8 incredible twin flame stages (complete guide)

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Twin flames are incredibly strong connections. Each one is unique in its own way, and cannot possibly be simplified.

Yet, there is a pattern that all twin flame relationships tend to follow, no matter the particulars.

This kind of relationship can feel overwhelming, and even downright terrifying. Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a guide that could explain every step of the twin flame journey?

Well, you’re in luck! That’s just what you’ve found in this article. We’ll take you step by step through the 8 twin flame stages. Once you finish reading, you’ll be able to pinpoint where you are in your personal twin flame journey and figure out what to do next.

Let’s get started with the first twin flame stage.

1) Yearning for “the one”

The first twin flame stage is one of the longest — yearning for your other half.

How to know you’re in this stage

This is when you have a strange sensation that a big part of you is missing, and still out there for you to find. But you have no clue when or where they will appear in your life.

You just know that you’re dying to be united. This might just be an internal feeling of strong desire. Or, it can even manifest itself in vivid dreams, angel numbers, or other twin flame signs from the universe.

Some people might not even realize they’re in the first twin flame stage, and spend years in ignorance. Unfortunately this only makes this stage longer and harder to get through. So if you realize you’re in it, you’re already a huge step ahead.

The real purpose of the first stage

You might be thinking, this kind of sounds like a drag — so I just have to sit around, waiting and hoping? But that’s not at all what this twin flame stage is about.

In reality, this stage serves an incredibly important purpose: preparing you for the arrival of your twin flame.

This is happening constantly on an unconscious level. Every lesson you learn in life and every step you take on your spiritual journey contributes to this process, helping you become the version of yourself that is ready to meet your twin flame.

But you can make this process a lot easier and faster if you apply your conscious mind to it as well.

2) Meeting your twin flame

The second twin flame stage takes just a few moments, but it leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime.

It’s when you meet your twin flame.

What does meeting your twin flame feel like?

Meeting your twin flame is unlike meeting anyone else.

The exact feeling will depend on your own personal experience of love.

But it’s always an incredibly intense experience: you could feel a spark, a vibrating energy, or a connection that is so strong it makes you tingle inside.

You might feel like you’re being pulled in two directions at once — toward your twin flame who is now part of your life, but also away from everything that was familiar to you before.

These feelings might hit you all at once, or they may surface gradually as you get to know the person better. They’ll remain in the background at least to some extent throughout the whole relationship.

The purpose of meeting your twin flame

This stage is all about the process of merging your two halves together into a single whole.

Some even consider it the most important stage of all, because it sets off everything that comes after.

It marks a new beginning for you, and signals that you are ready to move forward on your spiritual journey. You’re entering a new reality — one where your soul is starting the process of uniting with its other half.

This lays out the path of all the other twin flame stages to come.

How to know for sure if you’ve met your twin flame

We often have romantic visions of instantly knowing when we meet our twin flame, and everything snapping into place. But reality is messier, and more complicated than that.

In fact, you can have many connections that can feel incredibly similar to twin flames — karmic connections, soulmates, false twin flames, or even twin flame catalysts.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion can knock you down the completely wrong path. You might end up wasting years in the wrong relationship, just ending in heartbreak all the while blocking out your real twin flame.

So how can you avoid all this pain and be sure you’ve met your real twin flame?

Well, a surefire way is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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3) Falling in love with your twin flame

Now comes one of the most beautiful twin flame stages: falling in love.

How do you know if you’re in love with your twin flame?

For some, this happens slowly, and for others, it is like love at first sight.

But one thing is for sure: falling in love with your twin flame is a real hotpot of emotions.

You may feel both excited and nervous — thrilled to be with someone who makes you feel alive, but also anxious because this relationship will change everything in your life.

In some twin flame relationships, these emotions even take on a completely different tone than love. Twin flame relationships aren’t necessarily romantic after all.

If this is your case, this stage will be characterized by an intense, deepening connection without any intimate desires or passion.

Why do we fall in love with our twin flames?

This stage is meant to set down the foundation of your bond and start exploring the connection to its fullest. It is an incredibly exhilarating phase, and it’s easy to get swept up in the emotions.

But make sure to also stop and ponder, “what does this bond mean for me?”

Working on answering this question early on will be instrumental in helping you go through the rest of your journey.

As you get to know your twin flame, you’re also getting to know parts of yourself — they are your other half, after all! So you might find yourself mirrored in many of their experiences, hopes, and fears.

If your connection is true, falling in love with your twin flame should also help you fall in love with yourself.

What you should do at this twin flame stage

There is still a long twin flame journey ahead of you. But taking the first few steps in the right direction can make a world of difference later on.

Allow yourself to open up and start things off on the right foot. You’re setting the tone for the next few phases of your twin flame journey. The bond you start building now can determine how you go through the separation phase.

Make sure you and your twin flame are on the same page about what you want out of this relationship. Start a habit of maintaining open communication, even when it feels difficult or uncomfortable.

4) Rose-colored glasses

Your twin flame relationship is now entering a new phase: the rose colored glasses phase.

What this twin flame stage feels like

This stage is characterized by a sense of euphoria and optimism. As you get to know your twin flame more and more, you start to feel that this person is so amazing, you can hardly believe it.

Your connection will grow stronger and stronger, and it will feel more intense than any other relationship you’ve had before. You will bond on several different planes: physical, emotional, but also spiritual.

The love hormones of the early phase of a new relationship will intensify this even more.

The purpose of the rose colored glasses phase

The purpose of this phase is to give you the time, space and opportunity to get to know your twin flame more deeply.

You are now getting a better understanding of the other person, and you will start to see the similarities between you.

It’s important that you don’t go into this phase with preconceived notions about who your twin flame is. Be open to getting to know them for who they really are, even if there are some things you might not like.

What should you do at this stage

This stage can be an incredibly beautiful one, but it’s also a time where things can start to get a little bit messy. In fact, if you’re not careful, you might jump too soon into things you’re not actually ready for yet.

Make sure you keep yourself grounded and continue asking both yourself and your twin flame where you both want things to be headed.

Take the time to contemplate what your connection means for you and your future together, as well as how this relationship will be different for you than any other relationship before it.

There will surely be issues that pop in — just as in any relationship — and open communication is essential to working through them successfully. You should set the foundation for that now before the tougher issues start surfacing.

5) Turmoil in twin flame relationships

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever… and the next twin flame stage is definitely a bit more difficult.

This is when turmoil starts to arise in the twin flame journey. Though this sounds like a bad thing, it’s actually a key part of the twin flame journey.

Twin flame turmoil explained

After the ecstasy from the first part of the relationship fades away, you start getting to the real depths of both your souls.

Differences in the way you think, your opinions, and your personalities will arise. They will reopen some old wounds, and mirror back your own fears and insecurities.

This is because twin flames are literally your soul’s other half. They have gone through many of the same traumas that you have, and so these become amplified when you put them both together.

Why is twin flame turmoil necessary?

This might be sounding like a phase you’d prefer to skip altogether.

But actually, that would be the worst mistake of all.

You see, twin flame relationships are first and foremost about spiritual growth. This connection is meant to fulfill a purpose that is higher than both of you as human beings. It is meant to help you climb to the spiritual plane and find your path in life.

And this kind of growth could never happen without challenges that push you out of your comfort zone and force you to heal.

How do you work through twin flame turmoil?

There is no easy way to deal with turmoil in a twin flame relationship, let alone any relationship. But one thing is for sure — anybody who succeeds invested heavily in good communication.

As you and your twin flame will subconsciously make your past traumas and insecurities flare up, you will need to keep a cool head and be able to talk things through with each other.

Basically, you should try to step outside of your current thoughts and feelings and think what could help both of you to heal together. And of course, you need to show each other that you’re both still there for each other and willing to work through the bad as well as the good times.

Of course, this is much easier said than done — and it’s impossible to give generic advice when your situation is perfectly unique.

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6) Twin flame runner/chaser stage

At some point after you enter turmoil, you’ll notice you and your twin flame slide into two separate roles: the runner and the chaser.

This is another not-so-pleasant part of the twin flame journey, but like the previous stage, it plays a key role in both your spiritual development.

What is the runner/chaser twin flame stage

When tension escalates, either you or your twin flame will start trying to escape the relationship.

This can mean one of different things:

You might withdraw emotionally, or neglect your spiritual connection.

Or, you might try to put physical distance between the two of you, making less time to see each other or asking for “time off”.

And for many twin flames, the runner/chaser twin flame stage can even lead to a separation. This may last mere days, or stretch into years or several lifetimes even.

If you find yourself in this position, rest assured that it’s completely normal and countless other twin flames out there are going through the same thing. This stage too, has a divine purpose for your unique journey.

What is the purpose of the twin flame runner/chaser dynamic?

The runner/chaser dynamic emerges naturally when the universe perceives you and your twin flame need space in order to move forward in your journey together.

Some issues cannot be dealt with together. You may need the freedom to act independently, without depending on anyone else or fear of what your twin flame will think.

And so that means that this stage is the one where the most healing will take place.

The “chaser” often has an easier time working through this phase, as they are usually the more awakened twin flame. However, this also means they will experience great distress, while the “runner” might be oblivious to the concept of twin flames or try to reject it.

How to work through the runner/chaser twin flame stage

The runner/chaser stage helps you to become more aware of yourself and your twin flame. At its core, it’s about taking time to figure out what you want and need in the relationship, and how to get it.

This is crucial, because if you don’t take time to analyze this, you may end up stuck in turmoil all over again. Sadly, many twin flame relationships suffer a lot of damage because of that.

So here’s the key thing to remember:

No matter if you’re the runner or the chaser, you need to work through all the issues and past traumas that stand in your way in order to truly move forward.

7) Surrender and dissolution

At the second last twin flame stage, things start to calm back down again. This happens through a process that can be called surrender.

What twin flame surrender feels like

Once you successfully heal your past traumas and grow from them, you’ll be able to fully let go of all the pain that was stopping you from moving forward.

If you’ve been stuck in turmoil for a long time, this will feel like an immense relief as the burden you’ve been carrying starts to melt away. Things will start to make sense in a way they never have before, and you’ll start to see the path that lies ahead of you with clarity.

You’ll have accepted and understood your differences with your twin flame. You are no longer fighting against your nature and your connection.

The purpose of the surrender twin flame stage

When you reach the twin flame surrender stage, several incredible things happen.

The ego dissolves, your vibrations align, and your soul expands to embrace both halves of the twin flames. This allows the deepest form of healing to take place, making room for amazing growth and spiritual development.

This is the ultimate fresh start, and a chance to redefine your roles in each other’s lives as healing rather than conflictive or confrontational.

How to achieve twin flame surrender

During the twin flame surrender stage, you’ll have to go through a process of letting go.

This means that you should start to let go of any expectations and opinions you have about your twin flame. You need to stop trying to control the situation or tell your twin flame what they should do or how they should feel.

Instead, you need to take a step back and let both of you be in the flow of your own soul’s journey.

When you allow yourselves this freedom, your souls will naturally fall into harmony.

8) Reunion and oneness

The last twin flame stage is where everything comes together. Your twin souls merge into one, and together they create an inseparable oneness.

When does the twin flame reunion happen?

The twin flame reunion occurs whenever your traumas are healed, your souls enter into vibrational alignment, and the problems in your relationship fade away.

You’ll enter a reunion of the souls in which the two twin flames are integrated into one.

In a way, this is like coming home — both to each other, and also to yourself.

You’ll find that your connection is much stronger than ever before. You’ll feel like you’re living out a dream come true.

This is the final stage of your twin flame journey. It’s a time when you can finally start to live the life that your soul has been waiting for.

The purpose of the twin flame reunion

This stage is the essence of what the twin flame journey is all about. You have to break down some walls and overcome some obstacles along the way, but ultimately twin flame relationships are not meant to be conflictive and painful.

After all, if twin flames were not meant to be together, why would they exist?

Once you get to this stage, you’ll be able to open your soul up fully to both yourself and your mirror soul, with self-love and understanding.

You’ll fully realize that your twin flame is here for a reason — and that reason is to help you continue to grow and evolve.

What should you do after the twin flame reunion

So what’s next?

Well, that depends entirely on you and your twin flame. The path is clear for you to go out and fulfill your divine destiny. You’ll be able to channel your shared power with no ego standing in the way, and realize your ultimate purpose as twin flames.

But this can be tough to figure out on your own — I know I struggled with it more than I could have even imagined!

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