11 spiritual signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

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Being so lucky to have found your twin flame means that you will be connected with the other human being on a spiritual, but also on a physical level. The connection is so powerful that you can sometimes feel the physical signs that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

The manifestations can differ from person to person and it is largely influenced by the strength of the connection you have, but some things are universally recognized.

If you simply cannot believe or understand what is happening to you, here are a few signs that your twin flame wants you!

1) You have erotic dreams

The connection between twin flames is out of this world. This is why you will be able to feel it when your twin starts thinking about you sexually.

The dreams are an unexplained territory that no one could truly understand so far, but it is clear that dreaming of a person you like and feel drawn to can only mean one thing – you are connected on a deeper level!

The erotic dreams can be pretty intense and realistic, so when you actually wake up you will probably be confused whether that was the reality or just a dream. It can get very vivid like you actually have your twin in front of you.

Even though it is not completely clear how this happens, the connection is very strong and can have a powerful effect on the unconscious mind. It is surely quite interesting and rare, so enjoy it to the fullest.

You should know that when you start dreaming about him, you will also be sending energy to him so this is a never-ending cycle. There is a huge possibility that you are actually sharing a dream and letting your souls dance in some other dimension.

When you feel that your twin is sending out signals like this, share some of your energy and you will continue the cycle. Make love with your thoughts and don’t limit yourself to this dimension.

Twin flames are so much more than that!

2) You can feel the actual touch

The connection between the twin flames is based on the energy for the biggest part. This is why it is very possible that you will experience the same feeling like your twin is touching you.

Even though this may sound scary, it is completely the opposite. The feeling of being in contact with a twin flame is extraordinary, so every form of touch can actually produce an enormous amount of energy and pleasure.

Feeling goosebumps and arousal are the natural consequence of the focused energy of your twin. You can be sure that you are in his thoughts when you notice the signs like these.

It is nothing to be afraid of. It is the chance to use this opportunity and spend as much time with him as possible and simply enjoy the heavenly connection that is very hard to explain.

You can choose to enjoy it this way, or you can call him and transform it into actual enjoyment in reality. Play with it and you will see just how diverse and powerful the connection between you can be!

3) A real psychic confirms it

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4) You will feel the need to see him

If your twin is thinking about you intensely, you will be able to feel it. If you are busy with something and you suddenly start feeling the need to call him or meet with him, you should know that your bond is very strong and that he may be sending you messages with the power of his mind.

When you think of your twin flame, he will have the same sensations. This is one of the reasons why the twin flame connection is unbreakable.

It is so much more than a physical bond, it goes far beyond that, all the way to a spiritual connection. This is very rare, so do what you can to develop this bond and reach new levels of connection with him.

5) Sexual attraction is very strong

At the beginning of every relationship, there is that period when you simply cannot stop thinking (or doing something about it) about the object of your desire. However, when it comes to twin flames, this is multiplied.

Since the connection is so strong, lovemaking is not just about the physical bodies, but also about the souls that start melting into each other. You don’t have to wish for him to read your mind.

This is already done! Considering that you can fulfill each other’s deepest desires, it truly comes naturally to want more and more.

However, this is not reserved only for the time when you are in front of each other, it can happen anytime and anywhere no matter where you are because you will be able to make love telepathically. The moment you feel intense sexual desire, it is a sign that you are in his thoughts.

You can feel the energy coming from him and blending into your body, so you can make love telepathically. The feeling is divine because the souls touch gently and the bodies follow.

6) You will feel the urge to call him

One of the reasons that the bond between the twin flame partners is so special is the possibility of communicating telepathically, as mentioned before. This means that when your twin starts thinking about you, you will feel the need to call him.

You will suddenly feel a very strong urge that you cannot ignore. The moment you call him, he will probably tell you that you have been in his thoughts.

This also works in the opposite way. When you think intensely about being with your twin, you may get a message or a call from him instantly.

The strong connection may confuse you at first, but it is the opportunity to bond even more and simply enjoy each other as much as you can. Try to practice this and see what occurs next.

Focus on your twin strongly and send the energy to him. Wait a little bit to see what happens.

You will probably receive a call from him because this goes both ways. Sending love and expressing desire with your thoughts can be fun and exciting for sure.

7) You will feel physical sensations

Being in love is such a great feeling! Being in the arms of someone who appreciates you, loves you, and wants to be with you all the time is like nothing else in the world.

However, with the twin flames, this feeling is multiplied and can truly make you ask yourself if such strong feelings are possible. There are a few physical sensations you can feel even when you are apart that can tell you that your twin is thinking of you sexually:

  • Warmth in the area of the heart chakra
  • Changes in your body temperature
  • Fast heart rate

If you have been feeling good and then all of a sudden you start feeling that your heart is racing or that you are very warm, it can mean that your twin is thinking about being intimate with you. If this happens often, then you can be sure that he cannot stop thinking about you.

The reason why this happens is that the energy of the soul causes flickering of the heart and you can even start feeling like butterflies are trying to escape your stomach. It is a very intense feeling that cannot be stopped when you want.

Once you are in a twin flame relationship, it is like you don’t own your body anymore. It belongs to your twin.

Heart chakras become synced, so your souls enjoy, while the bodies may have struggles while adjusting which manifests in the form of symptoms mentioned before.  When you notice that the symptoms appear frequently, you can be sure that the desire of your twin becomes stronger and stronger as time goes.

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8) Your energy shifts

When you are at work completely focused on the tasks at hand, but you suddenly start feeling distracted and unable to focus, this probably means that your twin is sending pretty powerful vibes to you.

You may start having intense thoughts and feel sensual and aroused, which can heat up the relationship between you even more. The waves of energy sent to you will change the way you feel almost instantly.

This cannot be explained by pure logic, it goes far beyond that. It is something that you just know.

Explaining in the earthly terms wouldn’t be able to cut it. You will simply feel it with your gut and know that you are in his thoughts.

Even though this may be pretty confusing in the beginning, it can become a source of pleasure later on when you discover all the possibilities. Explore it and give yourself the chance to test all the ways you can use to get in touch with your twin even if you are going through fights.

Moreover, you can use it as a tool to get together. Welcome the energy that your twin sends and send more back to him so he can come back to you.

9) You don’t feel alone even if you are

When you are at home and you feel like you are hugged by your twin, this can mean that he is thinking about you sexually and in every other sense. Even though you will know that you are at home alone, you will feel the intense presence that you cannot define.

Here are a few signs that you may find as well:

  • You start seeing angel numbers frequently
  • Feathers may find the way to you
  • You may feel like someone is touching you

This may be a hint for you to call him and arrange a date. Why let this wonderful energy go to waste?

Don’t be ashamed of the desire to be with your twin flame. Welcome it and embrace it,  it is a wonderful source of love and sexual energy ready to be released.

Enjoy each other’s company every way you can.

10) You feel it

Some things cannot be explained or compared to anything else we already know. If you suddenly feel some new energy that you cannot recognize, there is a huge chance that your twin is sending it to you.

This could mean that you feel desperate at one moment and then suddenly you start feeling happy and hopeful. It is not easy to be connected to the twin flame, especially when you just start seeing each other.

It can be very challenging to get used to these changes and the way that the sexual energy emits in more ways than you could ever imagine. You should know that the purpose of a twin flame coming into your life may be exploring your sexuality and every other aspect of your personality.

11) The sudden explosion of energy overwhelms you

If you suddenly start feeling completely overwhelmed and confused by the outburst of energy, you should know that your twin flame may have a huge part in that. If he is thinking about being with you, you will start feeling a very intense feeling of energy pushing you out of the familiar zones you have been limited to.

Take this time as a chance to go deeper into the levels of consciousness you have never thought about before. Explore new ways of being with your twin and simply play with it.

Every time you feel the enormous energy overflowing you, you should know that your twin is calling you and that you simply need to respond the best way you can. Think of it as a telepathic phone that only two of you can use to communicate.

Can you truly feel aroused when you are apart?

Yes, and the feeling is incredible! The reason why this happens is that the soul you share also shares the emotions you feel.

If your twin suddenly starts craving sex with you, you will feel the most intense arousal that you never thought is possible when you are apart. It is even possible to feel the climax even where there is no actual physical touch of any kind.

Of course, it is not possible to feel it every time, but it can occur from time to time when the emotions are so strong that you cannot handle them. This happens because the strings of attachment are not only physical.

The twin flames are connected on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.  This means that you understand each other on every level possible.

This is why intercourse can be so explosive when you are together, but the telepathic bond can be equally surprising and fulfilling. Nourish this intimacy on the energetic level and you will be able to enjoy being with your twin every time you want it.

The feeling can be so intense in the beginning that you may be scared by the strength of the sensations you may start feeling. Besides thinking of each other constantly, you will probably want to act on it all the time.

And, who wouldn’t when the feeling of being with the twin flame is so fulfilling? Well, take advantage of this cosmic relationship and simply let yourself get wild.

Can a twin send you a kiss?

Kiss is the most intimate act of love and the way to show your loved one that you care deeply for them. When it comes to physical signs of affection between flames, this goes beyond.

No matter where you are if your twin flame starts thinking intensely about kissing you, you will surely feel it. The best part about the connection between twin flames is that you can be in touch no matter where you may be in reality.

This is why a telepathic kiss is truly something special. The twins communicate on the energy level.

This is why you will be able to feel the energy coming your way and actually feel the warmth and the happiness just like you have been kissed for real. The bond is so strong that the energy you exchange can be truly intense.

This is one of the reasons why twin flames can feel the extreme closeness, but also the extreme level of negative feelings. This is something that you need to be aware of and simply enjoy all the positive manifestations of love you can receive.

The bond you feel with your twin flame can only get stronger over time and you can even practice sending telepathic kisses. This way, you can enjoy and celebrate your bond even more.

Telepathy unlocks unconditional love

The bond so strong can truly lead to developing unconditional love that recognized no boundaries. You will notice that after the intense feelings of your twin sending you a kiss or thinking of you sexually, you will feel the need to hug him and fully embrace him.

This is the sign of unlocking your natural gift for love and care for another human being. Even though some twin flame pairs remain close only by sharing platonic connection, the true level of closeness is reached through all the physical manifestations of love.

If you are ready to start dealing with all the insecurities and simply focus on developing the bond between you two, you can truly reach unimaginable love. The merge of souls releases the energy that continues to emit.

What can block the emission of love and sexual energy?

Sometimes, the intensity of the feelings and the sexual energy can get weaker. There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • The repressed anger
  • The karmic issues are too strong
  • There is a lot of resentment

If you notice that these issues may be on your way, it is time to start dealing with them so you can enjoy the closeness again to the fullest. The connection between you is a reflection of the way how each of the twin flames feels.

Pay close attention to your ability to receive love and enjoy the messages sent by your flame. You may be too afraid to let off all the fears of being intimate with another person.

However, it is necessary to deal with these issues head-on, because the relationship with your twin flame is the opportunity for you to grow in every way possible.

Acknowledge each one of these obstacles and deal with each one the best way you can. After you work through each of these problems, you will surely feel the joy of connecting to your twin flame and simply giving each other everything you’ve got.

Keep in mind that your twin must also do everything he can on his part to clear the negative energy. Depending on his willingness and capacity to deal with uncomfortable feelings, the process may be faster or slower.

Deeper consciousness leads to a stronger connection

Everything we have, we reflect on others. This is especially true for twin flame partners, so when you actually meet your twin flame do your best to purify your being.

This can be done through the focused work on your traits of personality that burden you and prevent the full embrace with your twin. Take a closer look at your openness to love and share a deep physical connection.

If you could notice that there is lots of room for improvement, do everything you can to clear the path towards the deeper consciousness. Clear energy and pure aura can help you become one again with your twin flame.

Share the divine love and connection that is possible only between the cosmically connected souls. Every negative trait you leave behind will help you feel the love on a deeper level and open your mind to the messages your twin is sending you.

You will be able to appreciate the goosebumps, the butterflies, and the sexual notes that your twin is sending. It is like a gentle movement of water in your direction purifying your desires and your thoughts.

Learn to read the signs between the lines and you will learn to swim in those untested waters. Dive deeper into your desires and learn to enjoy with your twin in all ways that you want.

Final thoughts

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