Twin flame runner: 16 signs the chase is nearly over

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The connection that twin flames share is very hard to understand for people who have never felt this kind of connection. Usually, when there is an attraction between two people, they quickly start a relationship.

When it comes to the twin flames, some things simply prevent them from starting a relationship or giving in to their feelings. Why this happens, no one exactly knows.

However, one thing that everyone can relate to and fully understand is that both the runner and the chaser suffer greatly during the separation phase that can last very long. If you are the runner in the twin flame relationship, there are some signs that the chase is nearly over.

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How can you know if you are a runner or a chaser?

Many people believe that it is black and white and that you must be one or the other, but this is very far from the truth. Considering that the connection between twin flames is so strong and that it mirrors what the other person is feeling, it is very difficult to understand what is happening.

I’ve had a situation with my twin flame that I was the runner, and he was the chaser. He would talk to my friends, send me messages and I would delete all of them without even reading.

He would play songs for me, come to see me, I was constantly rejecting him. The craziest thing is I didn’t even think about why I was doing all those things.

I couldn’t explain it in any way. It was so powerful that it felt like a magnet.

When we were together, we would fight. When we were apart, he was constantly calling me.

However, things turned when he fell in love and started a relationship with another girl. That turned me into a chaser instantly.

I couldn’t understand such a turn. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be with him badly and that I could not wait for another second to see him.

It was such an intense connection that couldn’t be compared with anything else or explained in plain words. Even now, I can’t explain what was going on.

However, looking at the situation objectively helped me acknowledge my role, which helped me see what my next steps could be. This is what I recommend to you too from my personal experience.

It will give you the clarity you need to see what would be the best thing for you to do.

Why is the chase so painful?

We all strive to find someone who would be everything in the world for us, to have kids, settle down and simply enjoy our lives in the best way possible. When we meet our twin flame, we feel the connection, and our whole bodies say – I want you now!

Well, when you get scared of the intensity of your twin flame’s feelings, you will surely become the runner. This phase is not easy for anyone.

People often think that the runners don’t care. That is not the case.

Runners care equally, but it is just the way the energies change and transform. The runner may be just unable to process such strong feelings or has to work through all the traumas and negative emotions.

Remember, the encounter between twin flames occurs partly because it needs to bring out to the surface all the heavy feelings that would just stay bottled up. The most important thing that you can do in this situation is to become aware of these feelings and process them the best way you can.

Expect the pain and embrace it because it is the essence of the twin flame separation. The yearning and the desire to be close to each other again is insane.

However, you should know that even though you cannot erase your feelings, you can at least control how you spend your time. The best thing you can do is to work on processing your traumas so when the time comes, you will be able to reunite again.

Try to give yourself time to heal and recover from this fire because twin flame can burn pretty hard.

16 signs that the chase is finally over!

Every relationship between twin flames goes through several stages, and the most difficult is the separation phase. Despite being difficult, this phase may become the most fruitful if you manage to put aside all the pain and the desire to become one again.

Even though it is hard, you should first understand that the chase can finish in two ways:

  • You can get together or
  • Your chaser can give up

However, this dance of your energies can sometimes last for many years before both of you resolve all the emotions that were the fuel for prolonging the separation. Keep in mind that even if your chaser gives up, you will jump into the role, so it can last for a pretty long time.

Most twins end up together, and here are signs that you will reunite finally!

1) Something is pulling you to the places where your twin is

You may suddenly start feeling something that you cannot explain, like a need to be somewhere even though you didn’t plan to, and you see your twin flame standing there in front of you. This is a way that the universe uses to tell you that you should reconsider and stop running.

Suppose this happens more than once; it will heat the emotions you share and the passion that you cannot control. You should know that you may be together during this period and then run again.

This dynamic between twin flames is very confusing and can be extremely exhausting and painful. If the situation is driving you mad and you keep running instead of facing your twin flame, you should try to work through all the negative emotions that may be stopping you from accepting the love your twin is offering.

The twin flame connection can trigger all kinds of issues that are your weak spots, such as abandonment or intimacy issues. The moment you start being aware of the problem that you have and start facing it, it will be an enormous relief for you but for your twin as well.

If you are too proud to say that you were wrong or too scared to be vulnerable in front of your twin flame, that is only a stage, and it is not worth the pain of being separated.

2) You start feeling extremely happy

Twin flames can communicate telepathically, which means that if your twin flame is in the chasing phase, he may send you the energy telepathically. This means that you can feel delighted all of a sudden.

When this starts happening, it can be very surprising, but you should know that this is maybe the way that your twin flame is trying to convince you to reconsider. Pay attention to the energy you feel, and all the emotions that may arise.

Also, take a closer look at the time it happens. Try to look for the pattern that may help you understand yourself better.

Does it happen before you see each other, after you meet or when you have intense dreams? Keep a diary of your dreams to understand better what is causing these energy shifts in your life.

This could give you a sense of greater control of the events occurring randomly.

3) A real love advisor confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will help you understand that the chase is finally over!

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4) You cannot stop thinking about your twin flame

When the connection is so strong, and the physical attraction simply cannot be denied, it’s no wonder that twin flames cannot stop thinking about each other. That can become pretty much an obsession that could prevent you from focusing on anything else.

However, it is also a sign that you are about to reunite since you’re probably communicating telepathically with your twin flame sharing the same emotions. If you are a runner in this situation, this phase could negatively affect you because you could start feeling like you simply cannot recognize yourself anymore.

It is not easy to go through this phase, especially if you didn’t want to be back together, but your whole body says otherwise. Even though this can be pretty confusing and nerve-wracking, you will soon know more about your future with your twin flame.

Forgive yourself for wanting to give up the running because you are only human. All of us want to be loved, and this is your chance to finally get a piece of the happiness everyone is talking about.

5) You feel the presence of your twin

As mentioned before, twin flames can easily communicate telepathically, which means that if you are a runner, the chaser may constantly be sending you telepathic thoughts to help you decide faster about the next step you want to take. It can be a way to persuade you to reconsider your decision to stay away.

The feeling can bring you the peace you were looking for and give you a chance to understand better what it would feel like if you never reunite with your twin. If you can’t imagine something like that, then you may want to shorten the period of separation and simply do what you can to be together again.

If you are not sure about your future or would you even want to have one together, feeling the presence of your twin may be pretty burdening and even scary. It could even make you run again.

However, things could also turn for the better because feeling the presence of your twin may help you realize just how much you actually care.

6) You dream about your twin every night

Dreams are a way that our subconsciousness communicates with us, and it is the way for the universe to tell us more about the next step we should take.

If you notice that you dream about your twin flame every night, maybe your twin is trying to send your messages to tell you how much they care about you.

Think about the way you dream about your twin because that could tell you more about the things that you cannot consciously fully comprehend. You should know that you may start daydreaming, so if you notice that you’re miles away from the place you are physically at that could be the way that your twin flame is communicating with you.

Keep in mind that your twin may be wandering the hallways of your soul any time, day or night, but you can still have some sense of control and get yourself busy. Process all the thoughts that may be going through your mind, and you will be much closer to finding out the truth that can be escaping for months from your heart.

7) You start noticing signs everywhere around you

During the challenging period in our lives, the universe starts sending us signs in the form of sequences of numbers. If you suddenly start noticing the exact numbers on your watch, in the store, or your dreams, you should know this is not accidental.

It is actually a sign that you are about to reunite with your twin flame. Pay attention to the numbers you see because each one of these sequences has a different message for you that you should try to decode.

Depending on the numbers you start seeing, you should take different actions to make this time easier for both of you. The yearning is the same no matter if you are a runner or a chaser, but if you’re constantly on the run, the messages from the universe may help you see the bigger picture.

They can help you understand better what you need to work on in the meantime until this dreadful phase is over. It will help you understand your feelings and intentions more and raise some serious questions about your goals in life and the weak spots that you need to heal.

But how can you be sure about what these signs truly mean?

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8) You notice that you are fully spiritually awake

Most of us are asleep for the biggest part of our lives. We can work, spend time with our families, and be completely oblivious of our true purpose, negative patterns, and mission in life.

During some extraordinary moments, our bubble suddenly gets pierced, and we get sudden realizations about what we were doing wrong and what we should do next. These moments should be embraced because they could lead to a much better life.

They lead to a spiritual awakening that could help you reunite with your twin flame and actually create a good life for both of you. The twin flame chaser knows just how divine the connection is and is fully ready to accept anything you want from them, except staying away.

It is up to you now to decide what you want to do in your life and what kind of relationship you want to focus on. If you realize that the connection with your twin flame is very valuable to you, you may start putting your guard down and finally reunite with your twin.

9) Symbols start appearing on your path

During the separation phase, twin flames report seeing symbols mainly in the form of different animals. Here are a few that you may start noticing, so pay close attention to the symbols repeating constantly!

Butterfly – if you start noticing it everywhere, it means that you are ready for a transformation and embracing your beauty from the inside out. It also means that your relationship with your twin flame will evolve and become better.

Dove – once you start noticing the dove, you should know that it is a symbol of peace, innocence, and purity. It may be time to raise the white flag and reunite.

Owl – seeing the owl means that you will experience a deep connection with your twin flame and that you will become wiser and more patient with your twin.

Make sure you keep a close eye on the symbols that may start repeating because they could help you fully understand what to do next.

10) You want to try new things

Going through this phase may push you towards opening your mind and trying new things. You may suddenly start wishing to go to new places, try a new style, redefine your image and go out of your comfort zone.

This could bring some new energy and help you change your mind about running from your twin flame. You may suddenly start realizing that the pain you feel when you are separated from your twin is simply not worth it.

You may want to stop running and show that you care too.

11) Everything reminds you of them

Runners usually want to get away from it all and forget that their twin ever existed, but the universe has different plans. During the time when you want to run the most, you will probably start noticing that everything you see reminds you of your twin.

That could be the bench where you used to sit, the ice cream you used to eat, the smell of the perfume, the way the sky looks. It will feel at one point like there is no place to hide from them.

During this phase, you may start feeling extremely sensitive and emotional, which could lead to reuniting with your twin flame.

12) Your feelings start purifying

Considering that the twin flames mirror each other’s feelings and bring out the worst, you probably noticed that lots of anger and resentment are boiling inside of you. However, at one point, the feelings start settling down, and the moment you notice that they become purified, it is a sign that you are becoming ready to reunite.

You will start noticing that you are not so angry anymore and that you only remember the good things from your relationship and that despite your desire to run, your need to be together will become stronger.

13) The feeling of serenity becomes dominant

If you start noticing that you are calmer lately and the things that used to upset you no longer do, it is a good sign that you are accepting whenever fate has prepared for you. This could be a way that the universe is using to send you positive vibes so you can be in peace with yourself no matter the outcome.

Sometimes twin flames don’t end up together because they simply cannot stand feeling such intense emotions. They turn to someone simpler so they can live ordinary lives.

If this is you and you want to continue running, you should know that it is your right to do so because all of us should have the freedom of choice to decide who we are going to let in our lives. When you start accepting any possible outcome, it is an excellent period to start focusing more on yourself and see what destiny could bring.

Accepting fate is one step towards maturing and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. Appreciate these feelings and the peace you are finally feeling.

14) The telepathic connection becomes very strong

The twin flame connection is so powerful that it can sometimes involve telepathic communication almost constantly. If you feel relaxed and satisfied, but all of a sudden, you become anxious and angry for no apparent reason, this could be an energy that your twin flame is sending to you through telepathy.

It can also occur that you start feeling calmer even though you were upset before. It just means that you are still very much connected and that your twin wants to reunite again.

Such intense emotions are a sure sign that you will soon be back together with your twin flame. The dance between you, the running, and the chasing will soon stop, and you will be able to share the love again and bring it to a whole new level.

15) You feel connected

If you suddenly start releasing all the negative emotions and fears that have been holding you back, you will notice that you feel connected and happy whenever you start thinking about your twin flame. It is a sign that the universe wants you to reunite and be together again.

At this time, you may start noticing that the timing is always right whatever you try to do. Look at this as a way for the universe to help you and push you in the right direction, but also to reassure you that everything is going to be alright.

You will start sensing the divine energy more, so you can stop running and enjoy the love you want so much. The obstacles will suddenly begin to melt, and you will feel like everything is falling back to its place.

16) Your purpose in life becomes clear

It is not easy to find a purpose in life, especially when you get burdened by strong emotions that you cannot explain. However, at one point, you will notice that your mind becomes clear and that you can easily see what you should do in life.

You will understand better why you were sent to this world and how you can fulfill your destiny. That surely includes your twin flame and bringing everything into the balance that will bring you peace.

What can you do until the chase is over?

It is crucial for you to understand that every separation has its purpose. It is an energy shift, and it happens to push the twin flames into the direction of either healing or working on their growth.

Here are a few things that could help you get through this easier:

Even though this is not the easiest period of your life, it can certainly be the time when you will grow as a person and heal all the traumas you have survived.

Keep in mind that every time you feel weak, insecure, and hurt, it is a call from the universe to start digging deeper into your subconsciousness and find the causes of these feelings.

You can start meditating to be more in touch with your soul, or you can begin consulting with an expert who will be able to guide you through this challenging period.

The most important thing that you should remember is that this is an opportunity for you to develop your potential to the fullest, and after this painful period is done, you will look at yourself with different eyes.

When the struggles are over, you will probably notice that you will be mirroring much calmer emotions, and you will finally be at peace with yourself and your twin flame. Without the inner work, you will just prolong the suffering and this can last for a very long time.

What is fuelling the pain?

As you probably know by now, it’s important to say it in plain words – a relationship between twin flames is a rollercoaster. It doesn’t end, and you feel like you are at the bottom and then on top of the world.

There is lots of fear in between, and you will probably be nauseous for most of the time. The energy can drive you nuts, but it is so powerful that it can pull you in like a magnet.

The thing that is driving insane most of the twin flames is the fact that the runner and the chaser constantly switch roles. Surrender happens in rare moments, and this can last for many years before both twins heal all the past wounds and when they are ready to completely surrender and share a blissful love.

This process takes time, and it cannot be rushed in any way. It is frustrating for sure, but every step has its meaning. It will stop at one point, but you should also keep in mind that just because you have done the work and are fully spiritually awakened now, that doesn’t need to apply to your twin flame.

You simply need to wait and see what happens next. Even though you are a runner in this phase, you may constantly be blaming the chaser for leaving you.

Be kind to yourself the moment you start going crazy because of all the inner conflicts. Simply understand that this is how it is supposed to be.

It can sometimes feel like torture, but the universe is trying to put you through an ordeal in order to give you a prize at the end of it.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to go through all these obstacles and keep a smile on your face, but you should know that you are not alone in this. Your twin flame is going through the same and everything that you are reflecting; they will feel with equal intensity.

After many years of going back and forth, you will notice that the intensity of negative feelings will start backing down. This is the moment when the universe will start giving you more and more signs so you can begin accepting your destiny and accept your twin flame fully.

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