What if both twin flames are already married? 13 tips if this is you

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If you’re one of the lucky people who’s experienced a twin flame connection, you know it’s intense

It can feel like you’ve known this other person all your life, without even meeting them! 

But in some cases, both twin flames are already married to two different people. 

This article will share 13 tips on how to go through this situation and maintain your intuition while still staying true to your soul’s purpose.

1) Check to make sure this person is your twin flame

The first step is to make sure that this person is actually your twin flame.  

This can be a bit confusing, as twin flames are extremely powerful energetic experiences. 

In fact, they’re so powerful that some people mistake them for soul mates. 

If you’ve encountered someone and feel like they have the same energy as you, but aren’t 100% sure if it’s your twin flame, you can use these signs to make sure: 

  • You feel like you’ve known this person all your life (even though you haven’t) 
  • You’re both in the same place at the same time and it’s as if you were meant to be there (i.e. common friends, common interests, etc.) 
  • You feel a strong sense of familiarity that goes beyond what you would feel for a regular friend 
  • You can’t stop thinking about them – it feels like they’re in your head 
  • Constantly searching for meaning or some deeper reason for being together 
  • You have this inexplicable feeling that everything is going to be okay and that things are unfolding just as they should  

If you have at least 2-3 of these signs, it could very well be your twin flame! 

2) Set up a face-to-face meeting

OK, I know what you’re thinking:

 “But I’m already married!”

Yes, that’s true. And this is going to be a complicated situation.

But here it is: 

Smoke signals, telepathy, and other magical means of communication can’t always be trusted when it comes to your twin flame connection.  

This is because twin flames are so powerful that they can make you feel things on a subconscious level that aren’t actually happening.

Your body may even form memories of things you never actually did! 

For example, if you’re unhappy in your marriage and this twin flame makes you feel good about yourself, it’s possible for you to feel as if you’ve met before – even though you haven’t.

The only way to know 100% for sure if someone’s your twin flame is to set up an actual meeting with them in person. 

Even then, there are no guarantees – but at least the odds will be slightly in your favor.   

But remember, stop yourself from getting caught up in the fantasy and remember that this person is married.

Plus, it’s not like you’re going to run off with them if you actually do meet your twin flame.

So don’t worry about how other people will react, just do what feels right for you

3) Get professional guidance 

The points we cover in this article will give you a good idea of what to do if both twin flames are married

But even with our expert advice, we know how unique every situation is. 

That’s why we recommend getting a personalized reading to really address the issues you’re facing.

The key, however, is finding someone trustworthy to speak to.

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The advisor I spoke to was kind, understanding of my situation, and genuinely helpful.

My love reading shed light on my situation in a way I wasn’t able to see on my own, and I was finally able to clear my head and heal my heart. 

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Not only can a gifted advisor tell you whether or not your twin flames are meant to be, but they can reveal all your future love possibilities. 

4) Explore your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental space

You’ve probably been experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts about what you should do.

What if the universe has put you in this situation so that your twin flames can fulfill some greater purpose?

How would you feel if they were to reject you?

Is this relationship even worth fighting for? 

These are very valid questions, and it’s important that you explore all of them.   

The only way to work through these feelings is by talking about them with someone who won’t judge you for having these feelings. 

Even just having an open conversation about your situation will help dispel any negative energy surrounding it.   

Another helpful thing to do is start by expressing yourself in a journal. 

It’s a chance for you to get all your emotions and thoughts down on paper, where the universe can help heal the wounds in your heart

5) Evaluate the consequences of staying together 

As we already mentioned, some twin flame relationships are made to last.

In the case of a marriage, there can be great consequences if one of the people decides to leave their partner.

This includes their family, friends, personality, and lifestyle. 

In the case of a twin flame relationship, a person could feel like they’re losing themselves completely by staying with their partner.

It must be hard for them to feel so trapped.  

But even worse is being treated as less than human by another person for simply wanting to be loved and appreciated for who they are.

If you know that what you have with your partner is meant to be forever – why do you still have these thoughts?

Only time will tell what you should do next – but it won’t happen overnight! 

The universe takes time. 

You can’t rush things because it’s too easy to miss out on those golden opportunities that come along with determination! 

So stand back and watch the magic unfold.

6) Speak to your spouse if they are ready to hear the truth

The truth is:

Nothing is more important than the safety of your relationship.

No amount of external factors can replace the bond you created with your partner. 

If you have reached the point where I’ve explained above and feel that you need to let your partner know, then do it.  

You don’t need to be about to break up before you tell them the truth.   

If they truly love you, they will understand.  

When you have that one person who would always let you get away with anything, on a motorcycle or not – it’s hard to break down the trust you have built together.  

If your partner is willing to listen and see the situation for what it is – then you owe them the honesty of your soul. 

Once they’re receptive and realize that these changes are for the betterment of your relationship, it’s important that you give them time to process everything before either of you makes any decisions.

7) Outsource your pain to the Universe by dedicating the time and energy to passionate pursuits 

Another tip to deal with the tension of a twin flame relationship is to make sure you’re the one directing your energy into more enjoyable hobbies and activities.   

It’s important for you to be creative and find ways to keep your mind off of things that are unpalatable. 

With so much negativity being thrown around daily, there are few things that will generate a positive immune response.  

Art and music are two of the best ways to express yourself without hurting anyone.  

If your interest is in writing, be it poetry, fiction, or nonfiction – get into it!  

Read great books and watch movies that stimulate your creative mind and make you think about life in different ways. 

Even if it’s just filling out a writing assignment for school; find something where inspiration comes easily for you because this will help you maintain your passion.

8) Remember that you are the one in control of your journey

No matter how much your twin flame creates tension for you, you always have the ability to change what is happening in your life.  

There are always options, you just have to make them happen. 

Being the master of your own destiny is difficult when the universe throws you curveballs, but it’s also completely liberating because you decide where to aim your target.

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9) Get out of toxic environments that feed the illusion of the twin flame connection 

If you decide to end this twin flame relationship, it’s important to get the hell out of that toxic environment as soon as possible.  

This may seem like an extreme measure and you will be tempted to stick around for a little bit longer in the hopes that things will eventually settle down. 

Do not do this.   

It almost never gets better and there are no guarantees that things will change positively in the future. 

Moving forward is always preferred over living in the past and wallowing in victimhood

If getting out of a toxic relationship is painful, then make sure you surround yourself with people who uplift your spirit even if they are not twin flames themselves.   

When beautiful friendships are created through shared interests, these relationships can last for a lifetime and bring joy into our world when we’ve been otherwise consumed by negative twin flame relationships or other types of karmic partnerships.

Or make time with your partner and focus on the positive things that can be shared between you two.

10) Know that the Universe only has good plans for us, even if we can’t see them at the time 

If you’re working through a particularly intense situation, it’s normal to doubt that positive things will ever happen to you again.

Your mind is absolutely capable of being very convincing and negative self-talk can take over your thoughts when things are at their most difficult.  

This is why it is so important to surround yourself with good people and positive energy whenever possible. 

This doesn’t have to mean going out of your way to surround yourself with positive people.

Sometimes the Universe will arrange for you to be around others who understand what your experience is like and offer support in whatever form that may come in.   

Even if you don’t realize it at the time, these people will always be there for you as they are in alignment with the Universe’s plan for your life.

Keep in mind:

We can’t see the beauty and joy that the Universe has in store for us ever, so we must focus on what we receive right now.

Focus on how wonderful your life is right this very moment.  

And if you find yourself being consumed with negativity and doubt, it’s OK to take a break and focus on some of the positive things that you have going on in your life.  

11) Stay true to your path and release the hope of reuniting with your twin flame

Accept that both twin flames are married to different partners and you’ve each chosen to be on your own.     

Release the hope that you will someday find your twin flame again, and focus more on what you have now.

This is clearly not the time to be indulging in wishful thinking or to be looking towards some idealized future relationship (or maybe obsession) with your twin flame.  

Your path forward is incredibly important right now. 

You have a plethora of experience and knowledge that you can share with others.

So it’s best that you focus on all of the great things that accompany this experience in your life. 

Also, remember that Universe has a plan for you and this plan has everything to do with where you will be at this moment in time.  

Everything that is happening in your life right now is leading you to where you need to be.

12) Understand that all possibilities exist 

Understanding that all possibilities exist is certainly a comfort for those who are struggling to come to terms with the reality of losing a twin flame.  

If we accept that this type of event could happen, it makes it easier to come to terms with.  

While the future is always uncertain, it’s still a good idea not to dwell on what could have been.   

You’ll never be able to turn back time and be with your twin flame again (if you even wanted him/her).   

The future can only be known when you understand that all possibilities exist.

Just take a deep breath, clear your mind of any negative thoughts and continue on with the present moment.  

And remember to always be accepting of all that your twin flame has given you, as well as all of the lessons that you have learned from this experience.

13) You will be OK

The last thing that you need to realize is that you’re going to be OK.   

Even though you are having a difficult time accepting this reality, it’s still important for you to start focusing on all of the wonderful things that you have going on in your life with your partner.

You’re going to be OK and whatever happens as a result of losing your twin flame doesn’t have to be the end of your connection with him/her or the partnership you two share.

If it is, then so be it; however, there is no need to dwell on some imagined worst-case scenario.

It’s best that you continue moving forward with your life and release any thoughts of “what could have been.”

Yoga can help you in your meditation and concentration

As you continue to meditate and focus on your breath, it’s likely that thoughts of the past will start to bubble up in your mind.  

Here’s how it works: 

Gradually deepen your breathing for about five minutes; then, pause for a few seconds and let all thoughts flow through you and away from you.   

Take another deep breath before repeating this cycle; interspersed with yoga meditation sessions throughout the day.

Final thoughts

We have covered 13 tips on what to do when both twin flames are married.

It’s not an easy process, but with the right mindset, you can get through it.

It’s important to remember that when you are grieving and processing the loss of your twin flame, a lot of negative emotions will arise. 

It may be very helpful to seek support from close family and friends in these difficult times.

But the best way to go is to speak to a gifted advisor.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of what to do when both twin flames are married, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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