15 concerning signs your twin flame is sad (and what to do about it)

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There’s nothing worse than seeing your twin flame sad.

It can make you feel helpless and hopeless, and it sticks with you long after they’ve recovered.

If you want to help mend the breach between your twin flame and yourself, then this article is just for you.

This article will provide a list of 15 signs your twin flame is unhappy, along with what it means.

It will also tell you some things you can do about it, and how to reconcile with your twin flame.

1) They communicate in a way that is unusual for them.

When your twin flame is sad, they are likely to come across as quieter and reserved.

They may also be more critical than usual, and may not even notice that they’re acting differently.

However, if you pay attention you should be able to detect this difference in their personality.

If it’s the way they’re talking to you, tell them that you’re worried they are going through something and that you want to help them.

Be honest with your twin flame and say how upset you are.

If your twin flame seems critical, remind them of what a wonderful person they are and that you love them regardless of what they think.

2) You feel an emotional distance between both of you.

Your twin flame can be very difficult to read sometimes because they are so in tune with your feelings.

Because of this, when they are sad it may not even occur to you at first that something is wrong.

This simply means that there is a gap of emotional distance between both of you.

Your twin flame might feel like there is something wrong, such as fear or sadness, and this is causing them to act differently than normal.

Concern about this is normal.

If you want to talk about it, don’t be afraid to do so, but don’t push too hard and make your twin flame feel pressured.

Tell them how you feel and ask them how they’re feeling.

3) You feel your twin flame’s affection or attention is short or lacking.

When they are sad, your twin flame may not show as much affection, or they may not pay as much attention as usual because of their feelings of loneliness and lack of communication.

They may feel like you are not letting them in, and this will make them want to pull away from you even more.

You might also see a side of your twin flame that seems uncaring and devoid of emotion.

If this happens, talk about how you’re feeling again by telling your twin flame how much this hurts you and how much it scares you to see them pulling away.

Make it clear that you want them to feel comfortable with you, but don’t pressure them and make them feel like they’re being attacked in some way.

4) Your twin flame is talking about their problems a lot lately.

It might be because something is going on that’s upsetting your twin flame and they want to open up about it with you.

They’re trying to communicate something to you and they don’t know how.

All of their attempts are just a cry for help.

Telling your twin flame how much you care about them and that you want to help them can make all the difference in the world.

Let them know that you love them no matter what they do and always want to be there for them when they need it.

However, if you need someone to help you with what to do, ask a professional.

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5) They become moody around you or are less affectionate than usual.

This is a sure sign that they are unhappy and having difficulty opening up emotionally.

They might lack faith in your relationship or lack confidence in themselves, so they won’t do anything further to endanger what little connection you have or strengthen it in any way.

If you feel like your twin flame is not communicating their feelings or needs in the way that they are supposed to, try and make them understand what they’re doing wrong.

Tell them how you feel and let them know that they should at least give you a chance to fix whatever the problem is first.

6) Your twin flame seems distant or has been acting withdrawn around you.

It can sometimes be difficult to notice when there is a problem in the relationship because your twin flame is so good at masking their true emotions with a smile and an upbeat attitude.

This is especially true when they are dealing with emotional trauma.

This can be difficult, but just try and remind your twin flame that they are not alone and that you’re always there for them.

Also, make sure they understand that you love them no matter what, and reassure them as much as possible.

7) They don’t talk to you often or hardly at all.

This is a sign that your twin flame is dealing with some kind of trauma or problem in the relationship.

Their fear of being abandoned can cause them to withdraw from you because they just don’t trust themselves or their feelings anymore.

This is why they prefer to stay out of the way and not complain when things get tough.

Talk to them about their feelings but don’t tell them how they’re feeling is wrong.

They must know that it will be OK as long as they let you help them through things and make themselves feel better again.

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8) They are quieter or less expressive than usual.

Your twin flame is going through a tough time with you and they know that it will be hard to get you to understand what they’re going through.

This can make them feel uncomfortable, especially when they aren’t sure how to verbalize their feelings.

If they try, it could make things worse because you could misinterpret what they’re trying to say.

Just try and find out what the problem is from them, but don’t tell them how you’re feeling about their behavior.

Let them know that you understand how they feel and that you want to help them fix whatever needs fixing.

9) Your twin flame has become overly possessive or jealous and seems like a different person than usual.

This is a big sign that your twin flame is having trouble controlling their emotions or being completely honest with you when they need to be.

They might feel as if they have to hide their true feelings because they don’t want to lose you, and so they end up overreacting when a normal reaction would be appropriate.

They are afraid of being abandoned like they were before and take it personally whenever someone tries to get close to you.

Find out what the problem is and let them know that their feelings are irrational and that you will not do anything to lead them on.

Show them that you love them, but are not interested in anything outside of your relationship.

Reassure your twin flame as much as possible and make them feel comfortable once more.

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10) They avoid talking about important things in the relationship or try to distract themselves from it.

Instead of talking to you or trying to deal with the problem head-on, your twin flame finds other things to worry about and takes your attention away from one another.

They may be feeling lonely. They might be afraid of losing the relationship they’ve been dreaming about or having it force them into something that they’re not ready for.

Just remind your twin flame that you will always have their back.

You can also try and ask them what they’re feeling, but be careful not to pressure them into a conversation that they might feel uncomfortable with.

11) They have become overly distracted by something, or have lost interest in things that used to interest them.

If your twin flame is struggling with their feelings for you, the last thing that they want is to take care of anything else outside of the relationship.

This means that their feelings will cause them to lose focus on many other things in life, including work or school.

They fear being abandoned and feel nervous about possibly losing the one person they’ve been searching for all this time.

Just reassure your twin flame that you are not going to leave them, no matter how bad things may get, or how long it will take.

You can also try and find out what’s causing their distraction, but don’t pressure them into anything unless they’re open to doing so.

12) They are overwhelmed by their fears and problems, but try and avoid talking about them instead of facing them head-on.

Your twin flame knows that complaining about their issues won’t help much when it comes to improving the relationship between the two of you.

They might feel as if you are part of the problem and not the solution, which is why they don’t want to be around you when they are feeling nervous or afraid.

This can be caused by many things, such as fear of losing your love or being forced into a relationship that they aren’t ready for or don’t want to be in any longer.

Remind your twin flame that nobody will ever abandon them.

You can also try and find out why they are feeling this way and what’s going on in their mind, but be careful not to make them feel pressured into talking about it.

This can lead to a bad conversation or worse.

13) They have become more reserved or secretive than usual.

Your twin flame might be feeling anxious when it comes to problems in the relationship and doesn’t want anyone else getting involved with things that only affect the two of you.

So they decide to keep everything to themselves and try not to bring up any problems that may arise between you two.

They might be afraid of a breakup and having to go back to being single again, which is why they decide to avoid talking about it altogether.

As for you, show them that you’re not going to let anything bad happen between you two and will always be there for them whenever they need it.

14) They have become overly aggressive when talking about money.

You might be surprised at how this works, but when your twin flame is feeling uncomfortable about their finances, they might become overly aggressive and defensive when talking to you about it.

This means that they don’t want to sit down together at a cafe and have a friendly and open discussion about the situation, which leads to them trying to defend themselves or shout you down when you’re trying to discuss money with them.

They fear being abandoned, which is why they don’t want anyone else in the relationship except you to know about their financial situation.

They might be afraid of having a cheaper lifestyle than what their friends have or seeming cheap in front of people because of the money that they spend.

Ask them directly why they don’t want to talk about it, which will lead you into a conversation that helps both of you solve the problem and make the relationship stronger.

15) They have stopped taking care of their outward appearance and personal hygiene.

Your twin flame has been known to get a little crazy when it comes to fitness, but if they stop taking care of themselves, then there might be some problems on their mind.

They might feel unattractive to you or that everyone else is better than them in every possible way, so they decide not to do anything else.

What does it mean?

They are afraid of losing you, which is why they avoid leaving the house and socializing with others.

Find out what’s causing their lack of interest in taking care of themselves, like getting a haircut or wearing a nice outfit every once in a while.

You can also try and ask them if they’re okay, but be careful not to pressure them into talking about it if they aren’t ready to talk about anything serious.

And that’s it.

By now you should have a good idea of what signs to look out for if your twin flame is sad. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor.

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