What to do when your twin flame lives in another country

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I met my twin flame Jacob two years ago, and I’ve never been more sure of something in my life. 

There’s one big problem:

I live in the United States and he lives in the Netherlands. 

Here’s how I’m handling it and advice for you if your twin flame is also far away. 

1) Keep in touch with your twin flame

Jacob and I talk almost every day. 

Some days I am late for work because we stay up chatting so long. 

Online contact doesn’t replace physical touch and presence, but it’s better than nothing!

If you are trying to figure out what to do when your twin flame lives in another country, start by staying in touch as much as possible. 

In the meantime, if you’re feeling lonely and the distance has you down, I suggest trying out the next step of self-care and strengthening your love instinct.

2) Tend to your own fire 

Working out what to do when your twin flame lives in another country can be confusing and emotionally taxing. 

During this time you have an opportunity to tend to your own fire. 

Many times the Divine will keep us far from our twin flame as we resolve and heal issues within ourselves. 

There are so many lies about what love is and how to find it. 

The fact is that many of us pursue love in a self-sabotaging way and end up emptier than when we started, or feeling rejected and worthless. 

The best solution I’ve found is from the shaman Rudá Iandê. 

In his free video on finding true love and intimacy, he unpacks many of the lies we’ve been sold about love and destiny and shows a way to keep your own fire burning brightly so you’re reading for your twin flame. 

There’s nothing else I’ve found online quite like this.

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3) Take a look at the barriers

I love to be an optimist and be positive. I also love Jacob, truly. 

But I’m honest about the barriers we face. 

We met when he was traveling in the states two years ago and have been on fire for each other ever since. 

But he has a full time job in machine engineering in the Netherlands and I currently have family obligations here at home. 

It’s not easy for us to uproot our lives to be together, but staying apart also feels impossible and like part of us is dying inside. 

We have been bridging that gap by our near-daily communication and video chats, and also by travel.

4) Travel see each other

Both of us are fortunate enough to have work and be able to travel due to some schedule flexibility. 

So far I have been to see Jacob twice and he has been to see me once. 

All of these trips were so special and incredible, full of moments I wouldn’t sell for a million dollars. 

They slaked some of our thirst for each other and let us bask in each other’s presence (sorry if that’s too gushy) but they also made us want even more to be together permanently in the same location. 

If your twin flame lives in another country and moving isn’t an option right now, try your best to travel to see them or vice versa. 

If you live extremely far apart like say, Australia and the US, then make the trips as long as possible. 

Do what you can, for now. 

But remember not to be afraid of time alone and even some lonely periods, as these are also times that you can work on yourself and become more ready for being together with your twin flame

5) Think about a move

Jacob and I started thinking about a move about a year after we met. 

Well, to be honest, we thought of it pretty much right away, but I mean that we started to seriously look into it and talk about the kind of place we’d like to live and specifics. 

If your twin flame lives in another country, eventually this decision is likely to come to the forefront. 

When it does, make sure not to react impulsively or put all your cards on the table right away. 

Sometimes as twin flames we can trigger each other in painful ways, not only positive ones. 

When that happens, self-care is such a necessity and getting benefits out of the time alone is a must. 

Remember that as you go about deciding on a move and the future you have to also be willing to see your twin flame’s point of view and priorities

6) Be willing to compromise 

Compromise is a must in any relationship, including a twin-flame connection

When you care about someone so much and they feel like part of you it can feel impossible to say no or to explain a different point of view. 

But you need to do this. 

Ensure that any move and firm decision is one you both want. 

If either of you are feeling pressured into this then it’s not going to work and will feed into a likely eventual clash and breakup. 

Make sure you’re willing to compromise as you discuss the potential of moving to the same country together. 

7) Surrender to the process

Jacob and I are in the process of deciding whether one of us will move. 

I do not know what will happen, but I’m focused on self-care and building trust. 

Sometimes surrender is the best option. 

Working out a long-distance relationship is hard even when you’re totally sure it’s right for you. 

Things take time, and that includes twin flame connections! 

Bridging the distance

Bridging the distance between us is something I am confident will happen. 

Jacob and I both feel we are meant to be together; we’re sure of it. 

In the meantime, we work on ourselves and let our love guide us. 

This is all about trust.

“While we are working on ourselves, we must learn to trust in the Divine that the union will happen as a result of us working on healing ourselves,” says Leona Wallace, adding that this also gives “our Twin Flame the space to work on themselves as well.”

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