What to do when your twin flame has different political views

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If you’re a twin flame — or deeply in love with someone — and your politics differ, it can be hard to know how to navigate the situation. 

Is there an answer? In general, if you are a person who is comfortable with their own political beliefs and happy to engage in open discourse about them, if, we’re living in an ideal world.

Let’s explore the things you can do if you’re in a twin flame relationship with opposite political beliefs.

1) Be the bigger person

Now that you have discovered that your twin flame’s political views are opposed to yours, let’s look at the first ways to deal with it.

One way is to take a deep breath, keep calm, and try not to have an argument

If you’re in a relationship, try listening to your partner’s argument without immediately reacting — or getting defensive — and try to understand where they’re coming from. 

That may be easier said than done, but if you can do that, you’ll come out looking like the bigger person and your twin flame will be more likely to respect you for it. It’s also important not to attack their opinion in any way, no matter how much you disagree with it.

Even the most passionate and politically active people can learn to be more accepting of other viewpoints, and try to be open-minded and tolerant of ideas that aren’t their own, even if they fundamentally disagree with them.

As I have mentioned, even if you fundamentally disagree with them and feel that their point of view is wrong, try to see why they’re coming from that place.

2) Focus on the good

One way to look at it is through this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” 

At the core of every political disagreement, there are values and principles that matter the most.

You may not see eye-to-eye, but you can agree on a number of things when it comes down to it. So focus on what your twin flame or partner believes in and how they want to change the world for the better — even if they’re doing so in a different way than you’d like them to. 

And remember that your aim is to find common ground rather than argue about the details.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who has different political views from yours, the best thing to do is to forget about the details and focus on the values that you both share. 

These are things that everyone should be fighting for. 

If you can get your perspective out of the way and focus instead on these shared values and the goodness of it, you might have a chance of developing a deeper connection with your twin flame based on them rather than their differences.

3) Understand that you don’t have to agree

One thing you should remember above all else is that while you may be in love with someone, they are not you, and they do not have to think exactly how you do just because they share half of your soul.

They are separated from you and even though it’s natural for twins to feel connected, it’s important to remember that that connection doesn’t have to determine how both of you approach issues of the day. 

You’re allowed to be two separate people with different views on politics. That’s not a bad thing. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite — it’s a good thing.

My twin flame has different political views on many things and I am perfectly comfortable with that. No matter how angry I may be over issues that are important to me, I try not to take it out on him. 

There are many ways in which we are alike, but there is also much about us that is different and I’m OK with that. 

Finally, it’s important to understand how you feel about your twin flame and what you want for the future of your relationship. If you feel like your relationship won’t work out because of political differences, strengthening your communication with them is always the key here.

4) Focus more on your spiritual beliefs over political

If you’re committed to finding a way to coexist peacefully with your twin flame, try focusing on the spiritual part of your relationship rather than the political one. 

The goal should be to make your relationship work on multiple levels. This can include sharing common interests and values, like the ones listed in this article, as well as having the same ideas about how to make life better for the whole world. 

If you stay focused on these things, it will come across more clearly and your twin flame will understand where you’re coming from — whatever it is — much more easily.

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5) Compromise and negotiate

Try not to be afraid of negotiating and compromising when necessary. 

The trick to doing it effectively is not to start a conversation that begins with one person demanding that their point of view be the one that prevails. That’s a quick way to kill any chance of creating a workable solution.

Negotiation and compromise are about listening, learning, and understanding — and if you do it right, you’re more likely to come out as sensible. When you’re trying to come up with a solution that both of you can agree on, one of you must be willing to compromise. 

There is always the option of compromise, even when your opinion is the more compelling one — and in many cases, it will be. 

In a politics-driven relationship, make sure that “compromise” doesn’t mean “losing” or “giving in.

Let me point it out again: compromise doesn’t mean losing yourself though or staying in an unhappy relationship

It just means that you’re flexible enough to understand where your partner is coming from and willing to bend on certain issues so that you can continue working together while maintaining your own identity. 

You can compromise and not lose yourself, as you can’t compromise and lose your identity.

Compromising on political differences is a lot easier if you both have the same goals and values — that is, if you have established clear boundaries in your relationship before diving into the political waters.

6) Realize that it’s not all black and white

There’s no easy answer when it comes to politics. 

And while there may be obvious things that divide us, often there are other issues — perhaps even bigger ones –that are more important to our communities than political disagreements. 

That, in turn, makes all issues more complicated than just two points of view on how to solve them. Politics is a game of compromise — but there is also a time to not compromise, as it’s never OK to just go along with something that you do not believe in and think is wrong. 

But it’s also necessary to realize that when people disagree on big issues, there are usually many smaller ones that need to be worked out for the greater good of the community. 

If you’re frustrated, you should understand that things aren’t always black and white when it comes to politics — they’re often grey and sometimes even murky.

What does this mean? 

Politics is not just left and right. 

There are many issues that people from all political spectrums can agree on — and if you can find the things that bring you both together, you might be able to create a strong foundation for your relationship.

7) Don’t sleep with politics

The first thing that you should do to avoid disastrous disagreements is to separate politics from the rest of your life. If you’re with someone because you want to discuss politics, trust me – it is definitely going to ruin your relationship or that kind of relationship will go nowhere. 

Even if you ultimately decide that the person is right about some issues, a lot of things will get in the way of your happiness. 

Politics is a great thing — and even though we are all endowed with free will to make our own decisions, today, we’ve all been equalized in our ability to stand up for our beliefs. 

But if you really care about each other, not only should you respect each other’s differences of opinion but also learn how to compromise so that both of your feelings are heard. 

Put this in your mind, politics is just like any other hobby – that is, you can just pick it up and put it down as you go along. 

In the end, you want to make your relationship as healthy as possible — don’t expect nor make it a habit to have politics be a part of your everyday life.

8) Exercise your right to peaceful protest

Let’s take a look in an American setting: American media often depicts people who aren’t in agreement with their government as violent and angry. 

Liberals are portrayed as over-protective and oppressive, while conservatives are portrayed as ignorant, hateful, and even racist. But both liberals and conservatives have necessary political rights that must be exercised responsibly if we want our communities to be peaceful. 

During these times of political turmoil, people are often told that it’s their duty to accept the reality around them — but protest is one of those rights Americans have always had. And even if you don’t agree with a current president or the laws he enforces, you still have a right to peacefully disagree with him.

With this example, try to bring it into your own relationship. This is a great technique to keep your relationship healthy like you don’t have to worry about having a quick political argument.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your relationship alive and avoid the awkwardness of each partner losing interest in the other

Remember that even though you’re entitled to your own political beliefs and think differently from those around you, it doesn’t mean that those differences are wrong or bad in any way. 

If people want to live together in peace and harmony, we all need to get on board with the idea that this is normal and not an exception – even if it does come with a few mixed feelings.

9) Take care of your partner

If you are going to get involved with someone politically different from yourself, you’d better be sure that you’re ready to take it on. 

In a world of extremes, it’s easy to make an internal divide between yourself and others politically. It’s easy to believe that people who think differently from you are useless jerks or are completely wrong. 

So take a step back for a second and make sure that you’re not being judgmental toward your partner. 

If you have a hard time understanding your partner’s point of view, try to see things from their side. 

You might find that there are multiple sides to an argument, and you get it wrong the first time around. You might also be the one who’s in the wrong, and politeness and courtesy can go a long way. 

If you don’t understand why someone agrees with your political beliefs — ask them. 

Usually, people are nice enough to explain themselves and perhaps even share something that makes sense to you in a way that you wouldn’t expect. 

And if they don’t? Then maybe ask them if they’d like you to explain yourself better.

Hopefully, this will lead to both of you having a deeper understanding of each other — and the ability to discuss other topics in the future without so much tension in your relationship.

Our political beliefs don’t have anything to do with our moral values or our intelligence.

10) Don’t let politics ruin your relationship!

It is clear that some people are so afraid of losing their relationships over political differences that they make a conscious decision never to talk about politics with their partners. However, this is not the right approach to take. 

It is perfectly healthy and normal to have political differences with your partner, but it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship

In fact, if you can talk over such differences in a civil way without casting judgment, you’ll find that it brings you closer together as partners in life. 

Your relationship isn’t going to end just because you’re on opposite sides of an issue — just remember that there’s always another side to the story and try not to jump the gun when it comes to those who are different from yourself. 

Use these techniques to keep your relationship healthy and strong, even if you don’t see eye to eye on all of the issues! 

From your partner’s perspective, you’re both smart people. It’s only through understanding each other that you can bring out the best in each other. So go ahead and keep these things in mind — they’ll help you while keeping your relationship alive.

Final thoughts

Overall, having a politically different partner is nothing to be worried about. 

All relationships are in need of some bickering and fighting to keep things interesting. But the best way to get through these fights is to work it out as a team. 

Remember that you are supporting each other through thick and thin, so whatever happens, you’ll be there for each other throughout the ride. 

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