What is twin flame reunion anxiety? 12 ways to deal with it

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The prospect of the reunion is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. 

Even while you want it to happen, there is a huge chunk of your being that is terrified about what will happen or if it doesn’t. Twin flame reunion anxiety is what we call this.

As a first step toward alleviating your concern about seeing your twin flame again, let’s take a look at what it is and how you’ll get there. 

When it comes down to it, the uncertainty is sometimes more frightening than the actual object of fear.

What is Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety?

Anxiety about reuniting with your twin flame after a separation is called twin flame reunion anxiety. For a variety of reasons, you may be apprehensive about reuniting with your twin flame.

It’s possible you’re afraid the two of you will eventually come together, but you haven’t evolved enough as individuals to be able to maintain a relationship with one another. Let’s see if we can work something out.

Or perhaps you’re concerned that the reunion will never happen. You may not have been meant to meet in this lifetime.

With so many questions and uncertainties swirling around such a crucial event, it’s easy for anxiousness to take root.

Fortunately, the universe uses a variety of signs and synchronicities to let us know that our twin flames are about to reunite.

The following are 12 signs that will occur immediately prior to the twin flame reunion.

1) You’re thinking of each other more often than ever.

Perhaps you’re so anxious about the reunion that suddenly you’ve begun thinking about your twin flame more than usual.

Even if you’re always thinking about your twin flame, it seems as though everything is conjuring up memories of them lately.

Even if it’s irrelevant, you can’t help but imagine how your twin flame would react, say, or act in that situation.

You’ll be drawn to places that have a personal significance to you and your partner. Also, you’ll start seeing more of the people you used to know.

As a result, your thoughts have become filled with your reunion date. You may be trying to do everything within your power to make sure it happens and get it right this time.

Once you realize what is happening, however, stop imagining things that won’t happen and focus instead on what WILL occur in the near future.

2) You’re feeling a sense of urgency.

Have you noticed you suddenly feel like you should be doing something? 

You might feel the need to make some kind of significant change in your love life on a sudden whim. 

It could be a choice about a career change or moving to another place for the purpose of aligning with your twin flame again. 

You may even see yourself changing your diet or cutting out some relationship that is not serving you. Sudden outbursts of creativity are a sign that the twin flame reunion is near.

What’s the catch?

You may suddenly have a rush of artistic inspiration or explode with creative energy. Perhaps you’ll start reading an author that you didn’t enjoy before, or one you haven’t read in a long time.

An increased interest in spiritual things might also accompany this type of behavior. You’ll be more open to the concept that there’s more to life than just materialism and the pursuit of pleasure.

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4) You feel your twin flame’s energy nearby.

A few days prior to the twins’ reunion, you may sense your twin flame’s presence.

You’ll feel it even if it’s not physically around you. Your heart will fill with warmth and yearning. 

You’ll feel as though they’re just on the other side of a door or in the room with you. 

Sounds familiar?

They may be in the same room, but still feel as though they’re not there.

It’s similar to having a familiar shadow figure in your peripheral vision but not being able to make it out. 

The feeling will carry over into your dreams and change your dreams. 

You’ll even begin to receive messages that either refer to or directly point to your twin flame during waking hours. 

In your mind’s eye, see yourself running into each other at a party or event you both attend.

5) You’re being shown more things about them through synchronicity.

The universe will start showing you signs that your twin flame is around you, even if you’re not consciously focused on them.

Notifications in your daily life will point to them. You’ll see a symbol that reminds you of them. 

Something as simple as a song can be an invitation for them to make their presence known to you on your emotional frequency. 

You may also start to notice people around you show similar traits to your twin flame, or the same symbols appear over and over again.

Everything will seem to indicate that you’ve been delivered a sign from the universe that your twin flame is in the room with you.

6) You feel excited but at the same time peaceful.

You’ll start to feel like you’re building up a lot of energy. 

It may be an enjoyable kind of energy, like the kind you feel when learning something new or going on a hike that inspires feelings of awe. 

Want to know more about this feeling?

The exhilarating feeling will become stronger and stronger as it intensifies. 

From this point forward, your body and mind will feel more energetic than ever before. 

The more you focus on this feeling, the more convinced you’ll become that your twin flame is near.

You may also find yourself feeling and acting more “crazy” than usual, which is actually the fact that you’re seeing things more clearly.

Besides, you can feel peaceful at the same time. 

This can be a sign that your twin flame is on their way.

7) You’re perhaps feeling a little more prone to psychic experiences.

Your spiritual awareness may also be increasing at this same point in time. 

You may suddenly feel the presence of unseen forces all around you. For example, you might even find yourself going through one of the following signs:

  • Suddenly noticing synchronicities (especially in relation to your twin flames) everywhere, like finding specific numbers everywhere at once. 
  • Hearing voices that remind you of your twin flame. 
  • Receiving an urgent message from your twin flame. 
  • Suddenly feeling as if ears have been opened to angelic messages from the divine realm.

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8) You realize that something is missing.

You’ll suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten something important. 

Your mind will start to race with thoughts and ideas on what it could be. 

It could be anything, such as the picnic you went to the other day. 

You’ll realize that it’s the same feeling you got at that picnic. 

That’s when you realize that it is your twin flame. 

You may also feel a sense of incompleteness or longing for them, but with reason and logic.

So what is it actually?

It might be a sign that your twin flame has finally re-entered your life and they’ve been here all along, but you just didn’t notice them. Or, it might be something else entirely. 

They could be showing you that something’s missing in your life and that you need it to feel complete. 

Whatever it is, the universe will let you know what it is. 

You’ll realize that missing part of yourself. 

Always remember to remain open-minded during this time, but check all possibilities before jumping to conclusions.

9) You dream about each other.

Dreams are a reflection of what’s going on in your life right now. 

So, if your twin flame is missing from your dreams, it may be because you’re struggling to find them in your waking life. 

You may wake up from a dream feeling as though you’ve seen something that’s not there any more or something that could never be possible. 

You’ll feel down and confused when you wake up from this kind of dream.

The more you stop and think about the dream, the more likely you are to remember it. 

You may even find it difficult to move on after a dream like this because you feel like something is pulling at your heart. 

It’s a sign that your twin flame is near, but that distance is getting to you. 

10) You constantly see 11:11.

You may see 11:11 everywhere, even when it’s just a random number. 

It may be written in the sky, or on a piece of paper. 

You may even see it while thinking about the twin flame and how you feel about them. 

The numbers are a sign that your twin flame is close by. And, in fact, they are.

How to tell if it’s your twin flame?

There is no definitive way of knowing if it’s your twin flame that you’re feeling. 

However, you will certainly know when you’re in the presence of your twin flame. 

You’ll feel an intense connection right away, as if there were no time or space between the two of you. 

In fact, the moment will feel like what could only be described as love at first sight.

11) You have a feeling of completion.

You may feel a feeling of completeness and wholeness for the first time. 

This is a sensation that’s hard to describe because it’s completely unique for every person. 

You’ll feel as though something has been realized and you feel whole for the first time in your life. 

It may be a feeling of knowing who you are, or an overwhelming sense of love and contentment. 

It could be both, like feeling complete and knowing who you are at the same time.

Suddenly, you’ll be able to look at yourself and see who you are as a person. 

You’ll feel free from the emotional attachments that have held you back in life so far. 

When your twin flame is near, you’ll feel the strangest sense of calm and acceptance. 

The feelings of anxiety and uncertainty will fade away into oblivion as this sense of completeness takes over your mind.

12) You hear a voice telling you they’re coming.

You may suddenly start hearing a voice in your head saying they’re coming, or even reading your mind and showing you visions of them. 

I know the feeling!

As the days go by, it will become clearer to you who it is as well as what they’re saying.

The voice may have someone’s voice. 

You’ll start to hear the words they speak, but it won’t make sense. 

It will feel like your thoughts are starting to sound like sentences but making no sense. 

When you think about your twin flame, it will also start making sense for you. 

You’ll suddenly find yourself thinking about them and their name as if it’s been waiting to come out from inside you.

So how can you deal with twin flame reunion anxiety?

Visualize that reunion!

Ever heard the phrase, “What you focus on expands?” 

When you’re in a negative mental state and you’re thinking about things that won’t happen, it’s no wonder you’re attracting more and more negative situations into your life. 

Visualizing the twin flame reunion can help alleviate anxiety for a number of reasons. 

The first is because it helps to “lock in” the plan for how this will happen. 

It sets the intention and brings you closer to the outcome you desire. 

Secondly, this visualization will help you to relax, which is extremely important. 

It will also help to quickly dissolve any resistance you may be holding onto so that you can fully allow the reunion to happen. 

Lastly, by visualizing your twin flame, it will bring more peace and love into your life at this very moment. 

It can also open up new experiences and opportunities for you. 

Get in touch with your intuition.

If you have twin flame reunion anxiety, it would be beneficial in the present moment to get in touch with your gut instinct about the timing of this reunion. 

How does it feel to have them back? 

What kind of impact are they creating in your life? How do you feel about what’s currently happening? What does it feel like to have this reunion?

Also, check in to see if you’re feeling any anxiety or resistance about the reunion, and what’s behind that.

You may be feeling quite a lot at this point, but you can use your intuition to know the difference between what is real and what is not. 

Love yourself.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself when it comes to twin flame reunion anxiety is to start loving yourself. 

Be kind to yourself, even if you’re having these feelings of anxiety and doubt. 

If you learn to be kind and loving with yourself, it will bounce right back at you and show up in your life as more love and acceptance.

If you don’t love yourself and appreciate your strengths, then you will easily slip into this negative pattern. 

You’ll feel as though you can’t handle the anxiety, push it away, and it will only get worse. 

However, if you’re able to allow yourself to accept the feelings and look at them honestly, then it becomes easier to let go of them.

Take the time to be alone and relax.

If you have twin flame reunion anxiety, it would be beneficial in the present moment to take some time to be alone. 

All you need to do is:

Relax in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. 

Take a deep breath and focus on your heart chakra, letting all the love that’s there fill you up. 

Now imagine that love being directed towards you and filling whatever part of your body feels empty at this point.

As you breathe, allow this love to spread throughout your entire body. 

Think about how it feels to be loved and cared for. 

Be aware of when you start feeling better, and do this as often as you need to. 

Be patient!

Your twin flame reunion anxiety is completely normal and it’s happening for a reason. 

It’s not some cosmic error. 

What you’re going through is a beautiful process of evolving and growing as a person. 

In order to embrace this evolution, you have to be patient. 

Be patient with yourself, with others, with the world around you and everything in it.

Whenever you feel twin flame reunion anxiety, try to slow your breathing and allow it to move through you. 

Remind yourself that you’re going through this for a reason, and it’s all for the best in the end.

Understanding where you are on your journey.

The first step to ending anxiety about the twin flame reunion is understanding where you are on your journey. 

You have a legitimate reason for feeling anxious, even if it does seem strange to you. 

It’s important to recognize that you do not know everything about this reunion and that’s okay.

It’s important to embrace the fact that you’re feeling anxious because in doing so, it will help you to accept your feelings. 

You can let go of your resistance and move forward into what comes next. 

Final thoughts

I’ve had a lot of experience with twin flame reunions. 

Twins go through their own personal challenges and lessons that are extremely similar to our own, but in the end, they’ve been drawn back together for many different reasons. 

Having gone through my fair share of twin flame reunions, I can personally attest to the fact that it’s definitely worth the wait! 

Hopefully, this article has shown you some of the signs to look out for in your twin flame reunion. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of ways to deal with twin flame reunion anxiety, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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