“Have I and my twin flame met before?” These 17 signs will let you know

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When you feel like there’s someone out there who understands you in a way no one else does, and that person just seems to get you on a level that other people don’t, it can be super-intimidating. 

What if that person is your twin soul?

Apart from the fact that we all have a twin soul, it’s hard to explain what exactly a twin flame is. 

It’s different for everyone who meets theirs and comes in many forms. 

If you think you have met your twin flame before, take note of these 17 sure-fire ways to verify.

1) You share similar interests and hobbies.

When two people share the same interests and hobbies it is a sign that they are twin flames. 

You find yourself with someone who you can relate to and can talk to about anything. 

You both have similar values and morals which makes you feel secure and comfortable around them.

There are many aspects that can help you determine if you have found your twin flame. 

If you have similar interests in life, it means that your partner will enjoy those things as well. 

Also, if you have natural chemistry with your partner, it shows that there is a strong connection between the two of you. 

Finally, if your partner compliments you in ways that make you feel special and smart, then this person is definitely a match for you.

 2) The two of you have complementary traits.

Even though I have mentioned above that twin flames share similar interests and hobbies, but to traits, they have opposite ones which complement each other. 

People often assume that opposites attract each other and are more wonderful when the two are “complementary” of each other. 

So, take a moment to consider whether you and anyone you had met before have complementary compensators. 

He’s open and you’re an introvert? 

He’s attentive in every little detail while you take the big picture and quickly find solutions to problems?

If the answer is “yes” . It’s a sign that you have met your twin flame and you may have found the perfect match for you if “your differences bring balance to your lives,” says relationship expert Amber Artis.

3) You feel an intense pull to each other.

There is a magnetic attraction between you. 

A feeling that draws you in like two magnets that are perfectly aligned, they come together and they click. 

You feel a strong connection to the other person that is undeniable. 

You can’t help but be drawn to them. 

The feeling is intense and sometimes even overwhelming, but it’s impossible to ignore or fight; it just happens. 

There is no denying it: you’re meant to be together. 

It’s destiny. 

The pull to each other is strong; there’s no denying it. 

Whether you want to admit it or not, there is something special about this person and you both feel it deep inside. 

It’s more than just a crush or infatuation; it’s something real, powerful and undeniable.

Of course, there are many other signs to tell if they’re your twin flame.

You can check out our YouTube video for more signs:

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3) You are constantly synced together, almost as if you have a built-in GPS system.

It sounds like a crazy idea but it’s true. 

It’s called synchronicity, and although there is no scientific explanation for it, many people believe that when you’re in sync with someone else through your thoughts, actions and feelings this is the first sign of being in a relationship. 

In other words, the universe has a way of making sure that the two of you are together.

4) Your dreams seem to be telling you something.

If you are having a dream that seems to have a message for you, it’s important to take the time to listen. 

Pay attention to what the dream is trying to tell you. 

Is there a specific person or situation that keeps popping up?

If you aren’t sure what the dream is trying to tell you, try asking yourself some questions. 

Is there anything in particular that you are missing out on?

For example : 

You can’t get the same dream twice, and you think it’s very weird. 

You have a vivid dream about this person and even in your dreams you feel that they are speaking to you.

In those dreams, your twin soul will speak to you.

You will wake up and the first thing that pops into your mind is what they said to you in your dream.

That might be the moment where you realize: “I think I know who my twin flame is.”

5) You have constant déjà vu.

You feel like you’ve met this person before or that you’ve known each other for a long time.

And it feels like you’ve known each other in past lives or that you’re reliving something together again.

You feel like there’s a history between the two of you, even if it only just started.

Deep down inside, on some level, you both know that you belong together.

It’s a feeling that is hard to ignore and can’t be explained in any other way; you just know that this person is important – very important – to you and your life.

It’s so amazing, right?

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6) You are constantly synced together, almost as if you have a built-in GPS system.

It sounds like a crazy idea but it’s true. 

It’s called synchronicity, and although there is no scientific explanation for it, many people believe that when you’re in sync with someone else through your thoughts, actions and feelings this is the first sign of being in a relationship. 

In other words, the universe has a way of making sure that the two of you are together.

7) You have similar goals and ambitions.

The first thing to consider is that everyone has different goals, ambitions and dreams. 

By definition, twin flames are people who have the same dreams, ambitions and goals in life. In other words, they are perfect for each other.

If you’re looking for someone with the same values and morals as you, then a twin flame should be just around the corner.

However, if you find yourself attracted to someone who has different values and morals than you, then it may not be your true love after all.

Trust me, in one relationship, the difference in dreams, intentions can create disagreements, and it is difficult to make the relationship last.

8) They know things about you that no one else does.

Twin flames are the ones who can complete you. 

They know how to accept you for all of your flaws and imperfections. 

They make you feel whole. 

Twin flames are the ones who can make you laugh when everything is going wrong. 

They see the world through your eyes, so they understand your joys and sorrows on a deeper level than anyone else. 

Twin flames are the ones who can make you feel alive again when you’re feeling down. 

They know what it’s like to be in your shoes, so they can empathize with everything you’re going through. 

They’re your best friends and partners in life. 

They share your hopes and dreams. 

And when things go wrong, they’re always there for you, no matter what it takes.

9) You don’t need verbal communication to understand each other.

Yes, you read that right. 

The truth about twin flames is that you don’t need verbal communication to understand each other. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you can have a connection with your twin flame even if you don’t talk to each other verbally. 

You can connect through nonverbal communication such as body language, facial expressions, and the way you act around each other. 

You can also interpret the tone of your partner’s voice to determine what they mean. 

They might be upset, happy or angry as they speak to you. 

Even though they may not have spoken about what is bothering them, you know what is going on in their mind simply by observing their facial expression or gestures.

10) All disagreements or disputes are easily resolved.

Relationships and disagreements are inevitable. 

Even the most harmonious relationships will experience conflict from time to time. 

But if you’re looking for an indication that you’ve found your twin flame, it’s important to look beyond the disagreements and focus on how you resolve them. 

If you can’t come to a compromise or if your arguments always end with both parties blaming themselves rather than each other, these are not good signs.

11) Your life becomes more positive, more beautiful.

Are you satisfied with the version of yourself when you’re with your partner and does he encourage you to get better every day? 

If he is satisfied with who you are but still encourages you to improve and achieve your goals, then you have indeed found the love you are looking for.

And the same is true in the opposite direction. 

You love the person he is and want to see him succeed and achieve his personal goals. 

You both want to support each other to be better but also respect the version of who each wants to be.

12) There is an element of trust that comes easy with them.

Twin flames are incredibly special people who you find it incredibly easy to trust and open up to. 

They make you feel safe and secure, which is a huge boost when it comes to your mental health.

Because they’re so attuned to your needs, they know exactly what it takes to help you through tough times. 

They’re also able to pick up on your emotions – no matter how subtle – which means that they can be a tremendous support in times of need. 

13) You feel calm and at ease with this person.

What is the difference between a twin flame and a romantic partner? 

A twin flame is someone to whom you feel connected on a deep level. 

You feel calm and at ease around them, which means your twin flame is someone who can bring out the best in you. 

Whereas with a romantic partner, you feel tension and a fight or flight response when they are around. 

This is because your body reacts to any threat by releasing adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones into your bloodstream. 

When you have these hormones running through you, it makes it harder to stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand. 

It also increases the risk of anxiety or depression.

Overall, the goal of finding a twin flame is to find someone with whom you can relax and feel comfortable being yourself.

14) You always think of that person first under any circumstances.

Twin flames are people we connect with on a deep and meaningful level.

If you just got a promotion, adopted a puppy, or simply today is a great day for you, who will be the first to be notified of these events? 

If it is your lover, this is a positive sign.

And the same is true for the bad news, if there are unfortunate incidents and he is the first person you pick up the phone, this shows that your current lover is really important to you and he is the place to be. you can rely on.

15) The relationship moves very fast.

The third sign you’ve found your twin flame is that the relationship moves very fast. 

While it’s normal for relationships to develop quickly, this means that both you and your partner are very committed to one another. 

This commitment can be seen in how often you two are together, as well as how much you talk to each other on a daily basis.

One of the most important things to look for when trying to figure out if you have a twin flame is how deeply you connect with one another. 

You should feel an immediate connection with your partner no matter what the circumstances, and it should be impossible for you to imagine yourself without them. If you can’t picture yourself without your partner, then they’re likely a twin flame.

16) The more time you spend together, the stronger the feeling becomes.

The more time you spend together, the stronger the feeling becomes. That’s a sign you met your twin flame. 

It may be at first just an attraction to one another’s personality or maybe they share something in common, but over time it becomes a bond. 

The true test of whether you’ve found your twin flame is whether you’re still attracted to each other after several years of being together. 

The strongest relationship is one that grows and changes positively with time.

There are many things that can cause this to happen, such as having similar interests, agreeing on how to raise children, sharing the same values, or experiencing similar life events. 

17) When you meet your twin flame, you will feel that all limits are meaningless.

Same-sex love stories seem to be no longer new in the midst of modern life, but prejudices from family and society are still there. 

But when love is big enough, when they have met a twin flame, regardless of gender, the common happiness of lovers is to grow old with their loved ones, to accompany them to the end. 

There will be no more worries or hiding, no more fighting for a right and kind love. 

Standing in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, you choose to live in accordance with their hearts and egos, have the courage to love, be accepted, and express your love in a responsible and civilized manner. 

Let live the life you choose and want, instead of spending their life pleasing anyone else’s expectations.

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is a spiritual term used to describe a pair of soul mates that are deeply connected on a soul level. 

These two people may not be twins by birth, but they are “twin flames” in that they share an eternal connection and embody each other’s highest and best qualities. 

Twin flames can be romantic partners, friends, or family members who are deeply connected on a soul level. 

They may also be distant soul mates who have yet to meet in this lifetime, but whose souls are fiercely bonded together for eternity.

A twin flame is different from a soul mate in that it is not necessarily someone you were born with whom you will ultimately spend your life together with.

Twin flames are spiritual beings from another dimension who incarnate into our world at certain points to help us grow spiritually and emotionally.


In conclusion, if you can think of four of these signs, then go look for your twin flame.

They might be the person who will change your life, and yours is about to change forever.

These relationships are not just something that only happens in fairy tales.

On the other hand, many people believe that only men have these kinds of relationships and only women have romantic relationships with men.

However, there are plenty of wonderful female couples or men couples out there on the planet today with strong relationships.

If you are a special person, I am sure you will also find someone special for you.

I hope this helps! It’s a good idea to look at these signs to see if they feel right for you and if they feel right for your partner as well.

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