Twin flame union and manifestation: Everything you need to know

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So, you’d like to manifest your twin flame union.

If you’re like me when I was working on this, you’ll be wondering many things.

How does it work? Why isn’t it working yet? How can I tell that my manifestation is becoming reality?

I’ve gone through all these struggles myself and found the answers through years of trial and error, challenges, big mistakes, and great epiphanies.

Now, I’d like to do my share and pass on the wisdom I’ve collected to you.

If you’d like to know how to manifest your twin flame union, just keep on reading.

What kind of twin flame union are you trying to manifest?

Twin flame relationships are extremely complex, and there are many key parts to their journey together.

For this reason, “twin flame union” is sometimes used to mean different things. 

Some people use it to refer to getting together with their twin flame.

Others think of it as a divine process, which can happen even after years of already being together.

Manifestation works in much the same way, no matter what you have in mind by “twin flame union.” However, you must still have clarity about this in your mind so you can focus your energy effectively. 

So first, here is a quick overview of the different things people may mean by “twin flame union.” 

Twin flame meeting (physical union)

You are always connected to your twin flame, through all your lifetimes in this and any other universes. 

But in your lifetime on Earth, there is one moment that you can call your twin flame “meeting.” 

Sometimes this moment is simultaneous with your getting together with your twin flame — or even a spiritual union.

However, it can also be separate, with the meeting happening first, and then the other milestones at a much later time. 

Twin flame union (1st spiritual union)

Twin flame union, as most people use the term, normally refers to the two souls bonding and forming a connection together.

In normal relationships, this can look like the equivalent of dating.

However, there is much more to it than that.

A union is something that happens on a spiritual level. The two souls start to intertwine and meld together, coming together as one. 

Twin flame reunion (2nd spiritual union)

Every twin flame journey is different, but many twin souls find themselves torn apart during a separation phase.

This can be because one or both twin flames must process some trauma or do some growing before they are able to move forward in deepening such an intense connection.

It’s usually a very painful period for the twin souls, but it is necessary for their progress together.

And eventually, the separation phase ends through a twin flame reunion.

This is the second union of twin souls and often feels quite different from the first. For example, some twin souls may feel the first union is very fiery, electric, and passionate, while the reunion is calmer and deeper. 

The one crucial thing you need to know to manifest your twin flame union

Wherever you are in your twin flame journey, you’re probably eager to move forward and reach the next step.

The good news is, you do have influence over this! In fact, you’re constantly influencing your twin flame journey, whether you’re aware of it or not — through manifestation.

We are all constantly manifesting things into our lives. You are attracting whatever it is you are vibrationally aligned with.

So if you are sending out negative vibrations, you are, in fact, blocking your twin flame connection. The universe senses that you are not ready, and you don’t have the right energy to accept your twin flame into your life right now.

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen, of course — who would? 

Instead, you can start to use manifestation to work with you rather than against you. 

Here is what you need to know.

Stop blocking the manifestation

If you think about the nature of twin flames, the very connection itself is essentially a manifestation.

The twin flame bond is extremely vibrational, with the twin souls constantly present in each other’s lives in one way or another. 

When you open yourself up to this, it floods into your life, through signs, synchronicities, telepathy, and an incredible divine bond. 

So how do you allow this manifestation to happen?

You must simply give in to it. Allow yourself to feel everything there is to feel. 

I personally struggled a lot with this when I was working on manifesting my twin flame. I was actually subconsciously blocking them out of my life out of fear and ego. 

Honestly, I wasted years in this state, completely oblivious to how I was standing in my own way.

What ultimately helped me is something I would have never expected I’d try: speaking to an advisor from Psychic Source.

They immediately picked up on my energetic blockages, and with incredible patience and kindness, guided me through what I had to do to release them.

It wasn’t long until I unlocked my full manifestation capabilities and successfully manifested my twin flame union.

If you feel you’re struggling with manifestation and energetic blockages for your twin flame union, I highly suggest you get in touch with Psychic Source too. If I could go back and reach out to them years sooner, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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How to manifest your twin flame union

Manifestation follows largely the same ideas and principles, no matter what you’re trying to manifest.

However, you do need a certain mindset to successfully manifest your twin flame union.

Here is how to do it, broken down into 7 simple steps.

1) Focus on yourself: 

To attract your twin flame, you must first focus on your own growth and healing. This means working on any personal issues or limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from being in a healthy, loving relationship.

2) Set your intention:

Set a clear intention for what you want in your twin flame union. Write down your desires and visualize what your ideal relationship would look and feel like.

3) Let go of attachment: 

While it’s important to set your intention, it’s also important to detach from the outcome. Trust that the Universe will bring you exactly what you need at the right time, even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind.

4) Practice self-love: 

Show yourself the love and care you would give to your ideal partner. This will help you raise your vibration and attract a partner who is a match to your energy.

5) Connect with your twin flame energetically: 

Visualize yourself connecting with your twin flame on an energetic level. Send them love and positive energy, and trust that they will feel it.

6) Be open to signs and synchronicities: 

The Universe may send you signs and synchronicities to guide you towards your twin flame. Stay open and aware of these messages, and trust your intuition.

7) Take action: 

Take inspired action towards your goals and desires. This could mean joining a social group, taking up a new hobby, or practicing self-care. Trust that the Universe will guide you towards your twin flame when the time is right.

Signs of twin flame union manifestation

When you unlock your manifestation abilities for your twin flame union, and start working through the manifestation process, how can you tell it’s working?

You need to recognize the signs that your manifestation is taking effect.

These signs are like an echo from the universe that it hears you, and that your manifestation is coming into your life. 

Watching the signs can also alert you if you need to change course, so you should pay careful attention.

Here are some telling signs to look for when manifesting your twin flame union. 

1) You start dreaming about them often

Sure, dreams can be just a random jumble of nonsense. (Drinking tea with a purple elephant? That might just be the late night chips you ate).

But once you start manifesting your twin flame union, dreams can start to have a much deeper meaning.

They can tell you that your twin flame union is coming near — or even give you hints from the universe about what you need to do next.

Often these dreams are explicitly about your twin flame. But sometimes the meaning can be a bit more hidden too. 

It takes practice to be able to interpret your dreams correctly. I know I wasn’t a natural at it. But I was still able to use my dreams as powerful signposts and a tool for manifesting my twin flame union.

How did I do it?

I’ve actually already mentioned it above — with the help of a gifted advisor from Psychic Source.

I mentioned earlier how they showed me how to break down my blockages and open my energy flow to manifest my twin flame into my life.

Well, one of the specific ways they helped me with this is by helping me decode and understand my dreams.

But the truth is, these advisors are so wise and talented that they can help you with anything. They can pinpoint exactly what your struggles are, and then they give you the strength, support, and motivation to get your life back on track.

I’m not just saying this — the fact that I have my twin flame with me now is something for which I owe immense thanks to them. 

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2) You have feelings and sensations that are not from your environment

I remember watching Sensate and feeling completely fascinated by the way the eight characters’ feelings were intertwined. They could be in cold, dry weather, yet feel hot rain pelting down, or hear pounding music in a completely silent building.

I thought that was incredibly cool. But I was immensely freaked out when something similar started happening to me too.

I’d be going about my day, and out of nowhere, I’d taste freshly brewed coffee when I hadn’t even had any that day. Or, I’d randomly smell aftershave, or fresh roses when there were no people or things like that around me. 

Only later did I realize that I was mirroring the perceptions from my twin’s reality. 

When you start to feel this, it’s a big sign that you are manifesting your twin flame union. They are so close to you spiritually, that you can practically feel their life.

It takes a pretty strong connection to get to this point, so if you’re at this stage, you can be happy knowing your union is near.

And if not, don’t give up! It takes a while to get here, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself there, too, eventually. 

3) You feel inexplicable waves of emotions

Manifesting your twin flame union means processing a lot of emotions inside you. And, opening yourself up to new ones.

So don’t be surprised if you feel surges of emotions that seem to come out of nowhere or even contradict each other.

You might feel anxious and restless, like you need to do something but have no idea what. This is completely normal, given the significance of your twin flame in your life.

Your body and soul feel them near, yet you are not quite there — they are pulling you closer to encourage you to keep going forward and manifest your union. 

You may also have periods when a sudden, deep sense of calm comes over you. 

Your twin flame’s presence will have this effect, so if you feel this it’s a good sign that they are very close to you. 

4) You see angel numbers repeatedly

When you manifest your twin flame union, you’ll start to notice angel numbers popping up around you.

If you’re not familiar with this concept yet, angel numbers are basically repeating numbers, such as 211, or 44, or even simpler numbers like 27.

They may look like a coincidence, until they happen so often that it can’t be by chance anymore.

You’ll start to notice the same number when you glance at the clock, on your receipt at the store, on license plates, billboards, ticket numbers… 

It may start to feel like this number is following you around. And you may not be far from the truth.

These numbers have an important message from you, from the universe, your angels, or your twin flame.

So when you start to notice this happening, pay careful attention and research the meaning of this particular angel number. 

Of course, blog posts can only give so much guidance without knowing your particular circumstances.

If you’d like highly personalized tips to give a big boost to your twin flame union manifestation, do what I did and reach out to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

As I mentioned above, they gave me incredible insight into what I was doing right and wrong in my journey and helped me correct course before I made some very costly mistakes.

If you’d like the same kind of advantage, make sure you give it a shot and get in touch with them.

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5) You experience synchronicities

When you start manifesting your twin flame union, synchronicities will start to appear everywhere around you.

You might pick up your phone to text your twin flame, just to get a text from them at the same time.

You may run into the same people over and over again, or find yourself coming back to the same location by accident.

Or, you may notice a certain symbol in your environment — as room decorations, in advertisements, or on people’s clothing.

When something continues to be repeated in your life like this, it’s not just a mere chance. At least not when you’re manifesting your twin flame union.

Ignoring these signs could mean missing an important clue, so make sure you take notice, and just like with angel numbers, find out what they’re trying to tell you.  

6) They randomly pop into your thoughts

Your twin flame is probably on your mind very often. You are trying to manifest your union with them, after all! 

But if they start popping into your mind at completely random times, that’s also a sign that your manifestation is taking effect.

You may be doing something at work when all of a sudden, the image of your twin flame’s face flashes before your eyes.

Or you may be listening to music on a walk when you suddenly hear their name in your head.

Perhaps you may even think you glimpsed them in the crowd somewhere when it could not possibly have been them.

This is a very good sign — the hard work you’ve been putting into manifesting your twin flame union is definitely on the right track. 

7) Changes start to happen in your life

A twin flame union is a pretty big shift in your life.

And sometimes, you must let go of other things in order to have room for them in your life.

Things that don’t align vibrationally with your twin flame connection must get cut out of your life. They cannot co-exist together.

So you may find yourself finally breaking out of patterns that you’ve been long trying to let go of.

Other changes may also happen that are out of your control. You might get relocated or reassigned at work, or you might stop seeing someone who used to be very close to you.

Whether big or small, these changes might seem sad or negative at first. But rest assured, everything is on the right track. The universe has got your back, and it will all make sense and align in the end.

Final thoughts on manifesting your twin flame union

Now you have the ultimate guide to twin flame union and manifestation. I hope you’ve truly found everything you need to know in order to move forward in your own twin flame journey.

I put a lot of effort and care into making these free articles because I genuinely want to help. I experienced my fair share of struggles on my own twin flame journey, and I want to do whatever I can to make things easier for others and help you find your own happiness.

So if there is anything you would still like to know, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and I’d love to do whatever I can to help. 

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