My twin flame sexual dreams are so intense

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Are you wondering if you’ve met your twin flame?

Intense sexual dreams are one indication that your partner is yours.

Find out why it’s so intense in a twin flame relationship and how I broke codependency with mine.

My experience in a twin flame relationship

I instantly felt a level of intensity with my new partner that I’d never experienced with another. I’d just come out of a long-term relationship and didn’t feel fully open to meeting someone new, so I found myself avoiding eye contact when we first met in the common room of our college.

He remembers the second I walked in the door and his thoughts around having to make me his. It’s safe to say that we both knew there was something out of our control happening. The connection was really intense and one we couldn’t put our fingers on, but we were both equally intrigued.

Even though I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be in a twin flame relationship, I found myself telling my friends that I thought I’d met my twin flame. It was as though I didn’t need to read up on it: I just knew this is what it was.

By definition, as Lachan Brown writes for Hack Spirit, twin flames (otherwise known as ‘twin souls’) feel a sense of coming home to one another when they meet.

Twin flames are different to soulmates because twin souls are mirror souls – the idea is that one soul occupies two bodies. They already know each other as they are one of the same.

Meanwhile, soulmates show up at different points in your life in different forms. There is no limit on the amount of soulmates you’ll meet.

Twin flame relationships are all about bringing challenging aspects, like insecurities and shadows, to the surface to heal through them and grow. For example, there was a girl who was pursuing my current partner that triggered my wounds around disrespect from other women, comparing myself against others and learning to trust what another person says. It took time to trust that he was genuinely oblivious to what she was trying to do.

I can tell you that facing these wounds was uncomfortable, confronting and completely overwhelming. It’s still a work-in-progress.

Following our first meeting, we tuned into virtual lessons together. Those on the video calls told me afterwards that they felt as though they were sitting in on our dates. Later, I found out that my boyfriend even took a screengrab of our first virtual lesson to remember the moment. A few weeks on, we had our first proper date and we couldn’t wait any longer to rip each other’s clothes off; two months later we were official; now we’re seven months down the line.

He’s not a spiritual guy, but I felt compelled to tell him I believed he was my twin flame early on. This didn’t scare him off. He agrees that this level of intensity is something he’s feeling too.

Three reasons it’s so intense with a twin flame

  • Challenges and tests are amplified

The fire and passion between us is across the emotional, spiritual and physical, and our sexual life is like nothing I’ve encountered with another person. Sometimes the connection between us feels like too much – like it’s too intense – and I want to run away.

It’s like constantly being confronted with parts of myself I don’t like and situations I find triggering, and it’s exhausting for us both.

It’s an overwhelming feeling going through these motions, but I understand this is normal in the cycle of twin flames. Following the honeymoon phase, there are immense challenges and tests that twin flames are faced with that surpass what a normal relationship goes through.

Lachlan explains that a reason for intensity is because the two people feel as though they’ve met each other before; it isn’t a case of two strangers awkwardly getting to know each other but the feeling of coming home.

I can remember going deep on our first date and talking about very personal things about my life, just to be met with stories that mirrored mine. We both had no issue being open and laying it all on the table.

  • You two have a telepathic connection

As Felicity explains for Hack Spirit, arousal between twin flames is on a level of its own.

It’s as though it’s never enough, which is a scary feeling.

Despite all of our push-and-pull where we continuously clash, we can’t help but obsess over and want each other.

This extends to my dreams, where I have erotic fantasies about my partner. In another article I wrote, I explained that twin flames have a psychic ability to know when their other half is craving them and feeling aroused. It leaves me feeling so sexually frustrated when time and space is between us.

I’m able to feel as though I’m there with my partner, which can be called telepathic arousal. It goes much further than what another couple might experience while sexting.

My dreams about my twin flame are centered around past experiences of ours and the sexual experimentation we’ve spoken about exploring in our waking lives.

I haven’t asked him about whether he’s had any sexy dreams about me, but I know I’m often on his mind sexually so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve had similar thoughts.

  • Your partner is like a mirror

Now: who wants to look at all of their shadows all the time?

In my own experience, I know this to be true in the case of my twin flame relationship.

As I say, it’s confronting having to come face-to-face with all of the parts we dislike about ourselves and maybe suppress.

If you’re in a twin flame relationship, you’ll see these parts of you in your partner.

For example, my partner’s procrastination and unrealistic ideas are trigger points for me, as I identify with these thought patterns.

I try to push him and help him reframe his thinking when, in all honesty, it’s what I want to tell myself.

On the other hand, seeing my action and reflecting on his lack of action is a trigger point for my partner who has a case of paralysis by analysis.

This is a bitter pill to swallow.

What does this mean for you?

Because your twin flame knows you at a deep level, they know what you’re capable of and want to help you overcome your challenges to become the best version of you.

As challenging and confronting as twin flame relationships can be, they equate to personal growth and development.

Dreams about my twin flame

My waking and dreaming sex life with my twin flame sends me crazy. The energy between us and levels of pleasure has us consistently desperate for more.

The telepathic connection we have means I can sense he’s thinking about me and vica versa, which means he occupies a lot of my mental space.

We both have an immense appetite for each other that I can’t liken to anything else.

It sounds extreme, but it’s scary.

By now, I’m sure it’s no surprise to learn that my subconscious was filled with thoughts on him that occupied my dreams.

I’d toss and turn in the night at the thought of him, thinking about how he drives me crazy and puts me in a state of fantasy.

The intensity continued to grow as we fell deeper for each other and explored each other’s bodies in our waking lives.

All of this made me feel as though I wanted to pull away.

It was affect the quality of my sleep – I was waking up feeling restless, and frustrated at the space between us and desperate to get my hands on him. I became aware that I was in a constant state of craving him.

I loved the passion that occupied my thoughts, but I also longed for a level of intimacy that felt more nourishing, sensual and slow.

I feared as though this intensity isn’t something we can sustain and it was destined to come to a head and cease to exist. I needed to slow it down to get control over it.

How I broke codependency with my twin flame

I started doing some research into the feelings I was having about my twin flame and I came across the legendary shaman Rudá Iandê’s free love and intimacy masterclass that explains how to go about constructing a loving and joyful relationship.

I’m one of 10,000 people who have enrolled to learn about the keys to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Going through the masterclass, I realized that the relationship I’m in sounded like one of codependency. I go between being needy and playing the role of the savior, before we switch again.

As it turns out, codependency is common between twin flames as on some level the other person makes you feel better or whole.

In his masterclass, Rudá explains that intimacy brings out our innermost ghosts which I know to be true in my experience.

But wait, let me tell you something…

It’s not that twin flame relationships are destined to just be a challenging ride and finally combust.

Well, it can be avoided if you commit to self-inquiry and looking at yourself and the relationship honestly through exercises designed to help you.

Rudá is the first to encourage self-exploration in order to find clarity about your feelings, dreams and expectations.

There were a few questions he poses that stuck with me:

  • Which attitudes make you feel loved and cared or?
  • Write, in one paragraph, why someone should date you.
  • Which things don’t you want to share? What are your boundaries?

These made me look closely at the dynamic in my relationship and I encourage you to do the same.

I realized that tenderness in intimate moments was just, or more, important that the passion that is the default in my twin flame relationship; that I’m dateable for many reasons including my positive outlook, desire to explore and yearning to continue learning; I don’t want to give up my independence or desire to chat to whoever I please about whatever I please.

It helped me look at my emotional necessities, and to consider what I’m trying to avoid by spending all of my time thinking about my twin flame.

Loneliness and pain were two thoughts that came up for me. Truth is, I moved into this relationship shortly after coming out of a long-term relationship and it helped me bypass the heartbreak.

Since going through Rudá’s masterclass, I now realize I show up in the relationship as someone who is needy, believing myths that Rudá says “have planted seeds in our imagination.”

But the good news?

There’s something I can do about this through honest reflection.

During Rudá’s masterclass, I tested my level of codependency with a few questions.

  • Are you and your partner evolving in this relationship?
  • Do you and your partner help each other to develop as human beings?
  • Or are you just using each other to keep yourselves stuck in the same place?

It’s true that there is evolvement in the relationship – but I sometimes feel as though it is me helping my partner, and playing the role of the savior.

I now realize that it needs to be more balanced in order for me to develop.

Now: breaking this cycle of codependency has had an affect on my sexual dreams.

I’ve started feeling more balanced; they’re not as intense as they used to be.

Yes, I desire him and yearn for his company, but it’s not driving me crazy and making me feel as though I need him like it was before.

Best of all, my sleep quality has improved and I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed each morning.

I now see my twin flame as someone who complements me, not someone who makes me whole.

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