15 magical signs of twin flame chemistry (complete list)

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People are constantly searching for the signs that they have found a perfect potential partner, soulmate, or twin flame.

One very accurate sign is that they almost seem to speak their language.

Twin flames will often resonate with each other on an energy level that is hard to describe.

This list of signs and symbols also includes such things as positive vibrations or having a sense of peace and purpose after being with them.

Here are 15 magical signs of twin flame chemistry!

1) When two souls meet, they make each other stronger

Twin flames will often find ways to support each other or bring each other out of their usual way of thinking and feeling.

Sometimes, this might feel as if one twin is trying to teach the other a lesson to move them both forward from a place of stagnation.

Or it could be that one twin just feels so incredibly blessed and grateful for the relationship that they think more about the positive things about being with their partner instead of focusing on the negative.

So, what’s the secret?

Well, twin flames were once one soul, and finding each other again is just a reminder of the bliss they once shared.

When you feel like you can’t stop smiling and laughing whenever you’re with your twin, that’s a sign of twin flame chemistry.

2) There is happiness that cannot be hidden

When a person feels happy around their twin flame, it can be very difficult for them to hide this.

Being around the person you like so much can really make you feel great inside, and you can’t pretend otherwise.

You will feel happy at times that others may not understand or might say that you are being overly optimistic, and your partner might even worry about how long it will last.

But if they are capable of putting two and two together, they can see the light shining from your eyes when things are going well!

All you have to do is simply enjoy this feeling that you have around your twin and never look back.

3) Their presence brings out the best in you

A lot of times when we meet someone, we only show our best self, and this is also true with twin flames.

They bring out the best in us, and they do not judge us or try to change us, but they simply love us for who we are.

The best part is you feel a connection straight away.

It doesn’t matter what your usual routine is or where you are. You will always feel a deep connection to your partner.

But this is not because you meet in secret and have a passionate night of lovemaking.

It is because the energy you share with them is something that feels very natural to you.

4) You feel as though you are in sync with each other

Often, twin flames will find that they agree on almost everything.

You both feel exactly the same, and you will find that you say exactly the same things.

This can make you feel like you are one.

However, it is not something that happens quickly but rather takes time and space for your partner to learn about you and understand the person that they have fallen in love with.

That is what makes them feel as though they are completely in sync with each other.

What makes it so special?

The best part is that you can harbor strong feelings for each other without even meeting.

This is very interesting to note.

5) You share a common thought process or have the same way of looking at things

You can be talking about something completely different without even realizing it.

The strangest thing is that you could be sitting having drinks with your friend, and all of a sudden, your eyes will meet with your twin flame, and communicate something so intensely to each other that neither twin flames would ever expect to understand what they are saying or feel!

And you know what?

It will suck you in, so you start wishing to stay together forever.

But that’s not all – you can’t keep anything from your twin flame.

It is as though you have been given each other’s word, and you know that they will never lie to you.

They will always tell the truth, no matter how hard it might be to hear.

Even while going through a difficult time, they are there for you and will make it better.

6) You have a strong emotional connection

So, yes, you don’t even have to be talking to know that the other person is there.

It is like a sixth sense. You will just know when they are close by and feel their presence in the room.

The hairs on your arms might even stand on end occasionally when this happens!

But don’t worry, this is not weird.

It just means you have an incredible bond that most people don’t experience.

It’s like magic! Above all, you will really feel like you are meant to be together.

After meeting their twin flame, you will feel comforted and completely at ease.

This is because you are with the person that makes you happy and has finally cracked open your heart.

Twin flames can complete each other in ways that no one else ever could.

7) You will hear or see them before you actually see them

The interesting thing about twin flames is that they will often find that they have strange dreams or wake up at night feeling as though they have had an intense conversation with their partner during sleep. 

This occurs because telepathy is possible, and not only you will be able to sense each other, but you might also be able to communicate as you stand right in front of each other.

This involves sending each other messages through your dreamlike state.

This will usually happen during the seven-day “honeymoon period” that all twin flames go through.

Sometimes, it is even easier than texting!

8) Your thoughts and feelings are very much the same

Some twin flames report feeling the same things at the same time.

You will both have the same attitude to things, and once you reach a certain level of comfort with your partner, you will feel as though you have known each other for years.

It is as though you have known each other for years, even though you have just met.

Your thoughts may seem to be telepathically communicated as well so that if one twin flame thinks about something, the other twin flames will too.

They will know exactly what they are thinking!

You often feel a sense of belonging with each other be able to understand their emotions easily. A twin flame feels as though she belongs on earth with her partner.

This is very rare, and these feelings are almost like an extension of their own soul.

9) You can feel their presence no matter where they are

The person is still in the room with you when they are not physically there!

I mean, you really feel them, as if they are hiding behind something or around a corner.

The air feels charged and uncomfortable when anyone near your twin flame is unhappy or hurt.

You can also pick up on this feeling even if your partner is far away.

It is as though you are connected to them and know that wherever they are, you can feel their presence everywhere.

When you have found your twin flame, the time for playing games is over.

You need to stop hiding from each other and finally take the plunge!

10) You don’t want to be without them

You may feel that if you were ever to be separated from them, it would be the end of your world!

They seem to have become a part of your life, and you worry very much about losing them.

They seem to know just how much you love them, and you share a connection that feels very special.

When you are in their company, you feel as though your heart is going to burst with happiness.

You feel like a child who has just been given the biggest Christmas present in the world, and it is impossible to let them go!

Your soul has a connection that is like no other, and it is just not possible to imagine life without them.

11) You sense that your emotions are very similar

This means that you will feel very similar things about almost everything.

You will share the same fear about people who have hurt or mistreated you in the past.

You can both have a very similar sense of humor, and you will both find it hard to keep quiet about certain topics.

You may feel as though your twin flame can read your mind because you are feeling exactly what they are feeling too.

You will be experiencing the same emotions at the same time, and it is hard for you to want to leave their presence.

12) You feel as though you have known each other for years

The person feels like family to you, even though it may be only the beginning of your relationship.

You can’t stop thinking about each other, and often you feel as though you have known them forever.

The reality is that most twin flames come together out of pure synchronicity.

A lot of people will try this, but few are able to pull it off well.

This feeling can sometimes trigger the runner/chaser dynamics because not everyone will be able to accept this level of closeness with someone they have just met.

This can bring out the pain and confusion that you have been running from in your entire life up until this point.

It is important to face it and get over the inevitable pain that comes with the first stages of a twin flame relationship.

This is when you can begin to see who you really are and understand why this has to happen, even though it might seem hard at first.

You will learn that love can be a very strong healer.

Everything will work out in the end, as long as you don’t continue to run!

Twin flame connection is meant to help you grow as a person and helps you to not take things for granted.

This type of relationship is the closest thing to magic in this world and will change you for good.  

As a twin flame relationship grows, you may even find that your physical age begins to slow down, as though your soul has been set free from its limitations through the love that has been given to it.

Twin flames are two halves of one soul who have found their way back together after thousands of lifetimes apart.

13) You can feel their negative emotions

You will both find it very hard to hide your emotion when you are upset.

And you might even be able to pick up on what their emotions are before they have said anything.

This sometimes happens in your dreams, when you are not fully awake just before waking.

You will often pick up on each other’s emotions and be able to help your partner by offering them advice and comfort when they need it.

This can sometimes be challenging because you won’t know sometimes what are your emotions, are you sad because of something that happened to you, or are you just picking up their vibes?

If you feel that something is wrong with your twin flame, it is important to ask them what’s up.

They will answer honestly, and you will be able to give them the help that they need.

You can also offer some advice to lighten their load, as they will likely do for you as well.

14) You feel like you can completely trust them

They make you feel completely safe in their arms because you know that they have your best interests at heart.

You have no doubt that they will always be there for you and that nothing is ever going to hurt them.

You will also feel as though your partner is the only person who has any faith in you and that you can completely trust him.

You are often drawn to each other by your strong love for families or people in general, so it may come as a surprise to know just how similar you are.

I mean, this is like the most important step of finding a twin flame!

15) You can settle into a comfortable silence together

Not feel the need to make conversation with each other can bring you comfort.

If you do not feel the need to fill every moment with words, it can be very comforting to know that this person is your companion.

You can relax, and concentrate on each other.

You will know without fail what the other is feeling and can communicate easily at the drop of a hat.

You will feel like they can understand your mind completely and always appear to know exactly what you are thinking and going through at any given moment.

This can be exciting and scary at the same time!

In most cases, when you have found your twin flame, you will be able to communicate with each other easily.

This does not always mean that you will be able to hold a conversation with each other telepathically constantly, but you will be able to sense each other without saying a word.

This can occur during meditation or thinking about the person.

When this happens, the twin flames are said to have reached the level of soul communication.

Final thoughts

Is it possible to meet your twin flame and work things out? Of course, but you need to be patient.

It may look like everything is going according to plan, and you will be lucky enough to have your twin flame discover you at the same time you discover them and fall madly in love with each other.

I’ve seen this many times.

These types of people are rare, though, so it is important not to lose sight of the fact that most relationships don’t work out.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to keep the relationship alive for any length of time, and you need to be open to change as you grow.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that finding your twin flame is something that will be one of the most important things in your life, so it is worth taking your time over it!

If you have found yourself in a relationship with someone who turns out not to be your twin flame, don’t worry.

It is important that you don’t let your heart get broken by this.

You will heal, and your relationship will probably improve in the future.

I hope this article helps you to find the real deal without too much heartache!

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