The brutal truth about twin flame brainwashing

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The twin flame connection is said to be the most powerful bond you can ever have in your life. Not many people are lucky enough to find this in their lives, and those who do, are not always sure that they are going to spend their lives with the people who are their karmic flame.

However, is this concept real, or is this a romanticized idea of something that does not really exist? On the same note, what happens if the person who is supposed to be your other half is not actually a good person?

Are you supposed to stay with them no matter the red flags that you can notice, and if they are not good for you, does that mean that they are not actually your twin? If you are confused about the whole thing, let’s dive in and try to answer all your questions!

Is the concept a myth?

Let’s talk about all the concepts of brainwashing when it comes to the idea of the existence of twin flames, but also different types of toxic relationships, false flames, and even how the media may try to manipulate you into believing that all these things are real.

Keep on reading if you want to learn how you can protect yourself, no matter if you have met your other half or if you are still waiting to see if that type of bond is even real.

The first thing you should think about is if this concept is something that you should believe in or if this is just an idea that most of us wish was true. It is said that this type of connection happens only between two individuals who share the same soul at one point.

They are going to share the same energy and even the same consciousness, and once they lay eyes on each other, they will know that they have found their missing piece. Everyone dreams of a love like that, and we all hope that one day we will meet a person who is going to change our life, our world, and our future.

However, does that mean that we are actually going to find that person, or is that just a dream that will never come true? Some people say that this concept is not something that exists and that some people, even the media are going to use it to brainwash you into believing it is true.

Others suggest that they have met their twin and that this is not only real but can also happen to you. It is up to you to decide if you want to believe that this can happen to everyone, including you, or if it is just an obsession that everyone can go through and continue with their lives.

Nevertheless, believing in a divine concept will not do you any harm, as long as you are in a happy relationship.

How to recognize real twin flames?

If you are unsure if you have met the person that is your other half, the best thing you can do is to check the most common signs that they are the right one for you. In your life, you are going to meet many people that seem like the right fit for you, and many of them may be your soul mates, but you should know that there is only one person in the world that is going to be your eternal, karmic love.

There are going to be a million signs when you meet them, and the moment you lay your eyes on them, you will feel calm. You will feel like you’ve known this person your entire life, and you will feel like you are going to know them for all eternity.

Check out some of the other signs that you have met your real flame:

  • You don’t feel stressed, anxious, or nervous when you meet them
  • The conversation is easy, and you feel like you can share anything with them
  • They never judge you, and they only support you in your goals
  • You feel like you already know everything about them
  • You share their passions and dreams
  • Both of you put the other person first and think about individual growth second
  • You are ready to work on the relationship
  • Even though you argue, you always protect each other during the fights
  • You are extremely similar to each other
  • You’ve had similar experiences growing up
  • You complete each other, and you add the things that the other person is missing
  • You never feel selfish and you don’t have to defend your needs
  • You are sometimes insecure, but they always find a way to reassure you of their presence
  • You never feel anxious or stressed around them

However, that is not all. If you feel that they are your home and your safe place and you feel extremely intense feelings towards each other, be it love or hate, you should know that it is a clear sign that this person is your twin flame.

When you are with them, you feel like you are experiencing a divine connection and no matter what may happen, you always find a way back to each other. You do everything you can to make each other a better person which is one more reason you cannot stay far from each other.

How to recognize the false ones?

Now that you know the signs that you’ve met the real karmic person for you, it is important to recognize what a false flame is. You should know that sometimes, in the beginning, you may feel that they are the right one, but later on, you will understand that you are dealing with a person who is not actually your other half.

There are many cases in which a person can manipulate into believing they are the right one for you, but you should know that even if they are doing something like this, it will not last forever.

If you are wondering if you may have fallen for a false flame, you should check out some of the most common signs that the person you are with is not actually the right one for you.

Some of these signs include:

  • The relationship is much more complex than you thought it would be
  • You are constantly arguing about things, including past relationships and issues
  • Whenever you are upset, your partner seems to back away, and they disconnect from you
  • You are not sure that you are the only one in their life
  • An expert, a psychic, or a guru confirms that they are not your true love
  • You don’t seem to care about them as much you thought you would
  • Your individual progress is much more important than the love you share for each other
  • You are not sure that they are the right ones for you
  • You have constant doubts, and you feel like the relationship is going to break at any moment
  • You feel anxious when you are with them, and you feel constantly stressed
  • They are not your emotional, physical, or moral support
  • They don’t make you feel safe and comfortable
  • You feel like you need to defend yourself when you are with them

If the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t support you, and they don’t help you find your inner goal and power that is already a clear sign that you should move on with your life.

Besides, they show with their every gesture that they don’t want to be with you, and they are looking for excuses to break the commitment.

They will try to manipulate and brainwash you so they can be happy while completely disregarding your happiness and comfort. If you notice any of these things, start making an exit strategy and turn to some more cheerful things in life.

Have you met your other half?

If you are wondering if you have met your other half already, then there are a few things that you can do to check that out. The first one is to check the list of signs that we already listed and see which category your relationship falls under.

If you feel like there are more similarities with the latter list, then you are probably not dealing with a real flame. You are most likely just interested in the other person, you have some type of connection, but you are more in love with the idea that they are the right one for you.

On the other hand, if everything feels right, and if you feel comfortable and safe with the other person, that is a good sign. If more things that describe your connection fall under the former list, then chances are, you are with the person that the universe chose for you.

You can always contact a psychic to find out more about the divine connection, and you can talk to them and get them to help you discover the real reason why you and your partner are together.

How is the media affecting your opinion?

Many people do not believe in this concept, and they think that the only reason why this is even popular is that the media is pushing the idea too much. Not too long ago, people only knew about soul mates, and no one even believed that there could be something stronger or more powerful than this type of love.

Even though the karmic connection is not new, it has become popular in recent years. This begs the question, do twin flames exist, or is it something that we tell ourselves when we are going through a breakup or when we are freshly in love?

Sometimes we need encouragement that things are going to get better, when we are single and when we don’t think we will ever find our other half. It is much easier to say that if it is meant to be, and that the universe will always have a plan for us.

On the other hand, when we are going through a difficult breakup, we tend to believe that if they are meant for us, they will come back to us. This is closely connected to the concept of flame separation, and we console ourselves that if the other person was our twin, they would be reunited with us sooner or later.

Does this actually exist, or is it just a media concept made to brainwash us into thinking that by doing this or that, or by giving money to someone who is supposedly in touch with a higher power, we are going to get in touch with the person who is made for us?

Ultimately, there is no exact answer to this, and it is hard to strictly stick to one side or the other.

Some people believe and have proof that they have met the love of their life, and they are convinced that twin flames exist. Others say that this is something invented by people who can benefit from it, and we fall victim to those who just want to use us through the concept.

It is said that some may even benefit from this when we are with them, and it is said that this is a common brainwashing technique used by those who exhibit narcissistic behavior and who are overall toxic people.

Should you be worried if you don’t feel a connection like this?

Some people find this type of connection early in their lives, and they may even meet the love of their life while they are still in high school. Others may find it when they are older, in their 30s, or even 40. There are also those who don’t meet their twin until they are in their 60s and maybe even older.

No matter the age you are now, you still have time to meet a person who will make you feel like you are the most important person in the whole world. Note that not everyone is going to find their other half and some people will just meet their soul mates, but they are never going to find their flame.

Knowing this, many people are worried that they are never going to meet the person they are bound to have a karmic connection with, and they easily fall victims to those who are their false flames. If you meet your other half, you are going to know it.

No one can manipulate you into believing this, and if you feel pressured or brainwashed by your partner that they are your one true love, chances are, they are not. Even though twin relationships are not easy, and even though they can be too much to handle at some points, you will still know when you meet the person who is going to be your flame forever.

You should not let yourself be forced into this type of relationship or be brainwashed in the concept that someone is more in your life than they actually are. You are going to know when it happens, so don’t try to force it, and don’t get discouraged if you still haven’t had this feeling.

Can your twin flame manipulate you?

One of the questions that people ask themselves when they are not in a particularly happy relationship and when they feel emotionally abused is if that can happen when you are in a relationship with your karmic partner.

Unfortunately, this can happen, and there have been more than one case where people used love and connection they had to get a lot of things from their partner.

In most cases, this is the sign of a false flame, and you should not stay with this person who is trying to manipulate and brainwash you. However, there are also those instances where even though you have found the love of your life, they may not have your best interest in mind.

They may be more focused on individual growth, or they just don’t know better. People who have been in a wrong relationship before they met you, and those who did not have an especially good childhood, may have some toxic traits even though they have found their perfect match.

In most cases, things will settle in time, and your loved ones will realize they are safe with you, and they don’t need to manipulate you in order for you to stay with them. They may be doing all this because they are afraid they are going to lose you, and they may just be trying to protect themselves.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you are not safe in the relationship, and if you feel like you are being used or abused, you should not stay with that person. You may first choose to go to counseling together, and you may choose to go see a psychic.

Working on the connection will help you both, but there is always a line that you should not cross, especially when it comes to your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Most common brainwashing techniques

In many relationships, especially in those involving twin flames, it can be pretty difficult to realize that you are being brainwashed. You may think that this is just a period, that it will all pass, and that these things are happening only in your head.

Unfortunately, people who are exhibiting toxic traits, and those who know how to gaslight you, will do their best to persuade you that nothing like that is happening and that it is all in your head. This sentence is a red flag that you should not ignore, so stay alert for these occasional manipulations that may pop up.

You need to be aware of the most common signs that someone is trying to brainwash you and that you may be in a relationship with a narcissist. Here is a list of the most common signs that you are being brainwashed, and there will be more about some of the most common brainwashing techniques.

You may be experiencing gaslighting in your relationship if:

  • You feel like you are never good enough
  • Your partner is constantly listing the things that you can do better
  • Your partner never thinks that you are doing enough for them
  • You don’t get compliments
  • When your partner compliments you, they always use them as a weapon
  • You feel like you cannot be yourself
  • You need to have excuses to do the things that make you happy
  • You feel guilty when you have separate interests
  • You feel guilty when you don’t include your partner in the things you do
  • Your partner is not interested in doing things with you, but you are not allowed to do things alone
  • Your partner does not trust you with everything you do
  • You have to provide proof of the things you’ve done and people you’ve been with
  • They love you only when you deserve it
  • They get upset if you don’t follow their rules or advice
  • They don’t give you enough space to evolve as a person

Besides these most obvious reasons, there are some other that you may not even notice at first. One of these things is that you will hear the words I love you, but you won’t feel it that it is honest.

Trust your intuition and believe it when it tells you that you should protect yourself in every way possible. You may also feel guilty when you are happy without them and you have to explain yourself constantly.

If your partner gets upset about any small thing you do wrong and you have to apologize every day for pretty much everything, then this is not a healthy relationship you want to be in. People who are constantly portraying themselves as the victim and ignore your feelings, are certainly not worth you love and effort.

People who are interested in gaslighting their partner will do this slowly, and they will make the other person feel less worthy gradually. You may not even notice it at first.

You may feel like you are happy in the relationship, but you will be living in constant fear. You will feel like you are dependent on your partner, and you will always dread them leaving.

They may even use this as a weapon to get you to do the things that they want you to do.

Should you stay with this person forever?

If you are sure that you have found your twin, and if you feel that this is a karmic relationship that will last forever, then you might be wondering if you should stay with a person who is using you. One thing you should know is that everyone will try to manipulate their partner at one point in their lives, and sometimes that is not done consciously.

Sometimes we do things because we feel like it, and we don’t think about the consequences. Even though there is no excuse for this, we are all human, and we make mistakes.

The point in this is that if you think that your partner is gaslighting you without even being conscious about that, the best thing you can do is confront them and talk to them about the things that are going wrong with your connection. If your partner is really your other half, chances are, they will realize their mistakes, and they will try to change.

Don’t expect results right away, and know that getting better could take weeks or even months. However, if you have talked to your partner about it, and if they don’t do anything to change, you should walk away.

Maybe the separation period will help them realize how important you are to them and what they need to do to get you back.

Should you hold to the twin flame belief?

As you can see, there are a lot of things that could lead us to believe that this is a special connection that you can only have with one person in your whole life.

Besides, there are also many reasons why you should think that this is just a normal relationship, maybe just a little bit more intense than you’ve ever had before, and it can happen more than just once.

It is difficult to answer if you should hold on to this idea and if you should continue being in a relationship that may be too intense for you. It is up to you to decide if you want to stick with the opinion that twin flames exist, and it is up to you to choose if you want to believe that concepts like soul mates or twin flames exist.

One thing is for sure, whether you believe in the idea or not, you should do the best you can for yourself, and you should always strive for happiness and greatness. You should never be in a relationship where you are not happy, and if you fear that you are being brainwashed or manipulated, you should try to leave the relationship and ask for help if you don’t feel safe.

Some people, no matter if they are your other half or not, will try to keep you only for themselves, and they will do a lot of emotional damage. You should not stick with anyone who does not give you the same things you bring in the relationship, and if you fear that you are being used.

If you feel like you are constantly the giver and never the one who is taken care of, you should leave. You can choose to collaborate with a twin flame guru or a specialist who will be able to tell you more about your current relationship.

They will tell you if you have really met the love of your life or if you are dealing with someone who is just pretending to be your greatest love. If you don’t hold on to this belief, you can talk to a professional who will help you deal with your emotions, and who will advise you on how to escape the toxic relationship or the abuse, and who will be there for you to support you in every way.

Final thoughts

Brainwashing is real, and it can happen in every aspect of your life. Sometimes you may be manipulated into believing that something is real, and at other times you may be brainwashed into believing that if you try and fight for yourself, you are going to be unhappy and alone.

There are many different signs that will show you that you may be falling victim to this concept, and if you recognize this in any part of your life, you need to ask for help and advice and try to leave the toxic relationship as soon as possible.

No matter if someone is your soulmate, twin flame, or just a person that you currently love, you should never put up with things that could hurt you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Even if you have found the person who is your karmic partner, and even if they are the best one for you, you may go through the separation stage and never get reconnected again. The most important thing you need to do for yourself is to use this period to work on yourself and try and do better in every aspect of your life.

Improve yourself, and do things that make you happy. Things that are supposed to happen will, and you cannot rush anything.

You will ultimately find everything that you are looking for, and when you do, you should cherish the people that truly matter. The future is a big mystery to us, so make sure you live in the present, stay healthy, and let things unfold on their own!

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