Who’s the best Leo twin flame love match? The brutal truth

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If you’re a Leo, you probably already know that you’re a pretty interesting zodiac sign, I don’t need to tell you that. 

But maybe you want to find out a little more about your twin flame zodiac compatibility, or, you know, you’re just asking for a friend. 

No matter what your motivation for clicking this article, you’ve come to the right place if you want to find out about all things Leo and twin flames!

The Leo twin flame 

Let’s start off by taking a closer look at the Leo twin flame. Understanding how a Leo acts in a relationship and what they need is crucial in order to comprehend which signs are compatible. 

Personality traits 

Leo’s are the lions of the zodiac, making them natural leaders. Often joyful and radiating positive energy, it is always fun being around a Leo. 

They don’t lack pride and confidence, in daily life as well as their relationships. 

Just like a true lion, Leos do not love being controlled. On the contrary, they like being the ones calling the shots in a relationship. 

The phrase Carpe Diem is best represented by Leos. They live their lives to their fullest potential, always on the lookout for more fun. 

Exploration is important in the life of a Leo, they like investigating all the beautiful miracles in life. 

Leos are among the most generous signs in the zodiac. It doesn’t matter if it’s respect, money, time, or energy, they like to give their loved ones whatever they can offer. 

When this generosity isn’t returned, problems might arise. Leos need to communicate their needs openly in this case. 

The Lions have a very kind and compassionate heart. When there is something they can do for their partner, they go out of their way to do it. 

Relationships with a Leo 

Leo is the zodiac sign most associated with romance, so they thrive when they are in love. 

As your twin flame, Leos will probably need to learn a lot.

The biggest lesson is probably not being too self-absorbed, and giving their twin flame adequate attention. 

When Leos first get into a relationship, they need lots and lots of attention and reassurance to feel safe. 

Despite initial commitment issues, once a Leo decides to be with someone, they are seriously committed. 

On that note, loyalty is the most important thing for a Leo. Their loyalty knows no bounds once they settle for someone. 

As your twin flame, a Leo will be a challenging partner, at times possessive and jealous, but they will protect you at all costs. 

Don’t give them reason to doubt you, and even their more possessive traits might subside. 

Honesty is the holy grail when in a twin flame relationship with a Leo, they honor this trait in their partners over everything else. 

Signs a Leo is your twin flame 

Are you wondering whether a Leo might be your twin flame? 

Let’s start off by looking at your own zodiac sign. 

If you’re a fellow Leo, chances are good that a Leo might be your twin flame, but this is not always the case. 

Technically, your twin flame could be any sign on the astrological chart. 

The odds are pretty high that a Leo is your twin flame if your zodiac sign is either a fellow fire sign or an air sign! 

If you’re already dating a Leo and you aren’t sure if they are your twin flame, there are some very telling signs of being close to your twin. 

Here are some signs your lover might be your twin flame: 

1) You instantly felt a sense of knowing 

When you met the Leo in your life, how did you feel? When two twin flames come into union, both of them feel an intense feeling of recognition. 

Something seems to just click with you two, as if a missing piece was finally falling into place. 

2) There is a surprising amount of synchronicity

Twin flame relationships are often accompanied by a remarkable amount of synchronicities. 

This could show up as shared hobbies, matching values, aligned belief systems, and much more. 

On top of that, “coincidences” are lining up one after another, like similar past experiences. 

3) Your emotions are through the roof 

Twin flame relationships are distinguished by the intensity of the emotions the two partners feel upon reuniting. 

How was your union? Were your emotions amplified? It can be overwhelming, but it’s also a great sign of being close to your twin. 

Normal relationships tend to have heightened emotions at the beginning as well, but with twin flames these sensations don’t go away. 

4) There is an undeniable pull between you 

A characteristic of twin flame relationship is the undeniable pull between the two twins. 

It’s as if a magnet is drawing you two towards each other. 

This can be a sexual pull, but a lot of the time twin flames just enjoy each other’s company in any way, shape, or form. 

5) You are facing many turbulences 

Finding your twin flame, your other half, that must mean you two work like a dream together, right?


A very important characteristic of twin flame relationships is the countless obstacles it seems to be throwing in their ways. 

This is not by chance, these challenges serve to help both partners evolve. 

The relationship serves as a mirror, the twins see their own personalities reflected back to them, which can lead to problems. 

If you and your Leo partner have been facing difficulties, this might be a sign they’re your twin flame. 

Twin flame signs compatible with Leo 

Twin flame compatibility is a little different to normal zodiac compatibility. Oftentimes, the same zodiac sign makes for a good twin flame compatibility. 

The next best thing after that are signs of the same element, in the case of Leo, Fire. 

Not all is lost if the twin flame is from the complementary element. For Leos, the complementary element would be Air. 

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius 

Fire signs are usually very energetic, creative, and passionate, making a relationship between the two full of sparks and energy. 

The relationship usually develops in a warm and passionate way. Their shared characteristics of being confident and proud help them empower one another to reach their goals. 

This twin flame couple can conquer mountains. Both with an exploring nature, interesting activities are their favorite past-time activity. 

Because they are both very aggressive and arrogant, competition in this relationship can be destructive and should be avoided. 

In order for them to live in a harmonious way, they need to keep their strong emotions in check and understand each other’s complexities. 

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

After fellow Leos and fire signs, air signs make for the most compatible partners for the Lion. 

Air signs and Leos are both very expressive, outgoing, and communicative. This is the root of immense attraction. 

We already established how challenging a twin flame relationship can be. After all, it opens your eyes to all types of issues you might be facing in your life. 

On the bright side, air signs and Leos both have a strong temperament to graciously deal with these challenges. 

Their shared passion is traveling and exploring new cultures and people. 

The air sign’s rationality pairs perfectly with Leo’s passion, they complement each other in the best ways. 

Good communication is the key to a functional relationship with these two. 

Twin flame zodiac signs Leo should avoid 

As I already mentioned, Leos pair the best with fellow fire signs or air signs. If their twin flame is from neither their own nor the complementary sign, problems may arise. 

For Leos, this would be Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). 

A Leo will most likely clash with partners from these two elements, as their differences are too fundamental to be worked out. 

I want to clarify that this is not necessarily true for all twin flame relationships. Just because your twin is a water or earth element doesn’t mean you should throw the entire relationship into the wind. 

Twin flame zodiac compatibility offers guidelines, not rules set in stone. There are always exceptions, depending on their personality. 

Astrology can still be used as a tool to help on your twin flame journey. 

For that, simply study your own sign and the sign of your twin flame in detail. 

By learning about your respective weaknesses and strengths, you can figure out how to help each other become the best version of yourselves. 

Most issues and incompatibilities can be solved with proper communication, so work on that most of all! 

Big issues here could be expectations, fears, needs (and how they are expected to be met), etc. 

Talking about these things will help you find out how to love your partner the best. 

Leo during a twin flame separation 

Twin flame separations are brutal. It feels like a part of you is ripped away, and that can be one of the hardest things anyone can experience. 

If you don’t know what it is, it’s what it sounds like: a period of separation from each other. 

Twin flame separations aren’t a death sentence, oftentimes twins find back to each other, even if it takes years. 

This is a good time for the partners to work on themselves and evolve. Leos tend to take this separation particularly hard. 

They like to commit to their partners fully, so a separation is a fundamental break in their trust, especially when the separation was initiated by their partner, and not them. 

It will most likely lead them down a dark path of self-reflection, but it usually ends in immense growth and a spark in self-love. 

After this separation period, Leos often return to either the twin flame relationship, or any other relationship, with heightened self-esteem and a much healthier approach. 

Leo during a twin flame reunion

Twin flame reunions are a beautiful time of coming together as one, growing, and becoming the best version of oneself. 

It has many ups and downs, however, which can be overwhelming at times. 

Especially in the beginning, Leos struggle with that. They are torn between wanting to feel free, and wanting to commit fully and go all in. 

A Leo’s fear of rejection can make the reunion turbulent, they need lots of reassurance and affection during that time. 

Once they have committed fully, there is nothing standing in the way of transformation and growth, however. 

Leo twin flame sex 

Leos are big on emotional connection. They despise boredom, and the bedroom is no exception to that rule. 

Full of fire and passion, the Lion wants to take charge of their twin flame in the bedroom. 

Taking the lead and being the dominant partner is exhilarating for Leos. 

This could mean exploring kinks such as BDSM with their twin flame, if they are down, of course. 

Leos love to open their heart, and expect the same from their twin flame during sex. Keeping your heart open and being present is a huge turn-on. 

Many Lions also enjoy role play with their twins. That way they keep things fun and exciting. 

Their libido is high, which is fortunate, as twin flame relationships usually come with an immense sexual attraction to one another. 

Which twin flame zodiac signs are most compatible? 

Aries and Leo

The Hunter of the zodiac goes extremely well with the lion. 

The reason these two seem to fit like a glove is that they can match each other’s dominant energy. 

This makes for mind-blowing passion and fire. 

Taurus and Scorpio 

A Scorpio will keep a Taurus on their heels, heart racing in anticipation. 

They complement each other perfectly. 

Gemini and Aquarius 

Gemini and Aquarius are both searching for adventure, independence, and freedom. 

They won’t hold each other back and instead explore the wonders of this world together. 

Leo and Gemini

This pairing is full of excitement. 

Where these two seemingly would clash, they actually make up for one another’s weaknesses. Gemini’s rationality helps a Leo stay grounded. 

Have you met your Leo twin flame? 

After reading through all of this, I’m sure you gained a lot more insight into the minds of a Leo. 

Maybe you even discovered that you have met your Leo twin flame! 

Leos want to be the center of your world, and being your twin flame, that’s not hard. 

If your twin flame is a Leo and they are committed to you, they are in it for life. You can expect loyalty and honesty all the way. 

Romance is a big thing for them. 

Even though they are your twin flame, they will still value their personal freedom, while simultaneously knowing that you are mutually loyal to each other. 

Leos make great twin flames, so be excited about the adventures that lie ahead for the two of you! 

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