The twin flame karmic connection: 15 signs to look out for

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You’ve made a connection with someone that feels particularly intense. 

It seems similar to a twin flame relationship, but not exactly. So what exactly are you dealing with? Could it be a twin flame karmic connection?

I remember I was very confused about the different spiritual relationships back when I was beginning my spiritual journey. 

And now that I’ve personally experienced basically every spiritual connection there is, I want to share the insights I’ve learned.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand the twin flame karmic connection and 15 signs you should look out for to see if you have one. 

What is a twin flame karmic connection?

Recently, more and more readers have been asking me about the “twin flame karmic connection.”

I knew I had to write this article and help clear things up as soon as possible. 

Because here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as a twin flame karmic connection.

There are twin flames, and then there are karmic connections.

These two types of relationships do share many elements in common. However, they are different on a fundamental level. 

It’s crucial for you to understand the difference so you can move forward on your spiritual journey without unnecessary setbacks and pain. 

So let’s break down the differences.

What are twin flames?

Put simply, twin flames are two halves of the same soul. They were split apart and went on to have separate experiences in physical form. 

Twin flames have a strong and unbreakable bond that transcends time and space. Therefore, twin flames are drawn to each other across multiple lifetimes. 

You and your twin flame will challenge and complete each other in a way that transforms both of you, leading to spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

However, twin flame relationships can also be intense and turbulent, as the two of you confront your own deepest fears and insecurities and find your way to divine union.

What are karmic connections (and how are they different from twin flames)?

Karmic partners are similar to twin flames in the sense that their relationship spans several lifetimes. However, this is not because they are two halves of the same soul.

Rather, karmic partners are two individuals who have karmic debts to each other. 

Let me explain what that means.

We all make mistakes in our relationships, from arguments to accusations or even lashing out in pain.

We’ve all been there, and it’s a normal and expected part of our journey through life.

However, refusing to learn from these mistakes is something else entirely. When you refuse to correct your behavior and become a better person, you create karmic debt for yourself.

You owe this debt to your partner with whom you made those mistakes. If you don’t pay it back by acknowledging what you did wrong and taking steps to correct it, this debt becomes attached to your soul. 

And if your lifetime ends without clearing it, it will carry over to your next life. You’ll keep making the same mistakes and follow the same toxic patterns until you break free.

That’s why the universe brings you together with your karmic partner. This is your partner from your previous life, reborn into a new body — just like you. 

You’ll inevitably make the same mistakes again. But this time, if you learn your lesson, you can break free from the toxic cycle. You’ll allow both of you to heal and clear the way to new, joyous experiences. 

Can your twin flame also be a karmic partner?

Your karmic partner cannot also be your twin flame. 

When you understand the differences between the two, you’ll see that they are contradictory. You cannot have both types of connection with the same person.

Twin flames are forever deeply connected, no matter what you go through alone or together. You may go through ups and downs, but you are meant to continue growing together. 

On the other hand, karmic connections are very temporary. You come together to learn a particular lesson and repay the karma that you owe, and with that the connection ends, for good.  

Also, a twin flame is literally your other half — and you cannot have a karmic debt to yourself. 

So you can see that a “karmic twin flame” is a huge contradiction in itself.

If you feel you might have met a twin flame who is also a karmic connection, it’s probably really a karmic connection.

Because there are a few similarities, like an intense passion and instant connection, that can make the two feel very similar. 

But if you look closely, you’ll notice some things that don’t make sense in a twin flame relationship.

I remember being extremely confused about this myself. There wasn’t much information about the differences available at the time, so I felt quite lost. 

But now that I’ve gone through it and come out stronger as a result, I’d love to pass on my knowledge so you can avoid making my same mistakes.

Without further ado, here are 15 signs to look out for in karmic relationships. 

15 signs you’ve met a karmic connection (and not your twin flame)

1) You feel an instant connection

A karmic connection is something you feel instantly. You’ll feel as though you’ve known them for a really long time. And this makes perfect sense: because it’s true!

Your karmic partner is someone from a past life, with whom you have unfinished business. Specifically, there are lessons you still have to assimilate and mistakes you must make up for.

This won’t be immediately apparent when you meet your karmic partner. However, you will feel an immediate sense of familiarity and pull towards them. 

Over time, you’ll realize that this is the universe urging you to repay your debt, so that you can move forward in your journey of spiritual and personal growth. 

2) You feel an intense attraction

There’s a reason why you and your karmic partner connected in a previous life. There was something about them that attracted you deeply towards them. 

This kind of attraction doesn’t just disappear. 

But you’ll start to notice a tell-tale sign that it’s a karmic attraction:

It never grows into anything deeper.

Attraction with soulmates and twin flames is something that evolves, as there is a divine purpose to these kinds of connections.

But karmic connections have only one goal: helping you repay your karmic debt.

You’re never meant to develop the depth of your karmic connection. That’s why the attraction will continue to feel shallow. 

3) You meet them during a confusing time

Think back to when you met your karmic twin. Was there something particularly uncertain or chaotic about your life at the time?

This matters more than you may think.

You see, twin flames are a bond for life. This never changes, even throughout any separation period. You meet your twin flame when the stars align. 

But karmic relationships are very temporary. They can last a few years, but even as short as a few days. 

They’re not meant to stick around forever, and the way you meet reflects that too. That’s why a good sign of a twin flame karmic connection is that you meet them during a confusing transitional period for you. 

Here are some examples of what this could be:

  • You have just moved to a new place
  • You’ve quit or lost your job
  • You’ve lost someone important to you
  • You’re going through an emotional or mental crisis

To be fair, life is full of uncertainty, and we often realize things only in hindsight. It can be hard to decipher the nature of a relationship based on the circumstances around when you meet.

So if you want a more certain way to know if you’ve met your twin flame, you can do what I did and get a twin flame sketch.

Basically, a professional psychic artist draws a sketch of what your twin flame looks like. That way, you can instantly know if they’re someone in your life — and recognize them when you do meet them. 

When I got my twin flame sketch, I was shocked to find out it was someone I’ve known for years, and not at all who I had anticipated. 

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4) You have a hard time with commitment

It might be just you, your karmic partner, or as in most cases, both of you. Usually, karmic partners have a hard time committing to each other. 

On some level, this is your subconscious speaking. 

It knows that unlike your twin flame, a karmic connection is not meant to last in your life. So you’re not drawn to become attached to them. 

As a result, issues with commitment will come up. When I encountered my karmic twin, I struggled with feeling needy and clingy, while my karmic partner acted pretty aloof. 

But these issues can manifest in many other ways too:

  • A push and pull relationship
  • Losing interest as soon as the relationship becomes deeper
  • Reluctance to commit, even if you want a stable relationship

5) You start to have trust issues

We all struggle with trust at some point throughout our lives.

Your karmic partner is someone who really brings it out of you, and pokes the sore sounds to boot.

Of course, they don’t do it on purpose. After all, they haven’t come into your life just to hurt you. 

It’s just a natural consequence of the nature of the twin flame karmic connection.

As with commitment issues, trust issues can take many different forms:

  • Reluctance to open up
  • Hiding things from each other
  • Constant suspicion
  • Strong jealousy
  • Outright betrayal

This is certainly one of the more negative aspects of karmic relationships. However, you can find a very healthy lesson in it if you dig deep into yourself and find out what’s behind it.

Trust issues can teach you about boundaries and forgiveness, and also to learn to trust yourself more. 

6) You struggle to grow

Both twin flames and karmic connections have immense potential for growth. But with karmic connections, this feels much more like a struggle.

The things you have to overcome to pay off your karmic debt are often difficult or uncomfortable. 

  • You may have to admit a mistake or shortcoming that you’re denying.
  • You may need to forgive yourself, or someone else, for a past hurt.
  • You may even need to make a significant shift in your mindset.  

It’s natural that this kind of growth isn’t easy. 

If you realize that you’re struggling a great deal to make progress in your life and spiritual development, you’re probably dealing with a karmic connection.

But make sure you still soldier through and see the lessons through to the end. That’s the only way you can pay off your debt and close this chapter to move on to the next.

7) The relationship feels toxic and painful

Let’s face it: any relationship comes with hardships.

Even the most romantic of couples will tell you that they’ve had to work on the relationship, forgive, and overcome problems together. (At least if they’re honest!)

But there’s a healthy limit to all this. A relationship should still be predominantly positive in order for it to make sense. 

And with karmic twins, it ultimately isn’t. It may look very positive at the beginning, but pretty soon it starts tipping towards toxic and painful behavior and feelings.

My story — and how you can learn from my mistakes

I struggled with this particularly when I was paying off my karmic debt. I felt angry, jealous, and upset, sometimes for no apparent reason.

I wasn’t sure what exactly constituted toxic behavior, and what is just a normal part of a relationship. What was my fault, and what was not? What was surpassable, and what was cause to worry?

I didn’t want to jump ship prematurely, but I was also scared I was wasting time in a relationship where we’re ultimately just hurting each other. 

Do you want to know how I figured it out?

It’s actually quite simple — though I would have been a bit embarrassed to admit it at the time. 

I consulted a gifted advisor from Psychic Source

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And I was so happy that I did. The advisor I spoke to was kind, understanding of my situation, and genuinely helpful.

They helped me recognize the signs that the person I thought was my twin flame was actually a karmic connection — and gave me guidance on what to do next. 

If you could use support like this too, I highly recommend you try them out. 

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8) You feel judged

Twin flames share such an intense bond that nothing can stand between them. There’s nothing you can’t share or open up about to your twin flame.

But not so with karmic connections. While they also reach into the spiritual realm, it’s much less deep. 

As a result, when you try to open up to a karmic partner, you won’t feel this harmony and synergy with them. 

Quite the opposite, perhaps. You may feel judged for what you’re trying to share, or even who you are. 

You may soon begin to close up, as you realize it doesn’t feel as though you can share certain things with your karmic partner. 

9) Your love feels more like an addiction or obsession

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about love, it’s that it can come in many different flavors.

What love means to me is actually very different from what it means to some of my friends.

It was only when a concerned, loving friend spoke up that I realized that my definition might have been a bit too flexible.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that love is different from addiction or obsession. 

But it can be hard to tell them apart when you’re in the midst of things.

So here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Are you neglecting other important parts of your life?
  • Does thinking about them feel like it lifts you up, or weighs you down?
  • Are your thoughts about them repetitive or negative?
  • When you don’t see them for some time, are you genuinely excited to see them, or rather restless?

These are all pretty strong signs that your love is actually an addiction or obsession — and therefore, you have a karmic connection rather than a twin flame. 

10) You feel extremes at the same time

Can you feel two opposing things at the same time?

Like love and hatred, sadness and joy, or fear and peace?

When it comes to karmic connections, you definitely can.

In fact, this is one of their big signs. They bring up a lot of emotions, as they’re related to a past life — and a debt that you still haven’t paid off. 

That’s a lot of buried feelings coming up to the surface!

Naturally, not all of them will feel in harmony. So you may feel a ton of conflicting feelings at the same time.

I remember this feeling extremely overwhelming. 

So if you’re going through the same, take a deep breath, put your hand over your heart, and remember this: it’s okay. You’ll get through it all.

Allow yourself to relax into the emotions you’re having, and soak into how they feel.

Paradoxically, they lessen their grip on you once you allow them to be. And you’ll probably realize some great insights along the way. 

11) You keep repeating the same mistakes

Another big sign of a karmic connection is that you keep repeating the same old mistakes.

This is pretty logical. After all, we know that karmic connections are here to make you assimilate a lesson you previously ignored.

Therefore, you must repeat it until you finally learn it.

This may sound harsh, but as I realized once I finally learned mine, it’s for our own good.

You’ll end up becoming a better person, lifting a huge burden off yourself, and being kinder to everyone around you.

So take a moment to think and notice if anything seems to repeat itself constantly in your life. Is it tied to any action of yours that you’re doing?

Chances are, this is the same sort of mistake that created your karmic debt in the first place. 

Pay careful attention to it, and give yourself the needed time and energy to solve it and make amends. 

12) You feel an inexplicable fear

You may not realize it at first – but your karmic connection brings out a lot of fear in you.

You might fear the relationship coming to an end.

On the other hand, you might fear it continuing on in the same way.

Or, you might fear something else entirely.

In fact, you may not even know what you’re afraid of. One thing is for certain though, you feel as though there is something bad coming up on the horizon. 

Part of this fear may be rational, but part of it is just a normal consequence of moving through a challenging part of your spiritual journey. 

Give yourself grace when you make mistakes, and remember to seek support when you need it. 

13) The relationship eventually ends and it feels definitive

You probably know by now that many twin flames go through a separation period. 

But when you experience this, something still feels incomplete — like “it’s not over yet”. There’s still a chapter to come with this person playing a main role.

On the other hand, karmic connections have a definitive end. 

When you eventually break up, if you have paid off your karmic debt, any bond you have will disintegrate.

Obviously, by the time you recognize this sign, the whole relationship is done and dealt with. 

You probably want to find out if you have a karmic connection sooner than that. I know I did — I was anxious to make sure I was on the right spiritual path and that I was approaching my relationships in the way I was supposed to, to fulfill my purpose.

And thankfully, I found a shortcut.

Here it is: I got a personalized reading from one of the gifted advisors over at Psychic Source

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They were an amazing source of comfort and guidance, and helped me nearly avoid some pretty painful disasters in my karmic connection relationship. 

If I can help even just one more person do the same, I’ll be happy knowing I’ve done someone a tremendous service.

Will that person be you?

If you think you could benefit from clarity on making life-changing decisions, don’t hesitate to check them out.

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14) Something just feels off

Through the ups and downs, karmic relationships are permeated by the sense that something is just not right.

Even in happy moments, you don’t feel completely at peace. There is this little voice at the back of your mind, or a gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach.

This feeling is impossible to shake off, even when you try to ignore it.

You may also feel like you act irrationally sometimes. You know you shouldn’t be doing something, yet you feel compelled to do it.

In other words, you simply don’t feel safe in the relationship. This is a clear sign that your twin flame is really a karmic connection. 

But take your time to explore these feelings properly. Some level of uncertainty and nervousness is normal in any relationship – I even felt some when I got together with my twin flame. 

You don’t want to leap to the wrong conclusions. Explore your feelings slowly, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it as I’ve mentioned a few times above. 

15) They tend to bring out the worst in you

The perfect wedding vows say, “You make me a better person.”

If you had to marry your karmic connection, you would not be able to say this with honesty.

Most of the time, it will feel like the opposite. 

You get provoked into jealousy, anger, or fear. And your partner’s actions don’t seem to help.

When these negative feelings stick around for long enough, it starts to change your mindset and outlook on life.

And naturally, this affects every decision you make, in all of your relationships.

That’s why it’s important to deal with karmic debt promptly, and don’t let things drag out any longer than they have to. 

Otherwise, you could be causing some severe damage to your relationship.

Final thoughts on your twin flame karmic connection

Now you know 15 telling signs to look out for that you have not a twin flame, but a karmic connection in your life.

In hindsight, I can say that all of these signs were there when I was dealing with my own karmic connection. 

But I should also admit, I wasn’t smart enough to recognize them at the time. 

That’s why I made this guide, to hopefully help you do better than I did, and avoid some of my costly mistakes. 

If you need more help, I’ve got plenty of more articles here on Twinflamesly to help you empower your spiritual journey. 

And if you have any specific questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I’d love to see you move forward on your journey, and help you in any way I can!

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