15 spiritual jobs for empaths that will satisfy their soul

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You’re deeply in tune with the feelings of other people. You have strong intuition and are easily overwhelmed. In other words, you’re an empath.

Being an empath comes with a unique set of spiritual gifts. You want a career that will make full use of these. Now you’re wondering, what are your best options?

This article will tell you 15 of the best spiritual jobs for empaths. Read on to find out what they are.

What is the best career for an empath? 3 tips to find out

As you’re about to discover, there are lots of spiritual jobs you could do as an empath.

However are you supposed to figure out the best fit for you?

Use these 3 tips to find your spiritual calling.

1) Consider what type of empath you are

Of course, you already know what an empath is: a highly sensitive person who can easily understand and feel what others around them are feeling.

But there’s more:

There are actually many different kinds of empaths.

This relates to what exactly you feel most connected to. Some people have very strong intuition when it comes to animals — others feel extremely connected to the earth.

Figuring out which type you are is key to helping you find the best way to apply these talents.

The most common types of empaths:

  • Emotional empath — sensing people’s emotions
  • Flora/plant empath — understanding and sensing plants and their needs
  • Fauna/animal empath — understanding and communicating with animals
  • Geomantic/earth empath — reading and feeling future natural disasters
  • Telepathic/intuitive empath — sensing people’s thoughts and feelings, understanding subtext and people’s past and blockages
  • Precognitive empath — sensing future events
  • Physical empath — feeling people’s pain and symptoms
  • Medium/psychic empath — communicating with spirits

2) Explore your gifts

To find the best career for yourself as an empath, focus on developing your unique spiritual gifts.

There are lots of ways to do this.

Journaling can be a big help to explore your inner thoughts and feelings. You might be surprised at what you discover, even if you think you know yourself very well!

Another great option is meditation. Clear your mind and tune into what you feel from your body and your surroundings. What do you feel most drawn to?

And of course, you can also talk to other empaths. They may be able to offer some insights that you haven’t thought of before.

You should try out a variety of these methods to explore your gifts from every possible angle. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to get a sense of what is the right path for you.

3) Ask a gifted advisor

The tips above and below will give you a great start to finding the best spiritual job as an empath.

But a surefire way to find your true calling is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, what is my true purpose in life? How am I meant to use my spiritual gifts?

The problem is finding someone you can trust.

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including the spiritual gifts I have been given.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

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Not only will a genuine advisor tell you your purpose as an empath, but they can reveal all your career possibilities.

15 spiritual jobs for empaths

1) Dream interpreter

As an empath, you have a special ability to understand people’s thoughts and feelings. You can tell when something is bothering someone, even when they’re in denial about it.

Want to make full use of these skills? Consider becoming a dream interpreter.

Our dreams can be extremely meaningful and even tell us essential information about our lives and actions. But when we ignore our dreams, all this valuable information goes to waste.

As an empath, you can make sure this doesn’t happen. You’ll help people dive into their subconscious and decode their true thoughts and feelings. With your help, people will make full use of what their dreams are telling them.

2) Numerologist

Are you deeply fascinated with numbers? Do you have the feeling they are more than just simple figures?

Add to that your natural empath gifts, and you’re practically a born numerologist.

This career will make the best of your passion and also your talents. You’ll be able to set people on the right paths by analyzing the important numbers in their lives:

  • Life path number
  • Expression number
  • Soul urge number
  • Numerology personality number
  • Master numbers
  • Angel numbers

This is an incredibly rewarding career! What is a person’s destiny? How should they make decisions they’ve been struggling with? What are their angels trying to tell them?

You can help people answer these questions and many more as a numerologist.

3) Aromatherapist

You’re particularly sensitive to scents. You love smelling things, and you find certain smells have very strong effects on you.

An aromatherapist might be the best spiritual job for you.

This is someone who uses essential oils and other plant based products to help people heal their bodies, minds and emotions.

You can also help people learn how to use aromas as natural remedies for specific health concerns such as anxiety, depression and more.

This is a particularly great career option for flora empaths, also called plant empaths.

4) Psychic

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re chatting with a friend, and you can practically guess what they’re going to say before they even open their mouths. When they tell you a story, you somehow know details that they didn’t even mention. And you give suggestions that somehow end up being true, even though there’s no way you could have known.

It’s pretty obvious… you’re a natural psychic.

You can see things that others don’t notice so readily because of your heightened sensitivity. Not only that, but you also sense things that are not even perceptible.

You’re in the perfect position to help people find their soul’s purpose.

But of course, it can be extremely difficult to figure out if you really have these talents.

So if you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings.

So instead of trying to figure out your ideal empath career on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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5) Astrologer

If you find yourself gazing up at the sky every chance you get, your future career might be staring you right in the face.

Astrologers are experts in stars and what they can tell. They use the positions of planets and other astronomical bodies to interpret our lives, and they make predictions based on those interpretations.

You’d be surprised at how much influence they have, and how much you can see and understand from them.

This career is particularly fascinating. You can delve into and become an expert on often misunderstood topics like zodiac signs and twin flames — you will never have a boring day at work!

6) Spiritual counselor

What is your greatest talent?

As an empath, your answer is probably your intuition. You easily pick up on the motives of people, situations around them and what they want from life.

Because of this, you’d make great counselor or life coach.

This career lets you help others find their way through life’s challenges. Your gifts also help to heal people emotionally so that they can move on with their life more easily after dealing with trauma or serious problems.

If you help your spiritual power grow, you’ll be on the fast track to becoming an excellent spiritual counselor.

7) Medium

Most people find cemeteries creepy — but you find them fascinating. You’re drawn to any topics involving ghosts and you might have even seen a few yourself.

Being a medium might be the perfect empath career for you.

You’ll use your spiritual abilities to channel those who have passed on into your body. You’ll allow spirits to use your body as a vessel, in which they can speak from beyond the grave.

In this way, you can pass on messages to their friends and relatives who still walk this Earth.

This career is incredibly emotional but also very rewarding. You’ll help people wrap up their unfinished business and put to rest any unresolved feelings and issues they may have.

8) Tarot reader

You’re a master at seeing patterns and connections. In fact, you can sometimes predict future events simply by looking at present data.

Though it might not seem obvious, this skill is crucial for a tarot card reader. These are people who use the tarot cards to make predictions: They connect the dots between past, present and future events to come up with an accurate forecast of what’s going to happen. That’s why this is another spiritual job you should consider as an empath.

When you read someone’s cards, your ability to feel what they’re feeling kicks into high gear. This helps you see connections that others might miss, and you’ll have a knack for understanding things right at first glance, whether it’s their finances, love life, or career.

9) Reiki healer

Here’s another great spiritual job for empaths: reiki healer.

What’s that, you might be wondering?

Well, imagine being able to move energy through a person’s body using nothing but your palms.

This is not something from a fantasy movie: it’s exactly what you’ll learn to do in this career.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It can be compared to a massage with a very strong spiritual component. You’ll use your hands to guide energy through people’s bodies. This improves flow and balance to support their healing.

10) Meditation instructor

You have a knack for meditation.

You might be someone who can meditate even on a crowded bus, or you might just have a deep ability to focus. Either way, you’re sure to have a positive effect on people who want to learn how to meditate.

Being an instructor is in itself a great job for empaths: it’s something that’s highly empathetic. You need to put yourself into your students’ shoes to understand what they’re struggling with and how to help them.

This is especially the case with meditation. As you can’t see inside someone’s mind, it takes a special gift to be able to understand when someone’s thoughts are wandering.

That’s where you come in!

Help people learn the much-needed skill of mindfulness and being present.

11) Naturopathic doctor

This is yet another great spiritual job for empaths.

Here’s what you do:

You’ll be able to identify the cause of someone’s illness and find a way to fix it. You need to be able to connect with people on a deep level in order to get that information. This requires a special ability that only you have as an empath: the ability to feel what people are feeling.

This is why this career suits you well!

You’ll use your skills to look at the big picture and find connections between a person’s unique feelings and symptoms. Mind and body is intricately connected, and you’ll be able to tap into both to help clients heal themselves naturally.

12) Chakra healer

You might not even realize it. But you have a natural gift to sense energy.

If you’re an empath, this means you’ll be able to feel where your clients’ chakras are blocked. You’ll use your gifts to guide them back into balance and heal their bodies naturally.

How exactly?

It usually starts with a conversation with the other person. You’ll talk to them about their worries and fears, and help identify blockages.

Next, you help guide them through opening their chakras on their own. This is often done through a combination of discussions and guided meditation.

But if needed, you can also try giving a chakra massage.

That’s right! You can use your hands to help guide energy through a person’s body and support them in clearing the chakras.

13) Herbalist

If you’ve got a green thumb and plants are practically taking over your place, this is the spiritual job for you!

You’ll be using your talents with kinds of beings: plants and people. Like humans, herbs have their needs, and you have just what it takes to be able to pick up on these and help any plant thrive to its fullest potential.

And when you give this level of care to our leafy friends, they can help us in return.

You’ll use your intuition to figure out which plants can help a person heal from whatever problems they might be facing. You’ll bridge these two worlds just like nature intended.

14) Spiritual speaker

Being an empath means you know how to connect with people. Not just when you’re in deep conversation with someone, but even across a crowded room.

That’s just what a spiritual speaker needs to be able to do.

This isn’t just about confidently saying something to a crowd of people.

It’s much more than that:

It’s connecting with each and every person in your audience and letting them know they’re not alone. It’s about uplifting and inspiring people with your words. They’ll come away with a better understanding of their own spirituality and their purpose in life.

Empaths are perfect for this. Not just because they can understand spiritual issues like nobody else — but also because they can tune into what their audience needs and deliver it to them.

15) Angel therapist

Looking for a job that bridges the spiritual world with the three-dimensional one?

Consider being an angel therapist.

This is all about connecting with a person’s spirit guides and helping them heal. You’ll help them figure out how to communicate with their angels — using angel numbers, dreams, prayers, and many more techniques.

You’ll help them build this relationship so they can tune into it whenever they need guidance and support.

Ultimately, you’ll be using your powers of intuition to help someone build theirs too.

Ready to find your spiritual calling as an empath?

Hopefully, the tips and job options above will shed some light on the best spiritual job for you.

But if you’re feeling stuck on what to choose, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you don’t want to waste time on the wrong career and start fulfilling your purpose as early as tomorrow, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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