17 beautiful signs your twin flame loves you

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Maybe your twin flame isn’t as vocal as their love for you. The good thing is many indications say so! 

All you need to do is look for these 17 beautiful signs that your twin flame truly loves you.  

1) There’s an instant connection

Twin flames share a deep, unique connection. That’s why you feel an immediate ‘attachment’ with them – whether they’re near or far. 

This instant connection is made possible by these four elements: 

Deep emotional connection

As mirror opposites of each other, twin flames share a unique emotional bond. And while you may reflect your mirror soul’s negative attitudes at first, some deep introspection will eventually lead to a profound emotional connection. 

Mental connection

More than just sharing a solid emotional bond, twin flames have a ‘unique’ mental connection as well. They have knowledge or skills that complement each other. 

Physical connection

Twin flame physical connection is not necessarily sex-related, but it could be. This physical bond often comes from the energy both share – a vibration that makes these two souls ‘one.’ 

Spiritual connection

This connection is attained whenever the twin flames ‘heal’ themselves and surrender fully to the union. It allows both to ‘vibrate’ in a frequency that paves the way for unconditional love. 

2) You feel their presence

Even if your twin flame is not around, you feel as if they’re right next to you. 

It’s as if they’re speaking to you, guiding you through every step of the way.

You may even feel their comforting hand on your shoulder, especially whenever you feel down.

You may even smell their familiar scent. 

You may even share the same thoughts with them! 

You quickly feel their presence because, as twin flames, you share energies and chakras. 

You both possess telepathy – a link that allows you to share a mental connection. 

So even if you’re separated physically, you continue to feel your mirror soul as if they’re right next to you. They are – at least in spirit. 

If you find yourself longing for them, don’t worry. This presence is also a sign that a reunion is bound to happen soon. 

3) A gifted advisory confirms it

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You may wonder, does my twin flame really love me?

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4) Everything feels right

Everything may be going topsy-turvy, but one thing’s for sure: everything feels right now that you’ve found your twin flame. 

It’s as if you’re in total harmony with each other. Indeed, you are. 

The universe has destined you to be with each other. 

You feel at peace with them – whether they’re near you – or far away. You’re not bothered by the prospect of somebody else because you share a connection that’s unlike any other. 

You feel a different kind of calmness – unlike something you’ve felt with your ex-partners. 

It’s as if you’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle – a person who completes you. 

5) You’re drawn to each other 

For some reason, you’re constantly drawn to them. That’s because twin flame relationships are magnetic. 

It’s a constant pull. 

No matter how much you wish to escape (as is the case with a runner,) you’ll find yourself going back to them. 

It’s like all roads lead back to your beloved twin flame. 

This connection stays strong no matter what you’re doing. You may be cooking or browsing social media websites. Then, out of the blue, you find yourself thinking about your mirror soul. 

Yes, they’re most likely doing the same. 

Thanks to your mental and spiritual connection, you often find yourselves drawn to each other. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – or how far each one is – your mirror soul will always find itself running back to you. 

6) They can’t stay away from you 

It’s hard to stay away when you love someone – and share a deep bond with them. 

That’s because you’re constantly drawn to each other.  

Even when it’s time to leave, your twin flame will find itself lingering for longer. They’ll spend as much time they can with you. 

Should destiny pull you apart, your mirror soul will do anything to keep the fire burning. 

They’ll call you, text you, etc., to remind you that they’re there for you – no matter how far they may be. 

7) You feel ‘synchronic’ with your twin flame

Science defines synchronicity as the “occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause; that is, the coincidences are acausal.”

Popularized by Carl Jung, synchronicity operates on the underlying idea of unity in diversity. 

Signs of synchronicities include being at the same place – and at the same time, meeting at an unexpected venue (say a large concert, perhaps.) 

You may also feel deja vu, where you meet someone (or be in some place) that feels awfully familiar. 

It’s why twin flames connect relatively easily. 

Not only is this a sign that your mirror soul loves you, but deja vu may also be the universe’s way of saying that you’ve found your soulmate. 

8) You recognize them

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9) You keep on dreaming about them

Does your twin flame star in your dreams every night? It’s not a mere coincidence.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you that they love you. 

Twin flame dreams, for one, mean that they miss you. They may not know it, but they’re sending an emotional SOS. Yes, they may be needing your love and support right about now.

It’s something that’s drawn in science. According to a report, you dream about a particular person because you’re concerned about them. 

Of course, when you love your twin flame, you’re always wondering about them. 

Dreams also serve as a gateway to your unconscious desires and fears. When you constantly dream about your twin flame (and them, you), it shows how significant you are to each other. 

More importantly, twin flame dreams may mean that something is drawing you two together – soon. 

You might not be seeing each other frequently due to distance issues, but dreaming of them may be a sign that a long-awaited reunion is about to happen. 

10) You feel intense emotions all of a sudden

Every relationship comes with intense feelings.

But with twin flames, these feelings are undoubtedly more passionate. 

Suddenly, you feel this intense yearning or desire to be with them.

More often than not, it’s because they’re feeling the same way. Maybe they haven’t seen you for so long, so they’re thinking about you more than ever. 

While intense twin flame emotions are often passionate, they’re not always positive. You could feel fierce anger or fear too. 

Maybe there’s the deep sadness of being apart for too long. 

Your beloved twin flame may be feeling these strong sentiments too. Thanks to your deep emotional bond, you get to channel each other’s feelings – even if you’re thousands of miles away from each other. 

11) Your twin flame is your ‘hero’ 

If you’re wondering whether your male twin flame loves you, then you should observe the way he acts. If he’s keen on playing hero, then it’s one of the telltale signs. 

It’s what author James Bauer calls the ‘hero instinct.’

It’s something embedded in the male DNA – the desire to protect the people they love. 

In every man, there’s a desire to be honored and respected by their community. 

This hero instinct does not necessarily mean over-the-top gestures, though. They could be as simple as helping you out with groceries – or walking on the side of upcoming traffic when you cross the street. 

If your twin flame constantly plays the role of the hero, then there’s no denying that he really loves you. 

12) They’re 100% honest with you

Honesty is always the best policy.

Sadly, relationships aren’t immune to lying. According to a report, dating couples lie to each other ⅓ of the time. 

As for married couples, lying occurs in 1 of every ten interactions. 

While twin flame relationships aren’t perfect – they may be turbulent because of the intense emotions – such partners are more honest than their non-mirror soul counterparts. 

It could be due to the connection that twin flames share. 

When you’re linked to another person emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, it’s like you could take a peek at their mind.

You seemingly know what they’re thinking or feeling, which is why it’s useless for them to hide anything from you. 

This honesty is not limited to the romantic aspect of the relationship, though. 

They’re also transparent with you because they want you to grow as a person. 

Maybe you’re stuck with some ways that hinder your progress. They’ll be quick to point out these things because they want you to become the best version you could be. 

13) They support you…and everything you do

“Mutual support is essential in a relationship,” according to clinician Lauren Cook

You know your twin flame loves you when they offer every ounce of support you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business venture or a precarious job that most people would likely dismiss. 

Your mirror soul may show support in several ways: 


They’ll allow you to vent out your happiness – even your frustration. They’ll let you cry, maybe even cry with you. 

They’ll validate your feelings and your experiences, even if no one else seems to do so. 


Maybe your new passion is cutting into your special time with each other. However, a twin flame who loves you understands that some sacrifices are necessary for you to achieve your dreams. 

Cook adds: “When a couple is really in love, they are willing to stay together through distance, career changes, and any other unexpected bumps.”

Fear Processing

You could be feeling much trepidation over your new business launch or whatnot. Your twin flame will readily listen to you – and help you process your fears. 

In most cases, your mirror soul may be the best proxy to a psychologist. 

Regular check-ins

Even if your twin flame is far away from you, they won’t forget to check in on you every so often. 

They know how busy you are, but that won’t stop them from shooting a simple message or making a short call. 

According to Cook, “When our partner cares, they reach out often — especially when it’s been a stressful time.” 


A twin flame who loves you will be your biggest fan. They’ll be active in promoting your new venture – or they’ll take the closest seats to watch you in your new play. 

Should things go down the drain, you can expect them to stay by your side. In fact, you can rely on them to be the number one cheerleader, especially when you’re feeling down. 


They understand that your new passions are limiting you from doing this or that. Instead of calling you out, they’ll offer a helping hand.

Don’t have time to do laundry? They’ll do it for you. 

Need assistance with a slide presentation? They’ll encode the slides for you. 

Not keeping score

Your twin flame lover doesn’t mind if he did all the giving by far. They give their support for free, without expecting you to repay these efforts soon. 

14) They’ve changed their life for you

Your mirror soul might detest hiking – at least until they meet you. Now, they worship the great outdoors – just like you do. 

It seems like you’ve activated a switch inside them that made them love nature. They’re willing to throw their old ways for you. 

Although opposite poles attract, there’s no denying that we like people who are similar to us. This synchronicity is one of the reasons why twin flames remain drawn to each other. 

Apart from sharing your interests, this ‘change’ is your mirror soul’s way of raising its vibrations. After all, sharing the same energy is what keeps your love connection unbreakable. 

15) They love traveling with you

Traveling is great – especially when you share the view with your twin flame. 

In fact, it can strengthen (and further ignite) your electric romance. 

For one, a survey from the US Travel Association shows that “Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not.”

Results show that: 

  • Couples who travel together report higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships. 
  • Travel helps couples communicate better. The trip helps provide the ‘alone time’ couples need for talking and reconnecting. 
  • Couples who travel have longer-lasting relationships, mainly because of the improved communication lines with each other. 
  • Travel enhances intimacy. Who doesn’t want to get cozy in romantic Paris or beautiful Santorini? 

Since twin flames share a deep connection, you may share the desire for similar destinations. My partner and I, for one, love visiting places rich in history – and big museums! 

Are you looking for more travel destinations with your beloved? You should consider any of these 15 romantic destinations that every couple should visit at least once

16) Your twin flame sticks with you…no matter how rocky things get

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

– Joseph P. Kennedy

A person who loves you will stick with you through thick and thin.

It doesn’t matter if you grow old, gain weight, or lose hair.

They will look at you just like the way they did when you first met ten years ago. 

Granted that all relationships are bound to encounter obstacles, your twin flame will ride them out with you. 

Unsurprisingly, the deep connection you share helps you weather any problem successfully. 

For one, you know how to communicate with your twin flame – they’re your mirror soul, after all. You both know when to talk and listen to each other. 

You know how to respect each other’s differences, no matter how big or small. 

More importantly, you know when to take a break. However, as with any other twin flame relationship, you’ll always find yourselves drawn back to each other. 

17) You’ve grown more as a person

While most of these signs here point to your mirror soul, there’s one sign you’ll feel within yourself: personal growth. 

You know your twin flame loves you if you feel safe and secure – even if they’re far away. That’s because you know you’re loved no matter where you may be. 

This support may encourage you to take the plunge, be it engaging in a new business or pursuing the passion you’ve once neglected. 

As always, a twin flame who loves you will encourage you to become the best person you can be. 

They will motivate you and back you up – even if the times get tough.

So if you find yourself growing – thanks to your twin flame’s support – then it’s a fact that they love you deeply. 

Final thoughts

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