10 signs you’re in a romantic twin flame relationship

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So you’ve found your twin flame.

Everything is new. It’s amazing. It’s even almost magical, the way you two are so similar!

But it can also be a little… overwhelming.

So you ask yourself: Are you really in a twin flame relationship, or are you just misreading the signs? And if so, is it really romantic, or something else?

If you want to know for sure, then read on!

Because in this article, we’ll discuss the 10 sure signs that you and your lover are actually in a romantic twin flame relationship.

1) You feel like you’ve seen them before and have loved them for some time

This is the first tell-tale sign of being in a twin flame relationship.

You meet someone, but there is just something about them that feels very familiar. You start talking, and this feeling intensifies.

You find out you have so much in common and you could’ve been childhood friends!

But really, you just met each other.

The thing is: This sign can apply for any type of twin flame relationships, even platonic ones!

So how do you know if this relationship of yours is romantic?

Well, that’s simple: When you feel like you have loved them for some time now…even before meeting them.

There is a part of you that just feels as if being in a romantic relationship with this person will be something that lasts. And it will be so worth it!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will jump the gun immediately.

If this is a twin flame romance, then you won’t act stupidly. You just know where things will lead for both of you, but you will still see the process through… step by step.

Because that will just make things all the sweeter.

2) You mirror each other in a way that makes you love yourself

When you are in a twin flame relationship, it is expected that you will mirror each other.

By the end of the day, you are two halves of the same soul.

So how will you know that it’s supposed to be romantic?

The answer: When the way you mirror each other makes you love yourself even more!

That just means the things you see in this person reflect the things you already have in yourself. And your romantic love for them helps you romanticize your own qualities… since you share the same ones.

This, in turn, will make your twin flame love themselves, too.

And it’s just going to be a continuous reflection of each other until you two create a beautiful kaleidoscope of romance.

There, both of you will shift with colors that only a select few will be lucky to see.

3) Your actions and love languages are unintentionally in sync

Love languages can be a tricky thing.

Even when you find someone who shares the same love language as you, there is no guarantee that the way both of you love will fit together.

Take this for example: Two people who share the same love language – quality time.

The problem is: One of them sees quality time as spending as much time together as possible. Meanwhile, the other one sees more quality in intervals of being together and being apart, in order to still feel each other’s individuality.

When this happens, then those love languages don’t fit at all!

In turn, their consequences will greatly differ from each other. And that will create problems.

But with twin flames in a romantic relationship, it is possible that their love languages are not even the same.

Still, they will definitely fit together.

For example: Flame A likes receiving quality time while Flame B likes giving acts of service.

If they are romantic twin flames, this is what could happen: Flame B will happily suggest that they do an activity for their date, which will be decided by Flame A.

This way, they get to do something together, satisfying the receiving love language of Flame A and the giving love language of Flame B.

The activity may not necessarily be the first thing in Flame B’s mind, but they will be more than happy to do it because that is how they express love.

And there is no need for compromise. Because this is something that naturally works for both of them in a deep, spiritual way.

4) You are drawn to them in a unique, sensual way

Something that sets romantic twin flames apart from all other twin flame connections is the sexual connection.

Platonic twin flames may have the capacity to mirror each other or reflect each other’s mentalities.

But once they try making things sexual or romantic, the connection falls apart.

So sexual connection and compatibility are huge indicators that your twin flame relationship is, in fact, romantic.

But it’s not just that! Your level of physical intimacy is nothing like you’ve experienced before.

Amazing sex and sweet romance can be found even with other people you meet. After all, everything you really need for sex to work is attraction and consent.

So what sets romantic twin flames apart?

It’s in the intention, really. When romantic twin flames have sex, it’s not just the joining together of two bodies in raunchy choreography.

Instead, sex is more sensual. It’s personal. It makes you feel as if your bodies are becoming one.

You don’t feel wild and animalistic while doing the act. What you feel is a deep, fiery passion.

Each stroke of a finger on skin sends both of you aflame. And as you go deeper, you feel a sense of comforting warmth. As if you’ve finally found the perfect keg you fit in.

Kind of like Goldilocks with all things related to the Little Bear.

5) You are connected telepathically the moment you confess your love for each other

A telepathic connection introduces a new level of connection between twin flames.

But the rite of passage to it may differ depending on the type of relationship you both share.

If your twin flame connection is platonic or familial, the rite of passage to telepathy is when you express and reaffirm what you are to each other.

The same thing goes for romantic twin flames. Your telepathic connection starts when you confess your love for each other. Or at least, when you admit the love to yourself.

After that confession, you will notice that the line of communication between the two of you will become exponentially clear!

You won’t even need words anymore to understand what the other person is trying to say.

This level of connection is freeing. Because it lets you be more at peace with yourself.

It’s especially helpful when you are someone who has a hard time translating their thoughts and feelings into words.

That automatic, genuine understanding is like no other. And the more you express your love to each other, the more the telepathic connection grows stronger.

6) Your feelings about your partner are more intense than usual

When you find your twin flame, then things are expected to be intense. First and foremost, this affects the way you feel about them.

The level of love you have for them is so potent and concentrated that sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

Some may even get worried about it and run away. This leads to the inevitable twin flame chase.

But you will know that you are in a romantic twin flame relationship by observing.

You will see that the colors around you seem more vibrant. The atmosphere is lighter, but charged with energy. The happiness you feel is amplified. So much so that it affects every room you are in.

You will notice that all the love you had before pales in comparison to what you have now.

There is a certain anxiety that it brings, though. As this level of affection is basically uncharted territory.

But don’t you worry. Because all of this is further proof that what you have is a real romantic twin flame relationship.

Your love is meant to burn, and it’s meant to burn bright.

7) Your doubts and insecurities are amplified

It’s not just your love for each other which will be amplified, though.

Something you should prepare for is the way your doubts and insecurities will become more emphasized.

Why, you ask? That’s because you are dealing with someone who shares the same soul as yours.

That means you can see, from an outsider’s perspective, the kind of person you are. Your twin flame is you when viewed in a third person point of view.

So as you mirror each other, you will start to notice that the insecurities you had about yourself are now multiplied by two.

But what’s different about things this time is this: You don’t have to face these insecurities alone anymore.

You now have someone else to share it with.

And as you become more and more confident about your relationship, you’ll notice that these insecurities will seem insignificant compared to the power of your connection.

8) Your relationship is rocky, but you can’t get enough

For all twin flame relationships, there will come a time when one of you will want to run away.

The difference between platonic, familial, and romantic twin flame relationships is simple: It depends on the person you’re with.

If your unique falling out is with a friend, then it is platonic. If it’s with a partner, then it’s romantic.

But one thing is for certain: your relationship with this person will be rocky at best.

You will have multiple fights and breakups, and your making up will be intense. The relationship will definitely break something in you.

Because that’s how real and potent it actually is.

But what sets twin flame relationships apart from toxic relationships?

The answer: The intentions behind the problems you both face are still founded in love.

For example, with me and my twin flame, our problems are always caused by miscommunication. One of us may feel unheard, while the other may feel like their faults are constantly magnified.

But behind that is the intention to consider the other person. It’s just that sometimes, things don’t translate properly.

This is different from toxic relationships. Because here, there is no deliberate attempt to control or hurt your object of desire.

9) You don’t have your eye at the exit for the first time

Despite all the ups and downs of a twin flame relationship, though, one thing is for sure:

When you find your romantic twin flame, you stop having one eye at the exit.

You know what I mean. There are relationships we have that we just know are going to end one way or another.

Sometimes you see it from the beginning, sometimes a few months into the relationship. But it always seems definite.

So you just wait for things to fall apart.

But with a romantic twin flame relationship, you know this is long-term.

And even though the two of you enter the running and chasing phase of your twin flame journey, there is still a part of you that knows you will find your way back to each other.

Upon your reconnection, something will just click. Then you’ll know that the person you’re with is your endgame now.

No one else will compare.

10) You feel like you’re a better version of yourself the longer you are in this relationship

As twin flames are two halves of the same soul, it is inevitable that you feel more complete in your relationship.

What’s more, you will also see a lot of improvement in your self-image, your confidence, the way you think, the way you see the world, and your moral compass.

Suddenly, the questions in your head since you were a child are getting answers.

The fog in your understanding is lifting with each day. And you see that life with your twin flame is what you’ve been looking for all this time.

And once the two of you reach the point of Oneness, you’ll find that growth is easy and natural.

You won’t struggle to come out of your shell anymore.

Instead, you’ll see that there is nothing else for you to do but become better.

And as you continue to see self-improvement, you’ll notice that your love for your twin flame will grow stronger.

Make the most out of your romantic twin flame relationship

The points discussed above only touch on the basics of what you should know about your romantic twin flame relationship.

As you go along your journey, I’m sure you will have more questions about the connection.

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Can twin flame relationships be non-romantic?

Yes! Twin flame relationships are not just romantic. In fact, you can find your twin flame in any kind of relationship.

So how will you know which relationship you have with your twin flame?

Well, the easiest way is to test things out!

If you found a twin flame with a friend, try to see if it will work out romantically. If not, then you have a platonic twin flame connection. Otherwise, you can explore a romantic relationship.

The same goes with your familial relationship. Do you consider this relative more of a friend or family? The answer will inform the kind of twin flame relationship you have.

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