10 reasons you get spiritual chills when thinking about your twin flame

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Have you ever had intense feelings of spiritual rapture during or after a close encounter with your twin flame?

You’re not alone.

In fact, among the many twin flame symptoms, spiritual chills are one of the most common.

They often happen spontaneously and without warning, for any number of reasons. Whether you’re experiencing them or not, keep reading to learn more about spiritual chills.

Here are 10 reasons why you might think about your twin flame in such a way and why those spiritual sensations might be just the tip of the iceberg.

1) The relationship is more than just sexual attraction.

The phenomenon of spiritual chills is at its strongest when you’re experiencing an emotional and spiritual connection with someone, especially your twin flame.

This is usually the first thing that happens when you’re drawn to a twin flame.

There’s a different kind of connection that occurs when you think about your twin flame in an emotional way.

Your connection is based on your destiny, which is to be a part of each other’s lives forever and to help each other awaken.

It’s normal to have thoughts about your twin flame, but when you start noticing stronger feelings of love and happiness, you’re likely feeling this connection much more strongly – like your emotions are fully engaged.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

As you continue feeling this way about your twin flame, it’s natural to feel like the love is something more than physical lust.

Deep and truly profound love is what your twin flame is giving to you. When you combine those spiritual sensations with intense sexual desire, it can lead to an intense spiritual chills sensation.

And, if you’re lucky enough to be partnered with someone like this, your life can become immeasurably enriched.

2) You’re feeling the emotions and the experience is physical.

Imagine this.

At first, it feels like you’re just daydreaming about your twin flame, but as you begin to notice more intimate details of them, you might feel as if you’re in a dream state and that sense becomes stronger.

It can be both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time because while it’s real enough to be physical, it’s also very surreal.

Some people describe this as a combination of chills and goosebumps, or the feeling of being in a lucid dream. This sensation can be so intense that it feels like a spiritual chill may be the only way to describe it.

The truth is, there’s an emotional aspect to it.

While spiritual chills are usually described as being very pleasant, you might also experience them when thinking about your twin flame in a more emotional way.

For example, you might think about the way they smile, the sparkle in their eyes, and the way they view life.

You might even imagine kissing them and the physical sensations that come with it.

This combination of pleasant and unpleasant sensations can make you feel as if you’re in a dream state and will give you that spiritual chill.

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4) You’re sensing changes in time and space.

When you feel a spiritual chill, you also notice that time is changing. Frequently, it seems like time is being distorted, or there can be an otherworldly feeling.

This can happen when you’re experiencing your twin flame at certain points in your life, as well as during certain dreams.

For example, it might feel like hours have passed when it’s only been minutes since you started thinking about your twin flame.

This is usually the case when you’re thinking about past experiences with them or imagining present and future scenarios together.

Aside from the spiritual chills, these physical effects can come in a variety of ways, like time distortion, a rapid heart rate, or the sensation that you’re floating.

All of these sensations are common and can happen to both men and women. They occur on a physical and psychological level, which means you’re experiencing your twin flame in a very real way.

What’s happening is that these experiences are interacting with brain chemistry in the same manner that you feel when you dream.

This has the effect of causing your brain to interpret everything through a spiritual lens, causing those feelings of euphoria and physical changes.

Amazing how our system responds to our twin flames, right?

5) You experience a spiritual connection with your twin flame.

Remember when we mentioned that the relationship is more than just sexual attraction?

This can include a spiritual connection and where spirituality is involved, there’s often an intense experience.

It’s possible to feel your twin flame as strongly as you would a physical body or person. In fact, they might seem even more present than before because you’re able to sense them in such a vivid and physical way.

This spiritual connection can be described as something that feels holy and sacred, elevating you to a higher place.

It’s normal to feel spiritual chills when you focus on the spiritual aspect of your twin flame.

So if they cause you to feel this way even after you’ve stopped concentrating on them, it’s likely that you’re experiencing some type of spiritual connection with your twin flame.

Your body is getting the message that a bond exists between the two of you and is thrilled at the thought of it.

This can be confusing and disorienting for some people because it can start to feel more real than something physical.

6) You feel connected on a soul level.

Let us state the obvious.

As you spend more time thinking about them, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel your twin flame on a deeper level than before.

It’s common to feel as if they understand you better than anyone else and that they were meant to be in your life. This can turn into soulful spiritual chills and can make it difficult to separate physical sensations from those of the heart.

Your twin flame is helping you feel connected to your higher self and it’s difficult to devalue the spiritual component of the connection.

This feeling of knowing them on a deeper level is very powerful and you can sense it as profoundly as you would a physical touch. You might even begin to think of them as your best friend or lover.

It’s always a good thing when you feel that way, but it’s important to remember that attraction remains an important element of the twin flame connection.

Physical attraction doesn’t diminish, in fact, it often increases because your twin flame is more than just a spiritual companion to you.

7) You’re remembering a previous lifetime together.

Just as your twin flame is showing up at the right time to help you evolve, he or she may have shown up before too!

Let me tell you that it’s common to feel a spiritual chill when you feel like you’ve known your twin before and that they’re guiding you in this lifetime.

This begs the question, “Who and what was my twin flame’s life experience like in previous lives?”

The answer lies in their past life journey and your job is to help them continue on the path they’re meant to follow.

This is a circle that’s been going on for many lifetimes and it’s a beautiful thing to think about because it means that you’ll be reconnecting again in the future.

We can’t provide specific examples because the information is different for everyone, but we do believe that some of you will know exactly what we mean.

The answer will guide you toward how you can help your twin flame in this life also.

But how can you know for sure if you’ve met your genuine twin flame?

Let’s face it:

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8) You’re manifesting things into your life.

If you’re in the right mindset, you can spark the law of attraction by thinking about twin flames.

The more spiritual chills you get, the more receptive you are to their energy, and the easier it is for them to draw closer to you.

It’s important to keep in mind that the law of attraction is always working whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

So if you’re feeling your twin flame in a spiritual way, there’s a good chance that you’re manifesting more into your life. We believe that the law of attraction works to attract people and situations into our lives, but it’s also about more than just providing opportunities for love.

For example, you might have manifested to lose weight and your twin flame could be the catalyst. On a larger scale, they might be helping you with spiritual growth, or they could be introducing you to new friends that can help improve your life in other ways.

If you’re feeling chills when thinking about your twin flame, it might help you with all of these things because they’re providing you with stress relief, spiritual growth, and opportunities to make new friends.

It’s a win on ALL fronts!

9) You feel curiosity and desire to search for them.

This is probably the most obvious reason why you might get those chills.

You could be thinking about your twin flame in a positive way, such as appreciating how much they mean to you or feeling so grateful that they’ve come into your life, in some way.

Or alternatively, you might be feeling a strong sense of desire to have them back in your life and are feeling excited about what the future holds for you together.

But either way, you’re feeling like the desire is strong enough to take action toward getting them in your life.

This definitely doesn’t mean that you’re going to run around town trying to find your twin flame but it does mean that you have a desire to know more about them before you decide what you want to do next.

When the time is right, it’s time. It doesn’t really matter how much time goes by between the two of you.

All that matters is when the time is right for YOU, they’ll show up again.

And last on the list,

10) You feel intense love.

It’s possible that your experience with Twin Flame energy is so intense that it can bring on a spontaneous sensation of ecstasy or elation at times which can cause spiritual chills.

If you’re experiencing intense love from somewhere, it’s likely that you’ll feel euphoric or ecstatic as a result of it.

Additionally, you may feel it in your subconscious mind, in your gut, or in your heart area. It’s possible that you may even experience these elevated emotions out of the blue if Twin Flame energy is strong enough to create them on its own.

Of course, it’s also possible that you may recognize the other reasons why spiritual chills happen over time.

Regardless of the reason, we’ll always remind you of the big picture. The possibilities are endless!

And there you have it!

We hope that these 9 reasons help you understand these physical manifestations.

Regardless of what brings them on, the spiritual chills that you feel when thinking about your twin flame are important because they’re a reminder of something bigger than yourself.

They are signs that your twin is sharing their energy with you and working to get close to you in some way.

Tapping into this energy can help you grow spiritually as well as create more opportunities for love in your life.

Best of luck!

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