15 unmistakable signs your twin flame misses you

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You thought that finding your twin flame meant being together forever.

Yet here you are, alone again.

Even though the relationship has ended, you find yourself thinking about them all the time.

You want to know:

Does your twin flame miss you? Well, they’d be crazy not to.

Turns out that there are unmistakable signs to help you find out if they miss you.

15 signs that your twin flame misses you

1) You feel a sense of warmth and comfort

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it feels like as soon as one problem is resolved, another one pops up?

Nothing seems to be going your way.

  • Work sucks.
  • You’ve just had a big fight with your brother.
  • Your dog is sick.
  • The bills are just piling up.
  • The elevator is broken, again.

You are overwhelmed and you find yourself starting to feel down and hopeless.

All at once, warmth fills your body, like on a beautiful summer day.

Remember what it was like cuddling with your mum when you were a child? You felt safe. You felt unconditional love.

Well, that’s what you are feeling now.

What’s more, you feel recharged, like everything is well again, and anything is possible.

Turns out that what you are feeling is the love your twin flame feels for you.

It’s true:

Your twin flame is thinking about you, because they still care about you, and miss you.

The connection that you shared when you were together is still there, allowing the positive energy to flow from your twin to you, making you feel safe and loved.

2) You catch yourself smiling for no reason

Do you keep catching yourself mid-smile for no reason?

You might catch a reflection of yourself or feel your lips stretch as they form into a smile.

There’s no reason for you to be smiling, you don’t feel particularly happy.

You could be doing the most boring task in the world when you start to smile.

You’re wondering, what’s going on?

Well, you are picking up on your twin flame’s positive energy.

It means that they are thinking of you, wishing you were still a part of their life.

Simply put, your twin flame feels happy thinking about you, it makes them smile, and you are picking up on those vibes.

3) No relationships have a one-size-fits-all solution

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea whether your twin flame really misses you.

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4) They invade your dreams

Do you find yourself dreaming about your twin flame often, even after your relationship has ended?

Dreaming about someone is a common telepathic sign that they’re thinking of you.

If you miss your twin flame and are thinking about them all the time, they’ll dream of you. If you are dreaming of them, well, it means that they miss you too!

It’s even possible that you could share the same dream. That’s how powerful the connection twin flames share is.

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming about your ex could be a sign that the universe wants the two of you together.

5) They keep asking your friends about your love life

Your twin flame keeps asking mutual friends about your love life. They want to know:

  • If you’ve started dating again
  • How serious your latest fling is
  • Or even details about the person you are dating – like what they look like and where they work

If you and your twin flame are still in contact, they could ask you indirectly, in passing, about your love life. They’ll try and play it cool. They’ll not want to be too obvious and will prefer to get that information from your friends, family, and other mutual acquaintances.

Clearly, they miss you if they keep on checking on your dating situation. They’re worried you’ll find someone you really like and will replace them.

If they seem relieved that you’re still single, it means that they’re still not over you and are hoping to get back together.

6) They keep finding excuses to get in touch

Does it seem like your twin flame is always coming up with excuses to call you? They’ll call to:

  • Check if you accidentally got their mail
  • Find out the name of that wine they really like
  • Tell you that a mutual friend has COVID
  • Make sure that you are watering the plants

Maybe they’re even more forward and keep coming over for things they “forgot” or you keep bumping into them in places where they know you go often.

This is obviously the behavior of someone who is not over the relationship and wants to get back together.

7) You’re soulmates for life

Because twin flames are soulmates, they often feel what the other is feeling.

When you start to wonder whether your twin flame is thinking about you, it means that you are on their mind. In fact, they’re asking themselves the same question.


Your relationship may be officially over, but not according to the universe.

You are still bound to each other and share a deep spiritual connection, even when you are apart.

This means that you will keep picking up on each other’s feelings and moods.

Perhaps the universe is on to something. Maybe you should give it another go.

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8) You see and hear them everywhere you go

Do you ever find yourself suddenly thinking of your twin flame?

You could be out on a morning jog when suddenly, their face appears in a crowd.

Your heart skips a beat, it’s them! You wonder if you should walk up to them and say “hi” or wait for them to see you and say “hi” first.

And then you realize, it isn’t them. It’s only someone who looks like them.

As if that’s not enough, you keep hearing them call you on the street.

The first few times, you turn around, sure it’s them calling out your name.

Then you realize, you’re just imagining it. Or you’re hearing someone with the same name get called. Not you.

Not only is it obvious that you miss your twin flame and keep wishing that you’d run into them.

But …

It’s a sign that they are missing you so hard that you can actually hear them calling out to you. You feel them reaching out telepathically by seeing their face in the faces of strangers.

9) They want to reconnect

It’s been a few weeks or months since your break-up.

Your twin flame calls you to go out for a drink and catch up.


  • Maybe they want to get back together.
  • Or, they miss having you in their life and want to stay in touch.
  • Or, they want to see how you are doing without them, if you’ve moved on.

The only way to find out is to meet up.

Either way, this is a sign that your twin flame misses you and wants to reconnect.

Maybe they just want to see you again and reminisce about the good old days because you had some good times together.

The fact that you are no longer together is proof that it wasn’t all peaches and cream, but now, they can’t remember anything negative.

To them, it was all one big happy adventure that they like to remember. And maybe, one to be continued…

10) You experience strange sensations in your body

Did you know that a sign that someone is thinking of you could be feeling weird sensations in your body? I kid you not.

For example, you could be going on about your business when out of the blue:

  • You start to hiccup
  • Your eye starts to twitch
  • Your cheeks turn crimson and hot
  • You get goosebumps
  • You get butterflies in your tummy
  • You get shivers down your spine
  • You suddenly feel feverish

These are signs that your twin flame has a strong desire to be with you.

In fact, the last four mean that they miss you sexually!

Often, twin flames share strong sexual chemistry. It could even be what brought them together in the first place.

There is an invisible cord connecting the two of you. As their body yearns for yours, that energy travels to you through the cord.

What you are feeling when you get these unexpected and sudden sensations is their desire.

11) They are cyber-stalking you

What says “I love you and I miss you” more than cyber-stalking?

Modern-day romance, am I right?

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name. If you’ve posted something, they’ve liked it, commented on it, re-tweeted it.

They’re following your every move – online.

Sometimes there are so many emojis and gifs that you wonder if their cat just took over their computer.

They’re not only liking your new pictures, but pictures on your social media from 5 years ago!

To sum up:

They wouldn’t be cyber-stalking you if they didn’t want you back.

12) You find pink feathers

Do you keep coming across pink feathers?

I know it sounds crazy but randomly finding a pink feather is a sign from the universe that your ex misses you because pink feathers represent unconditional love.

Think about it:

Unless you’re working in a zoo with flamingos, what are the chances of coming across one, let alone, multiple pink feathers?

Be open-minded, the universe is constantly sending you messages and trying to send you on the right path.

Sometimes it operates in mysterious ways, such as with pink feathers.


Be ready to see the signs.

13) Telepathy

Most of us have experienced telepathy without even knowing it.

Ever know that a certain someone is just about to call you before you even hear the phone ring? That’s telepathy.

It’s communication that does not require words but uses your mind’s energy to transmit the message.

The telepathic connection is especially strong between twin flames.

So if you often get a call or message from your twin just as you’re thinking about them, it’s because your thoughts have aligned.

Even after a separation, twin flames remain in contact, using telepathy.

14) You hear your song on the radio

You’re sitting on the couch, wrapped up in your cozy blanket, eating ice cream, looking at old photos of you and your twin flame together, and crying your eyes out.


You wipe your eyes and decide to play some music to cheer yourself up. You turn on the radio and it’s your song!

What are the chances? This is the song that you had your first dance to.

The song that was playing when you said “I love you” to each other for the first time.

It isn’t even a new song. It’s not something that they play on the radio all the time. It’s a hit from the 60s!

This can only mean that as you are thinking about them, your twin is thinking about you.

Hearing the song out of the blue is the universe’s way of letting you know that they are missing you too!

15) The chemistry between you is off the charts

You accidentally bump into each other after what seems like forever and the chemistry between you is stronger than ever.

  • The attraction feels like love at first sight.
  • Your heart starts to race.
  • Your knees feel weak.
  • It feels like there is a large magnet pulling you towards them.
  • You want to just melt in their arms.

The energy is so charged between you that actual sparks might start to fly.

There is no denying it, there’s still something there, you can both feel it.

What next?

By now you should know what signs to look out for. Now you know that your twin flame misses you too.

It’s a great relief to know that your twin flame is thinking about you too and that you’re not the only one with unresolved feelings.

You’re on your twin flame’s mind and they are constantly trying to make contact, both physically and spiritually.

Here’s why you should give it another shot:

  • The love that you felt for them and they felt for you is still there.
  • The connection between you is stronger than ever.
  • The universe keeps sending you signs that you should be together.
  • Life has more meaning with them in it.
  • They bring you so much joy.
  • They make everything so much better.
  • You don’t want to be apart any longer.

This time around things will be different.

You have learned from past mistakes. You are both wiser.


Getting back together can be tricky and you might be uncertain of how to approach your twin flame.

It might be easier to do it if you first broach the subject telepathically.

Here’s how to send your twin flame a telepathic message that you want to get back together.

7 steps to send a message telepathically

1) Find a spot without distractions

To be successful in sending your message, you need to find a place where you can concentrate, where it’s comfortable and quiet. A place that’s free from all distractions.

This is especially important if you are a beginner. With time and practice, it becomes easier to ignore distractions, and you’ll find yourself able to send your telepathic message from anywhere, no matter how loud or crowded.

You can send the message from your home, or even from a nice, secluded beach.

2) Make yourself comfortable and relax

You can do this in a sitting position or lying down.

Most people choose the lotus position, like when meditating.

Get rid of all the tension and stress from your body. Relax your muscles.

3) Focus on the present

Focus on the present. Forget the past. Don’t worry about the future.

All that exists is the present.

To help ground you in the present, focus on your breathing.

Breathe in slowly through your nose to a count of five.

Feel the breath as it goes in through your nose. Feel your diaphragm expand.

Now feel your diaphragm contract as you slowly breathe out to a count to five.

Repeat this process for a few minutes.

4) Think about your twin flame

Picture your twin flame.

Imagine that they are right there, sitting by you.

Picture their smile. Their eyes. Remember their scent.

Feel their warmth next to you.

5) Focus on your message

Now think about what it is you want to say.

Focus on the love that you feel for your twin flame.

Think about how much you miss them and want them back.

6) Imagine an invisible cord

Now imagine an invisible cord connecting you to your twin flame.

Imagine the cord going from your heart to theirs.

Now send your message to your twin. Picture it flowing along the cord.

Tell your flame how you feel.

Let them know you want them back.

Focus on transmitting that message.

7) Do this for some 10 minutes

Keep doing this for at least 10 minutes.

Concentrate. Focus on the message.

Be patient.

Once they receive the message, you’ll know it. It will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

In conclusion

You’ve been on the lookout for the signs listed above – that your twin is missing you, and maybe you’ve even consulted a psychic.

Now you know for sure how they feel. They want to be back together too.

It doesn’t matter that you were apart, or even how long you were apart for. You will pick up right where you left off.

Don’t worry that it didn’t work out the first time around. Sometimes, people need to try several times before they succeed.

The love you both still feel for each other and the psychic connection that you share is a sign that you need to give your relationship another shot.

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