12 psychic signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

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Your twin flame is your soul’s other half – someone with whom you share an intense connection. Because of this connection, you can feel your ‘mirror soul’ thinking about you sexually. 

Here are 12 signs that should alert you to these intimate thoughts:

1) You feel a strong sexual urge

Do you suddenly find yourself with strong sexual urges? It’s more than just wanting to be intimate with somebody. It’s actually one of the signs that your twin flame is thinking the same way.

So when does this usually happen? In some mirror souls, this urge comes up first thing in the morning. As for others, this urge may come in later in the day. 

You can chalk this up to your silver cord of connection – the energy branch that connects the physical with the spiritual. This binds you and your mirror soul, allowing you to share the same degree of energy. 

In other words, this connection allows you to feel what your twin flame feels. It’s not limited to sexual thoughts though, as you’ll feel emotional musings as well. 

2) You have sexual thoughts about your twin flame…

It’s normal to have ‘naughty’ thoughts about someone you desire. 

Like every other person, you have an innate sex drive. Otherwise known as libido, it’s all about having sexual thoughts and desires. 

You’re not the only one who feels this, though.

Given the silver cord I’ve discussed earlier, there’s a big chance that your twin flame is feeling the same way. 

The giveaway here? The fact that your twin flame is your mirror soul. You ‘reflect’ what they feel, sexual or otherwise. 

3)…And have sexy dreams about them

Dreaming is the mind’s way of building memory and processing emotions. It provokes strong emotions, which is the case when your twin flame thinks about you sexually. 

This dream-sharing usually occurs in emotionally closed people. It’s similar to the bond you share with your twin flame. 

These dreams happen at about the same time – although details of shared dreams may differ.

Scientists believe that dream-sharing happens because both persons share the same mental state. So if you dream that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually, you’re probably feeling the same way too. 

Apart from hinting at a sexual encounter, here are some other reasons why you might be dreaming of your twin flame: 

  • You need your mirror soul. There may be a huge event happening in your life, so you yearn for your twin flame’s assuring and comforting presence. 
  • You miss your twin flame. You want to be with them so bad that they’re manifesting in your dreams. 
  • Your twin flame misses you too! Your mirror soul wants to be with you too. This brings us to the last reason…
  • Something will bring you together. You miss each other sorely that the universe is conspiring to reunite you both.
  • You have an instant energy change

So you’re about to get bed tired and all. Just when you’re about to hit the sheets, you feel an unexplained surge of energy.

This unique feeling is impossible to describe. It gets more intense as you get closer and closer to one another. You feel like you can vacuum your room and clean your tub all in one go. 

Granted that you didn’t have coffee, chocolate, or any other stimulant, this vitality may result from twin flame energy. It’s one of the ways twin flames manifest their sexual thoughts and desires.

Twin flame energy will make you feel like your mirror soul is guiding you on a new journey. It makes you feel safe, even if the situation says otherwise.  

It’s also very magnetic. Once you get drawn into this polarizing sexual energy, you won’t be able to resist it. 

Since twin flame energy is synchronic, this might also mean that you’re feeling the same sexual thoughts as well. 

4) A real psychic confirms it 

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. 

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

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5) You feel your mirror soul touching you

So you’re going about with your day-to-day activities when you felt ‘something’ touch you. It was as if there were gentle fingertips thoughtfully caressing your skin. 

Your initial thoughts might be somebody else is sneaking up on you. Then you turn around and don’t see anything.

Was this a ghost trying to communicate with you? 

While it’s a plausible reason, there is another explanation: your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. 

This feeling is comparable to an out-of-body experience. Here, your twin flame reaches out to you through the cord connection that you both share. 

If this makes you feel very excited (rather than peaceful and calm), then it might be due to your mirror soul’s racy thoughts.  

6) You get the emotional chills

Apart from feeling excited, your twin flame’s phantom touch can make your hairs stand on end. In other words, these transcended thoughts can give you some goosebumps. 

While it’s a bodily reaction left by our hairier ancestors, it’s related to emotions as well.

For one, an emotional stimulus – just like your twin flame’s sexually charged thoughts – may give you the chills. 

How this happens, however, may be due to a difference in brain structures. 

People with strong emotional responses, such as you and your mirror soul, often get a dopamine rush that leads to chills. 

Those who are mentally and emotionally closed down, on the other hand, will hardly get these emotional chills. 

There’s also the touch factor. Who won’t feel all tingly whenever your racy twin flame is caressing you? 

7) You’re feeling twin flame body sensations

Your mirror soul’s sexual thoughts go beyond feeling their fingertips. You’ll likely feel these twin flame body sensations as well:

Eye color changes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So if you want to know how your twin flame feels – sexually or otherwise – just take a look at their eyes. 

You’ll see their pupils dilating or their eyes changing in shade. In the long run, you might end up developing the same eye color! 

Speech/voice changes

Do you and your twin flame often speak similar words or phrases? Thanks to your shared connection, several speech changes bring you closer. 

You’ll also find that your voice sounds a lot like your twin flame. Despite the similarities, you’ll still retain your masculine or feminine tone. 

Heart sensations

Thanks to the silver cord you share, you and your twin flame remain connected via the heart chakra. 

Unsurprisingly, this connection comes with heart sensations, such as palpitations, tingling, even heartburn. (If these happen all too often, don’t hesitate to check this with your doctor). 

Whether your twin flame is next to you or several miles away, their sexual thoughts will make you feel these unique sensations. 

Weight fluctuations

Your connection with your twin flame is so strong that it’ll affect your weight as well. This often happens during the first meetup. The link is so strong that you’ll either lose or gain a lot of weight. 

Despite such a change, your weights should normalize as soon as you get in tune with your twin flame. 

Electrical charges

“Love is like electricity sometimes; it may shock you anytime, yet you cannot live without it.”

Though twin flame relationships do not always lead to love, sexual tension can make you feel this jolt. It’s a small charge that you feel every time you and your mirror soul get together. 

It’s often felt at the start – when you establish a silver cord connection for the first time. 

8) Your mirror soul contacts you out of the blue

So you’ve been thinking about your twin sexually. You even have erotic dreams. Suddenly, your mirror soul calls you out of the blue. 

Good news: it’s a sign that your twin flame is longing for you too. 

There are many ways your mirror soul will try to contact you. 

For one, they’ll like your social media posts or retweet them. Don’t be surprised if they try to slide into your DMs as well. 

They’ll text or call you to ask you what’s new, if you’re taking up new hobbies or interests, etc. They may even do a video call, especially if they haven’t seen you for so long. 

9) You have crazy sexual chemistry

Sexual chemistry – also known as sexual tension – is a ‘spark’ you feel with somebody. Although the term suggests otherwise, you’ll feel this even without any sexual activity. 

Here are some signs that you have great sexual chemistry with your twin flame:

You’re drawn to your twin flame’s energy

You can’t get enough of your twin flame. If you can, you’ll be around them all day, every day. 

Your twin flame will make consistent eye contact

Ever felt yourself melting with the gaze of your twin flame? It’s one of the telltale signs of strong sexual tension. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, a sexual look is not always intense. A glimmer of kindness is also a sign. 

Your mirror soul’s body is positioned towards you

Just like your twin flame’s eyes, their body is angled towards you. They’ll lean in every time you converse, which is often very flirty or sexual in nature. 

You can’t keep your hands off each other

You guys are the literal definition of handsy. No matter where you go or what you do, your twin flame will find their hands on your hands, shoulders, back (among many other places). 

10) Your tarot cards tell you so

Whether you’re using tarot cards routinely or just for fun, they’ll tell if your twin flame has sexy thoughts about you. 

According to the psychic Angelica, these tarot cards signify an erotic connection: 


The image itself hints at something terrible, so don’t be surprised by its meaning. 

This card alludes to a sexual relationship with which you can’t get enough. It’s like an illegal drug – you can’t stop using it, even though you know it’s bad for you. 

While this often points to extramarital affairs or even sex work, it also has one positive connotation: intense sex with a great partner.


This card has many interpretations, one of which is a strong sexual connection with your twin flame. 


This tarot card represents someone who loves sex. Better yet, it means a willingness to explore the bounds of tantric sex! 

Cups (Water)

Cups represent a healthy sexual relationship – the desire to connect emotionally rather than just physically.

Wands (Fire)

This card represents passion and sensuality. 

Pentacles (Earth)

It’s about physical attraction – the desire to touch and be touched. 

11) You have this gut feeling

When you’re connected to someone, you feel something that you can’t readily explain. You just know. 

Also known as intuition, this is the mind’s way of processing information according to past knowledge. 

Although this gut feeling is no sixth sense, it makes you more sensitive to things around you. That includes your twin flame’s sexual thoughts. 

12) You have telepathic sex

It doesn’t matter if your twin flame is miles away. With orgasmic telepathy, you’ll feel as if your mirror soul is intimate with you. 

This is made possible by the silver cord connection that bounds you with each other. 

As the author S. Knight explained in one article, the human mind can be likened to a radio transmitter. It broadcasts (and picks up) thoughts, moods, and emotions. 

And when you encounter someone whom you’re connected with (aka your twin flame), it’s possible to make love telepathically. 

The author likens telepathic sex to feeling unique energy – usually in the form of heat. Some people may even smell their twin flames’ scents. 

A telepathic connection comes in two ways. The non-dominant way is when you’re on the passive end. It’s what you feel when your mirror soul wants you in a telepathic sexual encounter.

On the other hand, you may experience a dominant telepathic connection. As the name suggests, it’s where you control the telepathic sex activity that takes place. 

From sexy dreams to ‘that gut feeling,’ there are many signs that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. The only question here is: how will you respond to these intimate thoughts? 

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