Twin flame awakening symptoms: 15 signs you’re awakening your twin flame

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Love is a spectrum, and there’s a whole spectrum of love within twin flames.

If you are awakening your twin flame or being awakened by them, you will know it from the inside out.

You will know it with your senses, your mind, and your heart.

There are so many signs that you’re awakening your twin flame — some more obvious than others.

There are subtle signs and strong signals that something greater is going on in your life right now.

These 15 tell-tale signs of awakening your Twin Flame may be just what you need to recognize the amazing things happening inside of you right now.

1) You’re feeling an intense connection to someone you’ve never met before

As you are trying to awaken your twin flame, it’s normal for your feelings to be very strong.

This is because you’renot only feeling an intense connection with your twin, you’re also feeling a strong connection to the Universe.

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you’re feeling an intense connection to someone you’ve never met before.

But how can you know for sure if you’ve met your genuine soulmate?

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There are so many things that you have in common with your twin flame that it can be almost overwhelming.

It’s like when you meet someone that really clicks with you and you feel a deep connection right away.

You might feel this way when you meet someone who shares the same birthday as you or even the same astrological sign.

When it feels like there’s a strong connection between the two of you, this is a very good sign.

2) You’re having synchronicities and serendipitous moments with this person

Synchronicities are a byproduct of awakening your twin flame.

When you’re starting to look for the person who will complete you, you’ll begin to notice the world around you in a new way.

You may start to see glimpses of them everywhere you go, or even feel their presence.

This is likely because they’ve been part of your life all along, and now that you’re paying more attention to your surroundings, you’re noticing them more than ever before.

As with any other relationship, synchronicities can happen at any time.

They don’t mean that your twin flame is necessarily nearby; they could just be a coincidence that comes up when you least expect it, or a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

The key is to pay attention, and take what happens as an opportunity to learn more about this person.

3) You can’t stop thinking about them even though you don’t know them

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you can’t stop thinking about them even though you don’t know them.

You may start to feel a strange connection with them.

Whether or not that connection is real and based on reality is another question, but the fact remains that it’s there.

Once you’re aware of this, take care to maintain your distance from them.

Don’t be too friendly or try to initiate conversation too quickly.

Acknowledge that you have a lot of catching up to do and set realistic expectations for how long it will take.

When you’re ready, engage in open, honest communication with them.

Ask your questions and listen to their answers carefully.

Be sure to evaluate the information objectively and make an informed decision about whether or not to continue pursuing your twin flame relationship.

4) You feel a sense of knowing them on a soul level

When Twin Flames are Awakened, there are a lot of things that happen.

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you feel a sense of knowing them on a soul level.

For example, there may be an instant connection or an inexplicable sense of “knowing” each other.

It’s very important to understand that when you’re awakening your twin flame, this is not a coincidence.

It’s usually because you’ve been drawn to someone who matches your soul vibration, and it’s very clear to you that you’re meant to meet each other.

When you’re awakening your twin flame, it can be easy to fall into what I call the “overwhelmed, overwhelmed” loop.

You’ll probably experience all kinds of emotions right away: fear, excitement, happiness, confusion… it can get pretty intense!

Because this is such a big deal for both of you (and because you’ll probably be going through some significant life changes at the same time), it’s not uncommon to feel like this is just way too much all at once.

5) You have an intense urge to be with them and feel a deep longing for their presence

When you’re awakening your twin flame, it’s no surprise that you feel an intense urge to be with them and feel a deep longing for their presence.

It’s important to notice your feeling of connection with them.

Does it make you happy?

Do you feel a sense of oneness with the world?

Is there a deeper meaning behind the feeling of being drawn to them?

There is a good chance that your feelings of connection are real.

If they are not, then there is probably something that is causing you to feel this way that you need to address in order to deepen your connection with them.

For example, if they live far away, make sure that you know what it feels like to be around them and spend time with them.

There are many ways to connect with someone when they live far away.

6) You feel a deep connection to their energy and feel pulled towards them

While the feeling of connection can be overwhelming, it’s also incredibly empowering.

You’re able to tap into an unlimited source of love and understanding that only twins share.

When you’ve connected with your twin flame, you’ve found the one person who truly understands you and accepts you for who you are.

It’s an indescribable feeling of being home.

Despite the strong connection felt when awakening your twin flame, it’s important to remember that they may feel different emotions than you do.

As they grow and learn more about themselves, they might experience feelings of confusion, anger or even resentment towards your presence in their life.

However, this is all part of the process and is necessary if they want to fully awaken.

7) You have shared dreams or visions with this person

When you are simultaneously experiencing the same dream or vision, it is known as a shared dream.

This is when you have the same dream within a short period of time.

For example, if you and your twin flame experience a similar dream on the same night, then you may have a shared dream.

In most cases, twin flames do not share dreams with each other.

They only experience similar dreams.

If they experience the same dream on different nights, then it may be a sign that they are connected in some way.

For example, if your twin flame experiences an anxiety dream, then you may also experience an anxiety dream soon after.

While it is possible to have shared dreams with anyone and everyone, twin flames are the ones most likely to share dreams with each other.

This is because they are attuned to each other on a deep level that allows them to communicate through their subconscious minds.

8) You have a strong feeling that you are supposed to meet them or be with them

When you feel this feeling, it may be the first time that you have felt it.

You may just want to follow your intuition, or you may feel like you are supposed to meet this person.

Either way, it can be a powerful feeling.

The most important thing is to trust your gut and go with your feelings.

If you feel like this is meant to be, then it will happen.

It’s important to remember that we are all different and have different personalities, so what one person finds amazing another might not find appealing at all.

It’s also important to not get discouraged when things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

Every relationship has ups and downs. While some relationships last for a lifetime, others end sooner than expected.

All relationships take time and effort to build, so if one relationship doesn’t work out, try not to dwell on it too much as there could be other opportunities out there for you.

If you stay open-minded and always looking for new opportunities, you will eventually find your twin flame!

9) You find yourself thinking about them all the time and wondering who they are

If you are experiencing thoughts about your twin flame all the time, then it is a sign that they are very close to you.

Once you start feeling these thoughts, it is a good indication that your twin flame is close.

You will feel an increased sense of calmness and peace when they are close to you.

The feelings that you have will be warm and loving, and they will remind you of your twin flame. You may even feel a strong connection with them.

There are many reasons why your twin might be close to you at this time.

It could be because they are around you more often than usual, or because you have recently had contact with them (such as a phone call).

If your twin flame is nearby, then it is likely that they are very close to you.

10) You can’t explain the intense connection you feel and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before

When you feel this deep connection with someone, it’s like you’ve found your other half.

Your twin flame is described as your soulmate, and they are the person that completes you.

You may have felt this connection before, but there’s no way you can explain it.

It’s like a feeling of knowing each other from the very start of your life.

When you meet your twin flame, the first thing you’ll notice is a feeling of deep connection.

You feel like you can’t even explain it, and because of that, it can be extremely confusing for both of you at first.

But over time, as you spend more time together, the connection deepens and evolves into something more. It’s a feeling that can only be described as soulmates.

The more time that passes between meeting your twin flame and when you finally realize how special this connection truly is, the stronger the bond will be.

11) You feel drawn to their energy and feel a need to be near them

There’s no specific method to awakening your twin flame connection.

It just happens.

You are drawn to their energy and it feels like you’ve known them all your life.

When you’re with them, you feel so connected and at peace, like a sense of homecoming.

After a while, the connection deepens and you feel you know everything about the other person and just want to be with them.

Even though there is no clear-cut way to do it, there are many ways to lead up to this experience.

Some people have experienced delayed awakenings or “dating” their twin flame.

Once they’re ready, they feel a strong pull toward their twin flame and start showing signs that they’re ready for an awakening: feeling drawn to their twin flame’s energy, feeling a need to be near them, wanting to spend time with them or reconnecting after a long time apart.

There is no specific way to prepare yourself to meet your twin flame but knowing that it is possible can help in the long run.

It will help get you excited and more open to possibilities when you’re ready for an awakening.

12) You have a strong sense that you are supposed to help them or be there for them in some way

When you’re awakened, you feel a deep sense of purpose.

You often feel called to help others or make the world a better place in some way.

You might have a strong belief that you are here to make a difference in the world.

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you might have a strong sense that you are supposed to help them or be there for them in some way.

You may also notice an unusual connection between the two of you.

You may think of each other often, or just want to be close to one another at all times.

It’s important not to take these feelings too seriously, as they might just be a result of your increased awareness and intuition.

You shouldn’t assume that means your twin is out there somewhere waiting for you.

Instead, it could just mean that you are starting to feel the same things about each other that your twin feels about you!

13) You feel a deep soul connection with this person and feel like you belong together

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you feel a deep soul connection with this person and feel like you belong together.

The experience of awakening your twin flame is a transformative, life-changing experience that completely changes the way you see yourself and the world around you.

When you first feel this connection with someone, it feels like a call from the universe telling you that something big is about to happen in your life.

It’s as if all of your past experiences have led to this moment, and everything has lined up in perfect alignment.

It’s as if fate has finally brought you together at just the right time in your life.

It’s as if the stars have aligned and everything has come full circle.

From the moment you first feel this connection with someone, it feels like a call from the universe telling you that something big is about to happen in your life.

Your world will never be the same again.

You’ll go through a period of incredible growth and development that will transform every aspect of your life.

There’s no way to describe what it’s like to awaken your twin flame because it’s an entirely new way of being in the world that nobody can fully understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves.

Even though everyone else may think it sounds crazy, there’s no denying that there’s some truth behind these feelings of connection when you’re awakening your twin flame.

14) You can’t imagine your life without them and feel like they are a part of you

When you’re awakening your twin flame, you can’t imagine life without them.

You feel like they are a part of you.

You feel a strong connection to each other and often see visions or connections between the two of you.

You may also feel drawn together physically and act on this attraction.

This attraction may be so strong that it feels as if your spirit has left your body and traveled to the other person’s location.

People who are in this situation are often described as “happily attached” because they feel so deeply connected to their twin flame.

In order to awaken your twin flame, you must be ready to accept and embrace that connection, even when it feels like they are in another dimension or universe away from you.

This means being open to seeing the beauty of their presence in all aspects of your life, not just when they are physically present with you.

15) You know on a deep level that this person is your twin flame and you are meant to be together

It’s a time when you feel the strongest connection to your twin flame.

You’re definitely feeling it!

This is the time when you can be most sure that this person is YOUR twin flame.

So many people have said they can feel their twin flame’s presence, or sometimes even sense their presence, during this period.

You may notice things happening in your life that seem to make perfect sense but would not necessarily have made sense before.

For example, you may suddenly start having new ideas or get clarity on some big decisions in your life.

Or, you may start noticing patterns that were previously invisible.

It’s like your intuition is becoming clearer and stronger so you can trust your feelings more.

In order to awaken your twin flame, you need to be open and receptive.

You will also need to show up for yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling—positive or negative.

This part of the process can be challenging because it involves opening up parts of yourself that you are usually afraid of or ashamed of.

But it’s important that you do this so that you can begin to see the truth about who you are and what your life is meant to be like.


When you feel it, believe it, and know it deep in your heart — that’s when it’s real.

When you feel the strong pull and attraction to your twin flame, you can know that it’s coming from real love.

When you feel as though you’re falling in love with them all over again, every time you see them, that’s when it’s real.

But there is a catch — you must feel it.

You must be in touch with your heart and mind to find this kind of love.

You cannot just decide that you’re in love with your twin flame and walk away thinking it’s not true.

Yes, sometimes the feelings stop, but don’t let that stop you from feeling.

Once you start to feel it all over again, you’re sure to know it when it’s real.

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