15 ways to tell if you have a twin flame, soulmate or karmic partner

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If you’ve been searching for your twin flame or soulmate, it can be hard to tell which is which. 

There is a whole lot of karmic work before you find the person that’s right for you and vice versa. But there are plenty of ways to tell if you’ve found your karmic partner!

This post will teach you the 15 ways you can tell whether or not someone is a twin flame, soulmate or karmic partner.

And remember — it’s most likely that he or she is one of the above! 

Discovering the answer can make a huge difference in your life and love story.

Let’s get started!

Understanding the difference between having a twin flame, soulmate, or karmic partner

The karmic partner

1) Karmic relationships are often the first relationships in a person’s life

We start this list with explaining the karmic connection, because this type of relationship often represents a lesson not learned even in a previous life. 

These people are meant to make us change our way of life and learn a lesson, if you will.

We experience karmic relationships in order to recognize what life here on earth means for us and what we can learn from it. 

So, it’s less about the karmic partner and more about ourselves! 

The difficult thing about relationships, no matter what kind, is that we often don’t understand what this relationship is supposed to tell/teach us. 

To make matters worse, the reality is that we often don’t really realize what type of relationship we’ve had until it’s over and the lessons are uncovered. 

So, turn on those spidey senses we like to call intuition! 

2) You can have several karmic partners in your lifetime  

Each karmic partner will teach you something different which can help you in your growth. 

They may not always be on the same spiritual path as you, but they can still have a very significant impact on your life.

In fact, you feel very connected to them, and they usually teach you something that you need to learn at this point in your life. 

Additionally, you may also often feel very special or different around them. You may notice that you feel like you are going through a huge shift in your life and this person is a part of it. 

When it comes to looks, a karmic partner can be attractive, but not necessarily beautiful to everyone else. You see something that no one else does, and you know it is them.

3) A karmic partner can take on many roles

You may have met this person when you were going through a major transitional phase in your life. This can be a new job, moving, or even losing a job or loved one. 

When we go through something like this, it is the perfect time to meet a karmic partner. 

They can be there for you and help you work through your change and help you get past the hard times that you are going through.

A karmic partner is a person that you feel connected to in an incredible way. You have an instant bond with them, and you will meet them several times in your life. 

Furthermore, this is usually someone who triggers something profound within you when they make an appearance in your life. 

These people also have a huge impact on your spiritual growth as well as any major changes you are going through in your life. 

This can be a romantic, spiritual, or even life-threatening experience where you will experience extreme emotions and also strong shifts in your belief system. 

4) Your karmic partner won’t make your heart skip a beat

If the karma partner crosses our path, this is a fence post of fate for us. I have been through this many times so I will give you the best advice I can. 

If he doesn’t make your heart skip a beat and doesn’t make you experience some form of love within days of meeting him, then he is most likely a karmic partner. 

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether you’ve met your karmic partner or rather a soulmate. 

Even so, it can be very worthwhile to speak to a gifted person and get guidance from them. They can answer all sorts of relationship questions and take away your doubts and worries.

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5) A karmic relationship can be very toxic and painful

The addiction to karmic relationships seems to be quite strong and it seems that no matter how many attempts one makes, it just doesn’t seem to work.

This is because this type of relationship is just not meant to work. 

Simply put, we are not meant to spend our lives with our karmic partner. The sooner this sinks in, the easier you’ll get over the sorrow. 

Often the people who married and divorced young have married their karmic relationship instead of letting it go when the time came.

While many karmic relationships are exciting, they can sometimes have an intoxicating effect on us. But remember that it is not meant to last forever. 

It should change us personally and, after learning, make us move on and let go.

The Twin flame

6) A twin mirrors your soul

“We have been friends for almost ten years until he asked me out. It has been a smooth ride since the start of our relationship. We connected on a level that is beyond explanation. In fact, it was so intense that we are now engaged.”

A twin flame shows your temperament, your limits, but also qualities that you don’t particularly love about yourself.

Did you know that a twin flame can make you feel a spark of love in your first meeting? 

This is simply because a twin flame is a friend who will be there for you, but there’s also deep romantic love flowing between you — at first, it may confuse you (in a good way). 

You might feel unconditional in your love towards your twin flame, with no judgments. If your twin flame has something you don’t like or want, you probably won’t mind. 

The same goes if the situation is reversed; he or she doesn’t mind what you do. You both simply enjoy and respect each other’s differences; that’s what makes your relationship so strong.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the perks of a twin-flameship; there’s no telling what the future may hold or what role your twin flame’s influence will play in your life!

7) Being with your twin can feel bittersweet at times

“Dating is so much easier when you have a twin flame. You’re on the same wavelength and have a similar outlook on life. This means that you see eye to eye when it comes to things that matter.”

When you’re with your twin flame, you realize that this is someone who sees the world through your eyes. 

One often recognizes a similar life course between the two twin souls.

Depending on how well you can accept yourself or not, you will deter or attract your twin soul.

This is why we say that the encounter with the twin can be very exhausting, because it’s like you are looking at yourself all day! 

And why is this such a problem? 

Well, for example, if you find yourself too fat, your twin soul will find that too or find themselves too fat. 

And if one “nibbles” then the other keeps snacking too and it’s very difficult not to keep dragging each other down.

What is missing here is the complement to one’s personality, as is the case with soul mates, for example.

But if you manage to accept the twin flame, this increases your own ability to love yourself and your partner as well. 

8) There’s no place for jealousy among twins

“Is there such a thing as twin flame jealousy? Or is having a twin flame the epitome of trust?”

Jealousy usually denotes a lack of self-love, and that’s what many people feel when they’re jealous — they don’t love themselves enough. 

In contrast, a twin flame won’t make you feel this way. 

Of course, you may be jealous of your twin flame’s other interests and friends; everyone experiences this at some point in the relationship. 

However, this doesn’t mean your partner is not into you; he or she is only as jealous as you are.

In the beginning, you may have a hard time understanding why your twin flame is so fascinated with someone else. 

In fact, you may be attracted to your twin flame in ways you didn’t know existed — just because of the energy that flows between the two of you. 

But instead of getting jealous, just ask yourself: how can it enhance your relationship? The answer may surprise you! 

9) Your twin flame mirrors your quirks, but not necessarily all interests

“If you really want to know if he’s the one, just look in his eyes. If you feel a connection, he is the one.”

Here’s a fun fact for you: It is said that you meet your twin flame in the first week of October. 

I can confirm that this is true since I actually met my twin flame in the very first week of starting college and guess when? October! 

The divine plans everything, so we don’t need to worry apparently! Your twin flame will show up when they are supposed to.

Being with your twin isn’t always nice though, because as I said, it also shows us our quirks, our unwanted parts. 

Still, meeting them is a sign of your advanced state of development.

Even though not everything runs smoothly – your twin flame will keep trying to find ways of making both of you happy! 

This is because in a twin flame relationship, it’s really about giving and receiving.

Still, it’s rare and actually pretty uncommon for your twin flame to share all of your interests, as you each have your own unique personality. 

10)  You can always talk to your twin about anything

“I talk about everything with my partner because it helps me process and understand what has happened to me. He is a great listener, who can empathize with me.” 

With a twin, you are asked to accept yourself and accept yourself in all your facets.

The yin and yang are asked to connect energetically in order to give the male twin soul the opportunity to integrate the female parts and vice versa.

The easier it is for you to accept yourself, the better the connection or relationship with your twin can work.

Whether there’s a problem between you and someone else, or a question that pops up in your head, you can talk about it with your twin flame — there’s never any hiding behind self-serving words! 

Because of this, you are able to share deep and meaningful experiences with each other without the fear of judgment.

Your twin flame’s advice will be more helpful than anyone else’s, because they have lived through the same problems. 

In a sense, your twin flame is like your own resource library, who you can constantly go to when you have a question. 

They are not just there for emotional support — they will be there for you whenever you need it.

The soulmate partner

11) You’re magnetically drawn to your soulmate in an unexpected way

“I met my soulmate just months after my divorce was finalized. I knew she was special the moment we met, but it didn’t hit me until she left a note in my car that she had fallen in love with me.”

Interestingly enough, a soulmate is someone you never expected to be attracted to! 

That’s why many people have a hard time believing they’re true soulmates; they’ve never really felt that way before. 

Soulmates can come into your life at the perfect time to help you learn and grow from one of your biggest mistakes.

These special people allow you to let go of your guard because you trust them 100%. 

You are completely vulnerable with each other and not afraid to be your truest self with them.

Additionally, you also don’t feel a sense of loneliness when you are around your soulmate. 

12) Your soulmate is your spiritual missing puzzle piece 

“Getting his number was a fluke. I didn’t plan to ever meet him in real life. We started talking online and within a month, we had our first date together.”

Indeed, a soulmate is an incredibly special person who will influence your life in a profound way. 

That could mean coming up with an idea that turns into your current career, making you change your life path or inspire you to learn something new. 

You notice that you have a lot of similar qualities to this person. When you get together with them, it is like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. 

Sadly, we can waste a lot of time and energy with people who ultimately, we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate isn’t exactly easy.

But what if there was a way to remove all the guesswork?

Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, my friend convinced me to contact a psychic artist. They actually drew a sketch of my soulmate! Can you believe it? 

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13) Being around your soulmate feels blissful 

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.” ― Emery Allen

A soulmate can feel like a very old friend — you know them so well and see great beauty in them. 

This is because when you look into each other’s eyes, it’s like spending hours just admiring the beauty of their soul — a true sign of love. 

You are deeply attracted to your soulmate, but it is not lustful. You can spend hours just looking at them! In fact, it might be hard to take your eyes off of them.

Being together means a lot more than being apart; that’s why you feel bliss! 

It is like you have your own special love song that plays whenever you are with each other. 

These two may also be more similar than you think, so get to know their interests and learn how to relate better to them.

14) A soulmate complements your quirks, rather than mirroring them 

“I’m into non-verbal communication and I feel the same with my twin flame. He can read my body language and understand me without words.”

There is often a particularly familiar feeling and tacit understanding that resonates with a soul mate. 

The other is similar to us but also compatible with our quirks and has a balancing effect here. 

In this way, the soul mate complements us. This is what makes them different from twin flames, who mirror us. 

The connection among soulmates runs harmoniously and is not marked by enormous difficulties, since soulmates don’t have common karma.

This in turn offers wonderful potential for further development. 

But beware! 

Sometimes there is a lack of intensity in the relationship, so keep the fire burning to create and maintain passion.

15) Your soulmate brings everything together

“The first time I saw him, I knew this was the person I was meant to meet.”

I want to tell you something important at this point. 

Listen, you have been in this world for a long time. You are here to learn new things and gain experience. 

When you finally find your soulmate, it is by chance that you have found someone who can show you love in the way that you want to be loved. 

There’s no room for doubt when you meet. 

You immediately see the connection in everything — it’s as if you’re meant to be with your soulmate from the beginning, which goes beyond a mere thought. 

That’s why there are moments when you know that everything has “felt right” all along.

These are those rare moments when your past and future come together, bringing peace and harmony to your heart.


The fact of the matter is that life keeps moving and as we evolve, so do our romantic relationships.

We are no longer content with unions that are comfortable or seem to fulfill certain ideals that our families or society have taught us to strive for.

We’re looking for that once in a lifetime crazy kind of love – but what really separates the twin flames from soulmates and karmic relationships?

The greatest truth is that one of these relationships is not better than the other – it just depends on what life we are in here on earth and the lessons we are currently learning.

If you work with them, you can experience the best love in your life and learn the most important lessons of your soul.

Twin flames can be hard to find but they are out there. And if you want to find your soulmate then you should make yourself available and open to love. 

Don’t discount the role of fate or Karma in this process!

But don’t forget — even if you have a twin flame or karmic partner, you may also have other teachers and helpers. 

My advice to you is to be super aware and make sure that you take advantage of all of the different tools and methods available to help you learn about your divine purpose.

And if you really want to find out more about your relationship with a special person, don’t leave it up to chance. 

Instead speak to a gifted advisor who will give you the answers you’re searching for. 

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