How to experience twin flame telepathy: My personal story

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For most of my life, I considered the concept of twin flames as a joke.

In my head, it’s a romanticized connection that doesn’t really exist! But that’s until my current boyfriend and I got back together.

I discovered that we’re not just connected emotionally and spiritually… but also telepathically.

You may ask: How can you do it for you and your twin flame?

Well, there is no single way. Each twin flame couple experiences this telepathic connection differently.

But let me tell you about mine. Hopefully, it will shed light on how you can experience this for yourself.

If you’re interested, keep reading!

1) Become comfortable with your intuition

Logic and intuition are two things that most people consider as opposites. But really, they go hand in hand!

Intuition is the result of all the experiences we acquired along our multiple lives. And it’s something that informs us of the best decisions to make in our current life.

If you’re someone who is not used to listening to their own instinct, it can be a little awkward to do this at first.

But this is the first and most important requirement of experiencing twin flame telepathy.

You have to tap into the part of you which is connected to the Universe, to your past lives, and to your twin flame.

This connection is already inside you. All you have to do is access it.

Because without it, you will not be able to make the most out of your twin flame telepathy.

You can do this through different means: meditation, being responsive to the design of nature, spiritual sensitivity, and so on.

All you really have to do is trust yourself. And trust that what you’re doing is going to lead you closer to your twin flame.

2) Listen to what your heart is saying

Let’s start with something simple… yet not as easy.

You have to listen to what your heart is saying.

I learned this when my boyfriend and I reunited after our separation phase. During that time, we didn’t know we were twin flames yet.

All we knew was that there was this special connection we had.

We were drawn to each other, no matter what we did. It didn’t matter that we didn’t speak for three years, or that we were broken up for six.

The moment we reconnected, things started falling into place.

At first, we didn’t want our reconnection to turn into something romantic. We just wanted to be friends, to enjoy each other’s company and offer support.

So we dated other people during our reunion. All the while, our friends were already assuming that we got back together.

We wanted to prove them wrong.

But all we were doing was prolonging our souls’ agony.

And then one night, he asked me if I wanted to get back together. “As much as we want to prove people wrong, I know you’re drawn to me as I am to you.”

Immediately, I said yes. And we were inseparable ever since.

When we looked back at that moment, we realized something. We both were thinking of getting back together for months before he even popped the question.

Our souls were already fighting to be connected once again. And we were doing our best to resist them.

We laugh at it now, but we both realized that we should have listened more to what our hearts were saying.

And you should, too.

3) Respond to your body’s urges

The body betrays things that our minds tell us not to care about.

What does that mean, you ask?

It’s actually very simple. Don’t deprive your body of its urges. Especially when it wants to touch your twin flame.

Simple gestures such as a hug, a hand on a shoulder, or a rub on the back can help with your telepathic connection.

There is magic in touching someone. And this is all the more intense between twin flames.

Shortly after our reconnection, my now-boyfriend and I spent a lot of time together. Even while we were dating other people.

We liked to think we were just really good friends.

But behind closed doors, we would tease each other through touch.

A flirty whisper here, a light touch of the tongue to the earlobe. We gave each other the tightest hugs we felt from anyone.

What this did was make us more sensitive to what the other person is trying NOT to say.

We didn’t know that by touching each other, we had opened up a deeper level of telepathic connection.

Unknowingly, our actions became more in sync. We learned how to harmonize using our bodies.

Because of this, we started letting our guard down. We let ourselves become more physically intimate.

And that only helped us make the most out of our twin flame reunion.

Why? Because now our actions are not just actions. They’re expressions of things we can’t find the words for.

That’s the level of understanding only a twin flame telepathy can offer.

4) Recount experiences you had separately

Here’s another exercise to strengthen your twin flame telepathy.

Don’t be afraid to look back into your individual histories.

This includes family drama, trauma, childhood desires, experiences with exes, and forgone dreams.

From personal experience, I can say that doing this helps twin flames see parallels between their individual stories.

As I’m sure you know, twin flames are two halves of one soul. So it’s inevitable that the structure and direction of your lives are going to mirror each other.

But while this is something you are already aware of, knowing it by theory is different from actually getting to know your twin flame’s history.

Basically, this is the same as retracing your steps.

You’re trading stories, experiences, and lessons you gathered. And how all these things led the both of you to where you are now.

Do this and notice how much both of you are already reading each other’s future actions… just because you are aware of your partner’s past.

5) Let yourself fight with your twin flame

I know that when it comes to twin flames, what we expect is harmony. Not conflict.

But avoiding conflict in a twin flame connection only brings more problems than solutions.

When you avoid conflict, you are depriving your own self of growth. And that is because twin flames are mirrors of each other.

On the other hand, when you let yourself fight with your twin flame, you get to know not just them, but yourself.

And by being familiar with your own antics, habits, and mannerisms, you’ll be able to strengthen your telepathic connection with your twin flame.

Also, airing out your frustrations is kind of like talking to yourself. Asking yourself to change your own ways.

And when this happens, you open the door for growth and development.

Both for you and your twin flame.

6) Experiment with affection

We’re all familiar with the concept of love languages.

What a lot of people don’t know, though, is this: Just because you have a main love language, doesn’t mean you won’t do the other ones anymore.

In fact, if you’re in a twin flame journey, it’s more important to explore all the love languages.

Because this will reveal new, more effective ways to connect with your twin flame– both emotionally and telepathically.

Experimenting with affection will strengthen the connection you have. It will reveal ways of being loved that your twin won’t even know they’d appreciate.

For me and my boyfriend, we have different main love languages. Mine is quality time. His is gift-giving.

As we explored more ways to express love to each other, we eventually realized something.

We both appreciate receiving words of affirmation, especially if it’s genuine.

Before, this love language ranked the lowest in both our lists.

But by exploring, we realized something.

The reason why we haven’t appreciated this love language before is because we received it from the wrong people. Those people never knew how to affirm us the way we needed to.

And now that we tried it with each other, the words now seem more genuine and true. Now, we enjoy them.

The moment we became more verbally approving and appreciative, our affection increased. Because telepathically, we know completely that whatever the other was saying… it was always genuine.

So try to explore different ways to express connection for your twin flame.

As you strengthen your emotional connection, you will further emphasize the path of communication between your souls.

7) Occasionally, let yourself miss each other

You know what they say: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

But applied to a twin flame connection, creating some distance occasionally not only makes you love your partner more… It also tests the extent of your twin flame telepathy.

When you’re always around each other, it’s easy to say you can read each other’s minds.

But the real measure of a twin flame telepathic connection is when you’re apart.

There are a lot of benefits to the occasional distance between twin flames.

It exercises your connection. It makes your telepathy clearer once you get back together. It makes use of the cosmic pathway for you and your partner to communicate to each other.

Not to mention: Distance will also make you miss each other, making your love more intense.

And when your love intensifies, your souls become more drawn to each other.

Why? Because they will do everything in their power to reach out to the other.

Occasional distance also creates a healthy boundary between you and your twin flame. It respects your individuality. It makes you feel like you’re still yourself, even when your souls have now become one.

So if you want to strengthen your twin flame telepathy, create some space between the two of you every once in a while.

Send your love and your thoughts through the universe. Surely, your twin flame will receive them clearly.

As my boyfriend and I always say: Learn to like missing each other.

8) Do not fabricate your telepathic connection

I know having a twin flame is exciting. So we want to justify our connection with them as much as we can.

But some of us tend to fabricate the level of telepathic connection we share with our partner.

And that just blurs the line of communication between your souls.

You’ll notice this happening when you feel compelled to say “Yes” too much to your twin flame. Or to agree with whatever they’re thinking.

We tend to utter, “That’s what I was thinking, too,” even if it’s not true.

Let me tell you: Stop doing this.

The only thing this will do is mess up your telepathic connection.

You won’t be able to know the difference between what you’re actually both thinking and what you’re making yourself believe your thinking… just so you can make your partner happy.

This is counterproductive and harmful for your relationship.

Not to mention, you’ll feel heavy after doing it enough times. Eventually, it will burn you out.

And what you should be feeling is lightness, clarity, and genuineness.

So if you want to experience real twin flame telepathy, do not perform your connection.

Instead, let it flow freely. That’s how you make it clearer and stronger.

Do you need help tapping into your twin flame telepathy?

A twin flame connection is an art.

By this, I mean, there is no step-by-step, fool-proof way to make sure things work.

All you can really do is keep trying new things. Accept the idea of making mistakes. And then coming back stronger from those mistakes.

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How will you know if you and your twin flame are connected telepathically?

There really is no tell-tale sign or checkboxes to know whether or not you and your twin flame have a telepathic connection.

All I know is, one way or another, you’ll just realize that you both had it all along!

For me and my boyfriend, we didn’t even know we were twin flames till very recently.

We’ve been friends for twelve years. We’ve made connections with so many people.

We’ve grown together and apart… and then back together.

But it was only a few months ago that we realized we had a very special connection.

As we retraced our steps, we found out that we’ve been telepathically connected this whole time!

Even during our six-year separation phase.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: There really is no single way to be aware of your telepathic connection.

You just notice it in retrospect.

But for that to happen, you must first be sensitive and aware enough of what’s happening to you as a half of a twin flame.

And that awareness will lead you to the right path.

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