10 signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period

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The twin flame connection is incredibly intense and will change your life. 

But it doesn’t always arrive when you expect, and you may feel like your twin flame will never show up. 

If that’s the case, I want to go over these top signs you’re actually in the twin flame waiting period. 

I’ve been there, and I know it’s tough, but let’s take a look together and I’ll go over what to do about it… 

1) You feel a strong desire to be whole 

The first of the signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period is that you feel a strong desire to be whole. 

It goes beyond sex or wanting to socialize with someone. 

It’s like you feel a yearning deep in your bones and aren’t quite sure how it can be resolved. 

You feel that life is leading you to meet with someone who will finally be a real match and really understand you; it feels like this will be somebody you truly understand as well. 

This reciprocity and reunion is something you crave and feel intuitively and instinctively. 

On the positive side, this can lead to you working with that energy and becoming more whole and empowered in yourself as you anticipate the arrival of your twin flame

On the negative side, this can lead to you getting into an obsession spiral where you keep feeling not good enough and become obsessed with your lack of a twin flame, deepening the cycle of lack. 

2) You’re led in new directions in your life that you didn’t expect 

Next up in the signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period is that life starts leading you in unexpected directions. 

This could be a big change in career or an unexpected shift in where you live or your closest friendships. 

The bottom line is you’re suddenly heading in directions you didn’t expect. 

These new directions then put you in touch with people you may not have expected and begin leading you to work on yourself and grow in your life. 

With every seeming wrong turn, you actually are getting closer to finding your way. 

Your twin flame may also be going through the twin flame waiting period and experiencing a lot of unexpected changes in his or her life, too. 

Where is this all leading? 

Your twin flame is just around the corner, but getting closer.  

3) You met someone who could be your twin flame but it didn’t last

Sometimes we actually do meet our twin flame but very briefly. 

It doesn’t work out, or you get burnt, or life suddenly leads you back apart…

Then you can’t stop thinking of them and wanting to see them again. 

You may keep in touch with them in the background and have a channel of communication, but life doesn’t bring you back around. 

You wonder how to get them in your life, but you may be in another relationship or life situation, and so might they. 

This is a situation where you may indeed have met your twin flame but you both need to go through more life experiences before you’re ready to reunite. 

This person is often also not ready for you yet as well and has more they need to go through in their life before being ready to reunite with you. 

In some cases you’re both not ready, whereas in others one of you may be ready while the other may not. 

In other situations, you may have met somebody who’s almost a twin flame but turns out not to be, which brings me to the next point…

4) You keep getting near misses on your twin flame

Following in the signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period is that you keep getting near misses on meeting your twin flame. 

Every corner you turn you are making intense connections that seem like they’re your twin flame, but they’re actually not. 

You get that feeling that your thirst will finally be quenched, only to come across an oasis once again. 

It’s very frustrating,  but remember that all of these experiences are worthwhile and necessary stops along the way. 

They may often turn out to be bonds from past karma, soulmates, people who lead you closer to your twin flame (twin flame catalysts) and false twin flames who you think were your twin flame but were actually not. 

You may also be experiencing a relationship that you find unsatisfying and working through karma from the past. 

Which brings us to the next point… 

5) You’re currently in an unhappy relationship 

One of the top signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period is that you’re currently in a relationship that you find very unsatisfying or toxic. 

Twin souls often have many stages and trials to go through before they are finally brought back together. 

The most common form of challenge is relationships that come from their karma and end up being quite confusing, painful and toxic, but hard to leave. 

You may be locked into a relationship where you feel a lot of obligation and almost no joy or real attraction, but you aren’t sure how to leave. 

Or you may be stuck in something abusive where you feel enormous emotional or physical attraction but still know it’s not a healthy connection for you. 

These relationships are something all of us would obviously rather avoid, but we don’t always have that choice. 

However the silver lining is that these are often the path to being ready for our twin flame. 

6) You’re going through major inner struggles and changes

On a related note in terms of the signs you’re in the twin flame waiting period is that you’re going through struggles and changes in your life that seem designed to create a new, stronger you. 

It’s like everything which isn’t true to you is being stripped away from you. 

This may eventually also include the relationships you’ve relied on that aren’t true to who you are or are part of past karma to resolve. 

It’s all part of the twin flame waiting period, moving you closer to reuniting with your other half. 

7) You see certain angel numbers repeatedly 

Angel numbers are numerical combinations which you come across in your daily life repeatedly and unexpectedly. 

They can be a sign from the divine realms and the universe to guide, assure and warn you. 

The angel number 777 is one example of an angel number that signifies it’s time to slow down. 

This can signify that your twin flame is indeed on their way to meet you but that you need to do more work on yourself first (and they need to work on themselves more, too). 

In our YouTube video below, we explain more signs that indicate your twin flame is coming into your life soon:

Other angel numbers such as 000 may also pop up. 

As Aliza Kelly writes:

“Angel number 000 signals that something is coming and the potential behind this change.”

8) You’re going through a hard time that doesn’t seem to end

None of us like to go through hard times, but sometimes looking back we can see how we wouldn’t be the same person without them. 

They also often end up bringing us toward our twin flame. 

If you’re going through a hard time that doesn’t seem to end, it can definitely be a sign that you’re in the twin flame waiting period. 

9) You keep getting messages to work on yourself

This brings up the point that life may give you signs that you need to do more work on yourself. 

You may see this in the form of angel numbers or in many other ways:

  • With a coworker pointing out a new career path for you…
  • With a close friend guiding and introducing you to a new spiritual path 
  • With self work or new activities being introduced to you that help you become a more empowered and purposeful person…

Whatever form it comes in, these signs that you should work on yourself more are great opportunities and prepare you to be ready for your twin flame. 

10) You’re being forced to develop patience 

The common theme of being in the twin flame waiting period is the development of patience. 

Patience is indeed a virtue

But it’s not the same as being passive. 

During the twin flame waiting period, you have the opportunity to keep becoming more self-actualized. 

This makes it harder to be satisfied with dating anyone except a really intense match, so it can be lonely. 

But it also directly prepares you for meeting and linking up with your twin flame. 

When will you meet your twin flame? 

When you meet your twin flame depends on the time that the universe and karma has determined.

You could meet your twin flame tomorrow, in two weeks, in two months, two years or twenty years. 

In some cases, you don’t even meet your twin flame in this life cycle until your next reincarnation. 

The key is to maintain patience and continue working on yourself and becoming true to who you are and who you want to be. 

Your twin flame will come

But if you’re in the twin flame waiting period and feeling hopeless, just remember that this is all part of the process and that none of your time or energy is wasted. 


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