10 things you feel when you touch your twin flame for the first time

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I had so many preconceived ideas about what I’d feel the first time I touched my twin flame.

But to my surprise, it wasn’t at all what I had expected…

Read on to find out 10 things you feel when you touch your twin flame for the first time and be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions!

1) A strong flow of energy

I still remember it like it was yesterday – hoping he’d be there at my friend’s birthday dinner.

I didn’t know he was my twin flame then (although I had my suspicions). We’d been chatting online for a while, after being introduced by a mutual friend. All I knew was that he was intriguing and attractive…and I wanted to know more…

After the meal, we all carried on the evening with a few drinks, and eventually, Noah and I found ourselves alone, both having ventured out to get a bit of fresh air.

It was then that he smoothly took my hand with his.

Now, I’ve held hands before with other guys, I’ve been intimate before, but this was nothing I had experienced in my life!

And while it’s hard to explain, all I can say is that something shifted within me when he first laced his fingers through mine…a kind of gentle explosion of energy that increased as the moments went on.

All at the same time, it was warm, sensuous, and by all means thrilling.

I got the feeling he felt the same – he certainly didn’t want to let go!

2) Excitement

I also vividly remember feeling excited. Was it because I had waited for this moment for so long? Or was it because something within was telling me, “This isn’t normal”?

All I know is that as we sat there, talking, our shoulders bumping into each other with familiarity as if we’d known each other for years, I got a sense of excitement about the future.

And as a woman used to heartbreak and being let down, I don’t usually get my hopes up at the first interaction!

But this time was different.

This time, something deep within was telling me that life was about to change. Something about Noah set off an optimism for the future that had long been killed by previous failed relationships.

So when you first touch your twin flame, look out for this feeling. It’s something many people report feeling during a twin flame encounter!

3) Overwhelmed

The truth is, the first time Noah touched me, it was such a rush of emotions.

To be completely honest – I panicked a little.

For some reason, I felt so attached to him. After that first evening, I couldn’t get him off my mind. I waited by the phone constantly willing him to message me, I wanted to be around him all the time.

It got to the point where I started to feel dependent on him…and I was at risk of losing it all if I didn’t get on top of my emotions.

Whilst talking to a good friend about the situation, she recommended a free video that immensely helped her deal with codependency.

At first, I was skeptical…I wasn’t codependent, right? I was just a girl head over heels for a guy.

But I agreed to watch the video because I realized that I was in denial about how attached I’d become. I didn’t want to face the truth, but if I wanted our relationship to stand a chance, I needed to.

The video, created by the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandé, centers around Love and Intimacy. It’s not what I was expecting at all.

But boy, did it highlight some serious truths about my feelings. I was brought back down to earth, and Rudá even included some amazing exercises to help me refocus on myself.

He taught me that to have a successful, happy relationship with Noah, I needed to have it with myself first. Only then could I overcome these overwhelming feelings of dependency.

And the best part?

It worked. I’m just relieved I watched the video before it was too late.

Here’s a link to the free video if you’re interested in learning more.

4) A sense of belonging

When you touch your twin flame for the first time, you might experience a sense of “home”. Home, as we know, can often be a person rather than a physical structure like a house.

And that’s what I felt the first time Noah hugged me. He put his arm around me and as I leaned in, I got an overwhelming feeling that in his arms is where I belonged.

Crazy, right?

I’ve felt that with other guys, but usually after months of dating and getting comfortable around them. Never with the first hug.

It was as if at that moment in time, all need to impress went out the window. I felt secure, I felt reassured, and I knew there and then – I can be myself with this guy.

So if you don’t feel a sense of safety and comfort when you first touch your partner, there may be the possibility they aren’t your twin flame. Especially if you feel like you can’t be yourself or really let your hair down around them.

5) Aroused

This is definitely a feeling I wasn’t expecting to experience the first time touching my twin flame.

But it happened. Weirdly though, it was less about the sexual intimacy and more about the intense connection we shared.

I felt almost addicted to Noah – he was a drug and I couldn’t get enough of his touch. Bearing in mind, at this point we’d only held hands and had a cuddle.

But something deep in my core wanted to be as close as possible to him.

I was excited at the idea of becoming more intimate with him, it was as if he was what my body had been craving all this time without me knowing it.

And it didn’t ease up.

The longer we sat there, the more I became aware of the heat pulsing off him…his strong hands, one still holding mine, the other casually resting on my thigh.

Whilst he didn’t show whether he was turned on or not, the chemistry in the air between us was thick enough to cut with a knife.

We didn’t take it any further that night…but it’s safe to say we both wanted to!

6) Nervous

This one might seem a bit strange – why would I feel nervous if touching Noah brought me so much comfort?

I guess it was nerves about what the future could bring. I was opening myself up to the idea of love again, after being stung so many times in the past.

I think we’d all feel a bit scared in that situation, right?

So although I was swept up in the romance of the night, I couldn’t help but worry too.

And a part of me hated that I felt such apprehension. This was supposed to be an exciting, happy moment, but the ghosts of my past pain still haunted me.

This is where Rudá’s free video also helped me.

You see, Rudá covers quite a few areas of love and intimacy in his video. As well as dealing with issues such as codependency and savior complexes, he also explains how to heal and move on from past traumas.

Click here to watch the free video.

Once again, I was able to work through and process my emotions, without letting them affect our blossoming relationship.

And I think that’s the key – a twin flame is there to mirror and force us to see our flaws and insecurities.

But it’s up to us to do something about them. To better ourselves and be the best we can be.

Because only then can we create the best relationship possible with our twin flame!

7) Captivated

The entire first evening I spent with Noah passed in a blur. It was only afterward that I realized how captivated I had been – we both completely lost track of time.

Although I had liked Noah before physically meeting him, I was still hesitant, especially when we were chatting at the bar with the rest of our friends.

But the moment he touched me, all that apprehension melted away.

Suddenly, he was the only person in the room. A bomb could have dropped on the street next to us and I probably wouldn’t have noticed…it was pretty intense!

While he was holding my hand, stroking it softly with his thumb, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of him. He unashamedly had all my attention, and I wasn’t even aware when the rest of the party left without us.

8) An intense connection

Here’s the thing – we didn’t just click. We got on like the proverbial house on fire.

The connection between us was literally like a spark, the moment Noah moved in closer and our bodies brushed together, I felt the exchange of energy.

Now, I know that must sound weird. At the time, I brushed it off as nerves but in the back of my mind, I knew it was something more.

This wasn’t just a butterfly in the tummy type of situation. This was meeting someone who I felt I had known for a thousand lifetimes.

We finished each other’s sentences (cheesy, I know), and we laughed over the same quirky things – it quickly felt like we had inside jokes, a sense of humor reserved just for us and no one else.

They say it’s not the length of time that you know someone but the quality of the time you spend with them that defines a relationship. Well, with Noah it was no more than a few hours but I already felt like I could open up to him and bare my vulnerabilities.

And the best part?

He did the same with me. With that first touch, we opened the door to a new chapter in both our lives.

9) A feeling of longing

Even while I was sitting outside with Noah, there was a worrying feeling within me. I was already dreading leaving him.

I felt a yearning for him even though he was sitting right next to me. I couldn’t understand what was happening.

But it was like my soul was preparing to say goodnight at some point…and my heart really didn’t want to.

Now, earlier I mentioned feeling quite attached to Noah, and this really plays a part in it. Even on our first real encounter, I felt hooked.

And don’t get me wrong, the feeling of wanting him so bad never left (thankfully!)…but it got easier to manage.

In fact, I started to realize that the more I took the shaman Rudá’s advice and focussed on myself more and less on Noah, the more Noah was drawn to me.

It was as if my increased self-love was incredibly attractive to him.

If anything, our longing for each other only continued to increase…it seemed like my self-empowerment deepened the bond we shared.

And here’s the thing:

I didn’t have to lose myself in the process (which is exactly what would have happened if I’d never taken Rudá’s advice).

10) Euphoria

Okay, so maybe not the type of euphoria a first-time heroin addict would describe, but more like happiness so deep and profound it actually scared me a little.

I felt like everything I was looking for, and everything I was missing, had suddenly come together. Feelings that I wasn’t even aware of came to the surface.

And even though it was quite unsettling, I got the sense that this was the start of an amazing change in my life.

I mentioned at the start that that first touch with Noah almost restored all the faith in love that I had lost in past relationships…

Well, it did more than that. It gave me the desire to dream again, to take chances, and to allow love back into my life.

So never underestimate the power of a twin flame touch, you never know how profoundly it could change your life!

From the first touch to a full-blown relationship…

I think it’s clear to see that the first time you touch a twin flame is an extremely thrilling moment. At least it was for me. The mix of emotions, the chemistry, the raw energy flowing between us – it was magical.

But there’s a danger to this magic. There’s a pull that comes with it, a need and desire to cling on to your twin flame as tight as you can.

And that’s usually why things go wrong.

You see, I recognized fairly early on that my feelings were taking over me. They started to overshadow our relationship. I became someone needy and clingy, not the strong independent woman I usually am.

And this was a major turn-off for Noah (as it would be for most people!).

So when I say that the Love and Intimacy video by Rudá literally saved our relationship, I’m not exaggerating!

I learned so much about toxic behaviors in relationships, how to manage emotions and expectations, and importantly, how to deal with my feelings of codependency.

After all, we’re not really taught how to navigate love. Disney doesn’t exactly give us a realistic representation of relationships.

But after watching the video and realizing that self-love and empowerment is key to having successful external relationships, everything changed.

As I mentioned earlier, it actually brought us closer together.

So if you’re also embarking on a twin flame relationship and want real, down-to-earth advice on how to create a healthy, happy relationship, check out Rudá’s incredible advice below.

Here’s a link to the free video once again.

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