17 twin flames telepathy signs during separation

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Twin flame relationships share an eternal bond, but they go through a tough, painful period of separation. 

Wondering what happened, what your runner flame is thinking, or what will happen next can tear you apart. 

While being in the separation stage is heart-wrenching, it’s the phase where twin flames take time to heal and address old wounds. 

To lessen your worries, let’s understand the glorious yet mystifying world of twin flame telepathy during the separation stage. 

17 powerful signs of twin flame telepathy during separation

Telepathy is a real phenomenon – and its existence is certainly true.

Twin flames have this intense connection that their shared energy keeps them linked regardless of physical space. 

With your twin soul, you have this magical ability to communicate through an abstract mind bridge.

Even in the separation stage, twin flames can connect telepathically with each other and communicate using psychic energy.

Know that the Universe continues to show signs, and it will keep sending telepathic messages between twin flames. 

1) Having dreams of each other 

There are times when you dream of someone, it’s a sign that they’re thinking about you. And this is exactly how twin flame telepathy happens. 

Twin flames communicate through dreams and in the astral realm – even before they ever meet. And this continues even during the separation phase.

So even if twin flames are miles apart, they may continue sharing the same dreams. 

Twin souls can dream about the same things, the exact situation, about the same people, or about each other.  

When you dream of your twin soul, it’s your subconscious telling you that they’re missing you. 

Dreams are fleeting, and sometimes, it’s hard to remember them. 

But when you keep a dream log, those shared dreams with your twin flame will become more vivid and memorable.

2) Spotting more synchronicities

During the separation phase, twin flame telepathy becomes most useful to your relationship. 

Twin flames experience strange feelings that their twin flame is experiencing the same thoughts and feelings.

Synchronicities can also come in the form of:

  • seeing repeating numbers
  • hearing their song on Spotify
  • seeing names in unusual places

You feel flashes of emotions wondering what your twin is thinking or doing at the moment.

It’s something you can’t control, but twin flames remain in tune with each other. 

And those emotions and feelings will become more intense and noticeable the closer you are to the union. 

The reason is that the Universe is working to connect and draw them together to reunite them in time.

This sign reminds you to continue focusing on yourself and your spiritual journey. 

3) A real psychic can tell you for sure

During the separation phase, most of us are all over the place. Energetically speaking, it’s a turbulent time, and reading telepathy signs for that reason can feel challenging.

For example, you might find yourself questioning, is this really a sign my twin flame communicates with me, or wishful thinking?

So could getting some outside guidance help?

It’s fair to say there are plenty of frauds out there, just waiting to take advantage when we’re at our most vulnerable.

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4) They are part of each other’s subconscious

As twin flames are deeply connected, they communicate with each other telepathically.

When you’re apart with your twin flame, you’ll remain so attuned with each other. You can feel each other’s moods and actions, and read each other’s minds. 

Even during separation, there’s an intense love and a powerful feeling of loneliness. 

And when one suddenly misses and thinks about the other, they’ll reach out, and communication seems to be more synchronized. 

Pure Twin Flames shares that, “While twin flames experience a constant exchange of energies, they are rarely consciously aware of it until they’re pretty advanced on their path towards ascension and divine union.”

5) Gut feeling tells you

When it comes to a twin flame journey, intuition is heightened. 

Intuition is one of the first sensations that manifest.  

The Universe linked your souls together, that even if you’re apart, there’s this powerful energy that links you with each other.

You have that instinctive feeling inside you that your twin flame is connecting with you. 

So if you have this feeling that your twin is thinking of you and missing you, then trust that your instinct is telling you the truth.

When you’ve cut all ties and everyone tells you it’s all part of your past, but you suddenly feel their presence around you.

And before you realize it, you’ll end up reuniting. 

So when your twin flame is initiating union, listen and trust your gut feelings.  

Pay attention to those signs to know that the separation stage is coming to an end.

6) You have a spiritual connection

When you meet your twin flame, you sail on a spiritual journey together.

It is your twin flame who contributes more to your spiritual growth.

You connect with your twin flame not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on a soulful, spiritual level.  You share a spiritual connection that profoundly affects your soul. 

Thus, even during separation, telepathy continues to exist due to the strong spiritual connection that you have. 

Its purpose is to nurture each other’s spiritual side and awaken each other’s souls –  and bring each other towards union.

7) You could experience soulmate telepathy 

So far, the signs point towards telepathy. But how do you know if it’s twin flame telepathy or soulmate telepathy? Since you are during the separation phase, your twin flame could be focused on something or someone else.

Soulmate telepathy sounds more likely. Would you like to know for sure?

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8) You experience intense lovesickness

Even in your twin flame’s absence, you feel an insatiable thirst to communicate and be with the other person.

You can still feel your twin flame’s overwhelming presence while you’re in the separation stage. Somehow, it feels like your heart is crushing. 

And this feeling intensifies the more you think about your twin soul or when you stumble across a place you have fond memories with.

But this extreme longing and lovesickness can sometimes make the person euphoric and physically ill at the same time. 

9) Being tuned in to each other’s channel

Twin flames share the same energy frequency that makes their souls “tuned into each other’s channel.” 

And this is unique to the two of you. You remain in communication with each other on the energetic plane.

Twin flame telepathy serves as the key to staying in touch regardless of the physical distance between two souls. 

If you want to send a message to your twin, you can start with simple messages like, “I hope you’re feeling better,” or “I’ve forgiven you already.”

Those messages are transmitted through the nervous system and the energetic channels.

When you focus on your heart space and the love you’re sending to your twin flame, they will sense this too.  

This will happen even if you’ve been separated for a long time. 

10) Telepathy keeps twin flames together

Twin flames have a deep and more shared connection than any other human relationship.

The Universe is playing a role in helping twin flames stay connected and in bringing them together.

Even if twin flames aren’t aware of this connection, their telepathic connection remains strong. 

And during the separation stage, it’s telepathy that connects twin flames unknowingly and pulls them to get back together to reunite.

11) Visual and verbal communication comes into play

Twin flames experience random images and words in their heads during separation. 

And this usually occurs when one is focused on something else and hasn’t been thinking of their twin for a long time.

It could come in very short fragments of moments they’ve spent together.

During the dream state (when the soul is most free), your twin flame’s presence releases the absence of their physical self. And this is where you engage in conversation through telepathy. 

When you have dream conversations with other people, they seem to disappear quickly – and it’s hard to remember them during your awakened state. 

But these telepathic conversations with your twin flame are more detailed and vivid – and you remember those events in detail. 

These flashes of imagery are like thoughts or glimpses of where they may be.

But as you know, when it comes to twin flames, love, and telepathy, things rarely go as smoothly as we’d like them to.

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12) Emotions and energy are communicated in different ways 

Aside from verbal communication, twin flame telepathy is filled with messages and impressions. It can come in the form of sounds, and sensory impressions such as touch, warmth, and heart palpitations.

As twin flame energies are linked, you may take some of their information as they do with yours. 

So this is why you suddenly become aware of a memory of your twin flames’ life or experience those déjà vu-like moments.

When a thought of your twin flame suddenly pops out of nowhere, they’re likely thinking of you. 

And when you feel a sense of comfort and love, that’s your mirror soul feeling those emotions,

When you get more in-tuned with your twin flame telepathic connection, the more you can connect and stay in touch.

Twin flame telepathy during separation helps bring those feelings of togetherness and intimacy – leading you closer to the union. 

13) Twin flames experience symptoms of telepathic communication

Telepathy is real – as what Inside Science shares. 

During separation and even when miles apart, twin souls experience several symptoms with their twin flame.

These symptoms include:

  • Feelings and emotions: You feel the same emotions that you and your twin soul experience
  • Physical touch: You can sense that your twin flame seems to hold your hand, touch, hug, or kiss you
  • Physical pain: Twin flames experience emotional and physical pain, like suddenly getting sick for no reason
  • Twin flames experience emotional conditions

During separation, twin flame telepathy works, and they become aware of their emotional conditions. 

In the absence of your twin flame, your mind seems to bring you into unchartered territories.

This fills you with indecision, insecurity, anxiety, overthinking, and all sorts of negativity. You keep thinking and wondering what your twin soul is doing. 

As you try to tap into their subconscious, you transfer that negative energy to them.

It’s so powerful that your mind can create, alter and destruct.

14) Twin flames experience emotional conditions

During separation, twin flame telepathy works, and they become aware of their emotional conditions. 

In the absence of your twin flame, your mind seems to bring you into unchartered territories.

This fills you with indecision, insecurity, anxiety, overthinking, and all sorts of negativity. You keep thinking and wondering what your twin soul is doing. 

As you try to tap into their subconscious, you transfer that negative energy to them.

It’s so powerful that your mind can create, alter and destruct.

15) Twin flame relationships share the same soul

During separation, twin flame telepathy is manifested through the feeling of everything that your twin feels – and the same goes true for them. 

It’s because twin flames don’t stop caring for each other.

There’s an inner voice that tells you what your twin flame is going through. 

As such, when either one of you feels a powerful wave of emotion, the other person will experience it in all its intensity. 

This separation phase becomes an opportunity for you to think things over.

When a thought of your twin pops into your mind, it’s a sign of the deep, unbreakable soul tie that you share. 

It’s also a reaction of your runner (or chaser flame) wondering if the other twin is thinking of you too. 

16) Experiencing congested energetic lines

Sometimes, twin flame messages don’t get through when lines “get busy” or “get crossed.” In twin flame telepathy, this means being busy with your ego or mental worries. 

We’re surrounded by too much energy from other people. And when we unconsciously absorb too much energy from others, it can congest and distort our communication channels.

Even in separation, it’s important to keep our telepathic channels clear and open.

It means that twin flames have to clear their mind from any forms of negativity that can mess with their mood and well-being.

You can go through some cutting-edge methods that work to “smudge” those energies and vacuum out congestion effectively. 

When you or your twin flame gets to clear the blocks from your energetic channel, telepathy will work the way it’s supposed to do.

17) Twin flame love remains

Twin flame separation doesn’t mean that love moved away. 

For even if twin flames are far apart, the love and bond of twin flames remain to be a powerful force.

It’s because the twin flame bond and harmony are like no other. 

One can feel that the other is thinking of you and missing you – and your twin soul can feel that too. 

There seems to be a sense of comfort, safety, and love that comes out of nowhere indicating that you’re not alone.

Use this separation phase to heal, grow, and love yourself more. Your twin flame is probably doing the same. 

And when you start to realign, soon you’ll know if it’s time to reconnect. 

Know that with your twin soul, you’re destined to share and journey on a life path together.

Twin flame separation is part of the journey

Even when twin flames are miles apart, no barrier can hold twins from reaching each other’s subconsciousness.

While the world might overlook their presence, twin flames never do. 

Regardless of the physical distance, the unbreakable soul tie you share remains.

It’s because the Universe will continue to unite them together for a reunion.

Twin flame telepathy during separation is a reminder that you’re truly never apart.

This telepathic communication is essential to each twin’s spiritual journey. 

Twin flame telepathy continues in separation

Telepathy follows the stages of your twin flame journey.

Know that you’re already connected from another dimension and time – and are just separated in the other dimension beyond the comprehension of humans. 

Even if you parted with your twin flame, after experiencing heartbreak or even after finding their own lives, the Universe will not let twin flame relationships end like that. 

Twin flame telepathy during separation enhances and strengthens their bond. 

Nothing is lost

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