What happens when your twin flame is already married?

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Meeting a twin flame can be the most exciting thing in the world. However, sometimes it can be very challenging if our twin flame is not single.

Keep reading if you want to find out more on how to navigate this unfortunate arrangement!

Why does it happen?

The moment when twin flames meet is the moment when two souls recognize each other, and the reason why twin flames come to each other’s life is because of the progress that needs to happen.

Since twin flames are actually two parts of one soul, their whole purpose is to push each other in order to fully develop and reach full potential in life.

It can occur sometimes that one twin flame can be married and even have kids, or both can be married to different people in the moment when they recognize each other.

Even though your first reaction would be to feel hurt and suffer because of it, it is necessary to understand that we all go through various stages in life.

Perhaps your twin flame is with the person who will help them develop the skills necessary for having a successful relationship with you. It is not easy to detach emotionally and think about these things with a cool head, especially if you cannot wait to be together, but it is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from suffering further.

What can you do?

After the initial shock of not being able to be with the person you love, you will probably start wondering what you could do in the meantime.

Suffering in silence is surely not an option, even though you will probably need some time to gather your thoughts and think about things that are waiting for you in the future.

There are surely some things you can do and here are some of them!

1) Talk to your twin about it

It is really hard to be in love with someone you believe is the other part of your soul and be apart. You want to share all the love you have, but it is impossible to do anything about it because your twin is not single now.

If you have already made the connection with your twin and you simply cannot understand what is happening, the best thing you can do is to simply discuss it with the person who matters to you the most. Sometimes an honest conversation can be a way for you to heal and deal with all the unprocessed thoughts and emotions that are bothering you.

Talking to this person in the most honest way and sharing the feelings you have can be a great closure for the time being. Talking about your feelings and not keeping them inside will surely help you to overcome this difficult period with the least damage to your soul.

It could be a way for you to accept that this is the reality now. Even though that doesn’t have to be the case forever, it is just how things are at the moment.

2) Check if it’s really your twin flame and not the false one

It can sometimes occur that we recognize someone as our twin flame, but it is actually a false one. Since this situation can be very painful, checking to see if the person you believe is your twin flame actually may save you lots of time along the way.

There are a few signs they can help you understand that the person is your false twin flame:

  • this person makes you very insecure
  • you don’t feel protected when you are together
  • you have numerous doubts about this person
  • they want to keep you around
  • this person is jealous of your success
  • you don’t want the same things for the future
  • you feel you need to hide your true feelings
  • they lead you on

If you notice any of these signs, you should know that you should be very careful and do everything you can to protect your feelings in any way possible. This person can only be using the situation to their advantage, and the motives behind it can be pretty selfish.

If the person is married and tries to lead you on, it is terrible for all the people involved. If this person is ready to betray their spouse, then what better could you expect they could do to you?

Of course, it can always happen that the people fall in love despite being involved or married, but the way person is behaving in this situation shows what kind of person you are dealing with. It is human to make mistakes, but betrayal is not good in any way.

3) Get in touch with a gifted advisor

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But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor?

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you what to do if your twin flame is married, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4) Focus on your progress

When you find yourself in a challenging situation like this, the best thing you can do is to focus on your well-being and do all the things that make you feel better about yourself. Spending time away from this person could be the smartest thing you can do for yourself.

Read books that you like, pick a course that can help you advance in your career, spend time with friends and your family and try to stay away from temptations. True twin flames are meant to be together, and sometimes destiny makes the best possible chances for meeting again.

Obviously, now it’s not the time for that, so don’t shy away from trying to date another person or simply open your heart and mind to new people. This doesn’t mean that you will jump from a relationship to another only to escape your feelings.

It should rather be a chance for you to give yourself the opportunity for growth.

5) Have faith

Sometimes one of the best things we can do when we are deeply puzzled and hurt is to find a way to have faith that everything will be alright. The ways that destiny has are quite mysterious and cannot be understood by any of us.

Even though the situation seems quite gloomy, everything can change pretty soon. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything about it and just wait to see what will happen—quite the opposite.

Do everything in your power to make your life interesting, enjoy every moment you can, and understand that things happen when it’s their time. Rushing anything can only make things worse, so take your time, and you can be surprised just how good things will turn out.

6) Use your time wisely

You are probably puzzled and hurt at the moment, so you may be giving yourself time to heal. That is perfectly fine.

Just be aware that waiting for years for a person who spends their life with someone else is a complete waste of time. While this person is making progress, raising children, going on holidays, you will be spending all this precious time alone waiting for someone who cannot be with you at the moment.

Realizing just how important time is gives us a slight push in the right direction to take advantage of every second of every day and simply create something good for us so we can say that we truly lived.

7) Rely on the people who love you

Whenever you feel hurt and confused, spending time with people who love you may be the best thing you can do. It is a way to recharge and feel the support, so you can figure out what to do with your life and how to set healthy boundaries with the person you believe is the other part of your soul.

Being with the people who know you and who have spent years on your path can be a wonderful distraction before you get ready to face the things that hurt you. These people can help you heal and feel valued and accepted, so you can gather strength for the struggle that is in front of you.

You will be surprised to hear the stories from the people close to you who have gone through similar experiences. Their wisdom and guidance can help you rise above the situation and understand how the situation could evolve and in which direction it can go.

Human destinies are truly magnificent, and even though there are some things that make them unique, there is still some silver lining in all of them that can help you understand your story in a better way.

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8) Make peace with the current situation

The fact that you cannot be with someone who means the world to you can be very difficult to accept. No one can deny that, and everyone who has been in a similar or the same situation can relate.

It is nerve-wracking, and it feels like someone crushed your heart into million pieces. Give yourself some time to acknowledge the fact that this is not the perfect timing and be gentle to yourself in every sense possible.

It is the only way to survive a situation like this and be ready to move on to some happiest stages in your life. Seek support whenever you need it, so you can feel the love from all the sources you have available because not being able to be with the person you care about the most can leave you cynical and closed for any form of love in the future.

Train your heart to be able to open and receive love, but also to give love to all the people who deserve it. Not being able to be with your twin flame at the moment should not be the reason to shut your emotions down for everyone and run from all forms of love.

9) Don’t nurture jealousy and envy

It is so easy to start being jealous and envious of your twin flame’s spouse. You will probably start noticing the fragments of these feelings very frequently in the beginning, but if you make a conscious decision that you will rise above it, it is possible to resist the temptation.

Simply understand that we cannot control everything, and all things happen for a good reason. The sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you.

Stay optimistic and loving, so you don’t close your heart to all the people in your life that will come. There are people who don’t manage to do this and become bitter, which only increases the pain and the suffering.

Break the cycle and decide to spread love instead of negative emotions.

10) Restrain from getting involved in something you wouldn’t be proud of

Meeting a person who is so similar to you and feeling this magnetic connection can be very tempting. Thousands of options will probably cross your mind, but try to stay on the safe side and don’t do anything you would be ashamed of.

Wrecking someone’s home would surely bring you more pain than pleasure even though it may be very difficult to resist. Ask for help if you need to overcome these emotions and simply try to make sense of everything before it completely overwhelms you and becomes an obsession.

Try to restore the balance in your life, so you can come back to all the things that you love doing and simply find someone who is single and who can commit to you completely. You deserve to be with someone who will be with you 100-percent of the time, and without the sneaking around and suffering because you cannot be together.

11) Find a productive way to deal with pain

Being in a challenging situation like this can truly be a burden.  It can be a test for you, so you can get to know yourself better and realize what you can and cannot do.

Try to stay optimistic and put your trust in the universe that everything will fall back into its place. Find something productive to do that will inspire you and help you overcome this.

You can start a new project, move to a new place, focus on meeting new people or do anything else that you believe would be the best for you. Stay away from obsessing over your twin flame because this will only increase your sorrow and frustration.

Listen to your intuition and rely on your soul. It will help you find a way to the happiness you want to feel again.

12) Open your heart to your soulmate

We usually get two chances for love in a lifetime. Usually, one is a twin flame who comes to our life to challenge us and purify us in all the ways possible.

The other one is our soulmate. If it happens that your twin flame is married, you should definitely give a chance to your soulmate to find a way to your heart and give yourself the chance to live a happy life.

If you haven’t still met, don’t worry, you will be able to find them the moment you stop suffering because of your twin flame. Even though this love is not as explosive and challenging as the love with your twin flame, it can actually be very comforting, gentle, nice, and fulfilling in all the possible ways you can imagine.

It is a chance for you to have a family and enjoy love in all its forms. Perhaps destiny is giving you a chance to think about your life from all the different perspectives so you can realize what you truly want.

A relationship with a soulmate can truly help you discover the bright side of life and start a journey that will help you discover your true nature. It is a chance for you to look for a peaceful form of love that will not challenge you but accept you the way you are.

13) Watch for the signs

Sometimes the universe gives us various signs we can notice only when we need to receive a message concerning our life. If you start noticing various sequences of numbers, it is a clear hint from the universe that you need to dig deeper and understand better what is trying to tell you.

Each sequence of numbers has a different meaning and can be a wonderful guideline for you to understand better what you could do in this situation. Perhaps this is a chance for you to expand your capacity to love and forgive, as well as to develop patience and acceptance in all the ways possible.

Pay attention to your dreams as well, because you may be receiving signals from the universe in this form too. Keep in mind that every detail can bring you closer to the message that you need to decode.

Also, try to meditate and communicate telepathically with your twin flame, so you can tame your wish to be together this way. Many twin flames find comfort in being telepathically connected when being physically together is not possible.

14) Cherish this experience

Keep in mind that every experience we go through in life happens for a very good reason, and one of those reasons is simply to give us a chance to grow. Of course, feeling the pain is never pleasant, but without the pain, there is no happiness either.

Think about this time as your opportunity to change for the better. Forget about selfishness and narcissism.

You can be sure that after this experience, you will be more open to changes that life has ready for you, which can certainly be good to a certain extent. Embrace the changes and this experience because it will teach you something that you should know.

Remember that twin flames come into our lives to teach us new lessons, so take advantage of that.

15) Do what you can to leave the negative traits behind

We sometimes pick the wrong people because we believe we deserve to be in situations when everything we can get is pain and suffering.

You should know that in order to overcome this challenging period, it would be good for you to deal with all the negative traits that are on your way to progress and growth.

Work on your spiritual journey, get in touch with your soul, listen to what your intuition has to say, try to meditate and exercise, nourish your soul and face all the things you are doing that are preventing you from living a fulfilled life.

16) Open yourself to the guidance of the universe

When we strive to have control over our lives too much, we usually get the slap on our face when we least expect it. Realizing that your twin flame is married to another person is one of those things and can help you understand that there are things outside of your control.

Believing that the universe will take care of things instead of you can be quite comforting and freeing. Instead of wasting an enormous amount of energy on trying to control things, you will direct it towards some other things and avoid being frustrated all the time.

Simply accept that the universe has a plan for you that you don’t yet understand, and it will be easier for you to overcome this bump on the road.

Final thoughts

The connection between twin flames is so magnetic and appealing and cannot be compared with anything else in life. When it happens that your twin flame is married, that can be devastating, and it is completely understandable that you can feel absolutely disappointed.

After you overcome this challenging period and you get the chance to see the situation from another perspective, you will probably realize that this was not the perfect time and that you need to grow more as well as your twin flame so when you finally meet again, you will be ready to embrace your love to the fullest.

In the meantime, do everything you can to evolve as a person and overcome all the obstacles that are on your path preventing you from having a fulfilled life. If this person is truly your twin flame, when both of you become ready, you will enjoy the most beautiful dance of your souls!

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