10 consequences of cutting cords with your twin flame

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We all have a twin flame. It is the other half of our soul.

However, what happens when we cut cords with them?

When we are given the decision to cut cords with our twin flame, it is devastatingly painful.

Here are ten consequences of cutting cords with your twin flame so you can prepare yourself.

1) Your soul will be filled with a deep sadness.

When you cut cords with your twin flame, it means you are severing the connection between your heart and soul.

There is an incredible link between twin flames.

For example, if your twin flame is happy, then you are happy too. If your twin flame is sad, then you are sad too.

When we cut cords with our twin flame, it means we not only lose the connection with our partner but also the connection with ourselves.

We feel an intense sense of loss and loneliness in our hearts because we have cut ties with a part of ourselves.

It causes a painful type of sadness linked to longing and loss that can be overwhelming at times.

This means that now your soul doesn’t have a place to rest or be happy like it was when you were attached.

This causes deep sadness.

You will feel empty and incomplete and this feeling of emptiness is never-ending.

You will be constantly looking for an answer and a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

It is so deep that it will eclipse all other emotions.

You will have no idea how to make this sadness go away, and you may even feel like there is no hope left for love.

2) You will feel like you don’t belong.

Your twin flame has always made you feel like you belonged. When you are with them, you feel like your soul is at home.

You were meant to be with them and it’s not easy to come out of their world and back into yours.

They were the ones who accepted you for all your flaws, the ones who connected you to your soul, and they were your other half.

What will happen if you cut your ties?

When they’re gone, it feels like something is missing in your life and you don’t belong anywhere anymore because now your twin flame is gone too.

It feels like they have abducted you. You feel removed. You don’t belong here anymore.

This makes you feel like a stranger in your own life, and your soul starts to feel lonely and alone even though you still have your family and friends around you.

You will no longer feel like you belong because you won’t have your twin flame by your side.

You will feel lost and out of place because you no longer have the person who made you complete.

It will feel like there is a big gaping hole in your heart that only they can fill, and no one else can.

You may even find it hard to communicate with people, especially those of the opposite sex because they won’t understand what you are going through.

3) You will feel like you were abandoned.

There will be a sense of betrayal, abandonment, and loss because even though you both decided to part ways, the real reason why you feel pain is because your twin flame left you.

The big problem with cutting ties with a twin flame is that they might not know how deeply they are hurting you (even if this is not their intention).

Of course, it’s all about your perception.

For many twin flames, this is the most poignant emotion.

When you cut ties, you are essentially betraying your partner, who has put their trust in you to love them and care for them forever.

The person will then be left feeling that they have been abandoned by their twin flame and they will feel unloved.

They will feel in their hearts that they don’t matter because they no longer receive the same love from their twin flame and as a result, they will feel like nothing.

When you cut ties and realize how much pain you are causing your twin, the next person you find yourself with may not make you feel complete at all.

This betrayal can be so intense that it can even cause spiritual abandonment.

4) You will never find peace and comfort in another person.

When you have a twin flame, your soul will always be filled with comfort, peace, and love.

However, when you cut ties with your twin flame, you will never find that same peace and comfort in another person.

When you find someone new after cutting ties with your twin, it can feel like a betrayal.

It will always remind you of what you did to the other half of your soul and it will never be the same as before.

With a twin flame, you are happy and complete because they know how to fill your soul with peace and love.

They will make your life feel like the most beautiful place on Earth.

What happens when you cut ties with them?

When you cut cords with your twin flame, this means that another person can never fulfill the void of your soul again.

You will continue to search for another person who can fill the hole in your heart and soul.

You will find that you can never capture that feeling of peace and comfort again.

It will feel like you have lost a piece of your soul forever, and this means that you’ll never find it again with anyone else.

Your soul and your twin’s soul were meant to be together forever. You will experience deep loneliness and sadness in your heart.

Your soul will be clouded with grief and you will have to deal with this pain alone as long as you live.

This will never go away no matter how many people you date, or how many people you spend time with.

You will always be searching for that peace and happiness even after cutting ties.

5) You’ll feel guilty and ashamed.

Even though you felt that it was the right decision to cut ties with your twin flame, it’s going to haunt you.

You’ll be asking yourself what you did wrong and if there is something else you could have done to have prevented this from happening.

You’ll feel guilty for hurting the one person who has loved and cared for you the most.

You will feel ashamed because of the pain that you have caused the other half of your soul.

Remember: Your twin flame will always be linked to your soul.

Even though you may not have any feelings for them anymore, knowing that they are struggling because they don’t have the same love and support that they used to receive from you can be devastating.

It will only make you feel more guilty and ashamed of yourself.

You didn’t just let go of your twin, but a part of yourself as well.

It will feel like you have taken away a vital part of your soul. You will always question whether or not you made the right decision in cutting ties with your twin flame.

This will never go away until you find them again and reunite.

Even if you don’t have any feelings for them, this is going to be the hardest pain to deal with.

You’ll feel like there’s a part of your soul that is lost forever because of your actions.

6) You’ll feel like an outsider in your own life and society.

You’ll feel like a stranger in your own life because you will no longer have your twin flame around.

You will feel like something is missing because they were the one person who completed you.

This means that even if you are surrounded by people, you will never feel like you belong with anyone.

This is an enormous lesson for you to learn about yourself and about finding love and peace within yourself.

The moment you cut cords with your twin flame, there will be a sense of abandonment and loss that you can never get over.

You’ll find yourself feeling like you are on your own and that no one can help you.

This will make you feel like an outsider in society, which is very similar to when you are out of love with a person that you have loved for a long time.

When this happens, it’s as if their absence has changed the world around you and everything looks different than before.

You’ll also feel like an outsider because you no longer have the same support from your twin as before.

You can’t depend on them anymore because they no longer care about you and they won’t be there to support you every step of the way.

This will also make you feel like an outsider in your own life.

How is that possible?

When you are out of love with someone, you will feel like an outsider because of their absence.

They aren’t there anymore and their presence will never have the same impact on your life again.

The missing person doesn’t even have to be dead, they can just be too far away from you to reach.

If they are still alive, they can still be in contact with you and love you, but their love for you won’t affect your life the way that it did before.

You’ll find that even though you are surrounded by your parents, friends, and siblings, nobody truly understands what it’s like to be a twin when you’re apart.

7) You will feel angry.

What happens when you suddenly lose your twin flame?

You will feel angry because you will no longer have the same connection with your twin flame.

Instead of feeling happy, you’ll find that you’re always sad.

You will no longer feel any love for the person that you’ve lost, even if they’re still alive.

This means that it’s not even possible for them to make things better for you anymore.

You will start to feel angry at life itself because you have cut the very thing that was meant to connect you with life.

It is a deep pain in your heart and soul that gnaws on your emotions.

You don’t understand how or why you were given this tragic decision, and when you try to find answers for it, nothing seems to make sense.

You will feel angry because you know what you did was wrong, but you can’t understand why.

You’re left wondering if there is anything that you could have done differently to prevent this hurt from happening.

The only thing that sometimes gives you a sense of relief is the fact that it’s not your choice to cut ties with your twin flame.

It is the heart of your soul itself that had no choice but to sacrifice the person who has been with them the longest.

You just have to do it but you never realized the toll it would make on your life.

8) You will become depressed.

You will enter into a state of depression when you lose your twin flame. At first, you may not even realize how depressed you are.

You will be feeling so angry that it will be hard to see anything else.

After a while, the shock will wear off and you’ll be able to finally look at your life as it is.

What happens when you suddenly lose your twin flame? Your depression will start to show itself soon enough.

Everything in your life will begin to crumble around you as everything falls apart.

This is especially true if you’ve known them for a long time, and have spent a lot of time and energy being with them in the past.

It’s a huge loss for you, and you won’t ever be able to recover from it.

When this happens, you will just have to find a way to deal with it.

You will need to find some way to distract yourself from the pain, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Your whole world has been turned upside down, and you won’t be able to get over your loss if you don’t know how.

You’ll need to face it and go through all of the events that led up to this painful decision.

It will hurt so much that you may never fully recover from it.

The big problem is that depression is going to play a huge role in how you’re going to handle the situation.

In what way?

Even though you want to feel better than ever, depression will make everything harder for you.

Imagine this.

You’ll feel a lot of anger and sadness, but there won’t be any reason for it.

You’ll just feel angry because you’re too busy feeling sad and not getting over your loss.

It will make you feel angrier still because you can’t understand why you should be this way.

Your emotions are all switched up.

You want to feel better but you are also dragging yourself towards the pain and sadness.

And the worst part is – you don’t know why.

If this person meant everything to you in terms of your spiritual growth and evolution, there’s no way to avoid depression when you lose them forever.

9) You will have a sense of hopelessness.

Imagine the worst possible situation that could happen to anyone at any given time in life.

What do you think that person would feel?

Would they have a strong feeling of hopelessness?

Of course, they would.

That’s because they know they can’t do anything to change their situation. This is what you will feel as well when you lose your twin flame.

You look around and realize that everything has changed.

You can’t go back in time to make a different decision so there’s nothing you can do to change things.

This is the worst thing – knowing that the best days of your life are gone forever.

When this happens, you’ll be left with a sense of hopelessness.

You’ll imagine every single worst-case scenario that could come out of losing your twin flame.

This will make you feel even worse because you know that they would never want this to happen and you would never want to see them go.

They would do anything to stay around with you and be part of your life forever.

Without them in your life, everything will start falling apart before your eyes.

Everything in your life will start falling to pieces around you, and it will be impossible to stop it.

You have to face it because you know that your decision was the right thing to do.

But if you did, then why do you feel so bad?

It’s because you’re trying to accept that this is the way your life has ended up.

This person was ultimately meant to stay in your life, and they would never want this to happen.

But it is not the case now. There’s nothing you can do about it, so you feel that there’s no way out.

This is what causes the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

You’ll find yourself thinking of ways to get rid of the pain, but nothing seems to work.

It will be difficult to get over this because your twin flame was meant to be with you forever.

But now they know that they have to leave their life forever, and there is no way out for them at all.

This is exactly what you’ll feel when you lose your twin flame and it is something that you can’t avoid all of a sudden.

And finally,

10) You will feel completely isolated and alone.

When you lose your twin flame, you start feeling completely isolated and alone.

Who wouldn’t be when you lose the person who is meant to be your soul partner?

This is a feeling that can be hard to deal with. It will continue to hurt you over time.

You will always miss the person that you lost, and it’s just not fair.

How can you lose someone who has been with your soul the longest?

This person is the one that makes you feel better about yourself, and about your life in general.

When this person is gone, everything else will start falling apart.

And this is what happens when you lose your twin flame.

Imagine that you and your twin flame were the only two people in the entire world and now, they are gone forever.

Yes, you will still be around, but without them in your life, you’ll move towards oblivion.

That’s what it feels like when you lose your twin flame, and it will be impossible to avoid this in the end.

I know it may seem like a cliché but this is really how it feels when you lose your twin flame.

You know that there’s no way to go back and change how things are now.

You will have to face the reality that you lost your twin flame, and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is something that you know deep down but don’t want to accept.

Losing your twin flame will be difficult, and this is something that’s not going to get easy over time.

If you don’t make some changes in your life, things will follow their natural course and eventually make things worse.

You will start feeling lost and alone, and it’s just not fair.

This is a feeling that will hurt you more than anything else in your life.

If you have ever lost someone that you loved, then you know how painful this can be.

But if this person was truly your twin flame, then it means that he or she will always be around in your life.

The reason is that you will always feel their presence in your life.

Even though that person may be physically far away from you, they are still rooting for you.

They know that it’s not possible for them to live with you anymore.

And they also know that it will be much better if they stay away from your life.

But even though they can’t live with you, they are still the same person.

They’ve just evolved into something else now.

And you’ll just have to accept it and move on.

As you should.

In summary,

When you cut ties with your twin flame you’ll feel as if you have lost a piece of your soul, and this is extremely painful.

You’ll find yourself spiraling away in a different direction, trying to find ways to deal and cope with the feelings that come with separation.

But it’s something that you have to face to move on with your life.

This can be exhausting and overwhelming, but it’s important to remember why this is happening to learn how to balance and heal.

You know that everything that is happening to you right now is not the end.

The one thing you can do is to let go of your twin flame and let them go.

You can do this!

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