15 convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over

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Your twin flame is an individual who is like the other half of your soul. 

Meeting your twin flame is the deepest connection you’ll ever experience in your life. 

Here are 15 convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over. 

1) You see angel numbers all over

Angel numbers are numerical signs from the divine world. They are sent by higher beings to guide, reassure and warn us of important matters in our life. 

Examples of powerful angel numbers include 777, 1111, 88, 444 and 1212. 

Every angel number combination has a different meaning, but if you’re seeing a lot of angel numbers around then you can be sure there is a message that is being delivered to you by the universe. 

One of the most convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you see angel numbers all over the place. 

They may refer to your twin flame’s date of birth, characteristics, age, location or profession. 

This is often only something you learn in retrospect after seeing the angel numbers frequently and soon after meeting your twin flame and making the connection between them and those number patterns. 

Keep your eyes open for angel numbers. 

2) Synchronicities are occurring constantly

Next up in the convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that synchronicities are often occurring.

What is synchronicity

Simply put, it’s when things fit together in unexpected, convenient and highly coincidental ways.

When it happens over and over, there’s often a deeper spiritual meaning to it. 

Examples of meaningful synchronicities? 

  •  Having a dream of a specific thing and then seeing it happen in the near future (for example you dream of a blonde harpist playing on the street corner and keep seeing people putting money in her case which she has left out for donations, and the following day walking to work you see a blonde harpist playing on the street corner.)
  • Noticing a particular symbol repeatedly before receiving good news (for example, you keep seeing a peace sign and soon after you always hear from somebody you were thinking of or wanted to talk to).
  • Hearing a word you’ve never heard before many times in the span of a week or two when your environment or those you’re around has not changed (for example, you hear the word “mellifluous” many times from various unexpected people and have to look it up, never having heard it before in your life). 

Similarly to angel numbers, synchronicities can often only be understood in retrospect once you have met your twin flame. 

Take the first example of the harpist dream. Say you engage in conversation with this harpist and she befriends you, inviting you out for drinks. You eventually meet her sister, who turns out to be your twin flame. Her sister is an accountant, which is why your dream focused so much on the case filling with money next to the harpist… 

This can get a bit complex! But when you go back through it you’ll understand…
Like Aletheia writes, synchronicity is about far more than coincidences:

“Synchronicity is a string of events that seem to be highly symbolic and meaningful in nature.”

3) Signs of love keep popping up around you 

The next of the convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that love is in the air. 

This may be literally in the form of seeing a flying banner asking someone to marry someone else…

Or it could be figuratively in suddenly noticing couples all around you where before you rarely noticed them…

A billboard says “love is coming,” and you randomly see verses talking about love and romance on the back of bus seats, bathroom graffiti and unexpected places like fortune cookies. 

It’s all love, love, love. 

And you’re so down for it. 

Trust me: your twin flame is on his or her way. 

4) Music and lyrics begin pointing you in the direction of your other half

Another thing to pay attention to in terms of convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is music. 

Music and lyrics will often let you know messages from the universe and messages that are there to spiritually guide you for your own good. 

These include signs that your twin flame is fast approaching and will soon be in your life. 

The typical type of lyrics about love and connection aren’t always what you need to be looking out for, either. 

Sure, it could be that. But being honest we can see that half the songs out there are about love and meeting someone…

No, it’s often far more specific than that. 

You may hear a song that really speaks to you, for example, and becomes a favorite. It’s about something very specific and has unique imagery and words. 

It may not even be a romantic song. 

Then a few months later you meet your twin flame and realize that the song was about your connection with them. 

5) You see and hear your twin flame in your dreams

Dreams are a powerful experience. They often transmit messages from other dimensions and from the divine. 

Dreams can be a warning, a memory, a vision of the future or an understanding of the past. 

They are often the way that your twin flame communicates with you in the spirit world…

One of the most convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you keep having a recurring dream with a person in them who you feel highly drawn or attracted to.

Chances are this is either your twin flame or a person who will direct or connect you to your twin flame, as in the harpist example. 

Never forget to pay attention to intense dreams, especially repeated ones. They often have a deep meaning and can be a sign you are about to link up with your twin flame. 

6) You get confirmation from a gifted advisor

Another of the top convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you have it confirmed by a gifted spiritual advisor. 

The signs in this article will point you toward perceptions and experiences which indicate your twin flame is near. 

But every person’s situation is different.

For that reason, I recommend checking in with a spiritual advisor who can see beyond the veil and give you answers that may elude your ordinary perception. 

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When I was at my lowest and feeling like I’d never be together with my twin flame, I connected to a spiritual seer at Psychic Source. 

My expectations were low, but I was blown away by the professionalism and insights of the individual I spoke with. 

I highly recommend this if you are trying to make sense of your situation and want to find out if your twin flame will be coming (or coming back) into your life in the near future. 

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7) You feel a big energy shift and aren’t sure why 

Part of the process for being ready for your twin flame is a shift in the energetic realm.

To put it simply: you feel really, really good. 

You feel empowered, integrated, purposeful and full of energy. 

Even on your down days, you’re never completely lost or half as bad as you used to be. 

Even when you feel like sh*t you know that everything is leading somewhere and not just going in circles. 

There’s a real sensation of progress and advancement, and you can feel it in your bones!

8) You stop beating yourself up over past mistakes

One of the most convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you stop beating yourself up for mistakes you’ve made in the past. 

They’re over, and even though all of it makes us part of who we are, none of it defines you any longer or charts your path for the future. 

In fact, you feel like your slate has been wiped clean in many ways and like you’re ready to make a brand new start. 

You stop ruminating and obsessing over the past. You’re ready for the next chapter. 

Simple as that. 

9) Your past pain is making a lot of sense in so many ways 

As you come to terms with your past mistakes, you also accept the pain that’s been part of your story. 

It may not have been your choice, and you may have been mistreated or hurt in many ways. 

But you now see and accept how your struggles made you who you are today. 

You can’t go back and change the past, but you can choose how you look at it. 

And you’re now choosing to see it, not as a victim, but as a survivor. 

10) You feel genuinely grateful for the lessons life has taught you 

You not only accept the pain in the past and forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. 

You also feel truly grateful for what you’ve learned. 

The hard times only made you stronger, and your struggles are how you built spiritual and emotional muscle. 

You’re proud of who you have become and you’re grateful for the obstacles that you’ve had to face. 

While it is always hard to see why many things happen to us, when you’re ready to meet your twin flame is a time when things begin to make sense in retrospect. 

As Apple founder Steve Jobs put it

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

“You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. 

“This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


You’re right there with Jobs on the same page…

You now feel certain you have the gas in the tank to trust in the universe and live life forwards. Your twin flame is feeling the same. 

11) You feel whole and are satisfied with yourself

When we’re looking for our twin flame, we may feel like scanning the face of every person we come across to find “the one.”

This looking for signs externally has its place, but the truth is that some of the most important signs that your twin flame is on the way are completely internal. 

This is very important, because often you will get confirmation that your twin flame is close when you get a strong feeling of wholeness within yourself. 

You feel complete, you feel good enough and you feel like you no longer have a “need” of anyone or anything external to fulfill you. 

This is often the direct precursor to your twin flame entering your life. 

You have been preparing and becoming ready for them, and they have, too. Now, two wholes will come together instead of two halves!

12) You’d honestly rather stay alone than date the wrong people

On a related note of the convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you no longer feel a neediness you may have once felt. 

You’d honestly rather stay single than date around with people you’re not that into. 

Whereas before I often felt like I wasn’t enough or had to find someone, I started to genuinely prefer to stay alone in the months before meeting my twin flame. 

Little did I realize that this was because my soul was maturing to a level where I was able to respect what was best for me and trust in the universe instead of trying to seek satisfaction externally or take second best…

As Alan Young puts it:

“When your twin flame is on its way back to you, you’ll actually prefer being by yourself over being with the wrong people.”

13) Yet at the same time you’re open to the risk of real love

At the same time, although you will feel a reduction in the desire to date around, you’re likely to feel a genuine openness to the right person as well. 

What does right mean? 

In this context it means somebody you genuinely connect with. 

If you’re wondering if they’re the right one or how strongly you feel, they’re not your twin flame. 

When you meet your twin flame you’ll know. And when you do, you’ll be willing to take that risk on love.

14) Your meditation and spiritual experiences tell you your twin flame is close

Next up in the convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that you get confirmation of it while meditating or doing spiritual exercises. 

For example, while doing your daily meditation you may receive signs that you feel another person close to you and are absorbing their presence into you. 

You may even feel like they are talking to you or sending a message. 

This is because the twin flame connection transcends the physical and involves your spiritual destiny and karma. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier and the amazing reading they gave me, and I want to really double down on that. 

When I felt most lost about when I would ever meet my twin flame, the advisor there reassured me about where I was on the right path and corrected a few energetic mistakes I was making to ensure I aligned myself most effectively with the path my twin flame was on.
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15) Your life path begins pointing in a new or strong direction you didn’t expect

Perhaps most intriguing in the convincing signs your twin flame separation is almost over is that your life path takes an unexpected turn. 

This may mean:

  • A career change
  • A relationship ending suddenly
  • A health scare
  • A major move or upturning of your routine

Whatever changes take place, you find you are suddenly being pointed in a completely different direction.

Even if your job is the same, you may have to move to a new continent for example, or be changing your religion because of an ongoing series of revelations or visions. 

Suddenly, before you know it, your life has completely changed. 

And then, as if out of nowhere, there she or he is… Right in front of you. 

Your twin flame.

Reunited at last

Being separated from your twin flame can hurt. 

I believe we all have a twin flame and can feel their absence in our bones. 

But when you feel absence and sorrow, it can be an opportunity to build yourself up and achieve your dreams. 

If you want to know the path to finding your twin flame, it starts with finding yourself. 

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