11 undeniable signs you’re about to meet your twin flame (complete list)

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Twin flame meetings aren’t always smooth sailing.

Unlike soul mates, twin flames are meant to represent our mirror; they don’t necessarily fit us but reflect the good, bad, and ugly things about our being.

As such, twin flame relationships can be intense and are often short-lived.

Just like the relationship itself, the build-up to meeting your twin flame can present something rocky and surreal.

Meeting your twin flame isn’t a subtle event, and the universe is bound to throw some signs your way.

Here’s how you know you’re meeting your twin flame:

1) Huge changes are happening in your life that don’t make sense

For a long time, things were going smooth and steady in your life.

You had a job, you were content with your routines, you felt satisfied with your social circles.

You felt settled in your place in the world and had no reason or desire to change things up.

But seemingly out of nowhere, things are being changed up whether you like it or not.

Either a single big change has happened in your life recently, or a series of big changes have happened over the last year or so.

Maybe you were fired from your job or forced to move to another office in another location; maybe your friends have urged you to go back to school and now you can’t think of anything else.

It could be a thousand different things.

But the bottom line: your life isn’t what it used to be, and you’re about to enter a new chapter.

It could mean that your twin flame is waiting for you in that next chapter.

2) You’re inspired to revisit your passions

It’s been a long time since you thought about “that”.

And “that” could be any number of things — maybe you have an unfinished novel manuscript buried in your hard drive; maybe you have unfulfilled dreams of participating in marathons; maybe you want to finally take a year off and backpack across Europe.

There’s a dream buried deep inside of you that you haven’t given the light of day in god knows how long.

But for some reason you can’t explain, you thought about that dream recently and your mind is itching to give it another go; to evaluate the possibility of actually going through with it, and then doing it.

This could be the universe moving you along your original path, telling you that your break from it is over, and only along that path will you meet the person destined to be your twin flame.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

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4) You often have strange dreams you can’t explain

Most people don’t dream most nights, especially when you come home exhausted and tired after a long day of work.

But recently your nightly dreams have become a talking point in your life because you just can’t get over how strange and unique they are.

These are the types of dreams you’ve never had in your life.

They’re not only unusual; they’re also different as if they’re trying to tell you something.

Because it’s not about what actually happens in the dream, as crazy as those events might be.

What makes these dreams so different is the feeling you get during the dream and the after-taste of that feeling for the rest of the day.

They leave you with a sense of intensity and vividness that you never feel anywhere else as if there’s an enormous loving, positive energy that you connect with when you dream.

And this might actually be the case — it’s you dreaming about your twin flame before you know who your twin flame is.

5) You see signs and symbols everywhere

You may not believe it, but the universe speaks to all of us when it has something to say.

But it does so without any of the kind of verbal or non-verbal communication you’re used to. Instead, the universe speaks to you by getting your attention.

These signs and symbols get your attention by appearing to you again and again.

If you see sequence numbers — such as 11:11 or 1:23 on the clock — several times throughout the day and week, then the universe is telling you something, such as “you’re on the right path” or “keep your eyes open.”

Some other symbols include certain animals or signs that truly speak to what you’re going through.

These are also known as Awakening Codes or The Twin Flame Code, and if you keep seeing these numbers and signs, it definitely means that someone is about to come into your life.

6) You feel drawn to new places

Suddenly wanderlust is awakened inside of you.

You feel more inspired to explore the world around you, even feeling like you gravitate towards certain places with no logical explanation.

There’s spontaneity in you now that you haven’t experienced much before.

You notice yourself being drawn to places you normally would have no business visiting.

It doesn’t just feel like random curiosity either.

Deep down, you know that the universe is plotting to introduce you to your twin flame, and frequenting these places increases your chances of bumping into them.

From the sporadic museum visits to the unexplainable desire to run just one more lap around the park, there’s something unexplainable and yet reassuring in your decisions.

It’s not so difficult for the curiosity and excitement to be washed over by calm, like finally coming home.

7) You always feel another presence, even when you’re alone

Twin flames transcend time and space and are connected beyond the physical plane.

One way the universe might be preparing you is by strengthening your spiritual bond and getting your energies attuned with each other.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel like you’re all alone in the world anymore.

When you walk in a crowded place or sit silently in your room, you feel something resembling warmth, telling you that it’s not just you on this journey anymore.

Most of the time the body recognizes this impending meeting faster than the brains do.

Feeling your twin flame’s presence can translate into somatic sensations in your body, such as warmth around your shoulders, coolness on your forehead, and tightening on your chest.

It’s different for everyone; listen to your body and it will give you signs.

8) You feel excited for no reason

Again, your body will probably pick up on the signs that your twin flame is near faster than your mind ever could.

Because you feel their presence, you can’t help but feel excited.

Suddenly the days seem more exciting; waking up feels like opening a brand new gift.

This excitement isn’t the usual caffeine-induced rush you might have experienced before either.

There is a noticeable uptick in your mood. Maybe you’ve started looking forward to your day more.

Maybe you’ve felt this feeling of anticipation in your gut.

Either way, your body knows something is just around the corner and it’s trying to tell you by expressing excitement.

9) You have the urge to work on yourself

Lately, you’ve been getting the itch to learn something new or develop an existing skill.

The idea of becoming a better, bigger version of yourself suddenly feels like the most important thing in your life right now.

Suddenly you’re taking on new hobbies and exploring new passions.

You have this newfound vivacity that bleeds into the way you live your life.

This joy isn’t just limited to discovering novelty either.

You start finding joy in the smallest of things, including your routine.

One day you wake up and it feels like life is a little easier, a little bit more manageable, and easy to navigate.

10) You have the itch that something new is coming

Sometimes you can just tell when something’s up.

You can tell when someone you love is hiding something from you; you can tell when something bad is about to happen.

The mind and body just have these inherent mechanisms for knowing when to anticipate.

And you also have the ability to tell when something new is coming.

You just can’t shake off the feeling, but you know it’s there.

Something big is changing in your life, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is.

Something is about to happen, someone is about to come in and disrupt everything you know — and the weird thing?

You’re not afraid of this change.

You feel positivity when you think about it, a kind of hesitant excitement.

11) You feel complete

You’re not sure what has changed in your life but you wake up and one day it feels like you’ve come full circle.

Things just click. Everything just makes sense. I

t’s not easy to understand what has changed, precisely because it’s possible that nothing has changed.

There’s no way to feel as complete as you do now and yet you experience this resounding clarity like never before.

There’s just no other way to explain it: your heart feels content and your mind at peace. You just know, somehow, deep down, that you’re closer to home today than you were yesterday.

Final thoughts

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