The twin flame runner right before awakening: 10 key signs

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Having a twin flame is not all fun and games. If you ever had one, I’m sure you know how intensely concentrated everything is from the moment your paths crossed.

Things start getting harsher and more painful when you finally reach that stage where you take on the roles of the chaser and the runner.

If you’re a runner, then we have a great article here about knowing when the chase is over.

If you’re the chaser, let me ask you: how have you been holding up?

I know it’s been a tough time trying to wait for your runner to come back, but this is a crucial time for the both of you before you find your way back to each other and finally become one.

And when that happens, everything will finally fall into place.

But awakening is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

So, in anticipation of that stage, look out for these 10 key signs before your runner starts to awaken.

1) Your reconnection is finally easy

While neither of you might admit it, certainly both of you have tried to reconnect one way or another. Except, the first times you did, you just fell farther apart from each other.

That’s because it’s not the right time yet for you to reconnect.

All you can do is wait. The space between the two of you is what your twin flame needs to understand that your connection will not destroy their individuality, but instead enhance it.

As the chaser, you may want to do everything in your power to bridge the gap between you two. But doing so will only hurt you and the runner even more.

Believe me, I’ve been there. At one point, I was the runner and my boyfriend the chaser. And, let me tell you, the sixth stage we went through transpired for a very long time.

We even tried to prevent ourselves from falling back together. We kept on saying, “We can be attracted to each other without doing anything about it. We can stay just friends.”

But when souls become drawn to each other, there really is nothing we can do to stop them. 

True enough, when the right time came for us to reconnect, it was the easiest transition ever.

So hang in there. Accept that this process is painful for the both of you. You might not exactly know when they’ll come back. It can take months to years (six long years for me and my partner), but you’ll end up together again for sure.

2) They value self-love and individuality

While this may sound like the exact opposite of what you want to happen, seeing your twin flame value individuality is a very good sign that they’re about to awaken.

In the first place, one of the reasons why the runner kept their distance from you is because they felt like they were losing themselves in the intensity of the relationship.

So when you find them having this newfound love for themselves, encourage it! Celebrate it with them! And never fail to remind them that you value their individuality just as much as they do.

Then it will only be a matter of time before they feel confident enough to embrace the intensity of your connection, too.

3) They are more expressive

With the runner’s firm individuality now secured, they will also start to be more expressive.

Whenever the two of you are around each other, does your twin flame touch you more than they used to, in ways that can be defined as meaningful? Do they compliment you more frequently? Do they express their emotions more freely and profoundly?

If so, then the eyes of their souls are now beginning to flutter open.

4) They help you get to know parts of yourself you didn’t know about

During your time apart, your twin flame would have been busy gathering all the knowledge in the world they could get. It’s their way of building their own foundations in the universe.

So when you meet them again, don’t be surprised that being around their presence can reveal certain things about yourself that are new to you.

It only means they are starting to enjoy the feeling of growing alongside you.

5) The way you both think becomes synchronized

Are there moments when you two start finishing each other’s sentences? Or maybe you know exactly when to come visit your twin flame during a random time in the day? Are you seeing more instances of both of you knowingly taking a glance at each other simultaneously?

Then this means your souls are once again starting to synchronize, and they might well be halfway through the process of awakening.

In some cases, other people may even say the two of you are starting to look alike!

6) They exhibit great empathy

It is inevitable that during the process of awakening, your twin flame will become more aware of your emotions instead of just theirs.

When this happens, you’ll notice them understanding habits of yours other people would consider irrational. They would know how you feel with just one look. And when they say, “I understand you,” you’ll believe them.

Because it will not be a simple expression of sympathy. When they say it to you, you’ll know deep down that it’s true.

7) They are now at peace with growth and change

When before, the idea of your connection overwhelmed your twin flame, now they will embrace it with open arms.

This translates as well to all the things that will change in your lives as you start surrendering to each other. The evolutions of your souls will no longer be frightening for the runner, but instead be a catalyst for growth.

And as they continue to awaken, that growth will only manifest more strongly.

8) Their presence helps you heal yourself

At this point, you’ll start to notice that the pain of your separation is starting to ease.

Once, the mere thought of the runner may send a sharp sting to your chest, but now that they’re about to awaken, being around them feels more comforting.

Their smile, their voice, the way they act around you, and more… all of these things will soothe the ache you once felt. And you yourself will begin your journey to healing and surrendering yourself once more to the connection of your souls.

This time, without fear.

9) The atmosphere around the two of you warms others

It won’t be just you who will notice the awakening of your twin flame.

The atmosphere around the two of you will be affected so much that even the people around you will take note of it.

Listen to the comments from friends, family, and even strangers. What do they say about the energy in the air when the two of you are around? How would they describe the room you inhabit?

Your closest friends would even say that since you two reconnected, it’s only a matter of time before you and your twin flame got back together.

10) You feel a sense of steadiness and stability

Finally, just before the very moment the runner awakens, you’ll feel a sense of steadiness. The intensity will still be there, sure, but it wouldn’t feel overwhelming anymore.

The private bubble you both inhabit will not suffocate either of you. Instead, it will feel as if it has expanded throughout the universe, stabilizing your connection once and for all.

By then, you’ll both find yourself in bed or in a park and feel a nurturing feeling of peace which sustains you.

So what can you do while waiting for the runner to awaken?

If you’re still in the middle of the chase, just keep holding on. What you have is something rare and it would be a shame if you give up now.

Remember that for things that really matter, it will first get worse before it gets better. For the unique connection you have, this could be multiplied a few times over.

The pain you feel right now while waiting is necessary for you to understand the joy and peace of what’s to come.

And always remember that growth is a very uncomfortable process.

But while waiting for your runner to awaken, you should keep on doing your mission as a twin flame.  As the one who’s awake, pass on the light you bear to other people. Express gratitude to the universe for having met your twin flame. Work on yourself. These things will pave the path for your twin flame’s return.

So burn brighter. Burn golden. Burn steadily like the fire of a hearth until the time comes when the runner is ready to come back home to you.

Trust me: When the runner awakens, you’ll realize your own purpose. And it will all be worth the wait.

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