The 10 most common twin flame purging symptoms

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Are you new to your twin flame journey?

If you are, then you should know that twin flame purging symptoms may occur before the union, before the reunion, and on your way to oneness.

So, if you’re wondering about the symptoms that predict these crucial moments in your twin flame journey, then keep reading and you will find everything that you need.

But first,

What is twin flame purging? 

Twin flame purging is the process in which you let go of your ego and old, limiting beliefs to make way for the new person that you want to be.

Furthermore, it is the process of releasing hidden fears, and everything else that doesn’t serve you well.

Sometimes this can be a slow process, where it feels like every day you’re faced with some sort of internal battle. 

Other times it sweeps over you like a tidal wave and you’re forced to confront yourself. 

In the end, it’s never an easy process and you should know that it might be something painful.

Painful? Why?

Because the ego doesn’t want to let go, it’ll do everything in its power to prevent you from becoming one with your twin flame. 

In addition, transitioning from darkness to light is definitely not pleasurable, and both emotional and physical pain could be involved. 

10 twin flame purging symptoms

1) You feel like there’s no vital force left in you

One of the most overlooked twin flame purging symptoms is the feeling of being drained of all vital energy. 

Although you’re trying to take care of yourself and get enough sleep, you still feel very tired. 

Furthermore, you don’t have the energy to do the things you love, and sometimes, even getting out of bed feels impossible.

Can you remember when this symptom started? 

This seemingly unimportant detail could be the key to why you feel so tired and lifeless most of the time.

The explanation? When a twin flame purging symptom manifests, it often shows up suddenly, but it’s actually something that you’ve been ‘feeding’ for months or centuries.

As a result, your physical body may react to this change by experiencing an emptying of all the stagnated energy in the form of exhaustion.

2) You often feel sick to your stomach

Hear me out, there is a connection between nausea and twin flame purging!

Metaphysically speaking, when you feel sick to your stomach, it means that you can’t deal with something. It means that you can’t accept something.

And it’s this thing that needs cleansing. You have to get this out of your system so that you can prepare yourself for uniting or reuniting with your twin.

For example, if you’re too controlling with every aspect of your life, then you might stop yourself from making any progress. 

In turn, the same thing could keep you away from your twin flame. 

So, purging is needed whenever you’re repressing something, especially when it comes to your counterpart.

Your journey depends on how effectively you and your twin deal with your issues and accept whatever is happening in your lives.

3) You are letting go of your emotional baggage

Another symptom of twin flame purging? 

You are able to let go of your emotional baggage. Without a doubt, you are finally able to feel and release old, pent-up emotions. You no longer cling to your past experiences and you are able to live in the present. 

This is definitely a very positive thing. In fact, you could even say that it means that you’ve grown into a more spiritual being.

And the best part? 

As you release the baggage, your life will improve drastically.

You will feel much lighter and freer. 

Of course, this is also a sign that your twin flame journey has started to move in the right direction. 

You’ve reached a point where you can let go of old fears and tell yourself that you’re ready for whatever comes next in your life. 

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5) You are able to release old patterns

As you’re letting go of your emotional baggage, it also means that you’re able to release old patterns.

When people talk about twin flame purging, they are quite often referring to the process of releasing limiting and negative beliefs, as well as old patterns.

In other words, when you are purging, you are letting go of everything that is holding you back from becoming your true self; a better version of yourself; your higher self.

Examples of patterns:

  • You start doing a lot of things but never finish anything.
  • You keep planning things with other people, but you always change your mind.
  • You make promises that you never keep.

These are just a few general examples of negative patterns that you may have started to let go of.

6) You start being more compassionate with others

Another sign of twin flame purging is when you become more compassionate with others. Although you are feeling drained, it’s not like you want to be alone, right? 

Instead, your heart opens up to almost everyone, and you feel like your heart is expanding each and every day. 

When this happens, you’ll most probably be able to feel another person’s pain and you’ll be more tolerant of other people’s opinions. 

Finally, this is a sign that you are clearing up your internal space and opening yourself up to higher guidance. 

In short, you are getting ready to let go of negativity and open your heart to unconditional love.

7) You push away all the toxic people in your life

As you’re starting to see the light and release negative energies, it might also be right to purge toxic people out of your life, don’t you think?

If you’ve already started doing that, let me congratulate you! I imagine it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

However, you have probably noticed that it comes naturally to you and that you don’t have any regrets about it.

In addition, you might feel a strong desire to surround yourself with like-minded individuals only, who can positively contribute to your life.

Well, these are all common twin flame purging symptoms.

8) You feel drawn to nature and you start spending more time outdoors

This is another common twin flame purging symptom. 


Nature is known to have a strong cleansing power, and nature has a way of removing all stuck energy.

When you spend more time outside, the nature around you will cleanse every little thing that’s in your system. 

In fact, you will feel completely different if you just spend some time outside for an hour or two each day. 

But, I’m sure you’ve already experienced this, right? 

If not, then try spending some time in nature. You will see how the beautiful energy of nature will help you clear up your system and reduce your stress levels.

9) You are doing things that you previously said you couldn’t do

When you’re getting closer to your twin flame and also going through the twin flame purging process, you may feel more confident in yourself than ever before. 

This newfound confidence is giving you a push to do things that you previously said you couldn’t, because you didn’t believe in yourself. 

For example, you may have always wanted to go to a new place or take that first step into a new career.

However, as you’re letting go of limiting beliefs and negative energies, everything becomes possible. And this is so great! 

You will soon find yourself moving forward in life and making progress that you have never made before. And even better, you’re doing it all with a positive mindset and a clean energy system.

10) Your intuition is getting stronger than ever before

We all know that intuition is a very powerful thing. 

Well, as you start going through the twin flame purging process, your intuition will get even stronger. 

For example, you’ll be able to tell when someone isn’t spiritual or has bad energy around them. You’ll be able to tell if people are being genuine or not with their intentions.

This symptom of twin flame purging is telling you that all the negative energies are finally coming to an end and taking a clear path out of your life.

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The twin flame surrender stage

What is the twin flame surrender stage?

The twin flame surrender stage is the last stage of purging before you meet your twin flame. 

To be more precise, it means that you have now reached the point of unconditional surrender. 

In other words, you are ready to let go of all your fears and feelings of uncertainty. 

You’re ready to let go of control over your life and finally become one with your twin flame. 

You are ready to give up on negativity in general, not just towards certain people.

In short, you are ready to surrender to love now.

The surrender stage is a very important stage when it comes to twin flames and twin flame purging. 

How so? If you don’t surrender, you could miss out on your twin flame completely. 

If you surrender, however, there is nothing standing in your way from meeting your twin flame or reuniting with them.

Here are some traits that characterize the twin flame surrender stage:

You don’t care about other people’s opinions

One of the signs that you are going through the twin flame surrender stage is that you don’t care about what other people have to say about you.

In fact, this is because you realize that no matter what people say about you, it will never, ever change who you are deep down inside. 

So, why bother? 

You stop having emotional outbursts

Another sign of the twin flame surrender stage is that you stop having emotional reactions towards other people. 

For example, if someone says something that offends you, you don’t react emotionally and try to fight back. 

You also won’t seek revenge because you know that it’s not worth it. You just let go of all negativity and carry on with your life. 

You start communicating more on a conscious level

Another sign that you are going through the twin flame surrender stage is when you start communicating more consciously. 

For example, when someone is speaking to you, you will find yourself thinking about what they are saying and how it applies to your life. 

You will also find yourself asking yourself why people gravitate to you or how you could be helping others. 

You are clear about what you want in life and what you don’t want

One of the most important signs that you have reached the twin flame surrender stage is your clarity about what you want out of life and what you don’t want

For example, if someone is offering to do something for you and it isn’t aligned with your values, beliefs, or intentions, then you won’t accept it. 

Your mind will be completely clear about these things. 

You will not be swayed by any other person or their opinions. 

This is because you know where you want to go and how you want to get there. 

You are committed to spiritual growth and truth-telling

Another sign that you are going through the twin flame surrender stage is when you become more open-minded and committed to spiritual growth and truth-telling. 

For example, you will find yourself seeking out information on spirituality. 

You will also be aware of situations where you are being deceived or where something is not quite right. And you will know what to do in these situations. 

This point relates back to intuition. More specifically, you’ll be more in tune with it and more capable of listening to it and acting according to it.

You want to connect with your twin flame

When you are going through the twin flame surrender stage, you start having deeper desires. Like what?

You will want to connect with your twin flame. You will want to know more about them and what brings them joy. 

More importantly, you will want to know more about their life and how they live their life. And this is something that has been completely off-limits until now. 

You are ready to be one with your twin flame

Another sign that you are going through the twin flame surrender stage is when you finally feel ready to be one with your twin flame. 

You want to merge together, become one, and share everything in life. 

This is not just because you love them or care about them. It’s because you know it’s the only way for your souls to grow and evolve together.

Final thoughts

Your twin flame could be waiting for you to unite, reunite or become one. However, you both have to go through the purging process before that happens.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of the twin flame purging symptoms. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling like this, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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