instinct in him?

The trick is to make him feel like a hero in an authentic way. And there are things you can say and messages you can send to trigger this natural biological instinct.

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I don’t often recommend videos or buy into popular new concepts in psychology, but the hero instinct is one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve come across.

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7) They are afraid of being vulnerable

If you are a twin flame runner, chances are you don’t want to feel vulnerable and open up because it’s hard to risk your heart being broken.

You may also believe that your twin is not worth the vulnerability.

There is always going to be uncertainty with opening up too much.

But, if you have a deep connection with someone, you have the right to be vulnerable and express your feelings. It’s not easy though!

And while it’s sometimes scary to open yourself up, taking the risk can lead to some really amazing things.

You could find out that they feel the same way in return and then everything is right in the world again.

We all deserve someone who will appreciate us unconditionally and make us feel safe when we let them inside our heads and hearts.

However, you can’t force the twin flame runner into being vulnerable with you.

All you can really do about it is be there for them again and again when they need you and build up the necessary trust in order to open up.

8) They want you to stop chasing them

The number one thing you need to know about twin flame runner feelings is that the twin who is running away from the relationship will want you to stop chasing them.

They will think that if they are just not in contact with you, then you will eventually move on and find someone else.

I’m sure that’s not really what you want to hear, but it’s true.

Think about it: when you try to get some space from someone and they keep chasing you, you really don’t appreciate it, do you?

It’s probably the same with your twin flame.

But I know, this situation is especially hard and you might be at a loss of what to do.

Well, the best thing to do is to shift your focus back onto yourself.

Give your twin flame space and instead focus on becoming a better version of yourself in the meantime.

I know it is hard to think about yourself when you are in deep love with someone, but that’s what you need to do.

That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, as well as your twin flame.

And the best part?

No matter what the twin flame runner decides to do, you will be okay and taking good care of yourself regardless.

9) They can’t even understand their own feelings

While it may seem like the twin is running from their feelings, the problem may actually be that they can’t understand their own feelings.

It is, indeed, possible for twins to feel conflicting reactions to one another when they are in close proximity and this can be confusing.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, if the twin flame runner doesn’t understand their feelings, then you sure as hell won’t, either.

They most probably need some time to figure out their own thoughts and feelings, first.

The best thing for you to do in that situation is to give them time.

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10) They are also constantly thinking about you

One of the things many people don’t know is that twin flames are constantly thinking about the other person, even if they are running away.

This might be because they are so attuned to one another and their emotions.

In any relationship, there is a certain degree of attachment, but it’s more intense when you’re a twin flame.

If you have been chasing your twin flame, it’s important to understand that they are also constantly thinking about you and missing you when they are not with you.

This can make them feel very confused, as they aren’t sure what to think anymore.

11) They don’t want to hurt you

Another thing you might not know about twin flame runners is that they don’t want to hurt you.

Although they are running from you, they still have feelings, and hurting you is never their intention.

They don’t want to be in your life right now, but they also don’t want to hurt you.

You see, it’s hard to navigate the emotions of a twin flame runner but the last thing they want to do is cause you pain on purpose.

So, don’t get mad at them for running, they are dealing with their own issues.

12) They sometimes feel physical pain

We already know that twin flame relationships can have some pretty crazy symptoms.

So, it’s important to understand that twin flame separations can also cause physical pain. This is because twin flames are so connected and attuned to each other.

They can feel each other’s emotions and physical pain is a result of that.

Simply put, the twin flame runner might be experiencing physical pain as a result of the twin flame separation. This is not something that you should try to stop, but instead, just accept it.

However, it’s important that if you feel physical pain, you get it checked out by a doctor to eliminate any potential medical causes for your pain.

13) They feel resentment for their twin flame

Sometimes, the twin flame runner will feel resentment towards their twin for bringing them into a situation of such huge emotional confusion.

They might feel like their twin is selfish for creating such a situation.

The twin flame runner might be thinking that the separation is all their twin’s fault, and they don’t want to be around them anymore.

They may even blame the twin for their pain and resentment, which isn’t fair.

Now: it’s important that you don’t take this personally.

You see, people’s feelings are their own responsibility, and you did nothing wrong by loving them.

14) They are ignoring their higher self

Last but not least, the twin flame runner might be ignoring their higher self.

Ignoring your higher self essentially just means they are out of touch with themselves. This means that they are not taking care of themselves.

They are not eating healthy, exercising, or caring for their mental health.

In other words: they are neglecting themselves in order to forget about their twin flame.

This is tricky because until they are in tune with their higher self again, the twin flame journey will not continue.

You can’t do anything about this, though, this is a decision the twin flame runner has to make on their own.

What can you do?

For you, there is not much left to do at this point.

All you can really do right now is give your twin flame space and time, and shift all your focus and attention on yourself so that you can grow and become better.

Everything else will fall into place if it’s meant to.

Don’t stop your entire life waiting for your twin flame, instead, live it to its fullest and your paths will realign if they are supposed to.

Hopefully, the information above will shed some light on twin flame runner feelings.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

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