15 twin flame myths that are holding you back from finding your soulmate

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Do you believe in twin flames? Do you long for the day when you meet yours?

Do you know that what you are longing for can come true? Twin flames exist. The deepest connection you’ll ever feel on earth will be with your twin flame!

You’ll feel connected to him or her not just on an emotional and physical level but also on a soulful or spiritual level.

When it happens, you’ll both feel so much happiness and peace. The connection will be so strong that it will be hard to imagine anyone else being your perfect match. 

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience this. Some people spend their entire lives chasing their twin flame without success, not because they’re not worthy, but because they believe and follow the wrong information.

There is a lot of stuff about twin flames on the Internet, but not all of it is true. If you want to go ahead with this, it’s important to be sure about what you’re being told because these twin flame myths will 100% hold you back from finding your soulmate.

And that’s where we come in. 

To help you better navigate through the incorrect information and discover the truth for yourself, we’ll be presenting the most common myths about twin flames and the twin flame journey:

1) Same-sex couples can’t be twin flames 

A twin flame is your soul’s other half. When a soul reaches a higher frequency, it splits and enters two different bodies: your body and your twin flame’s body.

If you could look at a soul, you’d see that it does not have a specific gender; it is the spiritual component of a human being, and it is neither male nor female. This means your twin flame could be the same sex as you.

2) Your twin flame has the same personality as you 

Everyone expects that meeting their twin flame will be like meeting their identical twin. He or she will think the same way as you, like and dislike the same things, etc.

Guaranteed, you and your twin flame might enjoy the same music, be into the same sports, or even have similar life experiences, but you won’t be clones of one another.

Yes, a twin flame is your other half, but your other half need not be the same as you. We are the sum of all our parts, and our twin flames fill up the gaps in which we are lacking. They complete us.

You are special, and so is your twin flame. There will be parts of them that are opposite, and that’s okay! Your relationship will be stronger because of the unique qualities that both you and your twin flame possess

3) Someone can tell you who your twin flame will be 

Social media is constantly filled with advertisements talking about people who can draw a picture of your twin flame or locate their twin flame with their minds.

Don’t be fooled; anyone can sketch a picture of a random person and claim that they are your twin flame, but that doesn’t make it true! Your twin flame journey is special; don’t let anyone else in.

You don’t know what their intention is. Some will do everything in their power to tear you down. Don’t let them. Trust yourself. Your soul will know when it’s found its match.

4) You can’t fulfill your life’s purpose without your twin flame

This is so not true. Some people use this as an excuse for not going with their mission, which doesn’t help anyone. 

When you know who you are and what you are here for, you’ll naturally attract your twin flame. One way to do that is to find your mission.

While in separation, twin flames can have their separate missions, and when they unite, they can still pursue those aforementioned missions. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Some couples will have an overarching mission as twin flames, while others don’t, and that’s okay.

Though they share the same soul, a part of them is still different, and as independent beings, they are free to pursue anything they want.

5) Your relationship will be perfect

Many of those who have not reached a union make the mistaken assumption that when they unite with their twin flame, it will feel like a fairy tale and they’ll be in a problem-free relationship.

That’s not true. Like any typical relationship, fights and arguments will happen, sometimes over the smallest things. 

This happens for a reason; it’s the universe’s way of purging all of the “karma” and negativity that we have amassed throughout our many incarnations.

However, this divine purpose is not fully comprehended by the mind. Therefore, when it occurs, we don’t like it. This is why some claim that a twin flame connection is also the most difficult of all relationships while still being the most beautiful.

6) Seeing angel number 11:11 means your twin flame is on the way

If only it were that easy. 

Yes, you will see 11:11 and other angel numbers on your twin flame journey, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are twin flame signs. 

They could be ascension signs. Ascension signs are signs of spiritual awakening. When you awaken, you might go through physical, emotional, and spiritual changes. 

So, seeing angel number 11:11 could be a sign that you will meet your twin flame, or it could be a sign for something else. 

For you to know for sure, pay attention to what you are thinking when you see the numbers, write down those instances on a piece of paper or in your notebook.

When you get a great idea, seeing angel number 11:11 right after could be the Universe telling you that what you are thinking is a good concept and that it will soon materialize.

7) Great sex is the only sign you are with your twin flame 

You may have great sex with your present romantic partner, but that doesn’t make them your twin flame. 

Whoever said that a bond with a twin flame was solely sexual? Because it isn’t.

A twin flame journey is not just about physical attraction or sexual experiences. It is more of a deep spiritual and emotional connection between two individuals who are said to share a common destiny.

8) When a twin flame turns into a runner, it’s all your fault

Twin flame runners are one of the most upsetting parts of a twin flame relationship. If you’ve been fortunate enough to date a twin flame, you probably understand the pain of having a lover abruptly break up with you. Are they even aware of what they’re doing?

Most likely, yes. In the concept of twin flames, a “runner” refers to one half of the relationship who is emotionally distancing themselves from the other half. 

This person may avoid the relationship and its intense feelings out of fear, insecurity, or other emotional conflicts. In other words, it’s on them, it’s not your fault!

The term “runner” is used to describe this behavior because they may run away from the relationship physically or emotionally. The other half of the relationship is often referred to as the “chaser”

9) My twin is a narcissist, and I need to stay with him or her until they are healed

 We are giving this a big DON’T in big red letters.

Because narcissism stems from child abuse or childhood trauma, some will use this as a reason to justify their twin’s abusive conduct. 

However, it’s not your responsibility to heal them. The truth is that a narcissist hardly ever sees the need to change, so you’ll probably be wasting your time. 

They might appear to change on the outside, but they’ll still have deeply ingrained behavior patterns that may even be signs of a personality disorder.

This is not something you should put up with in a relationship. Staying is not safe if there is abuse of any type, whether it be physical or emotional. Reach out to someone you trust and make a plan to get help.

10) Twin flames will stay together for the rest of their lives.

From a spiritual standpoint, you will remain together forever, but there is no assurance that you will continue to be in a physical relationship for the rest of your life. 

It will largely depend on how you and your twin’s spiritual blueprints are laid out and how your blueprints interact with your partner’s blueprints. When twin souls are created, they have the same energetic blueprint.

In brief, a spiritual blueprint is similar to the blueprints used in the construction of a house. They reveal a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics and experiences. 

11) When you meet your twin, you’ll instantly recognize her or him

It’s not always love at first sight. 

Though you’ve already found your twin flame, it may take some time for your soul to recognize its counterpart. 

Each individual is at a different stage of conscious development. Some souls are young, while others are old. Younger souls have a harder time identifying their twins than older souls do.

12) The twin flame journey will always be difficult 

The idea that the twin flame journey will always be difficult or maybe impossible is one of the biggest and most common myths about this phenomenon.

Some people might even go so far as to say that you’re doing it wrong if it’s not challenging.

The truth is that your twin flame journey doesn’t have to be painful; its very nature is one of love and peace.

Your twin flame only mirrors the parts of you that need your love; all you need to do to get past that unpleasant sensation is to love those parts of yourself.

If you feel that this journey has been way too challenging for you, you can always ask for more help from the universe and let it lead the way. 

How well you navigate this journey you’re on will greatly depend on the kind of support you get.

13) If I can’t be with my twin, I will forever live alone

You are not doomed to live a life of solidarity just because your twin flame isn’t ready for a relationship with you. 

Instead of sulking and moping around, why not share the love your twin flame made you feel instead?

Turn your emotions into positive actions. Share the love that you feel with others. Allow it to grow. You can have healthy and satisfying relationships with people who are not your twins.

14) One is the awakened twin, the other is not

This does not make sense. 

How can only one of you be “woke,” when you and your twin flame are one?

Everyone’s soul journey is different. Although you share the same soul blueprint, you are both unique individuals. What you might judge as being “not woke” could just be a difference in abilities.

We’ll explain it better – pretend your divine life purpose is a garden. There’s no point in both of you doing the wedding. 

One of you can do it while the other waters the flowers. One of you can look after the cabbages, while the other can plant tomatoes. 

15) Your twin is the only person with whom you can be happy

When both twin flames are awakened, they reach a deeper state of bliss in life. Some say it might even make you feel like you are in paradise. 

However, you should not make your twin flame your only source of happiness. Just like what we’ve discussed previously, a twin flame relationship is not perfect; there will be ups and downs just like any other type of partnership. 

So, if you put all of your happiness on that one person with faults and failures just like you, when everything doesn’t go according to plan, your world will crumble.

At the end of the day, happiness is still a choice. A choice only you can make.

No one but you should define or manipulate your happiness.


Finding your twin flame isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible, and that’s what we’re trying to prove with this guide—that you can find and fall in love with your soulmate if you know how to equip yourself properly.

A big part of that is knowing what is real and what is not. As we all know, there is a lot of fraud and scam going on in the twin flame landscape. 

To make sure you’re on the right path, always consult your higher self or soul and your spiritual guides. Trust your intuition, too.

If something said deeply “clicks” with you and you feel spiritually connected to the person, you’re on the right track. 

Finally, as you go on this journey, remember: there’s no sense in getting frustrated, as every step of the way is an opportunity for growth.

Focus on the positive and try to think of everything that happens as a lesson that your spirit needs to learn from.

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