Everything you need to know about Taurus twin flame compatibility

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Did you meet a Taurean recently that you feel inexplicably drawn to?

You two clicked almost instantly, a fact which made you wonder if he/she is your twin flame. 

Finding out if your zodiac sign is compatible with theirs is a great place to start.

But, even if you are compatible, there’s still one more question left unanswered.

How can you know for sure they are your twin flame?

Keep reading and you’ll find out!

The Taurus Twin Flame

In many ways, having a Taurus as your twin flame can be quite beneficial for your relationship. 

They are loyal people who value honesty and feel best when their life is characterized by comfort and stability.

Sometimes considered inflexible and stubborn, a Taurus twin flame often makes up for their shortcomings by pampering their loved ones in special, luxurious ways.

1) They are characterized by persistence

A Taurus doesn’t give up easily. Whether they want to seduce someone or convince them to stay committed to them, they persevere. 

They are determined to achieve what they set their minds to, which highly benefits a twin flame relationship.

However, they could end up being too persistent, especially in the separation phase. That’s when their perseverance may turn into stubbornness.

They’ll just keep coming back at it until they realize they have to let it go. But, this might never happen in the case of mirror souls.

Since the ultimate purpose of twin flames is to become one and ascend, a Taurus will not give up on pursuing their counterpart. 

In a way, you can consider yourself lucky to have such a match made in heaven. But, wait!

If they truly are your match, they are also your mirror. So, is persistence one of your strengths, too?

2) They value honesty above all else

You can expect total transparency from a Taurean, especially if they are your twin flame. They will not try to deceive you.

They will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts you or it’s to their disadvantage. The only form of lying that a Bull would use is omission.

However, there are rare cases when they deliberately lie to someone. 

Conversely, if you lie to them or betray them in any way, don’t expect them to forgive you. Well, not easily anyway.

As a Taurean, I can assure you that we are capable of forgiving. But, keep in mind that we will never forget.

Compatible Astrology confirms it

“The flip side is that if they are betrayed, the level of hurt is very high and they are unlikely to forgive and forget easily.”

3) They like to spoil themselves

Taureans find all kinds of ways to spoil all their senses. They enjoy good food, fancy drinks, enticing perfumes, and luxurious things.

If they are your twin flame, they will spoil you too. They will make sure you are always comfortable and have what you need.

Taurus natives are considered materialistic, but the truth is they are misunderstood. I’m saying this because what they truly want is to have a good time and enjoy the finer things in life.

They don’t want to gather riches for the sake of it. They want to enjoy them.

So, with a Taurus twin on your side, your life will be filled with beautiful things and your lifestyle will be comfortable. 

4) They love stability and consistency

“Taureans are big fans of consistency, and you can always depend on them to be there for you. These qualities are what make them such loyal friends and partners,” says an author for Vogue.

I’m sure you’ve heard that twin flames often go on and off. Also called the “push and pull”, this phase rarely occurs when you are in a relationship with a Taurus twin.

You can rely on a Taurus as a romantic partner and as a mirror soul. They will not go silent on you if you need them or disappear from your life if you want their help.

5) They are loyal to the bone

Taurus natives are not crazy about having one-night stands. Instead, they like to take their time and get to know the person they like. 

Moreover, they want to build intimacy before it even happens. 

“Taurus is quite traditional in seeking and maintaining intimate relationships, preferring to be in a committed union versus dating randomly and frequently, says an author for Compatible Astrology.

In other words, if your twin flame is a Taurus, you’ll never have reasons to doubt their loyalty and love for you. 

You will argue about other various reasons, but, typically, they will not make you feel insecure or jealous.

Signs a Taurus is your twin flame

To find out if someone is your twin flame, you can look out for general signs that they are your twin flame, such as:

  • You feel like you’ve known them your whole life;
  • You can’t stay away from each other;
  • You can be your authentic self around them.

But, the good news is there are also specific signs that only apply to Taurus twin flames. Let’s dive right in!

The physical attraction is unprecedented

As if Taureans weren’t naturally attractive enough, if they are also your twin flame, there will be fireworks.

You can easily recognize your Taurus twin flame if the physical attraction between you two is unprecedented.

If you feel immense desire and you crave ‌their touch with every inch of your body, take it as a sign of twin flame union.

Taurus natives are sensual, beautiful, confident, and “possess ‘come-to-bed’ doe eyes”. They are pleasant, charming, and almost impossible to resist.

Correction: If they are your twin flame, you will definitely not be able to resist them.

You take them out of their comfort zone

A Bull’s favorite things in life include comfort, comfort, and comfort. 

So, if you try to get them out of their comfort zone and they accept your challenge, they might be your twin.

Very little things in life make a Taurus leave their comfort zone and do something they don’t really want to. 

“They do not like it when others push them to do something challenging. They don’t like making adjustments and getting out of their comfort zone, “ notes an astrologer from AstroYogi.

However, if they also realize you are their counterpart, they will be willing to put in the necessary hard work. 

Of course, they will only do so if they feel the work that needs to be done is not one-sided.

They pamper you and give you gifts

If a Taurus likes you, twin flame or not, they will pamper you as they like to be pampered and give you quality gifts. A Bull always chooses quality over quantity. 

Also, this zodiac sign’s natives think that giving and receiving pleasure is what a relationship is all about. 

So, they will try to make you feel pleasure in numerous ways; with food, drinks, shopping, enticing smells, and cozy places.

They will not let you down when it comes to physical pleasure either.

They ask a lot of uncomfortable questions

Characterized by traditional values and sentimentalism, the Bull tends to ask lots of questions about the past.

In addition, besides wanting to know what you’ve been through since day one on this planet, a Taurus twin flame will also think of challenging and uncomfortable questions.

These natives tend to overanalyze things, but they don’t do it on purpose. They are genuinely interested in your opinion about life on Mars and your childhood drama.

They want to rush into a relationship with you

Taurus natives might not be as cautious when they meet their twin flame as they would normally be.

If they recognize you as their mirror soul, then they will make up their minds about committing to you quickly.

Although Taurus natives don’t confess their love until they’re very sure about their feelings, they might skip some steps when it comes to their counterpart.

When they decide exactly what they want from you, you’ll know.

Twin Flame signs compatible with Taurus

Despite the stubbornness of the Bull, there are no less than 5 best zodiac matches for them:

  • Taurus and Taurus twin flame

When both twins are Taurus natives, their relationship thrives. They both love the same things and have the same faults. In addition, they have a higher purpose as twin flames, which is ‌to help others by the power of example.

  • Cancer and Taurus twin flame

An excellent duo, the twin flame relationship between a Cancer and a Taurus is meant to be. Both natives love the beauty of life and appreciate spontaneity and living life to the fullest. 

If your zodiac sign is Cancer, you can learn a lot more about the best twin flame match for you from this epic love guide.

  • Virgo and Taurus twin flame

A Taurus and a Virgo never get bored together, even if they’re not twin flames. But, if they are, they balance each other out.

Often, they do things at the same pace, have an easy-going attitude and a good understanding of each other.

In intimacy, both signs are sensual and they like to indulge in passionate activities. Virgos make great romantic partners for their Taurean counterparts.

  • Scorpio and Taurus twin flame

Scorpios are known to be loyal, especially when they get together with their counterparts. In addition, they can provide the type of moral support the Bull needs.

The physical attraction between these zodiac signs goes beyond your wildest dreams. If you’re a Scorpio and your twin soul is a Taurus, you already know what I’m talking about.

  • Capricorn and Taurus twin flame

Your Tango confirms it:

“Capricorn is definitely soulmate/twin flame material because you are both grounded and rely on support.”

Because Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs, they are both interested in building strong foundations based on trust.

Want to know more? Read the complete guide to ‌Capricorn twin flame’s best and worst love matches

Twin flame zodiac signs Taurus should avoid

Ashley Robinson, Ph.D. lists 3 zodiac signs that have a low probability of being ‌Taurus’s mirror soul:

  • Sagittarius and Taurus twin flame

Why is it unlikely for a Sagittarius to be a Taurus’s twin flame?

Chances are that their lifestyles are too different and none of them cares enough to change.

Want to know a secret? If you were born a Sagittarius, your best twin flame love match is Scorpio.

  • Aquarius and Taurus twin flame

Aquarius is a water sign with wandering habits that don’t please the Bull. 

Although they may understand that everyone has their own journey, Taurus natives need stability, not a person who constantly leaves their side.

Keep your chin up, though. You can discover more about twin flame Aquarius compatibility here.

  • Aries and Taurus twin flame+

If an Aries and a Taurus get together, they will most likely spend more time apart. Aries natives like to travel a lot, especially for work. 

Taurus natives, on the other hand, also like to work hard, but they don’t want to waste their lives on the road.

Taurus during a twin flame separation

When describing a Taurean’s behavior during the twin flame separation phase, Mom Junction puts it this way:

Once Taureans are “in a relationship with their twin flame, they’ll find many opportunities to process otherwise difficult things.”

A relationship with their counterpart means making changes for the Bull and that’s something they dislike. 

Adapting and becoming more flexible are real challenges for a Taurus. Most importantly, they have to face them because otherwise, they will not experience a reunion too soon. 

However, depending on their twin’s zodiac sign, they could avoid separation altogether. 

For example, in a relationship where both people are Taureans, the separation phase may not happen. 

Taurus during a twin flame reunion

If a Taurus wants to experience a ‌reunion with their twin flame, they’ll most probably have to work on two aspects of their personality.

You’ve got it right! I’m talking about their discomfort with change and their possessive nature.

However, a Taurus is not necessarily going to be the runner, so that’s going to be tricky. 

In fact, since one of their prevalent traits is perseverance, they’ll most probably be the chaser.

If you’re not familiar with the runner-chaser dynamic, you can read all about it here

To summarize, the most evolved soul becomes the chaser because they recognize ‌the twin flame union. Also, they are willing to do the work that needs to be done in order to reach oneness.

As for the runner, he/she is scared and overwhelmed by this union and decides to break things off and run.

Taurus twin flame sex

Taureans “are extremely sensual, touch, smell and all pleasurable senses being extremely important to them, but they also need time to create a safe environment and relax in their sexual encounters”, notes an author for Astrology Zodiac Signs.

While not all Taurus twin flame relationships are sexual, these natives are hard to resist. They are governed by the planet Venus, which is associated with beauty, refinement, and affection.

Intimacy with your Taurus counterpart is supposed to be like anything you’ve ever felt before. 

They intuitively know what you like, and when they don’t, they make sure to patiently explore your body and your fantasies.

Which twin flame zodiac signs are most compatible?

Astrologically speaking, the main idea with ‌twin flame compatibility is to find complementary zodiac signs.  

An author for Medium nicely explains that fire signs complement each other with air signs, and earth signs complement each other with water signs.

Let me explain:

  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius twin flames are compatible with their Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius counterparts.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn mirror souls are compatible with their Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces counterparts.

Although this may be true, each twin flame journey is different. In some cases, even if the stars don’t support it, ‌union with your counterpart is still a possibility.

As Ash, numerologist and certified law of attraction coach, says:

“Twin flames can be any combination of astrological signs. However, there are certain zodiac combinations that are frequently seen in twin flame relationships.”

Have you met your Taurus twin flame?

Now that you know more about the signs a Taurean is your twin flame, you should also listen to what your intuition has to say. 

Your astrological compatibility should not be your only reason for believing the Taurus you’ve met is your counterpart.

However, knowing this can prove to be very helpful in your attempt to understand your mirror soul better by learning about the characteristics of their zodiac sign.

In this way, you’ll know what to expect and gain another perspective than that of an overwhelmed person who has just experienced union.


By now you should know whether ‌a Taurean is your twin flame and if your zodiac signs are compatible. 

Even if they’re not, it doesn’t mean they can’t be your soulmate or a life partner. 

But that’s a story for another time.

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