15 signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually (complete list)

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You and your twin flame share an undeniably strong connection and are cosmically drawn together.

This connection is so intense that it gives ones the psychic ability to discern when their twin flame is thinking of or missing them. And it can make you feel your ‘mirror soul’ thinking about you sexually. 

Here’s the full lowdown that your twin flame is having sexy and erotic thoughts about you:

1) You’re having erotic dreams

These dreams can be intense and realistic that you can almost feel that your twin flame is actually with you.

While our dreams remain very much a mystery, they provoke strong emotions, which is the case when your twin flame thinks about you sexually. 

When you’re having sexy dreams about your twin flames, it could be you’re picking up on their energy or having a shared experience.

Here are other reasons you’re dreaming of your twin flame:

  • You miss the twin flame that you want to be with them so bad
  • You yearn for your mirror souls’ comforting presence
  • Your mirror soul needs you and wants to be with you 
  • You’re picking your twin flame’s energy and having a shared experience
  • You have this unexplained energy surge that the universe is conspiring to reunite you

Experts believe that dream-sharing happens when both people share the same mental state and emotionally-connected people. So if you’re having dreams your twin flame is thinking about you sexually, it could be you’re feeling the same way too.

2) You can’t stop thinking of your twin flame sexually

When you frequently have sexual thoughts about your twin flame, you’re picking some serious love match vibes between you too.

It’s normal to have some ‘naughty’ or sexual fantasies about someone you desire. 

We all have this innate sex drive that makes us indulge in little daydreams when we desire someone romantically.

And you’re probably not the only one who feels this. There’s a big chance that your twin flame is having sexual thoughts about you too.

Here’s why: These sexual thoughts aren’t driven by your imagination alone as your mirror soul also reflects what they feel for you.

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4) Someone seems to be touching you

While working, watching your favorite Netflix show, or just having coffee, you seem to feel gentle fingertips thoughtfully caressing your skin. 

You know you’re alone – and don’t see anyone in the room with you.

Seems spooky, but feeling that it’s your twin flame will be different.

It’s clear that your twin flame is thinking of you and reaching you through the cord connection that you both share. 

This out-of-body experience makes you feel very excited due to your twin flame’s racy thoughts. This sensation might also bring you peace and comfort – or even arouse you too.

So don’t be afraid when you feel this. Simply enjoy the heavenly connection you’re sharing with your mirror soul.

The next time you feel your twin flame touching you, call him so you can transform the sensation into reality. 

5) You feel an intense sexual urge

Do you find yourself having strong sexual urges?

  • Your sex drive gets off the charts
  • Your face and body get hot
  • Your private areas get hypersensitive to stimulation
  • You desire to get as physically close to your twin flame as possible

Some people feel this upon waking up or before they sleep when they suddenly get hit by a sense of longing.

This unexplained sexual urge means that your body and mind are picking up on the energy between you too. It could be that you’re also thinking of each other that the energy you’re sharing feeds into the cycle. 

Here’s why:

It’s because your connection allows you to feel what your twin flame feels. 

More than the physical bond, you’re also sharing a spiritual connection with your mirror soul. And that’s also the reason why you feel emotional musings as well. 

6) You hear your twin flame’s voice

Can you hear your twin flame communicating with you?

We’ve heard plenty of people sharing that they’re hearing their loved ones’ voices in their heads in different contexts.

One reason why this is happening is because of the strong bond that two people share.

If you’re apart from your twin flame, hearing your twin flame’s voice may soothe or calm you. There could even be small conversations in your mind – which is an assurance of your love and closeness.

In some cases, their voice may even be sensual and inviting.

So hearing your twin flame is a definite sign that you are in their mind and are sexually thinking of you.

7) You experience physical sensations

Love is the best feeling in the world! Being with the person who loves, appreciates, cares for you, and wants to be with you is like nothing else in the world.

And with your twin flame, this feeling is multiplied! That even if you’re apart, you can feel body sensations that show your mirror soul is thinking of you sexually.

Here are some twin flame physical sensations that you might experience:

  • Warm sensation in your heart chakra
  • Feelings of “pressure” in the body
  • Shifts in your body temperature
  • Heart palpitations and dizziness

These body sensations mean that your twin flame is thinking about being intimate with you. 

Here’s why:

Your heart chakras get synched and the energy of your soul creates the flicker in your heart.

Once you are in a twin flame relationship, the desire of your twin becomes stronger and stronger as time goes on.

8) Your sexual chemistry is off the charts

The energy you both share is hard to explain – but you feel it. And this spark seems to be unsurprisingly a full-blown blaze.

You can feel this even without any sexual activity. 

Here are signs that prove you share intense sexual chemistry:

  • You find yourself melting with the gaze of your twin flame
  • You desire to be as close to each other as possible
  • You’re drawn to your mirror soul’s energy
  • You angle your bodies toward each other
  • Your eye contact is consistent

And chances are – you probably haven’t felt such a strong sexual tension and desire with someone else like this before.

When your sexual chemistry is extraordinarily high, there’s a magnetic pull that connects you together. This creates an intense feeling of passion and lust. 

9) You experience sudden energy shifts

Do you feel erotic for no particular reason? Are you unable to completely focus on what you’re doing?

You may also suddenly start having intense thoughts.

This change in energy means that your twin flame is sending pretty powerful vibes to you. And these waves of energy change the way you feel almost instantly.

When you feel your twin flame’s energy your way, it’s clear that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually.

Here’s one thing you need to know,

You and your twin flame are sending out signals to each other. It’s because you’re both parts of this mutual and concentric attraction process.

And it’s something magical!

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10) You have this inexplicable feeling

You just know it! Experiencing this is one of the top psychic signs that you’re twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

Your intuition makes you more sensitive to things around you including your twin flame’s sexual thoughts. 

With your inner wisdom, you can feel this for you have an intense sexual connection.

Here’s what you need to know,

Twin flames can touch the unknown depths of each other’s hearts and souls.

This unseen energetic level of feeling is hard to explain – but it’s something that you just know.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to understand what you are feeling as you know that what you have and what you share with your twin flame is something different.

With your twin flame, you’re certain that this person is your ‘karmic soulmate.’ It’s like finally being with someone you’re searching for.

So if you also can’t stop thinking of your twin flame sexually, you know deep down that it’s mutual.

11) Your twin flame calls you out of the blue

Like most of us, you’ve also probably experienced this strange coincidence.

You’re thinking of your twin flame sexually and might be having erotic dreams about him too. Then you receive a message or a call – and you know it’s them before you even check your phone.

It could also be that your twin flame will like and comment on your social media post.

If you feel the need to call him, your mirror soul will probably tell you that you have been in his thoughts. And this love and desire make your twin flame relationship more exciting and fun. 

The sign is clear: Your twin flame is longing for you too. 

Your twin flame is reaching out to you at the same moment that you’re thinking of him. 

So the next time your twin flame pops into your head and you yearn for his presence, don’t be surprised if right on cue, he’ll send you a racy message. 

Twin flames are so special as they can communicate telepathically. And this twin flame telepathy phenomenon is real and well-researched by experts already.

12) You get chills or goosebumps

The touch of someone you’re sexually attracted to can make your hairs stand on its end.

Similarly, with your twin flame’s phantom touch, those transcended thoughts can give you emotional chills and goosebumps. 

And you’re experiencing this because of your twin flame’s sexually charged thoughts

You and your twin flame have strong emotional responses which lead to a dopamine rush.

So when your mirror soul is thinking of you sexually and sending love your way, it creates an intense tingling sensation in your body

These reactions are created by the energy being sent to you by your twin flame. And it could be his way of telling you, “I miss you and I love you!”

13) You never felt alone even if you are

Even if you’re apart, you can always feel your twin flames’ presence. 

When you’re alone at home, or feeling down and lonely, there seems to be someone hugging or comforting you.

But don’t worry if this is happening to you (you’re not crazy)

Here’s the thing:

You and your twin flame share the same chakra system. And this means that your twin flame’s presence is also a part of your soul connection. Their energy has already become a part of you.

This is the reason why you can almost sense them, hear them, and feel them around you.

When you pay attention, you may also find these signs:

  • You start coming across angel numbers frequently
  • White feathers seem to find their way to you
  • You see a pair of swans while meditating

This only means that you’re running on your twin flame’s mind in every sense.

14) You feel so loved and protected

When your twin flame is thinking about you sexually, feelings of calmness, joy, and security seems to envelop you.

Your twin flame is in a good mood. Probably, your mirror soul is desiring to be with you, and how he can spend time with you. 

Your twin flame is sending positive energy to let you know that you are loved, cared for, and protected no matter where you are. You’ll also feel the burning passion of your twin flame to confirm how much they desire you. 

You’ll also find yourself smiling as you’ll feel happier and lighthearted when you’re running on your twin souls’ minds.

15) You experience telepathic sex or astral sex

Take note that not all twin flame relationships experience this phenomenon.

Twin flames who are more tuned into their multidimensional field of awareness often experience this telepathic or astral sex.

It’s because every twin flame relationship, connection, and journey is unique.

When you’re twin flame is thinking of you sexually, you may experience something very similar to what experts describe as a telepathic sexual encounter.

This shared experience feels so real as it goes beyond just thinking about someone sexually.

And this means that when you’re connected with someone deeply, it’s possible to make love telepathically

Even if you are miles away from each other, you’ll feel as if your mirror soul is intimate with you. You experience each other wholly, in a very intimate manner.

Can you truly feel if your twin flame is sexually thinking of you? 

Yes! And this feeling is incredible. 

And even if you’re apart, you can feel the most intense arousal that you never thought was possible. 


This happens because your soul shares the emotions you feel and the strings of attachment you have aren’t only physical. It makes your telepathic bond equally surprising and fulfilling. 

You and your twin flame are connected on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. 

Most of all, your connection is one that’s filled with romance, joy, passion, and madness. It becomes a sacred bond that reinforces acceptance and trust between each other. 

What to do now? 

So make sure you nourish this intimacy in an energetic as this will make sexual activities more explosive when you’re together.

Hopefully, you already have a definite idea of when your twin flame thinks of you sexually.

But let me tell you that the best way to go is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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Based on my personal experience with them, they’re kind and helpful – and they helped me gain clarity on my situation. And it has changed my life for the better! 

I’m sure they can help you too!

So, if you want to get to the bottom of your twin flame relationship, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. 

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