26 signs you have a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met

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As technologies advance our social circles are becoming so much wider than just the people we encounter in our daily lives.

We live in a world where it’s possible to instantly connect online with others from the opposite side of the globe.

We can gain a real insight into one another’s existence through their social media. Perhaps it’s not surprising then that many of us find ourselves attached to somebody without evening seeing them in person.

In this article, we’ll go through 26 signs that suggest you could have a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met, and the potential reasons why.

Can you have a spiritual connection with someone you never met?

There are quite a few ways where you could find yourself feeling an unexplainable connection with someone, even if you haven’t met yet.

People in the media or famous people

Whether it is a Youtuber you have discovered and you deeply resonate with, a musician who you stumbled upon or some other public figure that you perhaps found through social media — the more insight you get into their lives, the more similarities or ties you notice.

All of which make you feel an almost spiritual connection, even though you don’t know them.

A long-distance relationship that began online or through a dating app

The way we form relationships is changing. It is now more common to meet your partner through online dating, than it is to meet through personal contacts and connections. A study in 2017 found that 39 percent of heterosexual couples had met online.  

Especially after Covid-19 has swept across the world and changed the dating scene even more, in this context, feeling connected to someone you never met is not even that unusual.

You may have gradually got to know one another, without ever being able to meet face to face because of practical reasons.

Someone you connected with on social media

Perhaps you are not in a relationship with this person, but you have been speaking through social media, or you follow their accounts — and you have started to feel a deep bond.

The more you get to know them from a distance, the more you are convinced there is a soul connection between you both.

A visualization or recurring dream of someone

Are you convinced that your soulmate or twin flame is out there because you sense them, even though you have never even seen their face?

Sometimes you may visualize or dream about somebody that you don’t know because they haven’t come into your life yet.

You feel an invisible link to them, but as the Michael Bublé song goes “I just haven’t met you yet”.

26 signs you have a spiritual connection with someone you have never met

1) There’s a sense of familiarity

It may be his voice, his face, his smile, his eyes, or even everything about him, but things just feel so familiar. It may almost feel like a sense of deja vu, or like you have met before although you know that you haven’t.

2) You feel a calmness

They may have a really calming impact on you, as though they can soothe your soul.

Perhaps just hearing them speak is enough to calm you down or make you feel better when you are having a difficult day. It’s like a peacefulness just surrounds you when you are in contact with them.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it 

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4) You feel motivated or inspired

Deeper spiritual connections will often encourage us to be our very best.

These people come into our lives to be a cheerleader and inspire positive change. Maybe they spur you on and encourage you to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams.

5) They create a physical reaction

Us humans focus a lot on what is going on in our head and often ignore the powerful intelligence that the whole physical body has. Yet your body speaks to you in subtle ways and doesn’t translate things into words like the mind does.

A lot of people who experience a spiritual connection with someone they don’t know speak about feeling an increased energy or fire in their belly.

6) You feel their pain

One potential sign that the connection runs deeper than an attraction or desire for someone, is that you feel what they feel.

When they are hurting you may even sense it without them saying anything. Or if you know they are going through something difficult, it makes you upset because you care so deeply.

7) They’re always on your mind

There are some people that we can’t seem to shake.

You may even have felt this way about someone you’ve never met for years now, yet they are still periodically on your mind and you can’t seem to forget them or move on.

8) You recognize them

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9) You want to know more and more about them

It’s almost like when your favorite Netflix series comes out and you can’t even stop yourself, before you know it, you have binge-watched the whole thing.

Your thirst for getting to know this person may feel like it cannot be quenched. The more you know, the more your interest deepens.

10) You have a longing for them

You don’t know how to explain it, and you’re even hesitant to try as you’re afraid people won’t understand or will think you are imagining feelings that aren’t real — but you just have a strong yearning for this person.

It is like they are a magnet to you and this invisible power pulls you towards them — even though you cannot see the force behind it, you just feel it.

11) You feel like you remember them

If you believe in past lives and reincarnation, you might feel like your connection is not from this life but another one.

Perhaps you have memories of this person that you cannot explain and do not really make sense to you. Your memories may feel incomplete or almost dream-like.

12) You get gut reactions about them

Do you get feelings about this person that don’t make sense in any logical way? Almost like instructions from the Universe that are trying to guide you.

For example, you might sense that you are going to meet them one day, even though you cannot know for sure.

You could feel called to act in some way — like go to a certain place at a certain time — because you have a feeling it’s important even though you don’t know why.

13) You’re more interested in your spiritual journey

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14) You feel totally yourself

Even though you have never met them in person, you may feel like you can be yourself around them, in a way you can’t with anyone else.

Especially when we get to know people from a distance through writing to them, messaging them, or speaking on the phone and with video chat — it can create a more relaxed environment that helps us to feel comfortable and feel easier to be ourselves.

15) You share so much in common

Whether it is someone you have been getting to know or someone you have learned more about from afar — you keep discovering more and more similarities between you too.

Perhaps you share a lot of the same tastes, interests, beliefs, experiences or background which creates a deeper feeling connection for you.

16) You can be vulnerable and open

You know that it is safe to expose your feelings and thoughts to them in a way that feels good. It doesn’t feel scary to let them in. Instead you feel seen, understood and free. You feel like you could tell them anything.

17) You feel intimate with them despite never being physically in their presence

True intimacy is about way more than physical or sexual connections.

If you have a spiritual connection with this person then your interest in them will run deeper than being physically attracted to them.

Laughing with them, sharing with them, and learning about their lives may have created a closeness between you.

18) They make you feel safe

Seeing them, hearing their voice, reading their words all feels like a big warm hug.

They have the ability to soothe you and make you feel safe.

19) You instinctively trust them

Knowing if we can trust someone is often an instinctive feeling, that probably even goes back to our primal roots as an evolutionary skill we developed.

In reality, we are most probably silently reading many verbal and nonverbal signals that they give off to us, which shows us that we can trust this person, even if you can’t quite say why.

20) You sense when something is wrong

Sometimes we experience weird coincidences where we can sense things that we haven’t even been told about.

Maybe you have an urge to reach out to them just at the time they need you most, or they contact you when you have been feeling down or alone, just to check in on you.

It’s almost like they are a kindred spirits and you know what is going on in each other’s lives.   

21) You are both growing through your connection

Most soulmates, twin flames, and spiritual connections in life are here to help us grow through sharing.

People may come into our lives to teach us certain lessons or even help reveal things about ourselves we hadn’t seen before.

Through an exchange of ideas and emotions, you may feel like you are growing as a person.

22) You know they will be a part of your life

There’s a reason why a lot of these signs come down to a strong feeling you may have, and that’s because the spiritual world is hard to define.

It is not the same as explaining something of this world. A lot of the time it comes down to a deeper knowing that you can’t even explain.

Even though you haven’t met, perhaps you just know that they will be part of your life.

23) They make your life better

Having them in your life in whatever way, shape or form it is, just makes your life better.

They may brighten your day, or just knowing they exist somewhere in the world gives you a greater sense of connection and peace.

24) You have deep conversations

When you speak to this person, the conversation often goes far deeper than the usual small talk you may make with other people.

Even though you haven’t met you’ve covered so many meaningful topics on subjects like politics, faith, love and the Universe. It feels easy and light to discuss and share your thoughts and opinions.

25) You don’t need words

Perhaps you know when they are thinking of you or vice versa, maybe you can hang out on a skype call and not even feel the need to speak. You sense what one another is feeling without even needing to explain it.

26) You’re drawn to them and you don’t know why

Yet another intuitive knowing. It’s almost like when you enter a room and your eyes and energy feel instantly drawn to one person in particular.

As cliche as it may seem, our gut feelings drive many of our attractions towards people — in both a romantic and non romantic context. It’s similar to how people try to explain meeting “the one”, and all they can say is “when you know, you know”.

Sometimes our gut leads the way and the mind can only follow — no matter how perplexing it seems at the time.

Why do I feel a connection to someone I never met, what does it mean?

You have developed a genuine connection with this person

If you have been slowly getting to know someone online, either through a dating app, or some kind of social media, you can create incredibly strong bonds without having met in real life.

Of course physical connection with someone is significant, but you can still understand someone deeply and create a genuine relationship without it.

According to intuitive dating coach and author Diana Dorell, especially when it comes to long distance relationships, plenty of people still form intense connections.  

“It’s possible to form a strong emotional connection and even spiritual connection to someone you’ve never met in real life — particularly now with things like FaceTime or Skype, it’s also possible to feel a physical attraction to someone”

You have a past life or karmic connection with this person

Sometimes the pull you are feeling is a little harder to explain.

You may not have had much time to get to know someone before feeling instantaneously like you have known them for years. You may not even have spoken to them at all, and yet you feel as though your paths crossed in another time and place. Perhaps a mysterious face fills your dreams and you know it is less about if they appear in your life and more about when.

One explanation is that you shared a bond with someone in another life or your souls are karmically connected.

Even sceptics of these concepts may be surprised to learn about credible scientific research into reincarnation and parapsychology. One such study documented almost 3000 cases of children who seemingly “remembered” impossible facts about a previous life, that couldn’t be logically explained.

You are projecting feelings onto this person

Even if it is uncomfortable to think about, you may wish to consider if there is a chance you are romanticizing certain feelings towards this person.

It can be very easily done. Most of us at some point have created fantasies around someone that we haven’t met yet.

We may have chatted briefly to a cute person through an app, got a sense for who they are but filled in a lot of the gaps ourselves. Then when we later go on to meet, we realize how they could not live up to the image we created of them.

As behavioural scientist Clarissa Silva told Elite Daily, it’s a totally natural experience that can arise from healthy feelings of wanting meaningful connections in our lives:

“For many, the attachment to a person despite never meeting them is really about the desire to be loved. The emotional intensity is like love, it’s more about your idealized version of what you want in a partner and your desire for a partner.”

To conclude

This strong spiritual connection you are feeling for somebody who you have never met may leave you excited and elated, it could be confusing or even frustrating — it might even be creating a whole mix of emotions within you.

At the end of the day, if you feel it, it is real for you. But what is ultimately behind these emotions you are experiencing with this other person will probably depend on your unique circumstances.

Only you can tune in and sense which potential explanation seems like it could be the most likely case for you.  

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