15 big signs your twin flame still misses you

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Ever since finding my twin flame I’ve been on fire. 

Finally meeting the person who made it all make sense transformed my whole life, outlook, and energy.

But we’ve now been apart for over a year due to life circumstances and talk less than we used to, leading me to wonder: 

Does my twin flame miss me?

Of course, he or she has said they do, but truly missing someone and saying you do are two different things.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 15 undeniable signs that your twin flame truly misses you. 

1) They bring up memories and the good old days

Your twin flame will bring up memories and the good old days when they met you.

The memories that are always on your mind are on their mind as well — and in their heart. 

When your twin flame misses you they remember all the best times together and ask if you remember too.  It’s sort of like “checking in” and going back over some of the “best of” highlights…

Then again, when you’re around your twin flame almost every time is a highlight. 

But another part of this special relationship is that talking about the amazing times you’ve had together just never seems to get old or boring. Because it was with them. 

As Tori Glaude puts it:

“You both feel like you’re in sync. It’s like having a telepathic friend, where you can think what they’re feeling and immediately understand how they’re feeling. With just one look or one thought about you before they called, you two can often understand one another without having to explain anything. 

“You both have many similarities. This could be commonalities such as the types of foods you like, a similar belief system, desires, or the same zodiac/birth year. As you get to know one another over time, you’ll learn that you both have more in common than at first glance.”

2) They interact with you frequently on social media

Another big sign your twin flame misses you is that they interact with you frequently on social media. This can be in the form of comments, likes, shares, retweets, and so forth…

In these days of modern tech, even twin flames spend a lot of time online. 

So if your special guy or girl is following, clicking, and interacting in all sorts of social ways on your platforms it’s definitely a good sign.

They’re using their time online to surf over to your corner of the web and say hi. They clearly want to engage with you, miss you and care about you. 

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be trying to interact with you and show their digital appreciation. 

The downside of this is that it can eventually become social media stalking because a twin flame relationship where one or both individuals are “sleeper twin flames” and afraid badly of being hurt can spiral into insecurity.

As Carol Mary writes:

“Once you connect with your twin you may feel an intensity like no other, you will want to spend as much time with this person, part of you will not be able to understand the reasoning behind why you feel this way at first. 

“You may feel instant love, a need to be there for them always and an obsession with how they are doing or where they are at any given time.  It is something that you can not explain to friends and family. You will keep much of this emotion inside of you. This emotion can build up and make you feel awful.”

3) They share music with you that you connect over

Music is one of the most powerful and beautiful things in life, and if you and your twin flame share some interests in similar music that can be a way they reach out.

They will share the music you both can bond over with deep lyrics, enchanting melodies, and energy that boosts you both up and reminds you of the connection you have. 

A big part of having a twin flame is having a connection that goes beyond words. Things like music or even just a look can say a thousand words. 

Spirituality and relationship writer Sarah Regan has a great way of looking at this when she notes that: 

“You and your twin flame can likely communicate with just a glance, and you always know what the other is thinking. You may even feel each other’s emotions or symptoms.”

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5) They ask about mutual friends and your social group

If you and your twin flame share mutual friends or a social group then your twin flame may ask about them as a way of reaching out to you.

It’s their way of checking up and getting updates on the friends and connections you share and also asking about how you are without being nosy. 

Your twin flame misses you when they care about those close to you, including your family, friends, and mutual pals. 

In addition to the individual who is your twin flame, I’m a believer that we have “twin flame groups” or social circles who reflect back and intensify who we are and who we can become. 

By checking in on those close to you and that wider flame circle, your twin flame is showing that they care and are aware. 

6) They want to help you and care about your health

A twin flame isn’t only a spiritual and romantic thing. Your twin flame wants to see you survive and prosper in your life, health, career, and more. 

If they miss you they will be asking about your mental and physical health. They want to ensure that you’re really doing OK and overcoming and processing the challenges that you may have shared together. 

Twin flames are often deeply in sync with each other and may even sense when something is wrong. 

Your twin flame misses you and isn’t going to take half-answers, so if you pretend to be OK I wouldn’t bother. They’re going to find out the truth and help you no matter what. 

7) They are curious about what’s new in your life

When your twin flame misses you they want to know about everything new in your life. 

This isn’t like someone being nosy or weird, it’s a natural and abounding curiosity because their connection to you is genuine and strong. 

They are almost like an extension of you and vice versa, and as such, what you do matters to them in a deep way. 

They want to hear all about it whenever you have time because they miss spending time with you and being around you sharing in your life. 

“While a twin flame isn’t a soul split in two, as we are whole on our own, twin flames do act as a reflection,” writes Sophie Saint Thomas, adding that “it’s like looking in a mirror, and not only is your unprocessed trauma reflected back at you, but so is past life or ancestral work.”

8) They introduce you to those closest to them and want to include you

Another major sign that your twin flame misses you is that they want to include you in their life however possible. 

If they have new friends, colleagues and more they will introduce you and tell you about them. 

They’ll share funny or touching stories, explain the new people in their life and what they mean to them, and let you know about how much they miss you. 

They do this because even if you’re not together at this moment, you’re still a key part of their life and new friendships or relationships do nothing to eclipse or change that.

9) They want to see your face and video chat with you

Twin flames miss their counterparts when they’re not together. It’s just what happens.

It’s not that your twin flames feel dependent on you, this is more the kind of missing where you still feel joy alone and sufficient, but you feel even more joy when you’re together with that twin flame. 

For this reason, seeing your face and video chatting with you brings your twin flame a lot of joy.

They love to see your reactions and responses, to see your face light up with a smile, or know when you’re sad and comfort you because they miss you a lot!

Like Lachlan Brown writes:

“Regardless of what is going on, twin flame soulmates know the relationship is worth the investment and energy to foster and nurture. Together, you are better than when you are apart.”

10) They ask about your evolving beliefs and interests

Your twin flame relationship is based on a deep connection, and it’s also a dynamic connection.

The thing is that no matter how much you change, shift or evolve, you still feel that old bond linking you together. It’s something in the heart and at a deep, visceral level, almost like you were destined to be together or connected by past life karma as some belief. 

One of the signs your twin flame misses you is that they will ask about your evolving beliefs and interests and share theirs with you as well. 

Even if you’re changing dramatically, they will remain interested and supportive, fascinated by how their other half is evolving and shifting. 

11) They text and call often despite having a busy schedule

When your twin flame misses you they make time for you. It’s that simple. 

Even if it’s just a couple of times per week, they will ensure that they get on the phone or send you a message and check-in. 

They will forward that hilarious joke they heard on email or social media, and they will ask if you’re doing OK. 

Your twin flame is different from a non-twin flame because they won’t fake it. 

They’re not going to smile and say everything is fine when it’s not, and they’re not going to tell you that they have all sorts of time when they don’t.

In fact, brutal honesty is one of the trademark signs of a real twin flame relationship. 

But when they miss you, your twin flame is going to take steps to bridge that gap even if they’re being run off their feet. 

12) They share their deepest emotions and struggles with you

When your twin flame misses you they let you in on their deepest emotions and struggles. 

You’re not “just another person”, you’re their one and only. 

And that is going to come through loud and clear in how they speak with you and open up to you.

Even if what they’re dealing with is controversial, difficult, confusing, or strange, they will let you in and tell you about it. 

And they will invite you to do the same with your pain. 

This is a process of mutual healing and support, however, not codependency. Neither of you is looking for pity or to just complain and offload trauma. You are more so opening yourself in a truly vulnerable and authentic way. 

As Samuel and Cate Farrand write:

“The eyes of your twin-flame is that of familiarity. You feel like you are looking at someone who you have always known, you see beyond the corporeal self and see into your twin-flames soul.”

13) It’s not always easy but it’s real

Your twin flame relationship is not always a walk in the park. As two intense individuals with a strong spiritual connection, your interactions can become intense and even combative.

You may argue or passionately disagree on a subject or matter between the two of you. This clash can be the opportunity for patience and love to develop even further, instead of a reason to split apart. 

It can be a rift that leads to healing and love instead of a breakup.

As Katherine Hurst writes:

“Your relationship will naturally be extremely intense because twin flames are mirrors of one another. 

“This person will not only provide a sense of wholeness; they will also elevate your self-knowledge, including knowledge of your flaws. Consequently, there’s a potential for conflict as well as happiness.”

14) They want to try to reconnect or meet when it’s possible

No matter what the reason is for your current separation when your twin flame misses you, he or she wants to reunite in the future and see you again. 

Even if it’s only going to be possible in a few months, they will enjoy planning the details and making sure that they think about all the things you do once you’re back in the same place. 

Jakki Smith-Leonardini writes really well on this topic when she notes that:

“When twin flames reunite, it’s not just to bring their own soul back into alignment as divine love. They are also here to help others do the same. 

“They are here for the greater good — to fulfill a mission beyond their personal development and aid the spiritual awakening of the planet. Twin flames are true power couples. 

“Their lives may be public — they may make change through their celebrity or by creating wide-reaching service organizations. Or they may quietly go about doing the essential work required for collective wellness, like being foster parents or taking an active role in a religious or civic organization.”

15) They want to know your future plans and dreams 

Having a twin flame is special. And knowing they miss you just makes it that much more special and makes the eventual reunion all the sweeter. 

Your twin flame wants to know your future plans and dreams — and will tell you theirs — because your destiny is entwined. 

They want to do their best to plan a future together with you and walk into it hand-in-hand. 

Like Sharon Brandwein writes:

“Twin flames often have a sense of synchronicity. As the relationship unfolds, twin flames will find that they have a shared moral compass and matching interests.

“The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to awaken you to your untapped potential and ignite a fire deep inside you. This relationship pushes you to do and be better, and at the end of the day, it opens up a world of possibilities you never even dreamed of.”

The special relationship with your twin flame

No matter the time you’ve been apart, your twin flame won’t die out if he or she is truly meant for you. 

As Mateo Sol writes, a twin flame is extremely special:

“A Twin Flame, or Twin Soul, is a person who you feel connected to not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on a soulful or spiritual level…

“Twin Flames are also our mirrors in that they reflect back to us all of our hidden fears and shadows, but also our true inner beauty and strength. In this way, our Twin Flames open the door to tremendous emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth.”

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