Here’s what it means to hold hands with your twin flame in a dream

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Communication in dreams is possible between twin flames.

Whether you’ve experienced this yet or not, you must know that this kind of dream may not be a message from your counterpart.

How so?

Your dream could have different meanings, especially related to the state of your relationship with your counterpart.

Want to know more? Let’s dive in.

1) You need your twin flame’s help or they need yours

The first possible meaning of this dream is that you need their help or they need yours.

Let me explain:

When you hold someone’s hand, or they hold yours, it might be a sign of a desire to help that person or the other way around.

Well, in the case of twin flames, things are no different.

So, think about the exact way you two are holding hands in your dream. The need for help is usually expressed if:

  • Their hand covers yours as you stand/sit facing each other;
  • Your hand covers theirs while you stand/sit in front of them;
  • You hold their hand to help them get up or the other way around.

2) You and your counterpart love each other and show affection

The second meaning of your dream is simpler:

You and your twin flame hold hands because you love each other and want to show your affection.

You may not realize it, but holding hands is a sign of closeness and togetherness.

The subconscious mind needs to communicate with you in order to help you realize what your true feelings are for your counterpart.

If you hold their hand without feeling uncomfortable, or if you feel that it’s something that “just happened naturally,” then this is a sign of strong love between the two of you.

This kind of dream may also mean that you may need to rekindle your relationship with your counterpart or simply focus on strengthening your bond with him or her.

3) You need your twin flame’s protection or the other way around

Holding hands is also a symbol of protecting or being protected.

So, if you see yourself and your counterpart in a dream holding hands, this could mean that you need them to protect you – or the other way around.

If they have their hand over yours while they are walking next to you in the dream, then it means that they are protecting you from something.

This can be anything from getting hurt to walking into certain situations alone. Not only that, but it may also come with a hint about what is coming for the two of you (e.g., they lead you away from a place full of danger).

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5) You might be afraid of losing your twin flame

Are you and your twin flame going through a rough patch?

If you are, and you hold hands with them in your dreams, it could signify that you are afraid of losing them. Of course, whether you continue to hold their hand in your dream or let go of it depends on the extent of the issue.

But don’t worry if they stop holding your hand at some point.

It might be a way for your subconscious to tell you that your relationship with your counterpart needs your attention.

In other words, you should take a look at your relationship in order to find out what’s going wrong.

6) The bond between you two is extremely powerful

When you hold hands with your twin flame in a dream, do you hold them tight and they hold you back just as tight?

You got it right! Holding each other’s hands tight is a sign of a very strong bond between you and your twin flame.

Maybe you haven’t been together for a long time, but whenever you are together, it’s not uncommon to hold hands and hug – right?

In fact, this dream can also be a sign that the two of you are on the same wavelength, which is reflected in your subconscious through this dream image.

To be more precise, it indicates that you have strong feelings and a great affinity for each other.

7) You or your twin flame are lonely

According to numerous dream interpretation guides, holding hands with your twin flame in a dream could be an expression of being lonely as well.

How so?

When you hold hands with your twin flame in a dream and walk with them without knowing where you are going, this can mean that you feel lonely because your twin flame is not physically with you.

Or, if they are around, but you still hold their hand in a dream, then it can be a message from your subconscious that you feel lonely.

As you can see, your dreams can be interpreted in more than one way.

So, remember to look at the details of your dreams. I’m sure they will reveal something surprising.

Pro tip: Pay attention to how you’re feeling in this dream.

8) Your twin flame is also your soulmate

In some cases, holding your twin flame’s hand in a dream means that you are also their soulmate.

Is that even possible?

Well, this is not the case for everyone. However, it is possible.

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9) Your counterpart has problems communicating – or is it you?

Here’s what else it means to hold hands with your twin flame in a dream:

You have problems communicating with them. Or, they have problems communicating with you.

You see, hands symbolize communication. For example, there are people who use their hands to communicate using sign language.

And when two people hold hands, it means there’s something about the communication between the two of them that needs to be addressed. Maybe your twin flame can’t contact you, or you can’t contact him or her. Either way, this dream indicates that you need to talk things out.

10) Your mirror soul purposely appears in your dream

Want to know another possible meaning of your dream?

Your counterpart has developed the ability to communicate with you in your dreams. It’s possible that your twin flame deliberately appears in your dream to communicate with you.

Maybe they want to tell you something, or perhaps it’s another way for them to show their feelings.

Maybe they feel lonely, so they intentionally appear in your dream.

Whatever the case, they are trying to show themselves to you and be close to you, especially if they appear in your dream and hold your hand.

Is it true that if you see your twin flame in a dream, they miss you?

Little is known about twin flames and the way they dream. Even so, we know for sure that twin flames visit each other in their dreams from time to time (according to numerous twin flames’ confessions).

So, seeing them in a dream could be proof that they miss you.

Look, maybe they’re not thinking about you when you have this dream, but they might miss you so much that they project their desire into a realm that’s connected to your dreams.

And when you dream, you have access to this realm.

Dreams have the ability to connect our third eye with the unknown, so that’s why people say that dreams are like a portal.

And, who knows, maybe through this dream portal, your twin flame is projecting their true feelings and desires – which are then able to materialize in your dream.

In other words, they really miss you and want to be close to you.

However, there’s also a small chance that your mirror soul doesn’t miss you, even if you dream about holding hands with them or you have other similar dreams.

Again, it’s essential to pay attention to how you feel when you have these dreams. The reason?

It’s a known fact that twin flames can sense each other’s emotions, so if they miss you, you should feel it.

What it means if someone else holds hands with your twin flame in a dream:

Do you happen to have a dream about your twin flame holding hands with… someone else?

If so, don’t panic! Before you jump to any conclusion, think about other details that appear in your dream.

For example, who is the person who holds hands with your twin flame? Is it an old friend, a coworker, a neighbor, a relative, or someone you’ve never seen before?

Maybe your twin flame actually has a lot of friends, and you probably don’t know all of them, so this dream could simply be a reflection of their social life.

But if you’re sure that the person who holds hands with your twin flame is not part of their social life and they don’t look much like any of their friends or family members, then there’s definitely something significant about this person in your dream.

Don’t assume the worst-case scenario either: Your twin flame is cheating on you with someone else.

There’s a possibility that your twin flame is not cheating on you with that person, but they’re simply connected to this person somehow.

And since they are connected to this person, they show up in your dream.

The explanation? To be honest, it’s really hard to tell.

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What it means when your twin flame lets go of your hand in a dream:

Let’s assume that the opposite happened. Instead of holding your hand, your twin flame lets go of it in a dream. What could this mean?

If your mirror soul lets go of your hand in a dream, it can mean that:

  • The distance between you and your twin flame is widening;
  • There are unresolved issues between the two of you;
  • You are afraid to commit to your relationship with them;
  • Something happened in both of your lives, which makes it hard for the two of you to stay connected.

What else? Well, there’s a possibility that your twin flame is letting go of your hand because they’re afraid to face their feelings for you.

They might have a strong desire to be with you, but they’re also afraid of the consequences – like rejection and abandonment.

This fear is caused by their own insecurities, so it’s most likely that your twin flame will let go of your hand or try to run away if they’re feeling insecure.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be with you. It’s just that they’re unsure of their feelings.

Do twin flames have the same dreams?

So, if you hold hands with your twin flame in a dream, does this mean that they do the same? Does your twin flame have the same dreams?

Well, it’s hard to say. But remember that twin flames can experience all sorts of magical stuff, like telepathy and synchronicities.

And, even if your twin flame does not usually have the same dreams, you can be sure that they’re dreaming about you – because that’s what twin flames do.

So, to answer this question, yes, your twin flame probably has some similar dreams as you. But, this doesn’t always happen.

And if they do, then that’s really cool – this is the best kind of dream.

Why does holding hands feel good?

To understand this, it’s important to know that when we hold hands with another person, our brain releases a chemical called oxytocin.

This chemical stimulates deep emotional connections between two people in a very pleasurable way. It’s exactly the same way that people feel when they’re falling in love.

So, it’s not surprising that holding hands with your twin flame feels great!

In addition to releasing oxytocin, holding hands can also stimulate spiritual connections and strengthen our connection with our counterparts.

You hold hands with your twin flame in a dream. Now what?

Twin flames have the ability to communicate in telepathic ways that are amazing, including in dreams. However, sometimes they have dreams about each other without thinking about each other intentionally.

Even so, you should now have a good idea of what it means to hold hands with your twin flame in a dream. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

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