16 big signs your twin flame is a player and nothing more

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When you first meet your twin flame, everything feels magical and perfect. It’s almost like they were made just for you!

But what happens when things start to get weird? When every red flag you have starts popping up like crazy?

You see, there are tons of men out there that pretend they’re a twin flame just so they can get into your pants.

They know that most women react strongly to this concept, so they pretend to be exactly what you want in order to take advantage of you.

As difficult as it may be for you to hear right now, these players are not your real twin flame.

Let’s take a look at the signs that he’s a player and not your twin flame.

1) He says what you want to hear

In my experience, if a guy is a player, he’ll say anything – whisper sweet nothings – to get you in the sack.

The first red flag you should pay attention to is that he’ll agree with everything you say. Trust me, it’s weird and you’ll notice it.

I mean, it’s one thing to agree on a few things, but everything? Either the guy has no personality or he’s agreeing with you because he thinks that will make you like him more.

The second red flag is that he’ll say strange things because he thinks it’s what you want to hear.

Like for example: How he loves to read romance novels… how he respects women and how his mum is his best friend… how you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen!

It’s a bit over the top, don’t you think?

Hey, if you want the instant gratification of a steamy night, I’m not one to judge and he’s the guy for you. But if you think that he’s your twin flame, think again.

2) He makes you feel insecure

Twin flames are far from perfect.

Occasionally they’ll say something that hurts your feelings, but you’ll know that it’s just a mistake and that they’re not trying to be an asshole.

So if the guy you’re seeing is constantly saying and doing things that make you feel insecure, it could be a sign that he’s not who you think he is.

Your real twin flame would never hurt you on purpose.

But a guy who is trying to make you feel bad about yourself is just playing you. He’s trying to make you doubt yourself so he can take advantage of you.

3) He makes you feel guilty

On the one hand, a twin flame is there to lift you up and support you.

On the other hand, a player will try to make you feel guilty for everything you do and don’t do.

He’ll play the victim card and make you think that you owe him something.

If he’s saying things like, “I’ve been there for you, but you haven’t been there for me,” or, “You don’t care about my feelings,” then he’s just playing you.

He’s trying to make you feel guilty so he’ll get what he wants – whether it be sex, money, your connections, or even social status.

And sure enough, he’ll bring it up every time you want to end the relationship. He’ll say, “Remember when you said you’d be there for me? Well, you weren’t!”

Listen, you aren’t obligated to stay with him and you don’t owe him anything. He’s not your twin flame, he’s just another player.

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4) He has a shady past

Now, I’m not saying that people never change and that they shouldn’t get a second chance, but if the guy you’re dating has a shady past, you should really be careful.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by shady past…

Well, maybe he’s been in jail, maybe he’s been married several  times, or maybe he left his wife and children to start a new life…

Tread carefully because he may be a guy who doesn’t want a serious relationship. He could be looking for someone easy to take advantage of.

He’ll tell you that he’s changed and that he’s not the guy he used to be.

Listen to your gut. Do you believe him? Do you trust him? Could he be the one?

5) He makes no effort

A twin flame will do everything he can to make you feel special.

He’ll want to make you happy, he’ll want to spend time with you, and he’ll be constantly trying to impress you.

But a player doesn’t care about any of that. He only cares about what he can get out of you.

And sure enough, you’ll notice that the things he says he’s going to do never happen.

He says he wants to spend time with you, but he always has an excuse as to why he can’t come over.

He wants to take you out, but it’s always at the last minute.

He wants to do things for you, but he never does.

6) He makes you doubt yourself

A twin flame will build you up and make you feel like you can do anything.

However, a player will constantly tear you down and make you feel like you’re nothing.

He always has something negative to say about you. He’ll tell you that you’re not good enough, that you don’t deserve him, and that you’re lucky to have him.

A guy like that doesn’t deserve you. You need to leave him and find your real twin flame.

7) He makes you feel like you have to be with him

Your real twin flame will make you feel like you want to be with him.

A player will make you feel like you have to be with him. See the difference?

You’ll notice that he’s always pushing you to be with him even though you’re busy. He’ll be constantly texting you, asking when you’re going to get him that interview with your boss or when you’ll drive him to do his errands because his car is in the shop.

He won’t respect your time and he won’t let you be.

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8) He doesn’t have time on the weekends

You may not get to see your man a lot during the week because you’re both busy with work.

That’s why you look forward to the weekends, so you can get a chance to hang out with him and do something fun together.

But the thing is, when the weekend comes around, he’s already made plans to go to the game with his mates, to help his sister move, to have lunch with his parents, to go to the pub with the lads, to meet up with an old friend from out of town… You see where I’m going with this?

If he’s just not making time for you, it’s because he doesn’t really want to be with you. You’re not a priority in his life and that can only mean one thing: he’s not your twin flame.

If on top of that he only calls you late at night (for a booty call) or when he needs something from you, you can be sure that he’s a player.

9) He cancels last minute without an explanation

If a guy cares about you and has to cancel plans with you at the last minute, he’ll feel terrible about it. He’ll be sure to give you an explanation and make it up to you.

But if a guy cancels plans with you so many times that it becomes a pattern – and he doesn’t even bother to give you an explanation, or at least not a good one – it’s because you’re not a priority in his life and something better came up.

Basically, he doesn’t want to see you unless he can get something out of it.

Trust me, he’s not your twin flame. Your twin flame will do anything to spend time with you because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

My advice is to dump this player’s a** ASAP and find your true twin flame.

10) He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

If your twin flame truly cares about you, he should want to bring you into his world, right?

If he isn’t introducing you to his friends yet, there may be a reason for that. Some twin flames may need some time to warm up to the idea of introducing you to their friends and meeting your friends.

But if it’s been weeks or months and he still hasn’t introduced you to anyone, that may mean that he doesn’t see you as a part of his life.

This may be because he doesn’t want you to know the type of people he hangs out with, or it may just be a sign that you’re not that important to him. And what does that tell you?

He’s not a keeper, that’s for sure.

11) Something feels off

I always say that if something just feels off, trust your instincts.

Twin flames aren’t supposed to be perfect, but they are supposed to be real.

If there are elements to your partner that don’t seem authentic, they’re probably not real.

This could include things like his personality, his behavior, or his past.

If something doesn’t seem right, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Find out what’s really going on before you get in too deep.

12) He’s too confident

Confidence is a great quality and is definitely something that all women want in a man.

But when someone is overly confident, it’s a bit of a red flag to me.

If your twin flame has no insecurities and is always brimming with confidence, he’s probably a player.

Twin flames are supposed to be confident, but not to the point of arrogance.

A true twin flame knows that he is a fallible human being, and can’t always be perfect.  In fact, he’s hoping that you’ll push him to become a better version of himself.

13) He’s too good at reading you

Your twin flame is supposed to know you inside and out. He’s supposed to understand more about you than you understand about yourself.

But if your twin flame is always reading you like a book, it’s because he’s a player and is just putting on an act.

Twin flames are supposed to be real and authentic. He’s supposed to know you because he loves you, not because he’s done his homework about you.

If he seems to know everything you’re thinking or feeling, it’s because he’s just trying to fit into the role of your twin flame.

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14) He’s too eager to commit

If he’s eager to commit to you before you even really know each other, there could be something fishy going on.

True twin flames aren’t supposed to jump into relationships; they’re supposed to take their time.

If your twin flame is ready to take the next step before you are, he may just be trying to trap you.

You see, he’s probably a player who is looking for an easy way to reel you in.

When someone wants to commit to you after spending a short amount of time with you, it’s because they don’t see you as an individual. They see you as an opportunity!

15) He disappears for long periods of time

The thing is that if your man disappears for long periods of time, it could be that he’s seeing someone else.

And if he disappears only to come back and act as if nothing happened, it’s probably because he’s just a player.

Think about it, would you just disappear without offering any explanation to someone you care about? Of course not.

If you’re dating your twin flame, you should know what he’s doing whenever he’s not with you.

If you can’t account for all of his time, he’s probably a player and not worth your time. A real twin flame is a person who you can trust.

He’s supposed to let you know what he’s doing so you don’t worry about him.

16) He’s the mystery man

Everyone loves a bit of mystery in the beginning.

But as your relationship moves forward, you want to get to know the person you’re dating better.

So if your man remains a mystery man after you’ve been seeing him for a while, he’s probably a player. He’s either got something to hide or doesn’t want to get real with you because he’s not serious about your relationship.

You see, twin flames are supposed to open up to you and be real. They’re supposed to let you in on their past, their present, and even their future. They can trust you to be themselves and show you the pretty and the ugly things in their lives.

If your man is still keeping things from you, he’s not really your twin flame.

So now you know what signs to look for to figure out whether he’s your twin flame or a player.

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