9 twin flame body changes when you finally reunite with your partner

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Finding love in this life is truly difficult. Finding twin flame is even harder.

If you’ve been so lucky that you can say that you’ve truly found the other half of your soul in your partner’s body, there are some physical changes you can expect. If you have found your twin recently, you may be surprised just how powerful your connection may be.

Here are a few body changes you can expect!

9 physical changes you can expect

Meeting a twin flame can be very confusing at first. In the beginning, you will probably not believe you’ve met someone who is so similar to you that you think the same or even behave in the same way.

This initiates some pretty unusual changes and behaviors that you may be considering pretty confusing. Here are the physical changes you can expect!

1) Your heart will beat like crazy

Being able to talk to the person that you like so much and who understands you fully can be very exciting and unusual for most people who are not used to being so close to their partners. This closeness is like nothing else in the world and can feel very strange and even scary at times.

Every time you talk you will notice that you are not able to stay calm. This is completely normal for twin flames because the excitement is on a whole new level and will take you to the world of pleasures you’ve never experienced before.

The reason why this occurs is that the person in front of us excites us, but it is also a mixture of fear  and desire that we cannot tame. One of the reasons our heart goes wild is because this area of our body is called the heart chakra.

It is located in the central part of our body, where our heart and the middle of the spine are located. If your heart chakra is open, you will be ready to love and open yourself to your twin so you can experience the whole spectrum of emotions that will prepare you for the next stage in your life.

On the other hand, if you are not ready and your heart chakra is closed, that can cause numerous issues for you on your journey towards getting to know your twin better. You may start battling anxiety, depression, and emotions such as jealousy and grief.

In order to start vibrating on a higher level and start enjoying yourself with your twin, you should do what you can to open your heart chakra and eliminate the negative emotions. Once you start setting them free, you will start enjoying the time you spend with your twin flame and nourish the love that you have.

If you are struggling during the process, you can try the affirmations that will help you invite love into your life so you can be able to give the purest emotions to your twin. This is the only way that you can open yourself to this unique experience that comes once in a lifetime.

2) You can experience lightheadedness

The relationship between twin flames is mostly based on the energy that is so powerful that can sometimes feel like a magnet pulling you. Since this is not something that we are all used to, it can cause feeling lightheaded.

The reason why this occurs is that twin flame souls were once one. Now that you are so close, it can call into your consciousness the pain of being apart, but also the joy of coming together.

All of these emotions mixed together can greatly impact the way you feel. Don’t be afraid of feeling this way.

Instead, try to stay open to it and embrace it. It will help you to feel better about yourself and stay relaxed while this initial feeling passes.

You can think about it as a storm in your life that will eventually pass. It comes to your life to clean up all the insecurities that you couldn’t even notice before.

In addition, it will bring to the surface all the past experiences that you didn’t manage to process enough. Everything that is left unprocessed will find its way now, probably at the worst possible time.

Try to work through all of these things, because after that comes a period of calmness and happiness. Fight for this feeling and you will be rewarded.

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4) Your body temperature may fluctuate

The reason why this happens is that twin flames are able to communicate by only using the power of their mind. This can impact the way you feel and can change your temperature without any warnings.

Of course, it is always necessary to rule out all the other possible physical causes, but if there is no reason for this to occur then your twin flame may be impacting the way you feel.

You may start feeling very warm all of a sudden and this can be caused by the intense energy your twin flame is sending. It can be manifested as blushing or sweating which may surprise you since it’s unexpected.

If this situation makes you uncomfortable and nervous, you can call your twin flame and check what it is about. You will probably hear him say that he was thinking about you and that he misses you.

Accept this as a normal part of a twin flame relationship because it is something that will occur very frequently in the beginning. After the emotions start settling down, you will notice that you won’t feel fluctuations like this often.

5) You may feel deep sadness and pain

Being so close to your twin flame means that you will also feel the pain they are feeling. It is pretty confusing sometimes, especially when you are not sure where the sadness is coming from.

It can be pretty burdening at first until you realize what is causing it. This happens because twin flames function in a very similar way and can recognize each other’s energies.

Twin flame relationship causes lots of inner conflicts which may result in deep sadness. Unfortunately, there is no way around it, it is simply a part of this unusual connection that twin flames have.

In order to protect yourself from the energy you don’t recognize as yours, you can purify your own life and see what belongs there and what you can eliminate. If you notice that your twin flame is struggling you can help by being supportive and present when necessary, but also avoid being pulled into a toxic pattern this can harm you.

Besides, there is a lot of telepathy involved, which means that your twin flame can send you telepathic messages any time throughout the day or night. You may also start dreaming about your twin and have a feeling that it is occurring for real.

Depending on the dream, that can be more or less intense. In addition, when your twin starts feeling pain, you may feel pain too.

That can refer to emotional pain, but also physical one as well. This occurs because of the closeness between twin flame partners and can be manifested to a lesser or bigger extent.

6) You may be troubled by stomach pain

Some people say that stomach is our second brain that can feel all of our emotions and it reacts when something is not right. If you are having issues and conflicts with your twin flame that can be manifested by the stomach pain that doesn’t pass.

If there is no other health issue that you are struggling with and no physical causes of this pain, then you can be sure that the reason is of a more emotional nature. Take a closer look at the moments when this pain occurs.

If it usually starts when you are not in the ideal situation with your twin flame, then it means that you are feeling all the suffering and it gets located in the Third Chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra.

You will probably notice that the moment the problem gets resolved, the pain will disappear and you will be ready to function normally again. If you are willing to be proactive about this issue, you can work more on achieving the balance in this chakra by meditating, doing yoga, and deep breathing so it can be back in balance again.

7) You may feel exhausted

Meeting a twin flame and being in a relationship can be the biggest joy in our lives, but you should know that it takes a lot of energy and you can feel completely drained. Don’t feel guilty because of this because you may start thinking to yourself that you should be happy and joyful and that the feeling of being tired should not happen.

However, by thinking this way, you will just add fuel to the fire and drain more energy from your body by struggling with yourself. Instead, try to embrace this feeling and give yourself time to rest and heal.

Respect your body and your mind, so you can recover your energy and continue in the desired direction. You should bear in mind that we are only human and sometimes we are simply not ready to be happy.

This struggle can trigger an inner conflict that can only increase if you fight it. The moment you embrace it and honor it, the problem will get smaller.

Simply accept the need of your body to rest and set boundaries that will help you enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

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8) There is a lot of sexual tension

One of the characteristics of the relationship that twin flames share is the ability to communicate telepathically. The sexual tension is enormous between twin flames and it sometimes gets released even when you are not together.

This may come as a surprise the first time it happens, but it is one of the benefits of meeting your twin. What you can do is open to this energy and fully appreciate it when it’s there.

Send some loving energy to your twin flame and you can expect a call for sure. Communicating this way has its perks.

Even when you are apart, you can share special moments that are precious and then turn them into reality when you are ready. Some people actually report being able to have a climax when their twin flame partner is not there.

This is very unusual but it can also be fun if you manage to knock off your inhibitions and simply enjoy it. Share it with your twin flame, and you will probably hear that they felt it too which can be one more reason to bond and cherish the connection you have.

All of this sexual tension will surely help you embrace your body more and appreciate all the sensations you may feel. Sexual energy can be a great motivation to strengthen your relationship and work more on dealing with all of the negative feelings that may resurface.

9) You can feel a twin hug

Sometimes when you are not physically with your twin, you may start feeling like you are hugging each other. This can occur particularly during the period when you are separated and longing for each other, wanting to be together again.

During the times when you simply cannot work through all of your differences, feeling a twin hug can feel very comforting, but on the other hand, it can drive you nuts. All the desire to feel that closeness again can simply melt in despair.

However, even though this may be very challenging for you both emotionally and physically, it is also a call for you to reconsider your beliefs and resolve all your issues. Once you start resolving one thing after another, you will start realizing that there is a way to be together and grow personally on every level possible.

Work on opening your mind and your heart to this unusual love that doesn’t occur often.

Why do these changes happen?

The twin flame relationship is not even close to the regular one, because the intensity of the feelings is much stronger. The fact that we feel the energy of another person so clearly can frighten us and lead to numerous issues we are not ready to face.

Twin flames usually come to our life to change it. The change is usually for the better, but before it gets better it gets much worse.

Since we are all used to hearing stories about the ideal connection and relationships, we start having doubts and our insecurities appear. This is when energy starts to drain but it continues with every new issue that appears.

It’s not easy to understand where our personality begins, where it ends, and where our twin starts. At one point, everything gets mixed up which can lead to confusion and lots of negative feelings.

These feelings can create lots of physical symptoms that we are simply not ready to accept. You should know that these symptoms will eventually disappear, and that is usually when the good period in a twin flame relationship starts.

It may take some time before you actually start enjoying your relationship, but in the meantime try to be gentle as much as possible to yourself and your twin flame. Try to make the most out of this situation.

When are these changes the strongest?

Each one of these physical changes can occur at any time, but they are the strongest during the separation. Being away from the person we love is always difficult.

We want to talk to them, spend time with them, touch their skin and enjoy the closeness. When all of this vanishes we feel like the rug underneath our feet has been pulled which leads to complete despair that we don’t know how to handle.

You can expect that these signs and changes will appear and disappear continually, but you should also be ready for the separation, because no matter how bad it hurts, it is a part of this cosmic relationship that can push us to be better.

Keep in mind that the best thing you can do to help yourself to overcome these difficulties is to simply make peace with them. This is the hardest thing you will need to do, but simply understand that this is only a phase that will end at one point.

What can you do?

Even though you may feel at one point that there is nothing else you can do but to go along with the changes and with the flow that will carry you around, there is certainly something you can do.

First, you should understand that you have the power to set the boundaries and protect your energy from going up in flames. Set some time for yourself and do the things that make you happy.

Try not to neglect your friends. Instead, organize a nice evening together, go to the movies, read a good book.

All of these things are investments in your sanity which will help you face all the issues that you may have until things start improving. Identify your triggers and see what upsets you the most, so you can deal with all those things one after another.

You can be sure that resolving them one step at a time will help you become stronger. Not only this will help you personally, but it will also improve the relationship with your twin flame.

The way this works is that everything you have inside reflects on your twin flame and your relationship. Purifying your energy will also release the things that were bothering you before and were impacting your relationship in ways you weren’t able to fully understand.

Try to always be surrounded by people who will help you stay grounded, so you don’t have mood swings often. Spend your time by doing the things that will heal you and bring you back the precious energy that you’ve lost during the process.

Try to understand that this will pass and you will be able to be with your twin again.

What does it take for a twin flame relationship to work?

Even though every twin flame relationship is different there are certainly some similarities for all of them – they can get pretty tense very fast. If you are very eager (and I am sure you are) to make your twin relationship work, try to work on your ability to stay in the present moment.

If you are constantly going back and forth from your past to your future and then one more round again, you will certainly get lost at one point and your reactions will go through the roof. You can try to apply some techniques that could help you come back to this very moment and fully feel it.

Not only it will help you stay grounded and calm as much as possible, but it will also help you to breathe in this entire experience and feel it with your heart. People who got involved in a twin flame relationship noticed that there is one pattern of behavior that makes twin flame relationships successful – not making a big deal out of it.

This may be the hardest thing you will need to do because the connection is so powerful that you will feel very excited and very sad that you will want to share it with the world. However, the moment you share it, you will enable the energies and opinions of other people to mess with your head and your relationship which can create enormous damage.

Besides, giving too much attention to your twin flame and your relationship will give it even more importance and make you nervous along the way. Instead, try to spend time with your twin flame, appreciate the emotions you have, but also spend the time with the other people you love and do the things you enjoy.

This is the only way you can prevent the obstacles in your relationship to mess your mind to the extent that you are not able to function. Maintain the balance and you will be able to keep things the way you want them to be.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that every person is different and that your journey may differ from mine. You may have completely different body changes, so listen to your heart and mind on the way to getting to know your twin flame better.

Maintaining balance is the key and you should keep that in mind every time the scale starts to go back and forth. Twin flames are sometimes meant to come to our lives, clean up all the negativities that prevent us to live our lives to the fullest, and go.

It sometimes happens that the twin flame stays, so we can build a wonderful life together. Either way, it is a very challenging experience that will test your sanity and push you beyond your limits, but you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the result at one point.

Pay close attention to the physical changes you may start noticing so you can share them with the others and help other twin flames who are in the same situation as you are at the moment!

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