The 8 twin flame stages (plus 3 signs you’ve found yours)

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A twin flame is the most powerful connection you’ll ever experience in your life. A soul connection that feels so strong, it’s almost magical. 

The idea of the Twin Flame originated from Plato’s Symposium, where it was told how the Gods were so jealous of the power of humans that they ended up splitting the soul into two. All of humanity was then split into two souls, seemingly forever lost in yearning until one finally meets the other half. So romantic, so…tragic. 

There are believed to be 8 twin flame stages, and below, we’ll look at each of them in detail. By the end, we’ll help you figure out if you’ve met your twin flame. 

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1) The yearning

Have you ever felt incomplete in your life? 

Even when you’ve achieved all your goals, have gone everywhere your heart desires, and have done everything you’ve ever wanted to do…there’s just something missing. Something you can’t quite put your finger on.

This feeling might be a yearning, an intense desire to find your other half. 

You haven’t found your twin flame yet, and you feel half a heart without them. No matter what you do, nothing could fill that void of emptiness, and absolutely no one could fill the shoes that are meant for them. 

In our world that encourages us to be highly individualistic, this feeling can leave you confused. Why do I long for someone, when the rest of the world tells me I should be fine being alone?

But because not all of us are lucky enough to immediately meet our twin flame, if you’re one of the people who are bound to meet yours later on in life, this might cause you to feel defeated. You might even give up…until all the stars align and you finally meet.

2) The meeting

Whether it’s by chance or by intention, twin flames are bound to meet, one way or another. 

It can be as random as a meet cute in a grocery store, or they can be the one person that takes your breath away from a stack of matches on a dating app. 

And there’s nothing quite like the feeling of meeting your twin flame. It’s exhilarating—it’s a rush, a high like you’ve never felt before. 

There’s just something about them that draws you in. Something new, yet so familiar. You look nothing alike, but being with them almost feels like looking at yourself in the mirror. 

Because you’re two halves of the same soul, this would explain the seemingly inexplicable familiarity. 

The connection between twin flames is something indescribably heavenly, something out of this world. 

That’s why falling in love after the meeting is inevitable. 

3) The falling in love 

Getting to know your twin flame and having them get to know you will feel as easy as breathing. It’s like getting to know yourself, with all your common thoughts and interests. 

At first, it will feel peculiar how they make you nervous…but you’re also so comfortable around them. 

You’re conscious about how you look, but you also want to tell them everything about your life. 

You sometimes find it hard to figure out the right words to say, but all your feelings are also spilling out of you like water from a spigot.

This is because you’ve been preparing for this meeting your whole life. You may have had a couple of boyfriends or girlfriends, but nothing about them makes you feel quite like how this person does.

It’s this easiness, this effortlessness that pushes you to get into a relationship with them with no question.

4) The honeymoon 

All couples have a honeymoon phase, and the same can be said for twin flames. What makes this different is that it will feel so much better, so right, than it did with your previous romantic affairs.

Everything in the relationship right now is smooth sailing. You just know in your heart that they’re the perfect partner—they’re everything you could’ve asked for, and perhaps, even more.

They make you laugh, they take the burden off your shoulders, they listen to your woes, they always offer a shoulder to cry on…

…and you really couldn’t ask for more. 

It’s almost too good to be true, isn’t it? 

Well, you will soon realize that it is once the first crack in the glass appears. 

5) The turmoil

It all happened too fast.

A glass or two got broken, one blame after the other led to screaming, crying, and falling apart. 

How could you ever think they’re the one?

Before, all you could see was how beautiful the picture was. But now, all you see is that ugly rip in the middle of the tapestry. 

They’re not perfect, after all. No one is. They’re a person with character flaws, with issues they need to work on.

And you hate yourself for not immediately seeing them for who they are. 

The thing with twin flames, with finding someone almost exactly like you, is that they don’t only mirror the best parts of yourself—they also force you to see the worst parts, the ones you’d rather not see.

All this chaos makes you want to let go. What is the point of holding on, if you’re just going to get hurt anyway?

“This could never work out,” you think.

But you don’t let go just yet.

6) The running and chasing

At this point, you must answer a very important question: do you want to mend the broken pieces, or would it be better to move on and heal on your own? 

This is an important period of deliberation that every twin flame must go through. You will carefully weigh whether or not it’s worth working it out or if it’s better to spare your energy and just leave, once and for all.

And here’s the scary thing: you will not be on the same page.

One of you will run, believing they’re not ready yet for such a powerful connection. If they’re not ready for something as good as this, how could they ever deserve it? 

And while the other runs, one will chase. They will desperately want to win their twin flame back, and they will stop at nothing. 

Whether you find yourself to be the runner or the chaser, soon you’ll inevitably reach a point of surrender. 

7) The surrender

All the running and all the chasing have drained you both of your energies. There’s nothing left anymore, and there’s nothing to do but surrender. Concede. Accept defeat.

After all the energy you spent running and chasing, you’ll find yourself just wanting to move on, once and for all, but something keeps you from doing so.

All the good memories keep flashing back, as if a supercut of your relationship keeps playing in your head. Even the bad days and nights seem so romantic now, and you can’t help but long for them again. 

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8) The reunion

The idea of twin flames is that no matter how far apart they go away from each other, they will always, always come back together.

This time apart is critical in making these two halves of one soul realize that they are meant to be together, forever. 

Because there’s nothing quite like the connection between twin flames, in the end, you will realize that you are better together, even during the darkest days and nights. 

Life is not always perfect, but you’d rather spend this imperfect, incredibly flawed life with them than with anyone else. 

Even if it’s hard, you will keep choosing them, to be with them. To love a twin flame is to keep consciously choosing them over and over again. 

And there’s nothing in the world that could ever come close to the feeling of being with your twin flame for eternity. 

Now that you’ve learned the 8 twin flame stages, let’s see the signs that show you that you’ve finally found yours. 

Signs you’ve met your twin flame

They feel familiar, even at first sight

When you meet your twin flame, the attraction will be instant. Even something seemingly simple as eye contact can make your heart hammer violently against your chest. 

You will know they’re your twin flame because you can date around with all the wrong people, and no matter how hard you try, there will always be something missing, something that they just couldn’t quite make you feel. 

But with this person, the connection happens almost instantaneously. It almost feels magical how this stranger understands you more than anyone in your life.

You understand each other more than anyone 

With a twin flame, you won’t have to explain yourself. 

Sometimes, you don’t even have to tell them how you feel, because the understanding is almost instinctive. 

You could look for them in a crowd full of people and their face is still the first one you’d see. 

You could be having an emotional breakdown without telling them and before you know it, they’d be at your front door bringing you your favorite comfort snacks and a list of your comfort movies.

In fact, it’s this kind of easy, effortless connection that enables you to bring out the best in each other.

You bring out the best in one another

Too many couples bring out the worst in each other, and it’s the opposite of twin flames.

You’re attracted to one another because of your unhealthy emotional patterns. One is anxious, the other is avoidant, and it brews the perfect storm for unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationships.

But for twin flames, it’s the exact opposite. 

You bring out the best in each other even if you’re well aware of your worst qualities, because you don’t pick and prod at their insecurities until it hurts—rather, you heal and nurture them until they grow. 

This is because you understand that underneath all the emotional baggage is a history that explains why they are the way they are. You help each other work your issues out rather than use your flaws to hurt the other.

And when you bring out the best in each other, you know you’ve found your twin flame—and there’s absolutely no hill you can’t climb together. 

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