Twin flame separation: Key stages and signs it’s almost over

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Being separated from your twin flame is one of the worst feelings one could possibly experience. 

There’s absolutely nothing worse than the pain and the heartbreak of losing your one true love. Truly, it feels like losing half of your soul, having to traipse through life with half a heart. 

However, it doesn’t have to be the end. Twin flames will always find their way back to each other as two halves of the same soul. 

Wondering if the separation stage of you and your twin flame is almost over? Read more below to find out.

Twin flame stages

In total, there are 8 twin flame stages: the yearning, the meeting, the falling in love, the honeymoon, the turmoil, the running and chasing, the surrender, and the reunion. 

Below, we’ll talk about 3 stages in particular: the turmoil, the running and chasing, and the surrender, as it’s these stages where the twin flames are separated. 

This will help you figure out what stage you’re in, and how close you are to the reunion. 

1) Turmoil

The turmoil is when the perfect, idealized image of your twin flame is shattered. It’s when the first bad fight happens—perhaps they yelled at you out of anger or you yelled at them out of frustration. It’s the first time you’ll feel as if they are not getting where you’re coming from. 

During this stage, you’re going to question whether or not they really are the one. You’ve started to realize that they’re too good to be true, and now they’re showing their true colors.

However, keep in mind that no relationship stays in the honeymoon stage. No matter how perfect they are for you, they will never be perfect as a person.

Because they are your twin flame, the mirror of your own soul, they don’t only show you the good parts of yourself—they also mirror the bad ones. 

This means that if you want them back, they don’t only have to work on themself—you have to work on yourself, too. 

2) Running and chasing

When the twin flames separate, there will be a runner and a chaser. 

The runner is the one determined to get the other back, hopeful that they’ll be capable enough of working on themself to be ready for such a strong connection. 

On the other hand, the chaser is the one who is convinced they are not, and will, perhaps, never be ready for such a powerful connection, believing that they’re better off alone or with someone less. 

The running and chasing is an exhausting, frustrating stage for the twin flames, because neither of them gets what they want. 

As the runner, day by day, you will increasingly feel as if your twin flame doesn’t love or want you anymore because they constantly reject your efforts and advances. 

As the chaser, you will feel increasingly guilty by how much your twin flame seems to love you, but because you’re convinced you don’t deserve them, you fully believe you have no other choice. 

Whether you’re the runner or the chaser, this vicious cycle will inevitably lead to the surrender.

3) Surrender

Both of you are exhausted. You have no more will or energy to run or to chase. Exasperated, you simply surrender.

This is the stage that leads to the breakup, the official separation. The twin flames are both hurt. The fire is not as strong when they are apart, and they will feel this individually. 

Nothing is quite the same when you’re separated from your twin flame. Everything feels like a cheap imitation of what you used to experience together. The joy, the comfort, and even the sadness cannot imitate what you used to have. 

You will try to find this feeling somewhere else, to fill the void left gaping by your twin flame. But because this powerful connection can only be made by the twin flames, you’re going to fail when you try to recreate it somewhere else. 

You’re probably brought to this article because you’re trying to find some solace in the surrender stage. You’re wondering whether or not you should get them back, or you should just go on with your life without your other half. 

If they’re your one, true twin flame, inevitably, you will end up back together. 

But how do you know if they are your twin flame, or if you’re better off pursuing someone who might actually be the one? 

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With all that said, the separation—the surrender—actually pushes you one step toward reunion. 

So how do you know if the separation is almost over? 

Signs it’s almost over

Twin flames may separate, but they will always find their way back to each other. As two halves of one soul, they can never stay apart for long, even if the twin flame stages require the separation for them to get better on each of their own paths.

In order to learn if you and your twin flame’s separation stage is almost over, read more below. 

1) Vivid dreams

Have you started dreaming of your twin flame again?

In your dreams, you’re back together again. Laughing, crying in each other’s arms. Doing the things you used to love doing together. You’re dancing in the kitchen, kissing in the rain…

…but then, you wake up, and there’s an ache in your heart longing for the dreams to manifest in real life. 

If you’ve been having dreams like these, they’re signs that the separation stage is almost over. When you dream of someone, it’s a sign that you miss them, and these dreams will help you channel that yearning towards getting them back. 

These dreams might even continue as daytime fantasies in your waking life. 

2) Fantasies

Once again, you’re fantasizing about getting your twin flame back. You imagine them showing up at your door, like a rom-com boy or girl with a bouquet telling you they want you back. You want them to say they miss you, too—that they, too, can’t live without you. 

It’s as if you’re back to square one, once again. Thinking about them, wishing they would come over, wondering if they’ve found somebody else, hoping to god they haven’t…

When you start having these fantasies, it’s another sign that you miss them. You’re yearning for them, once again, and you want these fantasies to manifest into reality. 

Yearning again is a sign that the separation stage between you and your twin flame is almost over.

3) Yearning, again

The yearning is the first stage in the 8 twin flame stages. It’s when you feel incomplete because there’s just a piece of your soul that remains missing, a piece you haven’t found yet. 

This time, however, you know you’ve found the other half—you’ve just been separated. 

And when you get separated from your other half, you’re bound to yearn from them again. You miss their warm embrace, you miss the way they almost always know what to say. Even the bad times seem so good when you’re with them.

Now that you both found clarity in your own paths, these two paths are about to reach a convergence. You’re both ready to meet each other again, and even better, you’ve improved yourself enough to feel the power of the twin flames without wanting to run away from it. 

4) Magical conversations

You don’t know when it started, but you’ve been talking to them again. 

It can be as innocent as texting about this new series that you both like, or perhaps you’re talking again about life late at night when you both can’t sleep. 

These conversations feel magical. They feel like scenes straight out of a romance novel. You’re reminded by the feeling of talking to someone who just gets you so effortlessly, because they know you like they know the back of their hand. 

If you and a twin flame are back at the talking stage, that’s a good sign that the separation is almost over, and reunion is near. Inviting them for coffee might be a good idea to finally reunite.

5) A feeling of solace and readiness

You’ve finally invited them for coffee. Or they’ve invited you, and you said yes.

Today is the day you will finally see them again. You wonder if they’ve changed their appearance—have they gotten a haircut, have they found a new style? But whatever this is, you don’t really mind. 

Excitement is blooming in your chest, and your butterflies are going crazy in your stomach. The day is full of anticipation, and when you finally see them, there’s no disappointment. 

At this stage, you’re one step away from reunion—all you have to do is ask. You will feel such calmness, such solace, at this stage knowing that you’re more than ready to be back together again

Stronger together, you know, in your heart, that you’ll be able to survive life’s hardest challenges as long as you hold each other’s hand. 

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