Understanding the twin flame runner’s perspective: 16 things you need to know

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Twin flames run away from each other. 

This phase is part of every twin flame relationship. 

It’s inevitable and it causes immense pain for both twins.

One becomes the runner, and the other one becomes the chaser.

Most often, the runner’s intentions are misunderstood.

They are blamed for choosing another path.

However, there’s much more to a twin flame runner’s perspective. 

Here are 16 things you need to know. 

1) They are not running away from you

Lachlan Brown, the founder, and editor of Hack Spirit thinks that:

“Twin flame relationships will challenge you to your core, helping you to see who you really are. When you or your twin flame show a lack of self-love, it can prove to be painfully obvious and may seem impossible to deal with.”

In other words, your twin flame is running from themselves, not from you. 

However, your presence in their lives makes them face issues they don’t want to deal with. Self-love is just an example in this regard. 

Most often, twin flames help each other grow spiritually by surfacing certain painful, and well-hidden past traumas.

You should know exactly what I’m talking about. They helped you identify your old wounds as well. 

The difference between the two of you is that you started to heal yourself, while he/she couldn’t do it and got scared.

However, don’t think for a second they don’t love you. If you still need proof, here are 17 beautiful signs your twin flame loves you.

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3) They experience intense anxiety feelings

Just as you are, your twin flame is struggling with their spiritual path. 

More or less unexpectedly, they found out that twin souls were real and that almost everything they knew about them was true.

Because they have no idea what to expect, they start experiencing feelings of anxiety. These feelings stop them from trying to accept this journey with you.

Anxiety stops them from embracing unconditional love because they don’t know what that means for them, yet.

If this happens, it suggests they still have a lot of spiritual growth to do and emotional intelligence to enhance.

However, you must keep in mind that each soul must develop on its own in order to be prepared for a union.

It’s not your fault you’ve met your mirror soul during this confusing period in their lives. 

So, the best thing you can do is work on yourself, hoping your paths will realign someday.

4) They feel overwhelmed by your connection

Both men and women twin flames may experience overwhelming sensations that could determine them to run away from their mirror soul.

When twin souls meet, an urge to stay emotionally connected and physically close surfaces. It’s like they are compelled to pursue their union.

Sometimes, the runner has the feeling they can’t control this intense desire and everything that comes with it. 

That’s why the runner, runs. Everything that happens between you two is simply too much for him/her.  

Arlene Meyer shares her view on this:

“Your twin flame runner is running from themselves, and from your connection, and they will keep running until their feeling of needing to run is gone.”

She adds that most probably, the runner will do everything in their power to get as far from you as possible. 

I know how discouraging and profoundly painful this is to hear, especially if you are the chaser in your twin flame relationship.

However, things are not as dramatic as they seem. Your twin flame will always be your twin flame regardless of what they do until they experience awakening.

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Most often than not, male twin flames are less spiritually evolved than female twin flames.

5) They can’t accept the idea of twin flame union

Since you’re the one trying to understand your twin flame, I think it’s safe to assume you are more awakened. 

In general, mirror souls don’t meet when they’re both ready to achieve oneness. Not to mention that fear brings everyone’s egos to the surface.

Amaya Pryce, writer, and life coach says that “The ego is a prickly little thing, with a hair-trigger reaction, ready to go off at a moment’s notice.”

In contrast, “The soul is like a wild animal – tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy,” says Parker Palmer.

So, there’s a fight going on inside your twin flame. Besides having to deal with certain aspects of themselves, their ego won’t even accept the idea of union. 

Simply put, they may fear losing their identity if they try to achieve oneness with you.

However, it all depends on which twin flame separation stage you’re in. Here are 5 incredible twin flame separation stages to help you figure out where you stand.

6) They can’t run away from their responsibilities

Your twin became the runner because they couldn’t run from their responsibilities, so they had to run away from you. They were overwhelmed by all the implications of such a relationship.

For example, your mirror soul lives far away from you and can’t do anything about their situation right now.

Or, they could have kids or elderly parents to take care of. 

There are many possible situations that could stop your counterpart from fully committing to you. It’s not like they didn’t have a life before you two met.

Even if you think that such a spiritual union should have priority in anyone’s life, it doesn’t. When confusion takes over, mirror souls run.

If this is your case, and they have too many responsibilities at this moment in time, don’t expect things to change quickly, regardless of your actions.

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7) They are already married or in a relationship

If you can’t understand why your twin flame is in a relationship or already married, take yourself as an example.

I don’t think you weren’t involved in at least one romantic relationship before you met your counterpart. 

Just because some of us have the opportunity to reunite with the other half of our soul, it doesn’t mean we can’t fully enjoy our journey on earth.

In fact, we need to go through certain experiences before the twin flame union in order to grow. We have a lot to learn until we’re worthy of oneness

From the runner’s perspective, leaving their current romantic partner feels extremely uncomfortable and confusing.

They know why they have feelings for the people they’re with, but they can’t understand what they feel about you.

You and your counterpart are meant for much more than becoming life partners. 

Dr. Lisa Xochitl Vallejos confirms it by saying that the real purpose of twin flame union is “to wake you up, shake you up and call you higher.”

8) They are not interested in a relationship

Due to your twin flame’s immaturity, they may not be interested or ready to get involved in a relationship of such proportions.

As you may know, not all mirror souls relationships are romantic. Even so, the runner and chaser dynamic still exists.

According to Lachlan Brown, there are 11 different types of twin flame relationships, among which are “the life partner”, “the close friend”, “the one that got away”, “the on-again, off-again”.

One reason your counterpart may not be interested in a relationship with you is the age difference.

Susan Brunton, master of many metaphysical techniques, says:

“It takes several reincarnations before two twin flames meet in the right time and space. This means that you might meet your twin flame at a different stage in this physical life.”

In other words, you two may face all sorts of differences that could make being together in this life impossible.

Even so, your counterpart may still feel exactly the way you do. Would you like to know for sure? Here are 11 signs of your shared connection.

9) They can’t understand their feelings

Time alone is needed for anyone who doesn’t understand their feelings. We all need space to figure out certain aspects of our lives.

Your twin flame is no different. They may not be emotionally mature enough or prepared to understand the otherworldly connection between you two. 

While this may hurt, you must understand that your counterpart needs to work on themselves more before they can perceive the intensity of their feelings.

In fact, it is your job as the chaser to understand and accept what your mirror soul is going through.

Right now, you are more enlightened than they are. So, until a balance is achieved, the runner is going to keep running.

10) They are not your true twin flame

Have you considered that maybe you’re experiencing a normal breakup?

Your twin flame runner might not share their perspective with you because they are simply not the other half of your soul. 

The reason they didn’t recognize you and ran away could be that they’re not your mirror soul. 

Are you curious about the signs of a false twin flame relationship? Here are 19 signs and what you can do about it.

If you didn’t support each other and didn’t feel an intense familiarity, it means you weren’t meant to be.

The same goes if you felt anxious around each other. Feeling anxious in the presence of your counterpart is a sign they’re not your counterpart.

So, you can stop chasing this person and continue to improve yourself. If he/she isn’t your twin flame, it means your union with your counterpart is still possible.

Who knows, maybe it was your real twin flame’s energy that drove your previous partner away, and exciting times are ahead of you!

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11) They don’t blame you for running

If it’s any consolation, your twin flame doesn’t blame you for running. 

They are going through changes that affect them on multiple levels. 

They have to work on self-love and self-development before they can even dare to think of oneness with you.

In other words, there’s nothing you can do or change about yourself to stop them from running.

This is also why some twin flames may ignore you when you ask about their reasons for running. They can’t pinpoint it either.

Even so, your twin flame still misses you. Here are 15 big signs for your peace of mind.

12) They are afraid to get close to you

Your twin flame is running away from you because they are afraid to get close to you. Their fears are both conscious and unconscious and can be related to:

  • Something that happened to them in the past.
  • The feeling that something is too good to be true.
  • Their abandonment issues (conscious or not).
  • Their self-confidence and self-love issues.

It goes without saying that none of these fears are directly connected to you. If they don’t feel worthy of your love or if they think it’s too good to be for real, your hands are tied.

It’s not like you can change their minds about such existential aspects. 

If you are in this situation, look out for the signs your twin flame will eventually come back. 

Examples are when you feel drawn to a certain place, dream about him/her, and sense their presence.

However, each twin flame relationship has its unique characteristics that you have to experience yourself.

13) They want you to stop chasing them

The runner isn’t at peace with leaving you. They are in a dark place right now, where they feel lonely, confused, and unable to understand their feelings.

They are going through what experts and gurus call “the dark night of the soul”.

So, the last thing they need is having to deal with your emotions. That’s why most runners decide to cut all ties while trying to figure out what they’re going through.

If you are in this situation, here are 9 important things to do when your twin flame is ignoring you.

They want you to stop chasing them and give them time to do what they want or need to do.

While this point may seem a little mean and selfish, keep in mind that your twin flame has to deal with his/her ego before they can understand the concept of unconditional love.

The more you chase them, the more they feel the need to get even further away from you. Your energy makes them face problems they are not ready to face.

They’ll keep running as long as they think they have things to run from. If so, you can back off and give them nothing to run from.

14) They can’t stop thinking about you either

When a mirror soul decides to run, they don’t escape their counterpart completely. 

Your twin flame is unable to stop thinking about you, even if that’s the last thing they want to do. 

Most often, because of this aspect, the communication between you two can become telepathic. 

In this regard, here are a few twin flame telepathy signs during separation you should keep an eye on:

  • You often dream of them.
  • You experience synchronicities.
  • You feel all kinds of sick, including love-sick.

Even if you haven’t experienced telepathy yet, you should have a better idea of the twin flame runner’s perspective.

Whether they want it or not, they can’t get you out of their head or stop feeling connected to you. You should know how that feels.

15) They are not trying to hurt you

Your twin flame is not spiritually developed enough to understand your union and get involved in a relationship with you.

Their ego is still interfering with their spiritual awakening. That’s why you might think they are hurting you on purpose.

Your mirror soul’s reaction comes from his/her deepest fears. It’s not a response to something specific that you did.

While you may have surfaced things they couldn’t deal with, their decision to run was not out of vengeance.

They are not punishing you for making them face their issues. They are simply too overwhelmed to use their rational side and make a plan to overcome them.

When dealing with a situation like this, it’s important for the chaser to forgive the runner and practice unconditional love.

16) They experience physical pain

Because you are suffering right now, you might find it hard to believe that your twin flame experiences similar feelings.

After all, they were the ones who left, so they got what they wanted, right?

Numerous runners have confessed otherwise. Besides experiencing internal struggles, they also experience physical pain. 

According to Anna Scheucher, an author for Nomadrs

“When you are in a twin flame relationship, you will be incredibly attuned to each other. This means you will also be in possession of some quite extraordinary healing abilities.”

However, when you two are apart, resisting the urge to reunite can result in physical pain. 

The runner can suddenly get sick or experience inexplicable chronic pain.

Chest and stomach pain are often met during the separation phase. Also, they are not typically caused by an obvious health problem.

Final thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of your twin flame runner’s perspective. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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