17 surprising signs your twin flame is thinking of you

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Whatever stage you are on your twin flame journey, you’re probably wondering if your twin flame is thinking about you.

Maybe it’s because you feel that sudden burst of energy, an energetic pull at your heart, or an intense sexual connection.

Yes, your twin flame is thinking about you and even communicating with you.

And fortunately, there are surefire signs to show that your twin flame is thinking of you and cares about you.

Let’s start. 

How to know if your twin flame is thinking of you? 15 signs

Your twin flame journey is filled with signs that you may never notice or pay attention to.

These signs exist to share a powerfully energetic and telepathic connection – allowing you to exchange spiritual, emotional, energetic, and even mental information.

There are several reasons why you can’t stop thinking of your twin flame.

And knowing that you and your twin flame are experiencing the same signs confirms your twin flame relationship.

1) Seeing your twin flame in your dreams

Do you keep dreaming of your twin flame?

Most of the time, those dreams are telling you something as they hold important and interesting messages.

Having those recurrent dreams of your twin flame means that you’re not just thinking of them, it’s a sign that they’re thinking of you too.

It’s in your dreams that you connect at a deeper, soul level.

You might also find it interesting to know that based on this Twin Flame article, “Twins actually share the same dream”

Having shared dreams is a manifestation of twin flame telepathic and shared soul connection.

And even if you don’t have the same dream, dreaming of them means that they’re subconsciously calling out to you too. Maybe your twin flame is missing you.

2) You’re surrounded by warm, euphoric feelings

Remember that loving and gentle hug from your grandma or that sweet, thoughtful gift from a loved one.

If you find yourself alone or feeling down, there’s a feeling of warmth that seems to surround you.

There’s a sense of warmth and comfort that surrounds you – and your heart radiates with so much joy.

Take this as a sign that your twin flame has you on their mind.

Your flame is sharing that loving energy with you even from a distance.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether your twin flame is thinking of you. 

Even so, it can be very worthwhile to speak to a highly intuitive person and get guidance from them.

They can answer all sorts of related questions and take away your doubts and worries.

Like, are they really your twin flame? Are you meant to be with them?

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4) You find yourself smiling subconsciously

Do you find yourself smiling even if there’s no exact reason to feel happy at all?

You can’t seem to wipe that smile off your face – that people ask what’s behind that smile.

Well, you don’t even have an idea why you feel so happy and are not sure what’s causing it.

That lingering subconscious smile means that your twin flame is thinking of you intently with positive vibes.

As you share the same energy frequency with your twin flame, you’re also experiencing a wave of positivity.

This usually happens when your twin flame is communicating with you – and is happy and smiling too.

5) You can feel a strange presence with you

Do you feel that there seems to be someone around you even if you’re alone in a room?

It’s not in a paranormal way – but more of a calming, warm, and supportive sense.

If so, your twin flame manifests the energy you’re sensing and thinking of you.

So even if you are not physically together, you can feel that they’re near you.

And these manifestations are also coming from your twin flame:

  • Feeling that someone is caressing and touching your skin
  • Finding white feathers unexpectedly
  • Seeing twin flame numbers and patterns

This is a sign of twin flame sexual energy because you’re more tuned with the energy of your twin flame than any other person in this world.

6) You have intense emotions that don’t feel like yours

Can’t seem to overcome those emotions that you feel for no apparent reason? Or feel that your emotions change suddenly?

For instance, you’re feeling bubbly while watching a comedy show – then in a split second, you feel gloomy and an overwhelming sense of loneliness starts to fill you.

Or you could be frustrated at the moment, then suddenly feel a sense of hope and calmness over you.

It could be a clear sign that your twin flame is thinking of you deeply.

After all, twin flames share intense energetic frequency and they influence each other even across distances.

So if your twin flame is lonely and wants to be with you, you will feel it as it will affect your energy field.

7) You recognize them

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8) A sudden burst of too much energy

You feel this immense energy that gives you the urge to get out of your comfort zone.

You find yourself being more productive, doing something you’ve never done before, or trying out a new hobby.

It’s because twin flames push and support each other towards a shared goal.

When twin souls think of each other, they’re reaching out on higher dimensions through the connection you’re sharing.

That even if twin flames haven’t reached union, they get the drive to work together to accomplish something worthwhile.

It’s like connecting through telepathic communication even if the message remains unclear.

And this positive change of energy levels only means that you’re running on your twin flame’s mind.

9) Your gut feeling tells you

You have this hunch that your twin flame is missing you and is thinking about you too.

Twin flames have strong intuition and an undeniable connection that’s hard to understand and explain. But you know that it exists.

At certain times, it’s your shared soul that makes you think of the same thing.

If you can sense that your twin soul is thinking of you, that’s the time when you’re both in your highest emotion and energy.

So when it comes to twin souls, trust your intuition.

According to Sabriye Ayana, spiritual author, teacher, founder of the Akasha Healing method, “Learning to listen to your intuition is one of the key initiations on the Twin Soul journey.”

And like love, your instinct is telling you that what you have with this person is something real.

10) You feel loved and protected

Your twin soul connection is a love like no other.

No matter the time or distance, nothing compares to the heartwarming feeling you get from your twin flame.

With your twin soul, you feel a sense of comfort, peace, and safety.

This twin flame energy is constantly around to heal, guide, and protect you. Your bond gets stronger when you’re near the true union stage.

And this is one sign that your twin flame loves you.

For instance, when you feel worried, there’s an instant wave of hope – and you feel that someone is hugging and protecting you.

You’ll feel more loved and protected when your twin flame thinks about you. And your twin flame will feel the same when you’re thinking about them.

11) Your experience thrilling body sensations

Weird signs are showing that someone is thinking of you.

For instance, when you’re sitting lazily, you experience unlikely tingling sensations in your body.

These body-tingling sensations often manifest when your twin flame is thinking about you sexually.

It could be one of these:

  • A light pressure within your body
  • A sudden change in body temperature
  • Your stomach starts to flutter
  • You get goosebumps all of a sudden
  • You feel shivers down your spine

Twin flames get sexually attracted to each other because of the powerful chemistry they share.

Sometimes, it’s also because of their strong sense of longing and desire to be together.

12) You feel your passions blazing

Is there something that you don’t seem to like before suddenly turns out to be interesting to you?

It’s because twin flames have an emotional bond and shared soul.

Even when you’re apart, you’re sharing that interest and passions subconsciously.

So when your twin flame gets interested in something, it sparks your interest too.

And when your twin soul talks about your passions and things that make you both happy,  it’s a strong sign your twin flame is thinking of you.

I mentioned earlier my positive experience seeing a psychic and how they helped me deal with my twin flame. 

While these signs should help you get a much better handle on your problem, I highly recommend speaking with a spiritual advisor.

I know it sounds far out, but you’d be surprised how down-to-earth and helpful it can be. 

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13) You share twin soul silence

Yes, this silence is also a sign that you’re thinking of your twin flame and you’re in their mind too.

Twin flames can be silent in moments they consume you in their thoughts.

There’s this subconscious telepathic connection that makes twin flames satisfied with their shared silence. It’s because they know each other too well that sometimes, words aren’t needed to get their message across.

This silence is a strong communication sign that also means that your twin flame misses you.

Sometimes, twin flames also need time to be silent. This usually happens when they don’t know what to talk about or when they are guilty of running away.

But then, their behavior shows how much they’re thinking of you.

In case you’re worried when your twin flame doesn’t talk to you, know that you can do something about it.

14) You experience intense heart racing

Do you frequently feel your heart racing out of the blue?

There’s this fluttering feeling in the pit of your soul which often manifests when your twin flame is thinking of you.

So when your heart starts to flutter at random times, even when you’re just drinking your juice, then it’s a sign that you’re running on your twin flame’s mind.

You can’t even stop this adrenaline rush even when you take deep breaths to ease the sensations.

It’s because twin flames are closely linked and connected at heart chakras.

And it’s also the reason why twin flames feel emphatic and feel each other’s emotions.

To be certain, go over these 12 spiritual signs that your twin flame is missing you. 

15) You feel your twin flame’s energy

Twin flame relationship signs exist.

While you might get confused with the energies of people around you, you don’t have a problem knowing if it’s coming from your twin flame.

You know that your twin flame has you on their mind as their energy will communicate that to you. And those thoughts travel via soul connection or through the twin flame energy bridge.

When you feel down, there seems to be an energy that seems to hold and comfort you to sleep.

Your twin flames’ energy makes you happy and energizes your soul.

Sometimes, you also have visions of your twin soul talking to you or guiding you along.

16) Telepathy strikes randomly

Even science proves that telepathy is real and is within reach.

Twin flames have telepathic abilities and share an intense energetic connection.

And they remain in contact with each other because of their shared chakra system.

This telepathic connection manifests in full or random sequences such as:

  • Having recurring thoughts that don’t connect to anything in your life
  • Focusing on ideas that seem to be someone else’s
  • Situations that remain present in your mental space
  • Experiencing energy with the same contact all over again

Even in separation, your spirits are linked through telepathy. And there are instances wherein twin flames think about each other all the time.

This telepathy signifies a divine flame of love and a karmic bond that only twin souls share.

17) You have shared souls

When out of the blue, you start to wonder if your twin flame is thinking of you, it’s clear that you are on your twin flame’s mind. Your twin is wondering the same way too.

This phenomenon strikes instantly that even if there’s nothing you’re doing you still end up with that thought.

And because you have a shared soul, you and your twin flame are sharing almost the same feeling. They can sense the emotions and mood of their twin flame.

As twin flames journey towards union, their deep spiritual connection keeps them together – no matter how far away they are from each other.

This twin flame guide proves that your mirror soul is thinking of you.

Twin flames thinking of each other

It’s wonderful to know that your twin flame is thinking about you too.

You know that you’re in your twin flames’ mind because there’s a strong energetic pulling in your heart that gives a tweak to your energetic vibrations.

When you think of your twin flame, they’re also experiencing those signs along their journey.

And those signs often lead to the higher purpose of your twin flame relationship.

Those signs exist even if you’re still in the twin flame separation stage or if you’re in the twin flame union stage.

Your twin soul makes you remember how they make you feel. They bring light and hope every time you feel miserable.

They help rekindle the fire within you and inspire you to live a happy, meaningful life.

Here’s a great article to read if you’re wondering if your twin flame will come back,

Open your heart to these signs

The more you embrace your twin flame bond and connection, the better you can navigate the tangled web of your journey.

When you allow your twin flame relationship to be where it’s supposed to be, that’s the time you’ll experience a truly rewarding and amazing growth you didn’t realize was possible.

The Universe has set this to happen even if you resist or fight against it.

Know that the Universe is showing you these signs for a reason – and that is, to bring you and your twin flame together.

This way, you’ll get to fulfill your purpose and live your life the best way possible – the way you want it.

In conclusion

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